Chapter 936: In Control of the Situation

Chapter 936: In Control of the Situation

Luz intended to defeat Bhutto. With his five-level Soul Altar, he approached Bhutto in almost no time at all.

However, when he approached Bhutto and prepared to attack with a Dark Shadow Race secret art, he saw a bright bloody light beam shoot out of Jiang Zhuzhe's eyes.

"Heavenly Blood Divine Beam!"

Luz suddenly screamed as he withdrew abruptly.

He recognized this divine beam.

At the same time, Bhutto who was about to deal a fatal blow to Xue Li suddenly felt a stabbing pain at his forehead.

He turned to look and as he saw the divine beam, he also heard Luz's scream.

"Heavenly Blood Divine Beam..."

Bhutto did not immediately react. His eyes were slightly dazed. Only when the divine beam stabbed towards him did he try to break free of the restrains of space.

He reached out, his palm creating space ripples. Those ripples locked down the space in front of him.

He was confident the frozen space was enough to stop the bright blood beam from Jiang Zhuzhe's eyes.


The blood beam pierced through the space like a needle through a wall of ice, and then expanded.

Bhutto was suddenly forced to use his palm to face that blood beam.


The blood beam continued, now heading toward his palm.

In a flash, the blood beam which had been created from fifteen types of ancient races’ blood suddenly exploded.

The Heavenly Blood Divine Beam quickly started to assimilate Bhutto's blood in an incomprehensible manner, causing his body to swell.

He was like a expanding balloon. From being as thin as a line, he became a round sphere.

Bhutto's dark brown face became as red as liver, his eyes wide, and his body appeared it was about to explode.

"Lord Bhutto!" Matthew screamed.

The ghoul and human experts had been paying attention to this area after Bhutto and the other Heaven Ghoul Race experts arrived.

They saw Xue Li reveal the seven-level Soul Altar as he recklessly charged toward Bhutto, only to be completely pinned down in space around him by the latter.

They also saw Luz of the Dark Shadow Race suddenly appear in space and then disappear even faster.

They all heard what Luz had screamed in terror—Heavenly Blood Divine Beam.

At this time, seeing that divine beam fly from Jiang Zhuzhe's eyes into Bhutto's hand and Bhutto's body swelling up, everyone was alarmed.

Qin Lie's expression also changed.

Back at Shadow Earth Palace, Jiang Zhuzhe had attacked him with the same blood beam. At that time, he had felt a great terror.

At the crucial moment, the Soul Suppressing Orb hiding in his brow suddenly appeared and turned the blood beam into nothingness.

Jiang Zhuzhe had seemed to receive a backlash, blood seeping out of the corner of his eyes. Then, he suddenly gave up on absorbing the rank nine evil dragon and left with Jin Dao and the others.

Until now, Qin Lie could not understand why Jiang Zhuzhe had given up on the meat he had already started chewing on.

When he saw Bhutto being hit with a blood beam, he immediately noticed and focused his attention on Bhutto.

Bhutto's thin body continued to swell. It seemed it would explode at any moment.

Then, drops of blood slowly seeped out of Bhutto's pores.

Bhutto gave a hair-raising scream, his body uncontrollably trembling. As he shook, his swollen body started to deflate.

However, more blood dripped out of his body.

It appeared that Bhutto was giving off an eerie bloody rain.

With his mind consciousness, Qin Lie discovered that Bhutto's vast physical energies were slipping away at an astounding rate.

Matthew and the other members of the Heaven Ghoul clansmen surrounded Bhutto and tried to help him.

A Heaven Ghoul clansman with a two-level Soul Altar put his left hand on Bhutto's back, hoping to stop what was happening to Bhutto's body.

"Reckless." Luz's cold laugh came from the void.

Then, the Heaven Ghoul Race expert who had pressed his hand to Bhutto's back suddenly started to scream as well.

As he screamed, his body also swelled and trembled.

After this continued for a while, he started to drip blood, and his body quickly shrank.

His symptoms were the same as Bhutto.

Their life energies were quickly lost with the dripping blood.

After just a while, Bhutto's four-level Soul Altar had almost shrank back to three levels.

"Take me away! Take me back!" Bhutto roared shakily.

Matthew paled.

After a slight hesitation, he took out a bone staff. He used the bone staff to push Bhutto. The Heaven Ghoul clansmen who had come from a distance didn't even exchange farewells with Bergson and Andrew before they went into the spatial passageway.

Bhutto, who the Earth Ghoul Race and Blue Ghoul Race had put such high hopes on, had not even displayed his powerful abilities before he was forced to flee.

For a moment, everyone's gaze gathered on Jiang Zhuzhe.

After releasing that divine beam, the eerie bloody light in Jiang Zhuzhe's eyes had dimmed greatly.

He seemed to have expended a large amount of blood power.

Under everyone's gaze, Jiang Zhuzhe smiled tiredly and said, "I can only do this much."

Then he nodded towards Jin Dao and said, "Stay behind to fight the evil races, I need to immediately recover."

Without another word, Jiang Zhuzhe turned into a ray of bloody light and instantly vanished from the battlefield.

Almost at the same time, Xue Li, who Bhutto had trapped with spatial power, suddenly broke free of his restraints and could move.

After recovering his freedom, he glanced at Qin Lie and said, "You have arranged other reinforcements?"

"Yes." Qin Lie nodded.

"Can I leave this place to you?" Xue Li asked.

"No problem." Qin Lie's tone was relaxed.

"Please." Xue Li nodded. He chased in Jiang Zhuzhe's direction without speaking to anyone else.

Jin Dao suddenly paled.

"I just want to have a talk alone with Jiang Zhuzhe. I hope we are not disturbed." Xue Li's voice came from the distance.

Jin Dao snorted. As he prepared to give chase, he received a message from Jiang Zhuzhe. "It's fine, let him come."

Jin Dao stilled and then gave up. He directed the Blood Drinkers to continue attacking the evil races.

After the Blood Fiend Sects’ leaders departure, Andrew, Bergson, and other ghouls were under less pressure. However, they were still anxious after Bhutto’s sudden retreat.

At that time, they too had thoughts of retreat. They didn’t want to fight anymore.

Qin Lie looked at the nearby black cloud. "Commander. Have Eddie and the others fight."

"Alright." Luz's response came from the clouds.

Then, the Dark Shadow Race Soul Altar experts walked out.

These experts that had been prepared for the Heaven Ghoul Race's reinforcements attacked the Earth Ghoul Race and Blue Ghoul Race under Luz's direction.

The two ghoul races’ clansmen that desired to leave saw Eddie, Yuria and the other Dark Shadow clansmen coming and immediately screamed.

Mo Lingye, Yu Lingwei, Mo Jun, Tan Miao, and the other Flaming Sun Island martial practitioners had astounded expressions.

They didn’t know that Qin Lie had arranged for a strong force in the clouds.

Eddie and Yuria were both three-level Soul Altar experts. Of the remaining, three possessed three-level Soul Altars, and two had two-level Soul Altars.

Their arrival caused Earth Ghoul Race and Blue Ghoul Race's mission to destroy the Setting Sun Islands become laughable.

"Qin Lie. That Bhutto has been struck with the ‘Heavenly Blood Divine Beam.’ Even if he survives, he will not be able to commit evil any longer." At this time, Luz also walked out. "The Heavenly Blood Divine Beam has corroded his blood. I don't dare to touch him, I'm afraid of touching that thing."

"What is the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam?" Qin Lie asked, bewildered.

Luz looked at Qin Lie with a strange gaze and then suddenly asked, "You don't know?"

Qin Lie shook his head.

"This is not a good place to talk." Luz evaded the question easily and then smiled slightly. "I did not help you kill Bhutto, so... I'll help you kill this Lucas."

"Alright." Qin Lie nodded.

He then put away the Moon Tear.

Lucas finally broke free of the moon energy sea.

However, Luz also released his five-level Soul Altar. His five-level Soul Altar was like a sea of hellish flames

The five-level Soul Altar suddenly became a dark and black abyss. Before Lucas could react, he was immediately swallowed.


In a flash, that five-level Soul Altar returned to Luz's brow.

He sat down in the air and gave off soul-shaking fluctuations. He was using the Nine Hell Evil Arts of the Nether Realm to refine Lucas to death.

Those who reached the Imperishable Realm could even hear the wild screams of Lucas's soul from Luz's body.

At this moment, both the ghoul races’ experts and the human Imperishable Realm martial practitioners paled.

"Five-level Soul Altar..."

Fire Demon Tang Beidou's voice became hoarse. He looked at Luz and then glanced at Qin Lie, his expression complicated.

Due to his relationship with Tang Siqi and Tate’s request, he reluctantly stayed on Flaming Sun Island.

He did not think of himself as a foreign delegate of Flaming Sun Island.

He felt that he was crucial to Flaming Sun Island, and thought that his existence warded everyone else off.

Now, seeing the island master of Flaming Sun Island who had disappeared for three years be of such unimaginable and enormous effect in the battle against ghoul races, and also him having the aid of someone like Luz who had a five-level Soul Altar and many three-level Soul Altar experts, he had been dealt a huge blow.

He grimaced inside. He suddenly realized that he was not as important to Flaming Sun Island as he thought.

Mo Lingye and Yu Lingwei exchanged a look. They saw each other's great shock. All the martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect were shocked.

In the enormous Land of Chaos, Bhutto, a four-level Soul Altar could cause chaos in the world and drive the humans factions into a sorry state.

Suddenly, a group of Dark Shadow clansmen who clearly had a close relationship with Qin Lie appeared in this region. Their leader was a terrifying five-level Soul Altar existence.

What were the humans of the Land of Chaos supposed to do in the future?

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