Chapter 950: Winning Respect

Chapter 950: Winning Respect

“I do not represent the God Race. That’s why I can’t promise you anything or shoulder your responsibility to fight against the shadow race.”

A trace of anxiety entered Qin Lie’s mind as he looked at You Ye. A great fear towards the shadow race and the Dark Shadow World was growing inside his heart.

According to You Ye’s explanation, the shadow lifeforms were corrupting the world bit by bit. Eventually, they would reach Spirit Realm.

When these shadow lifeforms reached Spirit Realm, this world where many other races lived might be eradicated by them. Even Spirit Realm itself might be converted into world of eternal darkness with no celestial bodies or light.

You Ye’s depiction of what sounded like the heralding of the apocalypse immediately put him under even more pressure.

“I hope you can guide the Serene Moon Race,” You Ye added.

“We’ll talk about this in the future.” Qin Lie shook his head and temporary set his request to a side. “I’m going to withdraw the Moon Tear now.”

You Ye’s soul hurriedly slipped back into the nine moon tears when he heard this.

By now the nine moons on the sky had reduced to eight.

The second half of Boluo Realm’s night had begun.

A while later, Xu Ran, Tong Zhenzhen, and Lin Liang’er walked over while being accompanied by Teng Yuan and his group.

Tong Zhenzhen and Tong Yan’s dialogue had also come to an end. Tong Zhenzhen looked depressed; it seemed like she didn’t get the promise she wanted from the rank nine Vermillion Bird.

“Qin Lie, we were busy attacking the Flame Race recently so we didn’t have time to gather more spirit materials to trade with you.” Nivitt chuckled with a wide grin on his face. “The next time you show up, I believe that the Giant Race and the Black Jail Race would want to meet with you personally. Both races wish to trade the spirit materials they have with you.”

Qin Lie nodded. “No problem.”

Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen exchanged a knowing glance with each other. They knew that Qin Lie was earning a huge sum of wealth for Flaming Sun Island through Boluo Realm.

The Ancient Beast Race in Boluo Realm obviously trusted Qin Lie a lot. If Qin Lie were to run into some kind of trouble that he couldn’t solve in the Land of Chaos, Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and the rank nine Vermillion Bird would even come over personally to save him.

If he were to form a business relationship with the Giant Race and Black Jail Race too, they had no doubt that these two forces would become Flaming Sun Island’s allies as well. They would be of great assistance.

The duo hid their surprise as they stared at Qin Lie. They knew that the existence of Boluo Realm alone was enough to ensure that no single force in the entire Land of Chaos could suppress Flaming Sun Island.

Even if Bhutto of the Heaven Ghoul Race were to recover in the future, he would have to go through Qin Lie first if he wished to ravage the Land of Chaos.

“I have urgent matters that need attending at the Ruined Lands. What about you three?” Qin Lie asked.

“We’re heading back, of course.” Xu Ran smiled.

“Mn.” Qin Lie walked towards the secret realm entrance.

A few minutes later.

The moment they returned from Boluo Realm and appeared in front of the obsidian palace, Xu Ran asked, “About the… letter Terminator Sect sent you a while ago, the one regarding the marriage. What do you think?”

A chilly look abruptly colored Lin Liang’er icy pupils. There was no telling if it was directed at Xu Ran or Qin Lie.

“Flaming Sun Island and Terminator Sect are close enough that a marriage of convenience is unnecessary,” Qin Lie said calmly.

Xu Ran smiled awkwardly. “The marriage isn’t just to strengthen our friendship. It’s, it’s also…” In the end, Xu Ran wasn’t able to talk about Terminator Sect’s desire to acquire Qin Lie’s bloodline.

“Let’s not talk about this, ever.” Qin Lie shook his head.

Xu Ran sighed on the inside but didn’t say anything more. Not long after, Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen bid Qin Lie farewell and informed him that they might impose on him and go to Boluo Realm to look for the three leaders of Boluo Realm.

Qin Lie agreed to their request immediately.

Lin Liang’er hesitated for a moment. “If you’re going to fight against Blue Flame Manor in the future, the Vermillion Bird Race, the Ancient Beast Race experts, and I will probably help you.”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up a little as he nodded his acknowledgement.

“You can always find me at Frost Island.” Lin Liang’er also left in silence.

It was at this moment La Pu suddenly appeared in a hurry. “Qin Lie, have you used the two blood droplets I refined for you?”

He had been around since the beginning and looked very anxious to speak with Qin Lie. However, he waited until Xu Ran, Tong Zhenzhen and Lin Liang’er had left before he finally approached him.

“They’re both still with me.” Qin Lie looked astonished. “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with the blood?”

“No, they’re fine.” La Pu inhaled deeply before saying with a serious look on his face. “Can you give me one of the blood droplet? I, I need it for an emergency!”

Qin Lie took out a drop of blood and passed it to La Pu without hesitation.

“This blood… won’t be wasted on an outsider,” La Pu said in a strange tone.

“Qin Lie, we are going to leave the Ruined Lands immediately and return to Nether Continent.” Eddie came from afar and said, “We were waiting for you to come back so we can bid you farewell. After that, we’ll depart for the Nether Continent.”

“Has Tate showed up?” Qin Lie exclaimed.

Eddie nodded slightly before saying, “The situation at the Nether Continent isn’t going too well, so we need to head there as soon as possible. Otherwise…” Eddie didn’t continue.

“Bring me to the two commanders!” Qin Lie’s eyes were stern.

Luz was the commander of the Dark Shadow Race, and Tate used to be the Horned Demon Race’s commander. They were both very famous people three thousand years ago.

Eddie shot Qin Lie a surprised look before thinking for a moment. “They are both at Soul Summoning Island.”

After that, Qin Lie was guided to that area covered in thick nether demonic energy by Eddie and La Pu. He met both Luz and Tate.

That wasn’t all. The Dark Shadow Race’s Soul Altar experts such as Yuria were all present as well.

The Dark Shadow youths who were arranged at Seven Eye Island were summoned over as well. They were gathered around a larger White Bone Nether Spirit Altar.

Luz, Tate and the Soul Altar experts wore dark looks on their faces. It caused a heavy atmosphere to hang above the place.

When they saw Qin Lie, Luz and Tate forced out a smile before Tate said, “I never thought you'd be able to bring the Dark Shadow Race back from Boluo Realm. At first, I thought that the most you can do is to bring back news of the Dark Shadow Race and discuss with us how best to take them home…”

Tate praised from the bottom of his heart. “You truly are the Venerable One’s grandson.”

He already learned that Qin Lie had utterly destroyed Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrances connecting to Boluo Realm. He even caused a Void Realm expert who had stepped through the secret realm entrance to be washed away into the chaotic streams of space. There was no telling if that expert was still alive.

Sun Palace and Lunar Temple had completely lost contact with Boluo Realm. This news had spread out in the Central World of Spirit Realm and caused quite a splash.

Tate was deeply impressed by Qin Lie’s ability.

When he first sent Qin Lie to Boluo Realm, he thought it was just part of the Venerable One’s plan to protect him from the threats in the Land of Chaos, and to inquire about the Dark Shadow Race who had migrated to that place so they could make preparations to take them home in the future.

But he never imagined that Qin Lie would be able to bring all Dark Shadow clansmen who were living in Boluo Realm back to Spirit Realm and destroy the secret realm entrances that connected Boluo Realm and the Central World three years later.

Moreover, Qin Lie had also gained the Ancient Beast Race’s favor and built a deep friendship with them.

It actually felt as if Qin Lie had snatched Boluo Realm from Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s hands and transformed it into his own private realm.

Tate himself didn’t think believe he could’ve done what Qin Lie did even if the person who went to Boluo Realm three years ago was him instead of Qin Lie.

That changed his impression of Qin Lie by a lot. He grew some measure of respect towards him.

His respect for Qin lie stemmed not from the fact Qin Lie was the Venerable One’s grandson, but because he truly deserved this respect.

“I’m going with you to the Nether Continent!” Qin Lie said suddenly.

“Did you know that she’s hurt!?” La Pu exclaimed.

When the initial surprise wore off, Qin Lie abruptly came to realization, “The refined blood you sought just now is for Yushi?”

“How did you know about this?” La Pu looked astonished.

Tate and Luz were secretly surprised too.

Nether Continent and the Land of Chaos were pretty far away from each other. It was only possible to enter that place through a super large spatial teleportation formation.

Very few people in the Nether Continent had a connection in the Land of Chaos, so they had no idea how Qin Lie managed to obtain news of what was happening in the Nether Continent.

“I know that she’s the queen of the Dark Nether Race, but isn’t acknowledged as one by the Ghost Eye Race. I also know that Blue Flame Manor is just waiting for an opportunity to harm them.” Qin Lie calmed down and said, “I have my own information channel!”

“The Venerable One doesn’t want you to get involved with the matters of the Nether Continent so soon,” Tate said sincerely.

“She’s hurt, and I want to head over to see her. What’s wrong with that?” Qin Lie’s face was dark.

“Though the Nether Continent is situated at the edge of the Central World, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people from the Central World operating nearby. Blue Flame Manor is one of them.” Tate persuaded. “The Venerable One wishes to keep your identity concealed for now, he doesn’t want the people of the Central World to learn that you’re… still alive. That’s why he hopes that you can stay at the Land of Chaos until the time is right to send you back to the Central World.”

“I just want to see her. After that… after that, I’ll come back to the Land of Chaos,” Qin Lie said.

Tate frowned and looked to be in deep thought.

A long while later, Tate finally nodded. “I won’t tell the Venerable One about this. Please come back to the Land of Chaos as soon as possible after you see her. I will keep an eye on you and prevent you from leaving the Nether Continent. I won’t let you encounter any Central World martial practitioners.”

“Back at Boluo Realm, someone from the Central World saw my face. They didon’t recognize me though,” Qin Lie said.

Tate smiled wryly. “That’s because the people that saw you at Boluo Realm are weak. If you run into a Void Realm or Genesis Realm expert, they can find out your true identity through the origin imprint of your soul even if you’ve physically transformed into an ancient beast.”

Qin Lie’s expression changed before he stayed seriously, “I promise not to leave your sight or the Nether Continent.”

“Alright, you did achieve something I cannot believe possible myself at Boluo Realm, so I’ll let you go just this once.” Tate nodded.

After he said this, the White Bone Nether Spirit Altar he sat up grew ten times larger.

The strange and ancient bone-shaped teleportation formation at the center of the altar discharged a pale white light. The spatial energy in the formation gradually stabilized over time.

The Dark Shadow clansmen entered the formation one by one under Tate’s guidance.

Qin Lie also passed through the light with La Pu after every Dark Shadow clansman had gone through.

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