Chapter 937: Sweeping Away the Turbidity

Chapter 937: Sweeping Away the Turbidity

Lucas, the elder of the Blue Ghoul Race who had just woken up from his slumber, hadn't even displayed his power before Luz refined him to death.

Bhutto, who had caused all the humans in the Land of Chaos to tremble for three years and held the hopes of the ghoul races, was seriously injured by Jiang Zhuzhe and fled.

The defeat of the two top experts caused the evil races' crusade against the Setting Sun Islands to completely collapse.

When Eddie, Yuria, and the Soul Altar experts of Dark Shadow Race came out of the shadows, the morale of three great ghoul races’ clansmen truly collapsed.

Andrew and Bergson saw desire to retreat in each other’s eyes. They hesitated slightly and then gave orders at almost the same time.


The Blue Ghoul and Earth Ghoul clansmen who had been fighting the Corpse Demons, Blood Drinkers, and martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island immediately gave up on fighting their opponents and scattered.

The eight god corpses were like deities and chased down the ghoul races’ clansmen, grasping their bodies and throwing them into the mouth.

The Corpse Demons, Blood Drinkers, and the humans rejoiced.

Cheers resounded in the night. The humans who had been subdued by the three ghoul races for three years received their first victory.

"Chase them! Kill as many of the ghouls as possible!" Mo Lingye ordered.

"Kill as many as possible!" Qin Lie also shouted.

Jin Dao hesitated and then ordered, "Gather the undamaged remains of the three ghoul races. In places people are not paying attention, you can drink their blood to increase your strength..."

The red-eyed Blood Drinkers immediately became excited. They deliberately picked paths different from Setting Sun Islands’ martial practitioners as they gave chase to the ghoul races’ clansmen.

After Lucas's death, Bhutto's retreat, and the Dark Shadow clansmen entering the battle, the situation of the battle suddenly became optimistic.

Under the night sky, Qin Lie held the Thunder Soul Blade, his body like a lightning bolt, chasing down Blue Ghoul clansmen.

Bolts of bright lightning flew like dragons out of the long blade and crushed the Blue Ghoul clansmen.

Song Tingyu rose an enormous crystalline chariot as she followed steadily behind him and looked at him with bright eyes.

After a while, Song Tingyu said with a smile, "Shouldn’t you focus on more pressing matters?"

"Pressing matters?" Qin Lie stopped chasing and turned back to look at her. He asked, puzzled, "What matters?"

"Report the situation here to Heavenly Sword Mountain and Terminator Sect," Song Tingyu said.

Qin Lie reacted. He boarded the crystalline chariot, and nodded to Ge Rongguang and the others who were protecting Song Tingyu. Then he said, "Couldn't you send the news?"

"You are the island master of Flaming Sun Island. Terminator Sect and Heavenly Sword Mountain will only act on a message you send personally," Song Tingyu said.

She knew very well that Terminator Sect and Heavenly Sword Mountain had given care to Flaming Sun Island because of Qin Lie.

She also knew that the two forces had to get news from Qin Lie before they attacked the ghoul races—the two forces only trusted Qin Lie.

"Give me the transmission stones," Qin Lie reached his hand out.

Song Tingyu gave the transmission stones for Heavenly Sword Mountain and Terminator Sect to him.

Terminator Sect.

Shen Yue had been clutching onto the transmission stone all this time. She was waiting for news from Flaming Sun Island in order to coordinate attack on the ghoul race with them.

When she received Qin Lie's message and learned that Bhutto was seriously injured, she immediately told Lei Yan and Shen Kui.

"Jiang Zhuzhe seriously injured Bhutto? Lucas, another ghoul that was about to create his four-level Soul Altar, was killed by a five-level Soul Altar expert Qin Lie invited? The Earth Ghoul Race and the Blue Ghoul Race have been completely defeated?"

Lei Yan had an expression of shock.

"Qin Lie personally sent the message," Shen Yue affirmed.

Shen Kui took a deep breath. He said gravely, "Message Xu Ran and his wife, we will immediately sweep Prism Continent!"


At the same time.

On Heavenly Sword Mountain, Li Mu's body shook as he said, "Bhutto is seriously injured, the ghoul races have collapsed, starting today, us humans have sounded the horn of counterattack!"

Duan Qianjie, Yan Baiyi, and Luo Nan's eyes lit up.

"What are we waiting for?" Luo Nan urged.

Li Mu thought for a second and went to where Wang Enzhe, Yan Dong, and Zu Xiang were. He took out a golden sword seal and said, "Starting today, I am temporarily in charge of Heavenly Sword Mountain."

Wang Enzhe snorted, and was about to argue when his body suddenly jerked.

He looked deeply towards the golden sword token, his expression changing. A beat later, he nodded dispiritedly and said, "All yours."

Yan Dong and Zu Xiang’s ex when they saw the golden sword token.

They knew what that sword token represented...

Li Mu thought for a moment and said to Wang Enzhe, "Bhutto is seriously injured, another Blue Ghoul clansman, Lucas, was about to create the fourth level of his Soul Altar was killed by an expert Qin Lie invited."

"What?" Wang Enzhe was astounded.

Zu Xiang and Yan Dong both paled.

"Is it... a God Race expert?" Wang Enzhe's voice trembled.

He only knew that Qin Lie possessed the God Race bloodline. When he heard the three ghoul races were defeated and a four-level Soul Altar had been killed, he immediately thought of God Race experts.

"No, is it a Dark Shadow Race expert of the Nether Realm." Li Mu explained and then looked with pity at them. He said, "You should... handle the relationship with Qin Lie well. Don't blame me for not reminding you. If you offend Qin Lie in the future, you may not even know how you die."

After saying this, Li Mu walked out of the hall.

Inside the hall, Wang Enzhe, Zu Xiang, and Yan Dong suddenly felt cold inside.

A long time later, Yan Dong forced out, "Maybe we made a wrong decision three years ago, we should not have been stirred up by Celestial Artifact Sect."

Three years ago, Luo Han of Celestial Artifact Sect had told them that Qin Lie had the God Race bloodline. He wanted Heavenly Sword Mountain and the other seven forces to unite and force Terminator Sect to hand Qin Lie over.

They did this because Flaming Sun Island improved at too quick of a rate and made them feel threatened.

They didn't want another Silver rank forces to appear in the Land of Chaos.

"We originally had a chance to get on good terms with Qin Lie, but..." Zu Xiang sighed. He said with a regretful expression, "It seems we need to be careful in the future."

Wang Enzhe's expression was bitter as well.

They knew that Li Mu’s words were not without reason. This meant that Qin Lie's Flaming Sun Island had strength surpassing their imagination.

Power that could destroy the ghoul races could easily destroy the other Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos.

The other forces in the Land of Chaos paid close attention to the ghoul races invading the Setting Sun Islands.

When Bhutto fled, and Lucas was killed, those forces received news soon after.

Celestial Artifact Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Black Voodoo Cult, and the other forces learned of the news through their own information networks.

The news shook the entire Land of Chaos

In the volcanic area in Celestial Artifact Sect’s territory.

The sect master of Celestial Artifact Sect, Feng Yi, glared coldly at Luo Han, Luo Kexin, He Yi, and the others. He said angrily, "It’s all your fault!"

As the best artificer in Celestial Artifact Sect, Luo Han had great authority and status in Celestial Artifact Sect.

But at this time, he had to bend his head with a dispirited expression.

Luo Kexin, He Yi, Bi You, and others were shamed.

Luo Han and the others had secretly teamed up with Ji Qingpeng to attack Qin Lie, Jiang Zhuzhe, and the others.

Even as the sect master, Feng Yi was not aware of their scheme.

When they already offended Qin Lie, Jiang Zhuzhe, the Setting Sun Islands, and Blood Fiend Sect, Feng Yi, out of helplessness, could only try to protect their own interests.

He managed to persuade the forces to pressure Forefather Terminator together.

The result of this was Forefather Terminator furiously deciding not to participate in the conflict in the Land of Chaos. They had offended Qin Lie to the utmost.

After that, the three ghoul races started to rampage in the Land of Chaos, they caused Illusory Demon Sect to be destroyed, the three families to move from the Heavenly Calamity Continent, and forced Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain to stay behind their great sect-protecting formations.

This was a great shame to the human race.

No one expected that three years later, Qin Lie would suddenly return from his disappearance and lead Flaming Sun Island to seriously injure the evil races.

Bhutto had been wounded by Jiang Zhuzhe who had originally been on good terms with them.

The five-level Soul Altar expert Qin Lie invited refined the other Blue Ghoul Race four-level Soul Altar expert to death.

At the beginning, Feng Yi had intended to form an alliance with Jiang Zhuzhe and Qin Lie.

But due to the selfish desires of Luo Han and others, Celestial Artifact Sect became enemies rather than allies with those two people.

How could Feng Yi not be angry?

"Now that the matter is so, no matter how discontent sect master is, we have no power to change this." He Yi sighed deeply. "Who could have thought that Jiang Zhuzhe was so terrifying that he could wound a four-level Soul Altar Bhutto? Who could have thought that Qin Lie, who has no backing, would be able to invite a five-level Soul Altar Dark Shadow clansman to fight? If we could predict this day, we would not have burned ties back then with Jiang Zhuzhe and Qin Lie. At the time, we were thinking of Celestial Artifact Sect's interests. If Flaming Sun Island developed, how could Celestial Artifact Sect survive in the Land of Chaos in the future?"

"Then tell me, how will we survive now?" Feng Yi asked harshly.

"This..." He Yi was at loss for words.

"I gave many of the ideas. I will kneel in front of Qin Lie and ask for his forgiveness." Luo Kexin who had been silent all this time suddenly said.

"Kneel in front of him?" Feng Yi smiled coldly. "Do you think that will work?"

Luo Kexin's face paled. She said with a lowered head, "Other than this, I do not know how else to help Celestial Artifact Sect."

"If you have the ability to climb onto his bed, it might be of some use." Feng Yi snorted.

"Sect master!" Luo Han shouted angrily.

Luo Kexin bit her lips, her body trembling slightly. She said, "If this can help Celestial Artifact Sect, I... can try."

"Forget it." Feng Yi waved a hand weakly and said, "With the current state of affairs, if Qin Lie decides to go with momentum and seek revenge on the forces that had forsaken him, no one will escape his wrath.."

"Heavenly Sword Mountain has started to attack the Heaven Ghoul Race, what should we do?" He Yi asked.

"Cooperate with them to kill the Heaven Ghoul clansmen," Feng Yi ordered.


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