Chapter 932: Eye for an Eye

Chapter 932: Eye for an Eye

Black clouds loomed on the horizon as bone chariots moved through the clouds.

Flying between them were enormous flying spirit artifacts made out of beast bones, each a thousand meters long.

Many clansmen of Blue Ghoul Race and Earth Ghoul Race stood on these spirit artifacts.

"We should reach the Setting Sun Islands before dark," Bergson said.

Below, many small chariots roamed the islands searching for signs of life.

Three days earlier, many martial practitioners from Black Iron and Limestone rank forces had been on those islands.

When they heard that the evil races were about to come, some of the martial practitioners fled further into the ocean while others gathered on the Setting Sun Islands.

"Do not search below. The human martial practitioners that resided nearby were subordinates of Illusory Demon Sect before. After we defeated Illusory Demon Sect, they now deeply fear us. If they hear we’ve come, they will hide far away.” Earth Ghoul Race's Andrew held a white arm in his withered left hand as he chewed on the bone. He evaluated, "Ever since Terminator Sect became a turtle, none of the human martial practitioners here can stop us."

"This lowly and terrible race is as timid as in the past, none of them are truly brave," Barham laughed.

"With the God Race back in outer space, we have no natural enemies. If we have enough time to develop, the ghoul races will become a powerful force in the world!" Bergson was full of ambition.

"We need great amounts of meat to produce descendants. Those human martial practitioner bodies will be the food for our new generation." Andrew grinned, snarled and continued, "We will step on the bones of the humans on the path to strength!"

The experts of the three ghoul races laughed.

Blood Fiend Sect.

Xue Li, Mo Lingye, Xue Moyan, Yu Lingwei, and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders had serious expressions.

They all gathered.

“Big brother Xue, do you have any confidence in facing a three-level Soul Altar ghoul expert?" Mo Jun asked solemnly.

"No problem," Xue Li's eyes were completely red.

A strong blood tang came out of his body. Yu Lingwei, other survivors of Illusory Demon Sect, and even the Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners wanted to get as far away from him as possible.

The smell of blood was nauseating and disturbing to the mind.

"Are you alright?" Mo Lingye asked in concern.

When Xue Li returned from the ultimate blood ground in the Nether Battlefield this time, his presence became more unstable and his eyes flashed frequently with bloody light.

She knew that Xue Li, because he had been fusing with the Blood Progenitor too quickly, he had unconsciously been affected by the remaining soul traces.

She was worried for Xue Li.

"Don't worry, if Flaming Sun Island is willing to send all their forces, with Tang Beidou cooperating, as well as the numerous Blazing Profound Bombs, we may not lose!" Xue Li said hoarsely.

"I'm afraid that Bhutto will come." Yu Lingwei sighed.

The bloody light in Xue Li's eyes increased as though it would leak out. The feeling of danger he gave others increased. "If Bhutto really comes, I am confident I can delay him for a while!"

Everyone was shocked.

They knew that Bhutto had recreated the fourth level of his Soul Altar. He had strength in the early stage of the Void Realm and was almost unstoppable in the current Land of Chaos.

Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain only dared to hide behind their grand sect-protecting formations to fight. They didn't dare face Bhutto head-on.

When Xue Li said he was confident he could delay Bhutto for a while, he reassured everyone and gave them a joyful surprise.

"There is something you have to pay attention to." Xue Li took a deep breath and tried to calm down. "If I use all my strength to delay Bhutto, you have to leave immediately and flee as far as possible! At that time, do not attend to me, do not come near me, and do not search for me after the fact! If I die, it will end. If I survive, remember to have Qin Lie come find me. At that time, he is the only one who will be able to control me."

"Big Brother Xue!" Hong Bowen shouted.

Mo Lingye and Xue Moyan's faces turned pale.

At this time, a Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioner came in hurriedly and delivered a message to Mo Lingye.

Still surprised, Mo Lingye took the letter. After one look, she couldn't help but scream.

"What?" Xue Li frowned.

Mo Lingye silently gave the letter to him.

Xue Li took it, and looked. He found a sentence on the letter, “Senior brother, senior sister, I'm going ahead.”

"Who sent this?" Mo Jun asked curiously.

"Jiang Zhuzhe." Mo Lingye's expression was complicated. "He may have already attacked the evil races."


All the Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners screamed, their expressions full of disbelief.

Yu Lingwei had a thoughtful expression.

A moment later, under everyone's gazes, Xue Li took a deep breath and said, "Notify Flaming Sun Island. Blood Fiend Sect will go first, we will not wait for the evil races to attack."

When he finished, he left everyone and turned into a ray of light, flying into the sky.

At this time, night was just coming.

Almost at the same time, another letter written by Jiang Zhuzhe came to Qin Lie's hands.

There was only one sentence on the message, “Boy, I'm going to repay the debt I owe you from Shadow Earth Palace now.”

"Who is it?" Eddie asked.

Qin Lie had a complicated expression. He looked in the direction of the ghoul races and said, "Jiang Zhuzhe went to attack the evil races."

The bloody beam that Xue Li turned into flashed and rose out of Blood Fiend Sect.

"Elder Xue Li!" With just a glance, Qin Lie knew that bloody beam was Xue Li.

"Miss Song asked whether we will wait for the evil races to come or to attack with Jiang Zhuzhe and Blood Fiend Sect?" Ge Rongguang asked respectfully.

"Attack!" Qin Lie shouted.

He immediately summoned the eight god corpses and flew into the sky.

Just as he flew into the sky above Gray Island, the god corpses that had been waiting silently for his orders under the island, rose like eight enormous mountains out of the water.

They also flew into the sky.

In the night, he sat on the leading god corpse's shoulder and disappeared in the same direction as Xue Li.

"Whoosh! Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Several more bloody beams rose out of the island where Blood Fiend Sect was. Mo Lingye, Mo Jun, Hong Bowen, and the others flew into the sky without the aid of flying artifacts.

Over on Gray Island, an enormous burning sun suddenly appeared.

Then, this ball of burning fire charged towards the evil races.

Lu Yi, Dan Miao, and the Nirvana and Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners that had joined Flaming Sun Island charged into the sky.

The night sky above the Setting Sun Islands suddenly became bright. Many martial practitioners in the Fragmentation Realm silently charged in the direction of the evil races, their bodies covered in prismatic flames and light.

"Qin Lie!"

When Mo Lingye, Mo Jun, Hong Bowen, and the others came over from Blood Fiend Sect, they saw the eight god corpses rise into the sky and found Qin Lie sitting on the leading god corpse.

Blood Fiend Sect's leaders immediately became excited.

"Island Master!"

"That's Island Master Qin!"

"The black-haired youth on the strongest god corpse is the island master of Flaming Sun Island—Qin Lie!"

The martial practitioners that had joined Flaming Sun Island, Gray Island and Blood Island later on became excited.

In this moment, countless eyes in the sky and on the ground gathered on Qin Lie.

Qin Lie suddenly became the focus of attention.

"Everyone, I swear that the evil races that have rampaged in the Land of Chaos will be exterminated, starting today!" Qin Lie stood on the shoulder of the god corpse and shouted at an ear-deafening volume, "I will have them pay! Eye for an eye!"

"Eye for an eye!"

"Eye for an eye!"

Responses roared back from the islands of the Setting Sun Islands.

More chariots, ships and flying spirit artifacts rose into the sky.

Fulfillment Realm, Netherpassage Realm, Manifestation Realm, and even Natal Opening Realm martial practitioners boarded chariots to participate in the battle.

On Blood Island, Luz looked at Qin Lie sitting on the shoulder of the god corpse. His gaze was bright as he said to Eddie beside him, "Is Tate’s information reliable? Was he really an idiot in the past?"

Eddie was also puzzled and said, "With his recent performance in Boluo Realm, he shouldn’t have been an unknown person. His mental strength, charisma, cultivation speed, intelligence. They’re all outstanding. I really don’t understand how he could be considered so useless back in the Central World.”

"It seems there were some circumstances you and I don’t know about," Luz said confidently.

"It should be so."

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