Chapter 947: Life Flame Crystal

Chapter 947: Life Flame Crystal

Qin Lie heard what Teng Yuan and Tong Zhenzhen said but did not express any opinion.

He had the God Race bloodline and he was also human. He was both of the races the Ancient Beast Race disliked.

Naturally, he would not stick his head out.

Xu Ran had an awkward expression. Hearing Teng Yuan point out the human race's shortcomings, he had no words to argue back.

He had once been in contact with human forces in Spirit Realm's Central World. He knew that Teng Yuan and Tong Zhenzhen were correct about the humans. He knew what methods the Gold rank forces in Central World used against the foreign races who still held to their morals.


A crimson light flew out of Qin Lie's brow. The flame turned into the miniature Fire Qilin.

The fire type Spirit of Void and Chaos seemed to feel the delicious scent of the Flame Race grounds and flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Under Qin Lie's gaze, the fire Spirit of Void and Chaos suddenly descended towards the biggest volcano crater.

Near the volcano, the rank nine Vermillion Bird Tong Yan was fighting against a tall and large Flame clansman.

The flames which rose up burned the firmament..

That was the hottest place in the Flame Race lands.

The fire Spirit of Void and Chaos suddenly flew into the volcano as Tong Yan and that Flame Race expert fought.


Teng Yuan exclaimed and stopped conversing with Tong Zhenzhen. He put away the yellow shield that had been protecting everyone.

Qin Lie and the others started to floating in Boluo Realm's nighttime sky under their own power.

"Was that a fire element Spirit of Void and Chaos?" Teng Yuan asked.

Qin Lie nodded and mentally contacted the fire spirit. He asked, "Is there something special about that volcano?"

He noticed the rank nine Vermillion Bird Tong Yan constantly attempted to charge into the core of that volcano.

The powerful Flame clansman fighting Tong Yan was guarding the entrance, preventing her from entering.

"That volcano is the life fire source for the Flame Race." Teng Yuan's expression was grave as he explained, "The members of the Flame Race must ignite their soul fire in the heart of that volcano if they want to enter their Chaos Blood Realm. Of course, I don't know how the Flame Race ignites their soul fire. Different races have their own secrets. I only know that Tong Yan wanted to enter there many years ago. She wants to cultivate within the life fire source of the Flame Race."

At this time, Qin Lie saw the scene inside the volcano through the soul connection with the fire spirit.

The "life fire source" at the center of the volcano was an enormous lake of lava. Its surface burned furiously, and crimson red crystals would occasionally floated out.

Those crystals had three shiny spots inside which released sunlike beams of light.

When the fire spirit entered the volcano, it immediately leapt into the lava lake and began consuming these crystals.

Tong Yan and the Flame Race expert who were fighting seemed to detect something and charged in.

Two powerful soul consciousnesses permeated into the heart of the volcano and charged towards the soul of the fire spirit.

The fire spirit who was devouring the crystals was attacked by the two terrifying consciousnesses and seemed unable to withstand it.

He suddenly turned intangible.

Before Tong Yan and that Flame Race expert could find him, he disappeared and flew out.

Almost at the same time, a mental thought from the fire spirit came to Qin Lie.

—It wanted Qin Lie's lifeblood essence.

Qin Lie stilled. Without a second thought, he released the droplets of lifeblood essence he had painstakingly refined.

His lifeblood essence floated around him.


The fire spirit appeared again in the shape of the Fire Qilin and swallowed half of Qin Lie's lifeblood essences.

Then, the fire spirit quickly hid into the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Inside the volcano, the roars of the Flame Race expert shook the earth as though the most precious thing of the Flame Race had been stolen by the fire spirit.

The other Flame Race experts who had been fighting the Ancient Beast Race heard their clansman’s angry shouts and gathered from all over.

They all approached the heart of that enormous volcano.

Of the members of the Ancient Beast Race, only the Vermillion Birds did not fear the flames and could tolerate the high temperature near that volcano.

When the members of the Flame Race all came to the mouth of the volcano, the ancient beats could only stand by.

Even Nivitt could not go near that volcano out of innate dislike for heat.

The Vermillion Birds were not able to defeat the Flame Race gathered like that. Therefore, Tong Yan also flew out of the mouth of the volcano, disheveled.

Immediately after, the ancient beasts which had been attacking the Flame Race under Nivitt and Tong Yan's orders started to gradually leave.

The rank nine Vermillion Bird Tong Yan sobbed as she came towards Qin Lie.

"Tong Yan!" Teng Yuan shouted.

"Tong Zhenzhen greets milord!"

"Tong Yan! What happened?" Nivitt shouted.

Burning Vermillion Birds flew from the surroundings and surrounded Qin Lie.

Tong Yan manifested into human form and glared angrily at Qin Lie. "How did you steal the Life Flame Crystal?"

"Life Flame Crystal?" Qin Lie rubbed his nose and said, "It was my fire spirit. He is a fire Spirit of Void and Chaos. Just now... he seemed to have left for a moment."

"A fire Spirit of Void and Chaos!" Tong Yan was astounded.

Qin Lie nodded.

"I need three drops of his blood to make up for my losses!" Tong Yan snorted.

'What is the Life Flame Crystal?" Qin Lie asked in response.

"An extremely rare kind of crystal. They may even create flame-shaped life inside. The Flame Race calls it the fire of life. The Flame clansmen can use the Life Flame Crystals to reignite their soul fire after dying in battle by using the secret arts of the Flame Race." Tong Yan's expression was not good. "For the Flame clansmen, one piece of Life Flame Crystal can bring a powerful clansman back to life! This is also of great benefit to my bloodline. I’ve been trying to get the Life Flame Crystal for many years!”

"Uh, when he finishes evolving, I will have him give you three drops of blood." Qin Lie laughed awkwardly.

When the fire spirit hid into the Soul Suppressing Orb, his joy and excited emotions caused Qin Lie to realize that the fire spirit most likely would reach the next rank through the Life Flame Crystal.

Something that could cause the Spirit of Void and Chaos to level up in a short amount of time was most likely extremely rare.

It was clear that the Life Flame Crystal that could revive the experts of the Flame Race was the ultimate treasure that the fire spirit dreamed about.

"I worked for nothing for so long!" Tong Yan was full of dissatisforce.

"Lord, I am..." Tong Zhenzhen introduced herself again.

"I have no connections to the Vermillion Bird Race. I don't care who you are. When I left the Vermillion Bird Realm back then, I swore I would not return!" Tong Yan said impatiently.

"Lord, even if you wanted to return, you most likely wouldn't be able to." Tong Zhenzhen laughed bitterly and explained, "Our Vermillion Bird Realm has been conquered by the humans’ Six Ways Alliance. All Vermillion Birds have fled the Vermillion Bird Realm."

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