Chapter 946: Decline of the Foreign Races

Chapter 946: Decline of the Foreign Races

Soul Summoning Island, in front of the obsidian palace.

Ge Rongguang led six of his closest subordinates, each holding a bag full of spatial rings.

Those spatial rings contained the spirit materials that had to be given to the Ancient Beast Race.

When Qin Lie and Lin Liang'er came to the secret realm entrance, Ge Rongguang stilled.

"Another beautiful woman, island master... sure doesn't lack women," Ge Rongguang thought.

"Should we open the secret realm entrance?" Eddie asked from the side.

"Wait a moment." Qin Lie shook his head.

La Pu walked forward and handed two half-transparent jade bottles the size of a thumb to Qin Lie. He said softly, "The effects will be relatively strong, be careful."

Qin Lie stilled and asked, "What is this?"

"Two drops of Silver Streak Heavenly Snake blood essence." La Pu grinned and laughed. "These two drops of blood will be of great help to the transformation of your bloodline."

Qin Lie immediately understood. "Should I consume it in any particular way?"

"Just use your blood to merge with it." La Pu thought and then said, "When you start the process, it would be best to have someone by your side to take care of you."

Qin Lie nodded.

An hour later, Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen who received Qin Lie's message came over from Terminator Sect.

"We waited a long time for you." Xu Ran saw Qin Lie and said, "We knew you were busy so we didn't try to rush you. Fortunately, you didn't make us wait for too long."

"Let's go as soon as possible," Tong Zhenzhen said urgently.

Eddie looked at Tong Zhenzhen and then looked at Lin Liang'er. As though he saw their identities, he said, "Boy, you sure have many friends."

As he talked, he activated the secret realm entrance.

Without a delay, the group entered.

In the blink of an eye, they appeared in Boluo Realm.

Boluo Realm was in nighttime, six moons hanging like silver plates in the sky and giving off clean cold moonlight.

As the streaks of moonlight fell, the silver moon mark on Qin Lie's shoulder glittered and caused even more of the silvery moonlight to rain down.

"Six moons!" Xu Ran was shocked.

Tong Zhenzhen and Lin Liang'er were coming to Boluo Realm for the first time. They had intoxicated expressions as they looked at the beautiful night sky.

"The world spirit energy contains moon power. This may be of great benefit to those who cultivate special arts." Xu Ran took a deep breath. He evaluated, " However, for normal human martial practitioners, this might not be suitable for cultivation.

"Island master, there is something... you may want to note," Ge Rongguang suddenly said.

Qin Lie looked at him and said, "Speak."

"If Senior Lu can cultivate in Boluo Realm's night, he may be able to quickly stabilize his realm. The nighttime here is especially suited to him." Pausing, Ge Rongguang also said, "The day of Boluo Realm is also an excellent cultivation place for Senior Flame Demon."

"Yes, Qin Lie, this place is very suited for Lu Yi who cultivates the arts of the Moon Worshipping Cult," Xu Ran said.

"When three suns rise into the sky, it will be perfect for the Vermillion Bird Race. Similarly, this period will also be extremely beneficial to martial practitioners cultivating fire spirit arts," Tong Zhenzhen said.

Qin Lie's eyes suddenly lit up.

He realized that if he could have his own territory in Boluo Realm, he could arrange for Lu Yi and Tang Beidou to come over.

The cruel environment of Boluo Realm was a nightmare to the races of Nether Realm, but was the dream of selected martial practitioners.

"I will pay attention to this,” he planned inside.

The group flew out of the cave where the secret realm door was and landed at the base of the mountain.

"Boy, you came back so quickly?" Teng Yuan's voice came from the distance.

When he finished speaking, he appeared in front of them.

Xu Ran saw Teng Yuan and his expression suddenly changed. He exclaimed softly, "A rank nine Ancient Beast Race senior!"

"Tong Zhenzhen of the Vermillion Bird Race greets milord."

"Lin Liang'er of the Ice Phoenix Race greets milord."

Tong Zhenzhen and Lin Liang'er immediately greeted him with the etiquette of the Ancient Beast Race when they saw Teng Yuan.

Teng Yuan's expression changed slightly. He shouted, "You are a Vermillion Bird and an Ice Phoenix who live in the Spirit Realm?"

Tong Zhenzhen had a bitter expression. She shook his head and said, "No." She glanced at Ge Rongguang and the others.

Teng Yuan understood, nodded and said, "Allow me to first take care of this matter."

Ge Rongguang was astounded when he heard Lin Liang'er and Tong Zhenzhen reveal their identities. Then, he bowed his head, docilely taking out the spirit materials that Boluo Realm needed from the spatial rings.

Seven mountains of spirit materials gradually formed and filled this relatively large mountain valley.

Large numbers of Ancient Beast clansmen came, roaring and snarling, as they took away those spirit materials.

"Return first," Qin Lie ordered.

Ge Rongguang bowed and returned first with the group.

In the end, Xu Ran was the only human left in the mountain valley other than Qin Lie.

"He is my... husband," Tong Zhenzhen pointed at Xu Ran.

Teng Yuan nodded and then said, "Why have you come?"

"We need to find the rank nine Vermillion Bird," Tong Zhenzhen said.

"Tong Yuan is over with the Flame Race." Teng Yuan thought and then said, "She and Nivitt are attacking the Flame Race."

"Could you take us there?" Tong Zhenzhen requested.

"Alright." Teng Yuan agreed.

A bright yellow shield of light flew out of Tong Zhenzhen's hand. The shield spun and wrapped around Qin Lie, Tong Zhenzhen and Xu Ran.

This shield of light ignored Boluo Realm's terrifying gravity and suddenly flew into the sky at a dazzling speed.

Inside that bright yellow shield, Qin Lie saw mountain ranges pass him like trees.

He knew they were getting further from the territory of the Ancient Beast Race.,

Two hours later.

The bright yellow shield of light slowed. Qin Lie saw volcanoes erupting with lava in the distance, and many Flame clansmen with wisps of flame dancing on their skin roaring angrily as they fought against the Ancient Beast Race.

In the darkness, that place appeared to be burning. Lava flowed on the ground in rivers, and explosions occurred all over the places.

The Vermillion Birds spun in the air like suns in the nighttime sky and caused the sky to become a crimson sea of fire.

A qilin, a giant snake, and an enormous lizard roared as they pursued the members of the Flame Race.

Those Flame clansmen fought back fiercely using the lava rivers.

Qin Lie looked down at the battle between the races through the bright yellow barrier, his expression turning grave.

This battle was much more cruel than the battle which occurred between the Setting Sun Islands and the ghoul races.

Many Flame clansmen were torn to pieces by the ancient beasts. Other ancients beasts were drowned by the lava and soon turned into crimson red skeletons.

"The Flame Race wasn't strong in Boluo Realm. Ever since they joined Sun Palace, they slowly grew in strength." Teng Yuan's voice resounded. "In the last thousand years, with the help of Sun Palace, the Flame Race slowly eroded our territory. Many Ancient Beast clansmen were burned and killed by the clansmen of the Flame Race. The martial practitioners of Sun Palace frequently came and helped the Flame Race kill us, and caused us to suffer great casualties. If not for the secret realm entrance of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple being destroyed in succession, we most likely would not have dared to attack the Flame Race.”

"So your days were not easy either," Tong Zhenzhen said.

"Ever since humans discovered the Boluo Realm and built secret realm passageways, we have never had peaceful a day." Teng Yuan sighed.

"The Vermillion Bird Race has been forced to leave the realm we were living when the humans invaded." Tong Zhenzhen's expression was calm. "The Ice Phoenix Race was first invaded by the God Race, and then the humans used an even more savage method to almost destroy that realm."

"What about the Ancient Beast Realm?" Teng Yuan asked gravely.

"The Ancient Beast clansmen that married with humans control the Ancient Beast Realm, and they… have completely fallen, to the point of being completely obedient to humans." Tong Zhenzhen's expression was bitter." We cannot even return there."

Teng Yuan took a deep breath and said, "Back then when the races allied together and finally forced the God Race back into outer space, we did not expect the humans to quickly rise and become even more terrifying than the God Race."

"There are too many of them. When the God Race invaded our realm back then, they could not find enough members to settle. The humans are different. When they take over a realm, they can arrange enough people to completely take over the realm." Tong Zhenzhen sighed. "We have less and less space to live in. The members of my race are scattered throughout Spirit Realm and do not dare to show their true forms. If we are found by the humans, we will... be treated like valuable spirit materials by them."

"The present humans are not different in their practices from the God Race in the past. They are even more domineering in some places," Teng Yuan grunted.

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