Chapter 941: Sue for Peace

Chapter 941: Sue for Peace

After Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan, the three great families’ clansmen were also attacked by Blood Fiend Sect, Flaming Sun Island, and the Dark Shadow Race.

In a brief while, Illusory Demon Sect's headquarters flowed with blood, corpses piled up in mountains.

Out of the three forces that had gathered in Illusory Demon Sect, barely anyone managed to escape. The only ones who had managed to use their escape arts were Jiang An and the Gongye brothers.

The slaughter continued for two hours.

When everything calmed, Yu Lingwei looked at the ground covered in corpses with a dim expression, her emotions complicated.

"If not for Qin Lie and Flaming Sun Island, the corpses on the ground could have been ours." Mo Lingye stood next to her and comforted, "Wen Bin and the others have abandoned Illusory Demon Sect already. When you prioritized stopping the ghoul races, they prioritized overthrowing you. They abandoned their morals for greed, they didn’t care about the greater good. When we and Flaming Sun Island were not strong enough, they harassed us many times. If these people lived, they would forever be a hidden danger to you. They would obstruct the rebuilding of Illusory Demon Sect."

Yu Lingwei sighed softly, nodded, and spoke no more.

"Sect Master Yu, please take these spirit artifacts," Qin Lie said.

The "Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag" of Chu Miaodan, the "Illusory Demon Orbs" that could communicate with each other, and some other spirit artifacts flew to in front of Yu Lingwei.

Those were spirit artifacts unique to Illusory Demon Sect. They could only be used in concert with Illusory Demon Sect's spirit arts.

After Wen Bin, Chu Miaodan and others’ deaths, these spirit artifacts became ownerless and ended back in Yu Lingwei's hands.

"Many thanks," Yu Lingwei said softly.

Qin Lie smiled. He didn't say much, and flew onto the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix Song Tingyu was on.

Tang Beidou, Tan Miao, Lu Yi, Evil Infant Boy, La Pu and others returned, each of them giving off murderous energy.

They had been killing the survivors of the three families.

"After this battle, the forces that had tried to force Terminator Sect to give you up three years ago will most likely have a hard time sleeping." Song Tingyu smiled brightly.

"Will you continue?" Tang Beidou asked with a frown.

He looked towards Qin Lie.

Lu Yi and the others also focused on Qin Lie. They wanted to know his next decision.

"No." Qin Lie shook his head and said, "This is the end."

Tang Beidou clearly sighed in relief and then said, "Wen Bin and his subordinates, the three families, and Black Voodoo Cult, I also do not like them. When the ghoul races came out of Prism Continent, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and the people led by Sect Master Yu went towards Prism Continent to help Terminator Sect fight them off. Only Black Voodoo Cult and the three families did not act."

"They only sought benefit. When the human race was facing danger of extinction, they stood by."

"These people should die."

Tang Beidou looked towards Qin Lie. He then said, "While Heavenly Sword Mountain, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and Celestial Artifact Sect were wrong, they still stood out when the human race was in danger. Also. The three ghoul races have not been exterminated. You need their strength. It would be good not to be so thorough with your revenge."

"This matter will end here." Qin Lie nodded.

Between Heavenly Wither Continent and Heaven Fissure Continent, where the Heaven Ghoul Race resided in the air, many floating stone towers exploded.

The bodies of more than a thousand Heaven Ghoul Race corpses scattered on those enormous stones. Some of them were dismembered, and others bloodied.

Under the combined attacks of Heavenly Sword Mountain, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and Celestial Artifact Sect, the Soul Altars of two early Imperishable Realm ghouls finally shattered.

Now, this batch of Heaven Ghoul Race was completely exterminated.

"Bhutto, Matthew, and the others did not come." Li Mu looked at the ground covered in corpses without any pity. He said worriedly, "Those people are the true elites of the Heaven Ghoul Race."

"After they burrowed into the void passage at the Setting Sun Islands, they disappeared. They haven't returned at all," Yan Baiyi said.

Feng Yi, Qi Yang, and Wang Enze gathered at this place.

They had originally wanted to kill Bhutto and the others together.

"I just received news from Terminator Profound Sect. The other batch of Heaven Ghoul clansmen left on Prism Continent has also been cleaned out." Luo Nan, Luo Chen’s grandmother and one of the Five Heavenly Swords frowned and said, "Terminator Profound Sect used the Blazing Profound Bombs they purchased from Flaming Sun Island to destroy all the void passages that the Heaven Ghoul Race formed on Prism Continent. Even if Bhutto and the others go there, it will not be so easy to return to the chaotic streams of space."

"Then where are Bhutto and the others hiding?" Feng Yi's expression was grave.

For them, Bhutto was the greatest danger. They would be anxious until they saw Bhutto die in front of them.

They didn't know the power of Heavenly Blood Divine Beam. They did not know that Bhutto, who was struck with the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam would almost not be able to recover.

"Father, I just received a message about Illusory Demon Sect..." Feng Yiyou suddenly said.

"What?" Feng Yi asked.

Feng Yiyou looked reluctantly at the group.

"Speak!" Feng Yi said.

"Wen Bin, Chu Miaodan, Shi Xiuling, and the others originally from Illusory Demon Sect had reentered Illusory Demon Sect under the help of Black Voodoo Cult and the three families," Feng Yiyou said.

"We knew this before," Feng Yi was impatient.

"Four hours ago, Qin Lie, Xue Li, Jiang Zhuzhe, Yu Lingwei, and the others came to Illusory Demon Sect..." Feng Yiyou said.

At this time, the expressions of Qi Yang of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Wang Enze of Heavenly Sword Mountain, and the others changed.

The experts of the three forces stopped conversing, and their alarmed gazes gathered on Feng Yiyou.

Feng Yiyou shrank back, his head lowered, and said, "Wen Bin was killed on the spot, his Soul Altar shattered. The patriarchs of the three families... none of them managed to escape. Only the pope of the Black Voodoo Cult and two Gongye brothers fled back to Black Voodoo Cult and do not dare come out of their great sect-protecting formation."

Everyone’s expressions changed.

"Is Qin Lie planning to settle his debts?" Qi Yang's expression was slightly bitter.

"Do not forget that everyone has participated in the destruction of Blood Fiend Sect a thousand years ago," Feng Yi said gravely.

When this was said, people became even more anxious. They felt as though a storm of blood would rise in the Land of Chaos again.

The Flaming Sun Island of this millenium and Blood Fiend Sect became the most frightening forces in the Land of Chaos.

Xue Li who had assimilated a seven-level Soul Altar, Jiang Zhuzhe who had managed to injure Bhutto, and Qin Lie who was able to invite a five-level Soul Altar and other foreign races’ clansmen to fight. These three people allied together seemed able to break all the rules in the Land of Chaos.

"The three ghoul races have not been completely exterminated, they... should not be in such a hurry to act?" Wang Enze finally showed fear.

On this day, he no longer had any of his former energy and didn't dare to underestimate the power of Flaming Sun Island and Blood Fiend Sect.

"Soon, I will personally go to Flaming Sun Island and discuss this with Qin Lie." Just as the three leaders trembled in fear, Li Mu said with a solemn expression, "I will do my best to persuade Qin Lie to not start a fight within the human race."

Everyone's eyes lit up

They knew Qin Lie's respect towards Li Mu, especially Wang Enze. He also knew that Li Mu had a high opinion and took great care of Qin Lie back on the Scarlet Tide Continent.

He felt if Li Mu was willing to come forward, Qin Lie would give him face, and not pursue their malicious actions against him three years ago.

"As our apology, Heavenly Sword Mountain can give Scarlet Tide Continent, Flowing Cloud Continent, and Heavenly Fate Continent to Flaming Sun Island to... make up for our mistakes three years ago," Wang Enze suddenly said.

Scarlet Tide Continent was where Qin Lie had lived in the past. Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple were subordinate forces of Heavenly Sword Mountain.

Flowing Cloud Continent and Heavenly Fate Continent were close to Scarlet Tide Continent. The Joyful Union Sect who had once wanted to take over Armament Sect stemmed from there.

Wang Enze was afraid Qin Lie would come with his army. He was willing to give up Scarlet Tide Continent, Flowing Cloud Continent, and Heavenly Fate Continent for peace. This mean that he greatly feared the alliance of Flaming Sun Island and Blood Fiend Sect.

"You want to give him three continents?" Yan Baiyi was astounded.

"These three continents are relatively far from Heavenly Sword Mountain, and Scarlet Tide Continent has relations to the Setting Sun Islands." Li Mu thought, looked at Yan Baiyi and Luo Nan, and asked, "What do you think?"

Luo Nan thought for a moment and said, "It really is far from the Heavenly Wither Continent."

Li Mu nodded and said, "I will use this as a bargaining chip in my discussion with Qin Lie."

Pausing, he looked at Feng Yi and Qi Yang. He said, "Heavenly Sword Mountain is willing to give up three continents, what do you say?"

Feng Yi and Qi Yang had bitter grimaces.

"Three years ago, you wanted to force Terminator Sect to give him up. Now that Qin Lie is powerful, if he recklessly seeks revenge, ask yourselves... will you be able to endure?" Li Mu's expression was cold. "I'm willing to be the speaker and help you resolve your conflict. I hope you can show your sincerity."

"Give us time to discuss." Feng Yi and Qi Yang said.

Alright." Li Mu nodded.

Feng Yi, Qi Yang, and the elites of Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain bent their heads and spoke in low tones.

After a long while, Qi Yang said, "Heaven Fissure Continent is far from the Setting Sun Islands. However, we have some continents that are relatively close to the Ruined Lands. If one can make a mid-sized teleportation formation, those continents will be connected to the Ruined Lands. Celestial Artifact Sect has three about the same size as Scarlet Tide Continent. If we give them all ... it may serve as a condition to cease all fighting."

Li Mu smiled slightly, nodded and said, "That’s sincere enough."

"Are you confident that you will stop him from waging war?" Wang Enze asked.

"Continue to clean out the ghouls, I will persuade him from continuing his slaughter." Li Mu laughed.

He knew that Wang Enze, Feng Yi, Qi Yang, and the others would not have been so generous in the past.

These people feared Bhutto and the ghoul races. They were powerless against a four-level Soul Altar Bhutto.

And facing Luz who had a five-level Soul Altar, they could not muster any resistance, so they had to use this method to ask for peace.

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