Chapter 952: Another Ling Town

Chapter 952: Another Ling Town

Five vast mountain peaks appeared in front of Qin Lie's eyes. They were extremely similar to the Demon God Mountain Range that Qin Lie had seen back in Nether Realm.

The only difference was that the five mountain peaks here were even vaster and taller than the ones he saw there.

According to what he knew, there were many similar Demon God Mountain Ranges in the clan grounds of the three great races of Nether Realm. Avatars of the five Demon Gods were inside each Demon God Mountain Range.

He had seen the avatar of a Demon God wake up in the mountain range of the Horned Demon Race. God Race even received the inheritance of one of the Demon Gods.

And then, many years later, he saw a similar mountain range again in the middle of Nether Continent. He naturally thought back to when he, Mang Wang, and Song Tingyu had roamed the Horned Demon Race's Demon God Mountain Range.

"The five mountains here, do they... have the Demon Gods’ avatars inside?" Qin Lie suddenly said.

"We are trying to recompose the main bodies of the Demon Gods." Tate’s expression was solemn.

Qin Lie was astounded. "The Demon Gods... can they really be revived?”

Tate nodded seriously. "The five Demon Gods have not truly died. If their shattered souls are gathered together again, they will recover their souls and intelligence. With their souls, with their lifeblood essence, they can regrow their flesh and bones, they can come back to life."

"Lifeblood essence can regrow flesh and bone?" Qin Lie was astounded.

Tate looked deeply at him and smiled slightly. He said, "The bloodlines of the strongest and most mysterious races usually have the ability to remake one's body using blood. The Demon Gods contain the most noble blood of the Dark Nether Race. Each drop of their lifeblood essence, as long as they are provided with enormous amount of fleshly energy and refine it slowly with their soul, can be used to build a new body.”"

"The God Race’s bloodline flows within your blood. You already have an enhanced recovery ability. When your bloodline reaches a certain level, recovery will become self-healing, and after that, it will become the ability to be reborn!"

"Recovery will only have you recover from injuries quicker, restore your energies quickly, and make your wounds heal faster.”

"Self-healing will let your fingers, ears, and toes grow back again after being cut away."

"Revival is to use lifeblood essence to remake a physical body after the original body is destroyed."

Pointing at the five mountains, Tate continued, "The avatars inside the Demon God Mountain Ranges of our three races... are bodies refined from the lifeblood essences of the Demon Gods."

"The five Demon Gods can reclaim their lifeforce and recover their battle prowess."

"For our five Demon Gods, remaking a physical body is not too difficult. What is difficult... is slowly gathering the shattered souls scattered all over."

"The Demon Gods will only wake up when their souls have been fully restored. They will then enter their avatars. Through secret techniques, they can turn their avatars into their primary body."

Luz smiled faintly and said casually, "You do not need to be so startled. With your strongest God Race bloodline, when your bloodline reaches rank nine, you will also possess the ability of rebirth."

"Rebirth, after your physical body is destroyed, with your lifeblood essence as the core, with fleshly energy as power, you can remake your physical body..." Qin Lie thought, his eyes flashing with electricity.

He subconsciously took out the Flesh Filling Tombstone. Putting his hands on the tombstone that Land of Chaos called “Demon Sealing Tombstone,” he thought back to the time when the eight god corpses would eat flesh and blood to store flesh and blood energies after battle, he came to a realization.

The six great spirit bodies in the Graveyard of Gods had been absorbed and refined by the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

After that, the six purest drops of blood from the six spirit bodies merged with the Pure Soul Springs after being secreted from the Flesh Filling Tombstone. Adding on his soul and blood, the Soul Suppressing Orb had refined them into the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

He could always obtain great amounts of blood energy through the Flesh Filling Tombstone and cultivate the Blood Spirit Art.

"The physical energies inside the Flesh Filling Tombstone can quickly replenish my energies during battle and help my bloodline recover. In the future, I can use the vast flesh and blood energies in the Flesh Filling Tombstone to rebuild my body!" He looked bewildered.

"Qin Lie, the Ling Family lives in the mountain range right now," Tate said.

Qin Lie took a deep breath and slowly calmed his mind. His expression calmed as well.

The group headed into the mountain range.

"Lord Tate!"

"Greetings to Lord Tate!"

Occasionally, Horned Demon clansmen would walk out of mountain valleys and salute Tate.

"Chief commander! Chief Commander Luz!"

Suddenly, a sharp voice came from another mountain valley.

A group of Dark Shadow clansmen were cultivating in one of the mountain valleys. One of them saw Luz and immediately waved their hands in excitement.

"Chief commander has returned!"

Many of the Dark Shadow clansmen started to scream and many sprinted over.

"Greetings to chief commander!"

The Dark Shadow clansmen knelt on the ground hundreds of meters away as they looked with respect at Luz.

"Stand up." Luz raised a hand and smiled slightly. "After three thousand years, we finally return from Boluo Realm, back to Nether Continent where we gloriously thrived!"

The Dark Shadow clansmen shouted, raising their arms.

"Hm!? Qin Lie!"

A Horned Demon clansman’s shout came from a distance. It was Ku Luo.

Then, Ku Luo, Ku Lu, Duo Luo and many other Horned Demon clansmen that Qin Lie had sent towards the Nether Continent appeared.

Those people had smiles of surprise and joy.

Hearing the news, members of the Ling Family deeper in the mountain range came over. Ling Feng, Ling Xuanxuan, Ling Chengzhi, and other people Qin Lie was familiar with silently appeared.

Those people couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Qin Lie.

Qin Lie continued to breath deeply to keep his calm. He shouted towards them, "Long time no see!"

He noticed that other than the older members of the Ling Family, the other youths and children also had purple hair and eyes.

After the Ling Family came to Nether Continent, their bloodline had clearly awakened.

Ling Feng's short needle-like hair was deep purple.

He looked at Qin Lie from a distance, his hands in fists, his shoulders trembling slightly as his eyes were alight.

Ling Xuanxuan bit on her lower lip, tears appearing in her purple eyes.

Suddenly, the Nether Continent denizens stopped their shouting.

"Go see them first," Tate told Qin Lie. He said, "Miss Ling is wounded, she is recovering in the god palace, she is unable to move around. I think she hopes to see you immediately."

"I will come with you," La Pu said.

Qin Lie nodded and did not speak. He and La Pu went towards the mountain range where the Ling Family lived.

Along the way, many people of the Horned Demon and Dark Shadow clansmen whispered and gossiped, not sure of their identities.

"He is the grandson of the Venerable One!" Tate's expression turned dark.

"He led us from Nether Realm to the Scarlet Tide Continent and then to the Nether Continent. If not for him, we wouldn’t have today." Ku Luo explained to the other Horned Demon clansmen from different tribes.

Those people immediately became respectful.

"He went to Boluo Realm and took us back to Spirit Realm. Without him... our branch of the Dark Shadow Race would have been annihilated in Boluo Realm," Eddie explained to the Dark Shadow clansmen beside him.

The Dark Shadow clansmen shook, their eyes with which they looked at Qin Lie immediately filled with deep respect.

Therefore, under the shocked gazes of the Horned Demon Race and Dark Shadow Race, Qin Lie came to the mountain where the Ling Family was living.

A small town was built in the mountain range. It looked almost exactly like the Ling Town of the past.

When Qin Lie arrived, he found Ling Feng and all the other members of the Ling Family waiting at the gates to welcome him.

Ling Chengzhi looked at him and showed an emotional expression. He said softly, "Qin Lie, you have finally come home."

In their hearts, Qin Lie would forever be a part of their Ling Town.

Looking at the familiar people, at the identical Ling Town, Qin Family felt slightly overwhelmed. "Yes, I’m home."

Then his gaze moved past the group and landed on the tower where Ling Yushi should be in.

"Miss isn't in the ancestral tower." Ling Feng pointed in another direction. He said with a complicated expression, "Miss has been living there all this time."

Qin Lie turned his head, and shook.

Ling Feng was pointing at the small stone house where he had lived before in Ling Town.

Right now, there was an identical stone house at that position, exactly the same as the one back in Ling Town.

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