Chapter 933: Road Block

Chapter 933: Road Block

The night was dark.

The chariots and ancient bone ships of the Blue Ghoul Race and the Earth Ghoul Race travelled through the thick clouds. Many evil race members tore at white arms as they filled themselves with energy.

"Hm?" Bergson raised a hand and motioned for the people behind him to pause.

All of the ghoul races’ clansmen stopped.

Their gazes gathered on Bergson.

Bergson, Andrew, Linton, the leaders of the evil races, had dark expressions as they looked in unison at an area densely shrouded in black clouds.

"Who is blocking the way?" Andrew asked harshly.

A figure slowly walked out of the black clouds.

In the night, many evil races’ clansmen only saw two bloody eyes to start. From those bloody eyes, they saw endless bloodthirst and savagery.

Like stars in the night, more red eyes lit up.

Their figures slowly drew closer.

At this time, the clansmen of the evil races found the people blocking the way ahead were dressed in bloody robes and their eyes flashed with wild and bloodthirsty light.

"Blood Fiend Sect." Bergson snorted.

His goal this time were the Setting Sun Islands. He knew that one of the two forces in the Setting Sun Islands was Blood Fiend Sect.

"They are different." Linton frowned.

"I am Jiang Zhuzhe of Blood Fiend Sect, I have come from the Ruined Lands. Please remember this name." The person at the front dressed in red carried an eerie and extraordinary charisma in his movements. "This way, you will know who defeated you."

He waved his hand and roared into the sky. The sharp piercing roar seemed to tear others’ eardrums.

Many weaker ghouls hurriedly covered their ears.

"Hm?" Andrew was shocked.

Graey shadows suddenly charged out of the black clouds around them.

The aura of darkness, desolation and death suddenly spread.

Those clouds suddenly became oceans of corpse energy.

Inside the clouds, countless Corpse Demons shot out of floating coffins, radiating with aura of death capable of extinguishing life itself.

A sea of fire spread from the clouds and engulfed the area.

In an instant, hairy Corpse Demons surrounded the ghoul races.

Many ghoul races’ clansmen became alarmed.

Ever since they came to the Land of Chaos, they had chased and killed human martial practitioners, and occasionally encountered resistance.

They would always turn the obstacles into food to strengthen themselves.

Until today, for the first time, they found themselves troubled by the enormous number of Corpse Demons that had appeared out of nowhere.

"Use fire to burn the Corpse Demons!" Bergson shouted.

At this time, the Corpse Demon made from the corpse of the White Bone Demon Monarch suddenly sliced towards him with his enormous white bone blade.

A river of white corpse energy formed along the curve of the, That energy carried a corrosive and soul-destroying corpse poison.

As the white corpse ray of death moved, a dozen Blue Ghoul clansmen were cut in half, their energy quickly corroded.

Their bodies started rotting and dissolving.

Bergson's expression changed. He immediately revealed his three-level Soul Altar and sat on it.

A turbid soul power ripple, made out of the ghosts of hundreds of thousands of human souls, spread with his Soul Altar at the center.

Inside the ripple, souls moved as though they were struggling and wanted to be saved.

The corpse energy from the white bone blade twisted when it encountered the turbid soul power.

Seconds later, the dazzling blade energy made out of corpse power dimmed and ultimately scattered.

"Something without a soul dares to stop us in our tracks. They have no idea," Andrew said coldly.

He reached out towards the Corpse Demon Pu Ze.

Green lines appeared around Pu Ze and immediately wrapped around him like a vine.

The lines moved and wriggled like earthworms, seemingly tearing at Pu Ze's blood and flesh to turn him into a skeleton.

The strongest two Corpse Demons were subdued after Bergson and Andrew acted.

However, those evil ghouls that were in the Fulfillment, Netherpassage, or Fragmentation Realm started to die in large numbers under the attacks of the numerous Corpse Demons.

As the corpse energies and corpse poison came, many ghoul races’ clansmen found that their own power circulation was being restricted.

"The Corpse Demons can cause damage to those ghouls of similar strength, but many of the ghoul races’ experts have two or three-level Soul Altars. Alas, White Bone Demon Monarch and Pu Ze only had two and one-level Soul Altars respectively during their lives. It is not so easy to seriously injure the strongest ghouls," Miao Fengtian said.

"This is enough." Jiang Zhuzhe licked the corner of his lips and said, "Corpse Demons are not truly alive, I don't care if thousands of them perish. In the future, if we spend some effort and materials, we can remake them. But those ghouls are alive, one dead is one less. Even if it is three Corpse Demons for one ghoul of the same cultivation, it is still a good bargain."

"Yes, the Corpse Demons we lose are only large amounts of materials. Those ghouls however, are truly alive. After they die, if their corpses are intact, we can make new Corpse Demons out of them." Jin Dao snarled.

"If we do not occupy the strongest experts, I’m afraid that the Corpse Demons’ use will be limited." Miao Fengtian was slightly heartsore as he watched the Corpse Demons he had worked so hard to create be destroyed. He glanced at the Blood Drinkers behind him and asked, "Should they participate in the battle?"

The Blood Drinkers were Jiang Zhuzhe's true core of power. There were not many, but all of them were elites that cultivated the extreme version of Blood Spirit Art.

Jiang Zhuzhe treasured these people and would not easily have them die. Usually, he would only use these Blood Drinkers when he had a grasp on the situation.

"Big Brother Jiang?" Jin Dao asked.

"This time, you must go and fight the evil races!" Jiang Zhuzhe shouted.

Jin Dao was puzzled.

“The evil races' goal are the Setting Sun Islands, Blood Fiend Sect is there. There is also Flaming Sun Island which is close with Blood Fiend Sect." Jiang Zhuzhe's eyes were dark. “They are one of ours."

"Ours?" Jin Dao grimaced. He muttered in a small voice, "They will never accept us."

"No." Jiang Zhuzhe shook his head and said with great meaning, "After senior brother started to merge with the remains of Blood Progenitor, I gradually realized that the path he walks... will be the same as ours in the end."

Jin Dao shook. He then looked in disbelief at Jiang Zhuzhe and said in shock, "Is, is..."

"The Blood Spirit Art that we cultivate is the orthodox one. The Blood Progenitor, the first sect leader of Blood Fiend Sect, Li Xin, and the other sect leaders that dominated the Land of Chaos, in the end ... they all tread this path." Jiang Zhuzhe's eyes flashed eerily. "This is a road with no return. From the moment you cultivate the Blood Spirit Art, you have stepped onto this road. No matter how determined you are, when you enter the Imperishable Realm, you cannot suppress the urge to drink blood, and you will fall. Blood Progenitor. Li Xin. Myself. Senior Brother Xue. In the end, we will all be the same."

"In the future, when Qin Lie reaches the Imperishable Realm, he will also be unable to resist the temptation of blood."

"In the end, they will become people on the same path as us."

Jin Dao was extremely surprised. "I understand."

"Go," Jiang Zhuzhe grinned and said.

Then, he, Jin Dao, Miao Fengtian, and the many Blood Drinkers behind him charged together towards the ghoul races.

An even more horrific battle ensued.

With the addition of Jiang Zhuzhe and the others, the pressure on the evil races immediately increased.

However, because of the three-level Soul Altar experts—Bergson, Andrew and Linton—and numerous ghouls with their own Soul Altars, Jiang Zhuzhe and his Blood Drinkers didn’t obtain much of an advantage.

In the dark sky, bright spheres of light exploded, causing prismatic light to fall like meteors, accompanied by screams.

Corpse Demons, ghoul races’ clansmen, and Blood Drinkers fell from the clouds.

They dropped into the sea.

The battle in the clouds continued. Ghouls continued to die, Corpse Demons continued to explode.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Qin Lie stood on the shoulder of the god corpse, following a bloody light and a burning ball of flame towards the ghoul races.

Three years later, the eight god corpses were still astounding in their speed, even faster than the fastest of chariots.

He was just behind Xue Li and Flame Demon Tang Beidou.

He occasionally turned back to look.

Behind him were Mo Jun and other experts of Blood Fiend Sect,—Lu Yi, Tan Miao and the Imperishable Realm experts of Flaming Sun Island.

However, those people could not keep up with the god corpses and were left behind.

The sky behind him was illuminated by brilliant lights, as if countless comets were streaking one after another, looking like a meteor shower.

An enormous soul aura seemed to focus on him like the eyes of heaven.

He knew that it was Luz.

While he could not see Luz and didn't know where Luz was, he knew Luz was nearby.

However, because Luz was also of a foreign race, he was afraid of drawing the suspicions and doubts of the human martial practitioners of Flaming Sun Island and Blood Fiend Sect so he did not show his true form.

The strong sprinted in the night.

Half an hour later.

Xue Li and Tang Beidou arrived where the evil races and Jiang Zhuzhe were fighting. After Xue Li arrived, he stopped and looked at the fighting sides.

Jiang Zhuzhe's body sat on the three-level Soul Altar as he used the other ultimate treasure of Blood Fiend Sect, the Blood Drinking Wheel, to fight against Bergson.

Seeing Xue Li arrive, he grinned and said, "Senior brother, long time no see."

Bloody clouds roiled around Xue Li. The stench of blood seemed to drip off his body.

He glared at Jiang Zhuzhe. He took a deep breath and said, "I will deal with you after exterminating the evil races!"

Subsequently, he released the Bloodthirsty Dragon, mounted it, and charged towards the crowds of evil races.

Accompanied by sky-shattering howls of the dragon, enormous spheres of blood came out of Xue Li's sleeve. Those bloody balls turned into enormous blood demons that quickly captured and tore at Earth and Blue Ghoul clansmen.

Fire Demon Tang Beidou's unkempt hair was a bird's nest as his body was covered in flames. When he arrived, he glanced at Jiang Zhuzhe and Xue Li, then he looked at Andrew. He said, "Leave this little scholar to me."

He suddenly attacked Andrew with an enormous flaming fist.

Flames charged towards Andrew with him as the center, like an unknown world of flame collapsing.

Andrew's expression changed.

Jiang Zhuzhe, Xue Li, and the Fire Demon Tang Beidou were three-level Soul Altar experts.

When they attacked Illusory Demon Sect, only Ji Qingpeng had a three-level Soul Altar and had been injured during his trip to the Ruined Lands.

Therefore, they easily defeated Illusory Demon Sect and killed Ji Qingpeng without asking for aid from Bhutto.

Illusory Demon Sect had been one of the nine Silver rank forces. Illusory Demon Sect's death had raised their morale and their pride.

They thought that the Setting Sun Islands, who were lesser than the nine Silver rank forces, were weaker than Illusory Demon Sect.

However, they encountered Jiang Zhuzhe who came over from the Ruined Lands, Xue Li who wanted to become strong even despite potential backlash, and Tang Beidou who had once dared to challenge Nan Zhengtian.

The three top human experts, in addition to the fearless Corpse Demons and the insane Blood Drinkers, caused them to halt in their steps.

They realized that this battle would be harder than the one against Illusory Demon Sect.

"Lord Lucas! Please come fight!" Bergson shouted towards the enormous skeleton-shaped spirit artifact behind him.

A thin Blue Ghoul Race elder, with two claw-like hands, dressed in loose black robes, came out with a ghastly smile.

This person tapped at his brow, causing a Soul Altar brimming with souls to fly out into the open.

This Soul Altar had a newly built altar on top of the third level. It had taken shape as though it was almost manifested.

That was the fourth level that was about to be completed.

"After defeating Illusory Demon Sect, using Illusory Demon Sect's enormous resources, and Ji Qingpeng's True Soul and Soul Altar, our Blue Ghoul Race elder was also awakened." Bergson laughed darkly. "The three great ghoul races don't just have Bhutto alone in the Void Realm. Us Blue Ghoul Race and Earth Ghoul Race also have elders that had been seriously injured by the God Race in the past and are in deep slumber. When we gather enough blood and flesh energy, they can wake up from their thirty thousand years long slumber!"

"You will all die today!" Andrew laughed wildly. "The flesh of you three will be enough for the elder of the Earth Ghoul Race to awaken!"

The leaders of the ghoul races were unusually excited.

At this time, Qin Lie arrived sitting on the shoulder of the god corpse.

The Blue Ghoul Race expert called Lucas saw the eight god corpses. His nose twitched and he became excited. He said in a soul-tearing voice, "Those are the servants of the God Race, they are to provide blood for the Flesh Filling Tombstone, Istan and I will quickly recover them!"

He ignored Jiang Zhuzhe and the others, charing directly towards the god corpses as though he was going to eat them immediately.

The eight god corpses contained astounding amounts of refined flesh energy. This energy could be sacrificed to the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

It was the same energy that could allow Lucas to completely build the fourth level of his Soul Altar in such a short time.

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