Chapter 935: Blood Dyes the Night

Chapter 935: Blood Dyes the Night

To the north of the Heavenly Wither Continent.

Many rocks as big as mountains could be seen floating in the sky. Many buildings had been built on top of them.

Many Heaven Ghoul clansmen walked in and out of the buildings.

This place was only several hundred kilometers away from Heavenly Sword Mountain. With their speed, they would reach the peak of Heavenly Sword Mountain in just an hour’s time.

They didn’t move, though.

Their only objective was to intimidate Heavenly Sword Mountain and prevent Li Mu, Duan Qianjie, Yan Baiyi and the others from reinforcing the Setting Sun Islands.

Many Heaven Ghoul clansmen were well-versed in the power of space. If the battle at Setting Sun Islands didn’t go well, they could reinforce the Earth and Blue Ghoul clansmen at short notice.

No one else except Duan Qianjie could instantly teleport to another battlefield from Heavenly Sword Mountain.

Therefore, their goal was to immobilize Heavenly Sword Mountain.

“The Blue Ghoul Race and Earth Ghoul Race will reach the Setting Sun Islands in two hours. If the battle goes badly, we can reinforce them at any moment,” Matthew casually commented.

Seven Heaven Ghoul Soul Altar experts were gathered around him.

Bhutto wasn’t among them though.

“Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island are the only two forces on the Setting Sun Islands. Blood Fiend Sect are not the powerful force they used to be long time ago, and Flaming Sun Island… only knows how to refine Blazing Profound Bombs. They are a force who relies on artificers just like Celestial Artifact Sect, but their strength is far inferior to the latter,” Another person added while grinning. “They’re definitely not a match for the Earth Ghoul Race or Blue Ghoul Race, not to mention that Lucas had awakened from his slumber. He’s only a tad weaker compared to Lord Bhutto.”

“Mn. Lucas of the Blue Ghoul Race is extremely powerful. Who among the human experts of the Setting Sun Islands can stand against him?” another ghoul said.

Matthew nodded smilingly. “If that fool Hark hadn’t failed to capture the evil dragons slumbering at Shadow Earth Palace of Blue Flame City, Istan of Earth Ghoul Race would’ve awakened as well.”

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen were struck by a deep sense of veneration the moment they heard the name “Istan”.

“If Lord Istan really were to awaken and join hands with Lord Bhutto and Lord Lucas, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect’s great sect-protecting formation would be shattered instantly!” someone said excitedly. “Lord Istan is just as powerful as Lord Bhutto. If he really were to awaken, we could easily sweep through the remaining human forces of the Land of Chaos!”

“Once the Setting Sun Islands are destroyed, he should be able to awaken from his thirty thousand years of slumber through the flesh of Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island’s Soul Altar experts,” Matthew said.

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen were deep in discussion.

It was at this moment Andrew’s shrill howl rang from the bone necklace at Matthew’s chest. “Please send Bhutto over to aid us as soon as possible!”

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen’s expressions changed drastically.

Without a word, Matthew charged into the tallest building behind him and requested Bhutto.

Dozens of seconds later.

Bhutto walked out of his dwelling with a dark face and pointed at five Soul Altar experts. He said, “You all will come with me!”

The five of them stood up immediately.

Bhutto’s ten fingers glowed with a sharp light that was capable of cutting through space itself. He forcefully distorted space and created a space passageway in the sky.

“Let’s go!”

Bhutto entered the passageway first.

The five Heaven Ghoul Soul Altar experts including Matthew all rushed into the void passageway.

In the sky above the Setting Sun Islands.

The human race, Earth Ghoul Race and Blue Ghoul Race were embroiled in a bloody war.

As more and more Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island martial practitioners, Corpse Demons and Jiang Zhuzhe’s crazy Blood Drinkers showed up, the ghoul races’ situation turned extremely precarious.

Blue and Earth Ghoul clansmen were dying and falling into the sea non stop.

The war chariots and warships made of bones were also destroyed by the Blazing Profound Bombs and sank into the sea.

Lang Xie and Song Tingyu had arrived in a later troop, and they immediately threw the Blazing Profound Bombs at any area where the ghouls were clumped up.

The Blazing Profound Bombs blasted a great number of ghouls into bloody pieces.

While Lucas was trapped by the sea of moonlight, the eight god corpses grabbed the ghouls who enjoyed feeding on female arms and stuffed them into their big, bloody mouths, chewing.

Blood, flesh, and bones spilled out of the god corpses’ bloody mouth occasionally.

Numerous ghouls were torn apart and eaten by them.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos intimidated all enemy Soul Altar experts present. None of them dared to unleash their Soul Altars.

On the other hand, the humans were not restricted by the Spirits of Void and Chaos at all. While sitting on top of their Soul Altars, they unleashed all kinds of spirit arts and powerful spirit artifacts onto the ghoul races.

The Corpse Demons, who weren’t afraid of death, sacrificed their undead lives to take down at least one ghoul expert even if two or three or them were killed in the process.

Whenever a Corpse Demon was cut to pieces, a ghoul often accompanied it to grave.

But the Corpse Demons were unusual beings that could regenerate themselves. The same couldn’t be said for the ghoul races.

Somehow, the Blue Ghoul Race who destroyed Illusory Demon Sect and Earth Ghoul Race who forced the three great families to give up on the Heavenly Calamity Continent were suffering the biggest human resistance of their lives in the sky above the Setting Sun Islands.

The ghouls began to die en masse.

Hidden inside a clump of black sticky cloud.

Luz, Eddie, Yuria, and a few more Dark Shadow clansmen observed the battle happening at the front while absorbing nether demonic energy from blue and black colored spirit stones.

Luz had concealed the ripples of energy in this area, so no human or ghoul experts could detect their existence.

“It doesn’t look like we need to do anything.” Eddie observed for a moment before smiling. “Qin Lie’s allies are strong enough to deal with this threat. As long as no other force interferes with this battle, Qin Lie’s side should be able to obtain the ultimate victory.”

“The Venerable One’s grandson is truly outstanding,” Yuria exclaimed in admiration.

Even Luz was moved by Qin Lie’s prowess. He said, “This boy is no cannon fodder. He will shock everyone when he returns to the Central World.”

“He has already won the favor of the Ancient Beast Race at Boluo Realm, and the Ancient Beast Race is as strong as a second tier Gold rank force in the Central World.” Yuria thought for a moment before adding, “If he can unite all the experts of the Land of Chaos and gather those hopefuls who might ascend to the Void Realm under his banner, that will be another second tier Gold rank force. This power will be useful when the Qin Family finally retaliates against the Gold rank forces of the Central World.”

“You forget that he has one stronger force on his side.” Luz smiled.

“Who is it?” Both Yuria and Eddie asked in unison.

Luz pointed at them before turning the finger towards himself. “He has us.”

Yuria and Eddie shuddered once at the answer.

“The Horned Demon Race, Ghost Eye Race, and Dark Shadow Race of Nether Realm are already returning to the Nether Continent!” Luz inhaled deeply before shouting, “But that isn’t all. Our royal kin, the Dark Nether Race has also appeared at the Nether Continent! Right now, the current leader of our royal kin is a woman named Ling Yushi. She also happens to be the lover Qin Lie grew up with.”

“The Dark Nether clansmen have appeared?” Yuria was shocked.

Eddie also exclaimed in excitement, “They’re at the Nether Continent right now?”

“Tate is the one who told me this.” Luz nodded heavily before saying, “Once this war is over, we will head to the Nether Continent and meet the new queen of the Dark Nether Race.”

The clan elders of the Dark Shadow Race were invigorated by this news.

“Eh?” Luz narrowed his eyes.

A piece of space in the air suddenly shuddered intensely where the evil races and human race were fighting. A long, void passageway swiftly came into existence.

“Our opponents are here.” Luz grinned.

As expected, Bhutto, Matthew, and the other Soul Altar experts appeared just as Luz was done speaking.

“Lord Bhutto has come!”

“It’s Bhutto!”

“Thank goodness!”

The two ghoul races’ clansmen immediately turned spirited when they saw Matthew and Bhutto.

“It’s Bhutto!”

Both Xue Li and Tang Beidou were visibly shocked by the Void Realm Heaven Ghoul Race expert’s arrival.

Unlike Lucas, Bhutto had completely reconstructed his four-level Soul Altar.

He was a true Void Realm martial practitioner.

Right now, almost no one in the Land of Chaos could fight against an expert of this level.

“I will do everything in my power to delay him!”

Xue Li suddenly turned into a bloody beam and flew out on the bloody bone dragon.

A seven-level Soul Altar that looked like a pagoda of blood appeared above Xue Li’s head. The dark sky above everyone’s heads seemed to brighten up with the color of blood.

Luz who was about to head out to fight Bhutto and the Dark Shadow clansmen instantly froze when they saw the seven-level Soul Altar.

“A seven-level Soul Altar! The early stage of the Genesis Realm!” Luz couldn’t believe his eyes.

Eddie and Yuria looked like they were thunderstruck too.

They had only just arrived at the Ruined Lands, so they didn’t know that Xue Li’s seven-level Soul Altar wasn’t created by his own hands.

They were stunned beyond words when they saw the blood pagoda for the first time.

Luz came to realization immediately after an instant. “That Soul Altar isn’t his!”

The aura and energy inside the Soul Altar were different from Xue Li’s. Luz knew very well what this meant.

“He can only unleash two levels of that Soul Altar’s powers at most.” Luz shook his head after a moment of careful observation. “He hasn’t been in possession of that seven-level Soul Altar for long, and he was too impatient to fuse with the Soul Altar. His rashness may produce the opposite of what he desired instead. A lot of problems will befall him in the future.”

“If you had another five hundred years, not even the three great ghoul races combined would be enough to stop you. Unfortunately for you, you won’t get the time to grow powerful. Today is the day you die.” Bhutto laughed harshly.

He had arrived at the Land of Chaos for some time already. He had learned a lot of things about this world from the human experts he killed.

He knew that the Soul Altar Xue Li possessed belonged to the Blood Progenitor. He also knew that Xue Li’s fusion with the Soul Altar was so short that he couldn’t even unleash half of the power of this beautiful seven-level Soul Altar.

That was why he didn’t truly view Xue Li as a real threat.

“Space Shatter!” Bhutto yelled.

Suddenly, the space where Xue Li and the seven-level Soul Altar was began to crack like a mirror.

Xue Li and the seven-level Soul Altar were nailed in that space that was about to explode.

While frowning, Luz flashed forwards like a ghost and was about to release Xue Li from his confinement.

Suddenly, a strange, bloody light appeared from deep within Jiang Zhuzhe’s pupils.

The blood beam was made of fifteen different types of powerful ancient races’ refined blood. Every blood variety had a different color. The blood beam looked like a divine needle that could pierce through anything.

The blood beam flew towards Bhutto’s glabella so quickly that it was nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. The sharp aura in the needle caused Luz to turn pale as he stopped yet again mid-flight.

“Heavenly Blood Divine Beam!”

Luz screamed like terrified owl. He retreated hastily as if he had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

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