Chapter 945: On The Move

Chapter 945: On The Move

After the ghoul races went into hiding, the racial war that engulfed the entire Land of Chaos came to an end.

At Gray Island, Qin Lie stayed with Tang Siqi to research and master the middle grade spirit diagrams from the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The reason he researched those ancient spirit diagrams wasn’t to forge artifacts, but to understand its secrets and learn the essence of power.

Tang Siqi also used these ancient spirit diagrams to aid in the growth of Gray Island’s artificers. This was so that they could swiftly surpass Celestial Artifact Sect and become the number one artificing force in the Land of Chaos.

“There are fifteen kinds of middle grade ancient spirit diagrams, and each is vast and deep. If they are combined, they can even be used to refine a Heaven Grade spirit artifact.” Tang Siqi praised.

Inside the vast stone hall, the fifteen middle grade ancient spirit diagrams filled the walls with complicated and web-like pictures.

Qin Lie and Tang Siqi were sitting inside the hall while surrounded by many spirit boards.

“My grandfather once told me that spirit diagrams are the direct expression of the world’s laws. Therefore, those who understood the secrets of the ancient spirit diagrams would be able to understand that secrets of the universe in the future. They are inexplicably beneficial to the improvement of one’s cultivation and strength.” Qin Lie smiled. “To be honest, the reason Flaming Sun Island could improve so quickly in such a short time was all thanks to these ancient spirit diagrams.”

Tang Siqi deeply agreed with him. “That’s right. Without these ancient spirit diagrams, we would have failed to refine the Blazing Profound Bombs and all kinds of exquisite spirit artifacts. We wouldn’t be even nearly as wealthy as we are now.”

“Without a vast amount of spirit stones or spirit materials, powerful martial practitioners like Tan Miao wouldn’t have joined Flaming Sun Island either.”

“Not even Terminator Sect can gather the ascension materials to build a Soul Altar for a martial practitioner so easily.”

Qin Lie nodded. “A top rate force must be able to accumulate a great amount of capital and enough Soul Altar experts.”

When he said this, he gave her a confident grin. “In this regard, Flaming Sun Island is ahead of everyone. We control the secret realm entrance to Boluo Realm, so we will be able to develop faster than any Silver rank force in the Land of Chaos using these rare spirit materials.”

“Oh right, Sis… Sister Song Tingyu should be done preparing the new batch of spirit materials to trade with Boluo Realm already, shouldn’t she?” Tang Siqi changed the subject. “We’ve been here for more than a month. Is she okay with this?”

Qin Lie thought for a moment. “I’ll go ask her.”

“She… should know about you and me, right?” Tang Siqi looked a little worried.

Qin Lie gave her a smile. “Don’t worry.”

After consoling Tang Siqi for a moment, he left the stone hall and went to Flaming Sun Island.

He went to see Song Tingyu immediately.

“Oh? Are you finally done?” Song Tingyu asked smilingly.

Qin Lie gave her a slightly embarrassed smile. “How is the next batch of spirit materials for the trade with Boluo Realm?”

“It’s been ready since a long time ago.” Song Tingyu rolled her eyes at him. “I didn’t ask anyone to inform you because I didn’t want to disturb you two.”

A pause later, she passed two letters to Qin Lie with an unfathomable look in her eyes. “One of them belongs to Terminator Sect, and the other Blood Fiend Sect. The messengers say that you must be the one to open them.”

Qin Lie accepted the letters, tore them open and gave them a look without a second thought.

A while later, an odd look entered his eyes. He looked obviously pained about something.

“Let me guess.” Song Tingyu said slowly and calmly. “They want you to marry Shen Yue and Xue Moyan, don’t they?”

“How did you know?” Qin Lie looked surprised.

Song Tingyu let out a snort and curled her lips. “Senior Mo has been wishing for this since a long time ago. Flaming Sun Island is growing stronger and stronger, so it’s only natural that she wants to pull the two forces closer through this method. The same goes for Terminator Sect.”

Qin Lie gripped the letters and pondered for a moment. Then, he answered, “I’ll turn them down.”

A gleam passed through Song Tingyu’s eyes. She said softly, “I will support your decision… no matter what you decide.”

“How are things lately?” He changed the subject.

“Everything’s peaceful and normal, unless you want to count Heavenly Sword Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain hunting the three ghoul races.” Song Tingyu smiled. “Jiang Zhuzhe and Senior Xue Li had already moved to Heavenly Calamity Continent. I’ve also sent our men to take over the land given to us by the three forces.”

“I can’t believe that Scarlet Tide Continent is ours now.” Qin Lie sighed.

Song Tingyu smiled brightly. “It feels unreal to me too.”

Half a month ago, she took some time off to visit Profound Heaven Alliance at Scarlet Tide Continent.

At the time, Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang and the others had already heard news from Heavenly Sword Mountain that Scarlet Tide Continent was to obey Flaming Sun Island from now on.

That wasn’t all. Flowing Cloud Continent and Heavenly Fate Continent fell under Flaming Sun Island’s jurisdiction as well.

When Song Yu, Xie Yaoyang and other Profound Heaven Alliance members saw Song Tingyu again, they were all pleasantly surprised.

They could never imagine that Song Tingyu had become a real person in charge in Flaming Sun Island just ten years after she left Profound Heaven Alliance.

What shocked them even more was the fact that Flaming Sun Island was now so strong that even Heavenly Sword Mountain had to bow before them.

Even now, Song Tingyu couldn’t help but feel amused when she recalled the pride and gratified look on Song Yu’s face.

“It’s been a while since we saw Miss Xie,” Qin Lie said suddenly.

Song Tingyu shot him a deep glance before saying meaningfully, “When you vanished from the Land of Chaos three years ago, she suddenly decided to return to Profound Heaven Alliance. After that… she travelled to the southern side of Scarlet Tide Continent. I didn’t see her when I returned to Profound Heaven Alliance half a month ago either.”

“Oh.” Qin Lie nodded. He wasn’t sure what to say. “I’m going back to Soul Summoning Island and Boluo Realm. I’ll deliver that batch of spirit materials to the Ancient Beast Race.”

“The spirit materials are all at Soul Summoning Island already. You can depart at any time,” Song Tingyu said.


He teleported directly to Evil Infant Island from Flaming Sun Island. Just as he was about to fly to Soul Summoning Island, he suddenly remembered something.

He recalled Lin Liang’er of Frost Island. He also recalled Tong Zhenzhen saying that Lin Liang’er was about to reach rank eight.

Tong Zhenzhen wanted him to protect her while she was ascending to the next rank.

After thinking for a moment, he changed directions and flew to Frost Island first.

The moment he arrived at Frost Island, he circulated the Frost Arts and adjusted to the harsh, icy environment immediately.

When he arrived at the frost palace at the mountain peak where Lin Liang’er was cultivating, he released his soul consciousness and exposed himself of his own volition.

Not long after, Bai Li rushed over and smiled the moment she saw him. “You’re pretty famous as of late. How do you find the time to come to Frost Island?”

“I’m here to meet a friend.” Qin Lie smiled.

“Let’s go. Miss Lin is inside the frost palace.” Bai Li guided him forwards.

“Do you have any news about Gao Yu?” Qin Lie casually asked the question.

Bai Li’s eyes sparkled once before she answered, “Gao Yu has been staying together with Jia Yue al this time.”

“Is Gao Yu in any trouble?” Qin Lie asked further.

“Maybe they’ll seek me out here in the near future,” Bai Li said.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Lie frowned.

“The eastern barbarians are very xenophobic, and the white barbarians are even more so. They… didn’t like the idea that Jia Yue and Gao Yu are together too much.” Bai Li sighed. “Jia Yue has already made up her mind to leave the white barbarians just like I did. She will be coming to the Land of Chaos with Gao Yu.”

“Please inform me when Gao Yu returns.” Qin Lie asked her for a favor.

“No problem.” Bai Li promised.

She brought Qin Lie to the entrance of the frost palace where Lin Liang’er was cultivating. Then, she stopped and motioned for Qin Lie to enter herself.

For the past few years, she had been managing Frost Island on Lin Liang’er’s behalf. She was also responsible for interacting with the martial practitioners who cultivated the frost type powers at Frost Island.

Lin Liang’er herself had taught her some secrets about the frost powers too.

These martial practitioners who were cultivating at Frost Island had no idea that the frost palaces still existed beneath the icy mountain range.

Qin Lie walked through an icy passage with icicles hanging on the ceiling and entered the frost palace built by the Ice Emperor himself. He immediately saw Lin Liang’er in her true form standing beneath the frost palace and above the Celestial Ice Crystal veins.

Lin Liang’er in her true form was about thirty meters long. She looked like she was sculpted from ice and crystals, and she was dazzlingly beautiful.

When her wings that looked like rows of icy bars extended, streams of cold air flowed around like ice rivers.

The instant Qin Lie showed up, the Ice Phoenix opened her icy, sharp eyes.

However, the harsh cold behind her eyes lasted for only an instant before it faded away. She extended her wings, flew into the air and shrank bit by bit into an ice sphere.

The ice sphere abruptly shattered, and her flawless human body slowly landed on top of the Celestial Ice Crystal veins.

She didn’t seem to have the habit of putting on her clothes when she was inside the frost palace. She greeted him naturally, “You’ve come.”

“Mn. I have been quite busy for a while.” Qin Lie explained before asking, “Aren’t you going to put on some clothes?”

“Why should I?” Lin Liang’er asked.

“Because I’m here?” Qin Lie smiled wryly.

“What’s wrong? Haven’t you seen me naked already?” Lin Liang’er looked at him strangely. “You’ve seen everything there is to see anyway, so why should I continue to hide myself? Besides, this is my palace. I don’t like to wear clothes when there are no outsiders present.”

Based on her words, she obviously didn’t think of Qin Lie as an outsider.

Qin Lie was speechless.

“Tong Zhenzhen said that you currently have control over a secret realm entrance that leads to a place called Boluo Realm. Apparently, a lot of Ancient Beast clansmen live in that place. Is that true?” Lin Liang’er asked.

Qin Lie nodded. “That’s right. I plan to go to Boluo Realm in a moment.”

“I want to go too,” Lin Liang’er said.

Qin Lie frowned and thought for a moment. He said, “There are three suns during Boluo Realm’s daytime. It’s incredibly hot, and I’m… not sure if you can get used to it.”

“It will be difficult, but I will endure it. I just want to ask about some things from the old people of the Ancient Beast Race.” Lin Liang’er explained. “The Ice Phoenix Race is a sub branch of the Ancient Beast Race too. The realm we lived in used to be very near to the Vermillion Birds’ realm, and we were allies with each other for many generations.”

“Very well, I will bring you to Boluo Realm.”

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