Chapter 934: The Key Figure

Chapter 934: The Key Figure

“Four-level Soul Altar!”

Xue Li and Tang Beidou’s expressions changed drastically when they saw Lucas walking out of the Blue Ghoul Race’s giant beast warship.

Jiang Zhuzhe shuddered as well.

Before they could react, Lucas immediately howled and charged at the eight god corpses in excitement.

Naturally, he would eliminate the master of the eight god corpses, Qin Lie, as well.

Xue Li and Tang Beidou immediately grew nervous.

Jiang Zhuzhe was the only one who remained calm after the initial shock. He didn’t worry on Qin Lie’s behalf.

It was because he knew that Qin Lie hadn’t returned alone from the Ruined Lands. He knew that there was a Void Realm expert beside him.

“Moon Tear!”

On the god corpse’s shoulder, Qin Lie immediately summoned the Serene Moon Race’s holy artifact the second he saw Lucas charging towards him.

Nine moons abruptly shone dazzlingly in the dark night.

At the same time, the one profound inheritance that was related to this holy artifact out of all nine profound secret arts appeared clearly in Qin Lie’s mind.

On the way back from the Serene Moon Race, he had researched the nine great secret arts recorded inside Moon Tear thoroughly after You Qianlan translated its contents.

He discovered that most of the nine great profound secret arts could only be cultivated or used if he was a real Serene Moon clansman or if he carried the Serene Moon Race’s blood in his veins.

Those secret arts were specifically made for the Serene Moon Race, so they only fit the Serene Moon Race. Only a Serene Moon clansmen could unleash their great power.

Among them, there was only one secret art called the “Moon Moves, Sky Falls” that could be executed through the holy artifact.

Since he was short on time, he had only memorized the execution method of “Moon Moves, Sky Falls” but never practiced it for real.

When he saw Lucas charging towards him imposingly, he immediately summoned Moon Tear and attempted to execute “Moon Moves, Sky Falls” without a second thought.

With a single shift of his mind, he caused the moon energy stored inside the silver moon mark on his shoulders to flow madly into the nine moons like moon essence rivers.

The nine moon blades that looked like nine moons suddenly expanded and became as big as millstones.

Countless mysterious runes, veins, and unknown moon-shaped diagrams appeared clearly on the moon blades.

The brilliant moonlight spread across the sky like the sea.

It also wrapped around Lucas.

Suddenly, the moon of Spirit Realm that was hidden behind thick, black clouds seemed to descend from the very sky.

A beam of moonlight that terrified everyone present poured down from the moon like a waterfall of a heavenly river.

A tremendous amount of moon energy gushed into the sea of moonlight beneath it.

The space around Qin Lie suddenly transformed into a sea of light before everyone’s eyes.

Lucas was flooded by the sea of light.

“A Divine Grade artifact!”

The Blue Ghoul clansmen, Earth Ghoul clansmen, Xue Li, and Tang Beidou were all shocked by this.

A Divine Grade spirit artifact had never appeared in the Land of Chaos until today.

Jiang Zhuzhe also looked surprised.

He had suffered a small loss at the hands of Moon Tear back at Shadow Earth Palace, but the weapon didn’t nearly terrify him as much as it did today.

He discovered that Lucas was attacking the sea of moonlight he was enveloped in with all kinds of dark energy, but he was ultimately unable to break free.

It was obvious that the four-level Soul Altar expert Lucas was trapped.

“Spirits of Void and Chaos!”

Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath on the god corpse’s shoulder before he released the strange beings with the infamous name of “Soul Altar Devourers” into the open.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos immediately flew out of his glabella and disappeared.

The ghoul races’ Soul Altar experts who were fighting against Xue Li, Jiang Zhuzhe, Tang Beidou, and Jin Dao turned pale when they saw the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

“Soul Altar Devourers! They’re Soul Altar Devourers!” Bergson screamed.

All ghoul clansmen who had released their Soul Altars hastily withdrew them back into their consciousness while crying out in an odd tone.

These people were caught off guard.

Jiang Zhuzhe and the others seized this opportunity to launch a series of attacks.

Andrew, Bergson, and the rest of ghouls suffered a huge blow because of this. A trail of blood flowed down the corner of Bergson’s mouth.

“Eat and destroy the Soul Altars of any ghoul who dares to release their Soul Altar!” Qin Lie ordered with his consciousness.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos howled and flew around the Earth Ghoul clansmen and Blue Ghoul clansmen like actual devils.

Two poor Earth Ghoul Race experts who only had one-level Soul Altars found their minds invaded by the Spirits of Void and Chaos by force even though they had already withdrawn them into their minds. It was because they failed to construct a soul defense immediately.

The two experts immediately let out blood-curdling screams as they retreated while clutching their heads. It was as if their heads were about to explode.

“Flesh Filling Tombstone!”

Qin Lie inhaled deeply before releasing the Demon Sealing Tombstone into the open. He then began activating his bloodline power.

Every blood in his body boiled ferociously in response.

Blaze imprints suddenly appeared on the skin of nearly a hundred Imperishable Realm and Nirvana Realm ghoul races’ clansmen as the Demon Sealing Tombstone flew into the air, his bloodline power surging.

The God Race’s Blaze Family had imprinted these blaze imprints onto their bodies back then.

Although thirty thousand years had passed since the day they were marked, the blaze imprints hadn’t vanished entirely. They all began to burn fiercely after Qin Lie had ignited them all with his pure bloodline.

These ghouls were quickly set ablaze. They could only fight against the burning flames inside their bodies and not participate in the battle happening beneath them.

“Go! Kill them all!” It was only then Qin Lie ordered the god corpses to attack.

The eight god corpses immediately loomed over the places where the evil race was gathered like eight giant mountains. Their earthshaking roars seemed loud enough to reach the nearby Heavenly Slaughter Continent.

“Has the battle begun?”

Mo Lingye, Mo Jun, Lu Yi, Jin Dao, and other Nirvana Realm or Imperishable Realm martial practitioners finally rushed to the battlefield.

They were much faster than those who rode on war chariots.

However, when they arrived at the scene and looked, they noticed that the battle had long since started.

Their gazes were unconsciously drawn towards Qin Lie.

Right now, Qin Lie was surrounded by countless fiery sparks. The sparks were orbiting around his body like stars. Not only was he commanding the eight god corpses and the Spirits of Void and Chaos to attack the ghouls, he didn’t forget to gather more moon energy for “Moon Moves, Sky Falls” and trap Lucas in a sea of moonlight.

The blaze aura around him also caused many ghouls who were branded with the blaze imprint to burn like matchsticks. These people were absolutely incapable of fighting.

The strength he displayed actually exceeded Tang Beidou, Jiang Zhuzhe, and Xue Li’s combined.

“That, is Qin Lie.” Mo Lingye looked at the Yu Lingwei beside her and said in a helpless but glad tone, “I told you that our chances of victory would increase by at least thirty percent if he shows up in time.”

Yu Lingwei’s eyes were filled with surprise. She stared at Qin Lie, the martial practitioner who didn’t participate in the battle personally but was somehow able to inflict massive losses among the Earth Ghoul Race and Blue Ghoul Race through his unique abilities and said quietly, “I believe your words now.”

She was also a two-level Soul Altar expert, so she knew that Lucas was an exceptional expert who was about to finish his four-level Soul Altar.

Lucas was a terrifying existence who was only a tad weaker when compared to Bhutto.

However, this man… was restrained by Qin Lie using some unknown divine artifact and was unable to break free even to this moment.

She didn’t dare to imagine how much change that man—a ghoul whose powers surpassed every human in the area—could’ve brought to this battle if he wasn’t restrained as he was.

It was because Jiang Zhuzhe, Tang Beidou, and Xue Li were not his match even though they were three-level Soul Altar experts.

“He is the true master of our Flaming Sun Island.” After Lu Yi arrived, he said this to Tan Miao beside him.

Tan Miao was one of Flaming Sun Island’s Soul Altar martial practitioners.

He answered only to Song Tingyu after he joined Flaming Sun Island. He never felt any respect towards Flaming Sun Island.

The reason he stayed in Flaming Sun Island was because they spent a large amount of spirit materials to aid in the construction of his one-level Soul Altar.

He didn’t count as a member of Flaming Sun Island. He had joined Flaming Sun Island under Tang Beidou’s recommendation because he was very good friends with him.

Therefore, Lu Yi was the only true Flaming Sun Island expert who shared the same realm as he.

However, his strength was only equal to Lu Yi.

That was why he felt only gratitude towards Flaming Sun Island, but not respect.

—It was because there was no one who was stronger than him in Flaming Sun Island.

When he joined Flaming Sun Island at the beginning, Qin Lie had already set out for Boluo Realm. That was why he never saw Qin Lie in person.

He thought that Flaming Sun Island’s rapid development was all thanks to Song Tingyu’s great management. He didn’t think that it was related to Qin Lie at all.

He even looked down on this nominal island master from the bottom of his heart.

It was only after he watched Qin Lie shackling a four-level Soul Altar expert with his own strength, terrifying all enemy Soul Altar experts with the Spirits of Void and Chaos, burning a hundred ghoul experts with a mysterious power and commanding the god corpses to hunt down the escaping ghoul clansmen that he finally realized that Flaming Sun Island’s quick emergence wasn’t thanks to Song Tingyu’s management skills and the existence of Gray Island’s artificers only.

He suddenly understood that Qin Lie was the true soul of Flaming Sun Island.

“Before he came here, the island master swore to change the tides of war and eradicate the evil race from the surface of Spirit Realm,” Lu Yi said solemnly. “I believe he can do it.”

Tan Miao shook and felt a natural sense of respect welling in his heart. He said, “His spirit is rivaled by no one.”

“Attack!” Mo Jun was already charging towards the ghoul races.

After exchanging a smile with each other, Lu Yi and Tan Miao also followed behind Mo Jun and charged towards the group of ghouls alongside their Blood Fiend Sect allies.

Bergson’s blood dripped all the way down to his chest. While howling, he suddenly said, “We need Bhutto!”

“I’ll summon him to our aid right now!” Andrew also yelled.

At first, they thought that Black Voodoo Cult was the harder enemy to defeat.

But when Jiang Zhuzhe’s force showed up, and Qin Lie unleashed all kinds of trump cards that felt like clamps around their throats, they suddenly discovered that the Setting Sun Islands were much, much more difficult to deal with than Black Voodoo Cult.

They could even see signs of a terrible defeat already.

Left with no other choice, they sent a cry of help to Bhutto in hopes that the strongest expert of the three great ghoul races could travel through space and arrive and reverse the tides of war.

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