Chapter 953: To Confide in Each Other

Chapter 953: To Confide in Each Other

Seven or eight years had passed since their ways parted at Herb Mountain.

During this time, Qin Lie fought in the Land of Chaos while Ling Yushi fought for the sake of the races of the Nether Continent as the queen of the Dark Nether Race.

Today, they were finally reunited.

A noble and graceful figure with purple hair that cascaded all the way down to the waist stood at the entrance of that small stone house that looked exactly the same as the one in Ling Town.

Ling Yushi had shedded her immaturity completely after so many years. Her purple, crystal-like pupils were full of profundity.

She had skin was as white as cream, purple hair and purple pupils. She was extraordinarily charming this way.

When she stood in front of the door, she attracted everyone’s attention like a purple magnetic field or a bottomless abyss.

Anyone who got close and set their eyes on her would find their souls affected by her. They would subconsciously immerse themselves in the mysterious atmosphere she created.

“You’re back?”

She pursed her lips and smiled slightly. Like so many years ago, she called out to him in a gentle voice and loving gaze.

“I’m back.”

Qin Lie also smiled.

Every Ling Family member simply watched them with a smile on their faces.

Even La Pu had gone silent even though he wanted to talk about Ling Yushi’s injuries.

Qin Lie walked towards Ling Yushi, held her hand and entered the tiny stone house before everyone’s eyes.

Qin Lie’s expression turned serious after he closed the door. He asked, “How were you hurt?”

Ling Yushi’s hand was ice cold. He felt like he was holding a block of freezing ice and not a hand. In fact, it was so cold that he felt like he was cultivating on top of a Celestial Ice Crystal mine.

He sent a wisp of soul consciousness into Ling Yushi’s arm from his palm and probed around carefully.

He immediately discovered that her veins were blocked by traces of cold energy. He also noticed that these cold energy also contained a strange power that was capable of numbing the soul. Not long after he started probing her body, his soul consciousness had been extinguished, his mind turning blurry.

He had no choice but to withdraw his consciousness and asked with a heavier heart, “What in Spirit Realm is going on?”

The cultivators of Blue Flame Manor cultivated the power of fire, so they couldn’t be the ones who left behind such a cold power in Ling Yushi’s body.

The discovery confused him.

“A few days ago, we were dealt a grievous blow by a five-level Soul Altar expert of Blue Flame Manor. I had no choice but to execute a secret art of the Nine Hell Evil Scripture and activate my bloodline powers to attack his True Soul.”

“We managed to deal a heavy blow to his True Soul, but... I’ve suffered a backlash from my bloodline as a result.”

“That’s why I’m this injured.”

Ling Yushi explained carelessly before smiling at him. “I heard from Tate that you had achieved many things in the Land of Chaos. For example, the Flaming Sun Island you created has become one of the Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos and grows stronger everyday. You’re just as outstanding as you were back then. No matter how hard the problem, you will always find a solution.”

She paused for a moment before shaking her head in self-derision. “However, I am vastly inferior in comparison.”

“Although the Nether Continent is not under seal anymore, and we are able to travel back and forth from Nether Realm right now, I wasn’t able to persuade the Ghost Eye Race to fight with us.”

“Many of Nether Realm’s resources are under the Ghost Eye Race’s control. Since they remained unconvinced of me, we are unable to use those precious spirit materials to trade for cultivation pills and spirit artifacts.”

“Moreover, the lands outside the Nether Continent are ruled by Blue Flame Manor. If we wish to survive, we must fight against them to acquire the mineral veins and spirit mountains.”

“We were… on the losing side every time we fought against Blue Flame Manor. We never managed to gain the upper hand.”

She let out a soft sigh.

Qin Lie looked at her deeply before asking, “What realm are you at right now?”

“Cultivation-wise, I’m currently in the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm. As for my bloodline… I’m at rank six right now.” Ling Yushi answered softly.

Qin Lie’s entire body shook at the answer.

He stared disbelievingly at Ling Yushi for a very long time before he finally said, “You are already far, far stronger than what I initially imagined you to be.”

Despite fighting at the Land of Chaos for so many years, he was just at the early stage of the Fragmentation Realm. Even his God Race bloodline… was still at rank five.

Ling Yushi was obviously stronger than him, whether it be her cultivation or bloodline power.

“That’s only because you cultivate too many things. You cultivate the Blood Spirit Art, the Frost Arts, Thunder Emperor’s inheritance, and even the Records of Geocentric Magnetism. Of course your breakthrough speed is slowed down by all these different cultivation systems. That being said, they did improve your fighting power as a result, didn’t they?” Ling Yushi said gently with a smile, “I’m only cultivating are the secret arts in the Nine Hell Evil Scripture, so it’s only natural that I improve faster than you.”

“However, I may not be your match in a real fight.”

Qin Lie knew that what she said was the truth. The martial practitioners who cultivates multiple cultivation techniques might progress slower, but their numerous methods and unpredictable battle techniques also meant that they were a lot more lethal than the conventional martial practitioners.

Still, Qin Lie was very shocked by Ling Yushi’s cultivation speed.

“I know of your achievements at the Land of Chaos.” Ling Yushi smiled and added, “Every time Tate returned from the Land of Chaos, I would summon him over and make him tell me everything you did at the Land of Chaos. That was the only way I could feel you were… close to me, that we weren’t too far apart.”

Qin Lie didn’t say anything. He simply held her cold, small hands tighter.

“I was very worried when Tate told me you went into the Graveyard of Gods. I couldn’t truly relax until you finally returned.”

“When Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families attacked the Setting Sun Islands, I couldn’t help but worry if you can resist their invasion.”

“When the eight great Silver rank forces tried to force Terminator Sect to hand you over, all I wanted is to lead my people and launch an attack against the Land of Chaos!”

“When I heard that you were sent into Boluo Realm in accordance to Grandpa Qin Shan’s plans, I couldn’t help but worry if you could get used to the harsh environment of that place.”

Ling Yushi spoke incessantly as if she had turned back into the chatty girl at Ling Town.

She told him everything that had happened to him at the Land of Chaos while holding his hand as if she had seen everything with her own eyes.

The man at the center of all these incidents, Qin Lie had turned into a quiet listener instead.

When she was done recounting, Qin Lie bowed his head and said shamefully, “You didn’t mention Song Tingyu.”

Ling Yushi smiled calmly. “I knew of her affections for you since way back at the Scarlet Tide Continent. Hehe, she might not have had the opportunity to slip into your heart had I been around at the Scarlet Tide Continent, but I was at the Nether Continent at the time, and we haven’t met each other for at least seven or eight years. She wouldn’t be the Song Tingyu I knew if she failed to enter your heart despite so many opportunities.”

Qin Lie hastily explained, “She was inflicted with the voodoo poison when we entered the Graveyard of Gods together. At the time, she didn’t have more than a few days to live. I thought we wouldn’t be able to walk out of the Graveyard of Gods alive, so I…”

Ling Yushi pressed two fingers on his lips softly with her other hand and said, “I know that Flaming Sun Island wouldn’t be as big or as prosperous as it was without Miss Song or Miss Tang’s aid. Also, I know you’re a very lazy person, and that you need someone to put things into order around you. I’m not as small-minded as you think.”

Qin Lie let out a secret sigh of relief.

Then, Ling Yushi changed her tone and let out a soft laugh, adding, “That being said, I will be heading to Flaming Sun Island and have a chat with them some time in the future.”

Qin Lie grew anxious again.

“After all, it’s important to establish a hierarchy,” Ling Yushi said indifferently.

Inside the small stone house, the duo confided to each other in soft voices and close embrace as if they had returned to the past.

They told each other their thoughts when they fought life-and-death battles during the past seven to eight years, the situation at the Nether Continent, and the messy conflicts of the Land of Chaos.

Ling Yushi learned that the Land of Chaos had regained its peace and wouldn’t be embroiled in war for a short time. She also knew that Boluo Realm was currently embroiled in chaos and war.

She also learned that Qin Lie had obtained a rich amount of resources from Boluo Realm and transformed Flaming Sun Island into the richest force in the entire Land of Chaos.

On Qin Lie’s side, he learned of Ling Yushi’s difficulty, and that his success happened to be exactly what they needed.

“We should’ve complemented each other since a while ago,” Qin Lie said.

“I don’t want to rely on you for everything,” Ling Yushi said softly.

“When the Qin Family returns to the Central World in the future, I will need your help and the support of the entire Nether Realm. Therefore, I have a responsibility to strengthen you as quickly as possible and supply you with an endless amount of cultivation resources.”

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