Chapter 943: Difference Between Realms

Chapter 943: Difference Between Realms

After the two brothers, Xue Li and Jiang Zhuzhe, made the promise that they wouldn’t start another bloody war, they left Flaming Sun Island.

Using Flaming Sun Island’s spatial teleportation formation, Jiang Zhuzhe returned to the Ruined Lands first in order to make the necessary preparations to migrate to Heavenly Calamity Continent.

Similarly, Xue Li needed to organize things for a bit before he could take the disciples at Setting Sun Islands back to Blood Cloud Mountain Range.

“Big Brother Xue, have you truly… put down your former enmity with Jiang Zhuzhe?”

When Xue Li came over, Hong Bowen couldn’t help but ask in deep puzzlement.

Mo Lingye aside, Mo Jun, Xue Moyan, and even Meng Feng looked puzzled.

They didn’t know what on earth happened to Xue Li that he would join hands with Jiang Zhuzhe.

“Well, no. But… for the sake of Blood Fiend Sect’s future, there is a need to set aside my grievances for now.” Xue Li looked at them and pondered for a moment. “From now on, our faction and Jiang Zhuzhe’s faction are both enemies and allies. I am considering how we should live with them too.”

“The situation in the Land of Chaos changes constantly. Only by working together with Jiang Zhuzhe can Blood Fiend Sect walk further down the path,” Mo Lingye said softly.

The group fell silent in thought.

“When are we leaving?” Xue Moyan suddenly asked.

Xue Li cast a meaningful glance at her before sighing quietly in his own mind. Then, he said, “Bring everything you should bring with you. We will be leaving as soon as possible. After today, the Setting Sun Islands, Heavenly Sea Pavilion, Black Cloud Palace, the Pan Family and the islands that are connected to the Heavenly Slaughter Continent—Sky Flame and Evil Eye—will belong to Qin Lie’s Flaming Sun Island.”

“Now that Eclipse Sun Island, Heavenly Snake Island, Scarlet Cloud Island, and some other Copper rank forces have joined Flaming Sun Island, their territory is at least ten times bigger than what it was initially,” Mo Jun added.

“Considering Flaming Sun Island’s current strength, their gains are not that big. Qin Lie could’ve taken Illusory Demon Sect too if he was any greedier.” Mo Lingye looked at the group and said, “The fact that Qin Lie was able to control his greed and abstain from taking Illusory Demon Sect’s territory surprises me greatly as well.”

“No one could’ve predicted the scale which Flaming Sun Island has developed into today.” Meng Feng was filled with emotions too.

At the beginning, Flaming Sun Island, Gray Island, and Blood Island were territories Blood Fiend Sect had gifted to Qin Lie. It was to thank him for saving Blood Fiend Sect multiple times.

There was also the favor where he gifted the Blood Progenitor’s body and the seven-level Soul Altar to Xue Li.

At the beginning, Flaming Sun Island had to rely on Blood Fiend Sect after they had allied each other officially.

But in just five years’ time, Flaming Sun Island’s wealth had far exceeded Blood Fiend Sect’s. The number of experts they possessed also grew bigger and bigger.

Most importantly, Flaming Sun Island shared close relationships with Terminator Sect and Heavenly Sword Mountain. They didn’t have enemies everywhere like Blood Fiend Sect.

“Ten years later, Flaming Sun Island may become the richest Silver rank force in the entire land of Chaos. In fact… ten years may be an overestimation,” Mo Lingye said softly.

Everyone looked astonished.

“As of late, I noticed that Miss Song is purchasing a large amount of basic spirit materials and selling many rare high grade spirit materials that have never appeared in the Land of Chaos before. The amount of spirit materials she bought and sold is tremendous.” Mo Lingye looked at the group. “Do you know what this means?”

Mo Jun, Meng Feng, and the others looked confused.

Xue Moyan was the only one who came to realization as her cold eyes gleamed with an odd light. “Flaming Sun Island has made a connection with another realm!”

Everyone shivered at her response.

Mo Lingye nodded gently while saying, “The reason Terminator Sect is as powerful as they are is because they had a trade relationship with the Asura Realm. They managed to gain many precious spirit materials as a result. Moreover, I heard that the realm that was trading with Terminator Sect wasn’t even a particularly big realm compared to the rest of the realms the Asura Race possesses.”

“Heavenly Sword Mountain also seems to have made a connection with Nether Realm through Li Mu and gained many spirit materials as a result.”

“As for the three great families, the realm of the Gray Wing Race they were allied with has a pitiful amount of resources, so it isn’t worth mentioning.”

“However, if my guess is correct the realm Flaming Sun Island is connected to is probably a middle-sized realm that surpasses the one possessed by the Asura Race and is filled with valuable resources!”

She said with great envy.

“There are differences between realms too?” Meng Feng looked surprised.

“The classification of realms only began after the God Race has dominated Spirit Realm,” Mo Lingye explained. “Before the God Race showed up, the races of Spirit Realm were unfamiliar with the concept of exploring and pioneering new realms. They didn’t know the infinite wonders that unknown realms may hold.”

“The God Race was the race with the best pioneering spirit in the vast galaxy. It is said that they are as strong as they are because they invaded many realms in their lifetime.”

“After visiting different realms and witnessing a wondrous page of the world, their understanding of the galaxy’s secrets and beauty also deepened in the process. This enhanced their bloodline and improved their knowledge of the world’s laws.”

“They didn’t lose their pioneering spirit after they dominated Spirit Realm either. They continued to spread to countless unknown realms from Spirit Realm.”

“The reason the Gray Wing Race, Yaksha Race, Dragonman Race, Lizard Race, and other small races are known to Spirit Realm was because of the God Race’s invasion into their realms.”

Everyone was listening to her intently. It was obvious that this was the first time they heard about the secrets of the realms.

“The God Race categorized the realms into various sizes. They can be small, medium, large and super large,” Mo Lingye continued.

“The realm the Gray Wing Race lived in and the Asura Realm that the Terminator Sect is connected to are likely small realms. The realms of the Dragonman Race and Lizard Race at the Ruined Lands are also small realms. These realms are probably only as big as one Heavenly Calamity Continent.”

“A medium realm should be as big as the Land of Chaos. The realm Flaming Sun Island is currently connected to should be around this size.”

“A large realm may be ten times bigger than the Land of Chaos or more. For example, the Dragon Race’s ancestral land, the Ancient Beast Race’s realm and the Giant Race’s realm are all large realms.”

“Most powerful ancient races lived in large realms.”

Hong Bowen asked, “What about the super large realms?”

“At present, there is only one super large realm known to the world.” Mo Lingye pointed at the ground beneath her feet and said, “And it is the world we live in.”

The answer shook everyone.

“This realm is titled by all large races as the Divine Realm, Spirit Realm, or Saint Realm. It is also the only realm the God Race acknowledged as a super large realm, and the world they called the center of the galaxy.”

Mo Lingye looked at the group and said, “The God Race has detected many, many passages to other realms in our infinitely vast Spirit Realm. These passages allowed anyone to reach a countless number of unknown realms in space.”

“This is a characteristic no other realms possessed. Even the large realms only had passages to Spirit Realm, and not other small or medium realms.

“This is also why the God Race didn’t leave and choose to make it their main base and base of operation after they dominated Spirit Realm.”

“Spirit Realm gave them entry to all kinds of other realms. This is why Spirit Realm is titled the Saint Realm, Divine Realm and Spirit Realm by many races.”

“What about the Graveyard of Gods? What kind of realm is it?” Meng Feng asked.

Mo Lingye shook her head smilingly. “The Graveyard of Gods is just a secret realm. It had been created by a powerful martial practitioner, it is not a natural creation of the world.”

“Are you saying that a secret realm is smaller than a normal realm?” Meng Feng subconsciously asked.

“Generally speaking, secret realms are created by a powerful being with their own strength, through their tremendous knowledge of the world’s laws and secrets. A secret realm isn’t birthed naturally into the world after millions and millions of years. That is why they don’t contain natural spirit energy. The birth of sentient life in a secret realm is also almost unheard of.”

“A secret realm is dead. It is highly unlikely that they carry precious treasures within them. Even if they are, the treasures there are usually left behind by the master of the secret realm and not the natural product of the secret realm itself.”

“The difference between a normal realm and a secret realm is that a normal realm can give birth to sentient life and nurture all kinds of rare spirit materials and ultimate treasures.”

“Moreover, normal realms are normally much bigger than a secret realm. If they are not artificially tampered with, they can exist for almost an eternity.”

Mo Lingye explained carefully.

“So you mean to say that the realm Flaming Sun Island has made a connection with is a medium realm, and that there are sentient life within it?” Xue Li also fell into deep thought. “Could it be the Nether Realm? Ku Lu and his people are Horned Demon clansmen, and the Horned Demon Race is one of the three strongest races in Nether Realm.”

“No, it’s definitely not the Nether Realm. The spirit materials they sold are all items of extreme yang and heat. There is no way such a spirit material could exist in Nether Realm,” Mo Lingye said.

“So you are saying that this medium realm alone is enough to make Flaming Sun Island the richest force in the Land of Chaos? And this is disregarding their talent in artifact forging?” Mo Jun exclaimed in surprise.

“The Gold rank forces in the Central World only come to possess all kinds of rare spirit materials that they use to create many Soul Altar experts because they trade with other realms or outright conquer them.” Mo Lingye nodded before saying, “At some point, a powerful force must pioneer auxiliary realms in order obtain an endless source of spirit materials. These spirit materials enable them to grow strong at a tremendous rate. The fact is Flaming Sun Island has gotten ahead of every force on the Land of Chaos in this regard. I doubt there’s any force that can stop their rapid rise to the top now.”

The Blood Fiend Ten Elders looked shocked.

A long while later, Meng Feng looked at Xue Li and Mo Lingye. There was a sparkle in his eyes as he turned his gaze at Xue Moyan and said suddenly, “Big Brother Xue, Big Sister Mo, what do you think about that… thing I spoke of last time?”

Mo Lingye caught his meaning and told Xue Moyan, “Moyan, please instruct the people outside to carry our belongings into the ships.”

Xue Moyan blushed, turned around and walked out of the hall.

“Marriage can pull us closer to Flaming Sun Island. We personally believe that this is a good way to maintain our friendship.” After Moyan left, Mo Jun also suggested seriously, “Right now, there is no other youth who is as outstanding as Qin Lie. Moreover, Qin Lie himself is very fond of Blood Fiend Sect, and he is of great aid to us.”

“That little bastard is good at everything except being faithful. I don’t want Moyan to suffer from his fickleness.” Xue Li shook his head and added, “Plus, Qin Lie already has Ling Yushi and Miss Song, not to mention that he seems to be tangled up with Tang Siqi too. No way, I won’t agree to this!”

“Moyan’s identity, status and beauty are all as good as Miss Song’s. If Moyan were to marry him, I believe that she is good enough to be his first wife.” Mo Lingye pondered for another moment before saying, “Besides, Qin Lie possesses the blood of the God Race. From what I heard, Terminator Sect, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain all desired his bloodline very much. They all hoped that Shen Yue, Luo Kexin, or Tianyu would be able to obtain Qin Lie’s divine blood no matter what method they had to employ.”

She looked at the group and said, “The top rate Gold rank forces at the Central World are able to stand strong for tens of millennia precisely because of the inheritance of bloodlines.”

“But even the ancient races’ bloodline they possessed couldn’t compare to Qin Lie’s!”

“The God Race’s blood is a bloodline that every great human force desires. It is publicly known as the strongest bloodline!”

After inhaling deeply, Mo Lingye said, “If Moyan can have a child with Qin Lie, this child—whatever their gender is—will lead Blood Fiend Sect to unprecedented heights!”

Her eyes shone with the light of excitement.

Despite his firm protests earlier, even Xue Li had fallen silent after hearing her description of the future.

It was obvious that he was moved.

If their grandchildren were to possess divine blood, they would immediately become the most talented and promising people in the entire world. They would be able to attain heights he dared not even imagine. How could he not feel moved by this?

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