Chapter 931: Growth

Chapter 931: Growth

Deep within the sea between Flaming Sun Island and Blood Island.

Standing beneath the sea, Qin Lie summoned the eight god corpses with his mind. It didn’t take long before eight giants abruptly appeared from the depths.

The leader of the god corpses surfaced beneath Qin Lie’s feet of his own volition and put him on his wide shoulder.

Eight tremendous streams of refined life energy gushed out of the eight god corpses.

After the Demon Sealing Tombstone floating before him had transmitted many mysterious runes to his mind, Qin Lie learned that the Demon Sealing Tombstone’s real name was Flesh Filling Tombstone!

Every Heaven Fighting Race’s main source of strength was their bloodline. Thus, it had to be sustained by tremendous amounts of refined flesh and blood energy.

The Flesh Filling Tombstone was a miraculous artifact used for the specific purpose of refining a Heaven Fighting Race expert’s flesh and blood energy.

Back then, a large majority of the corpses of ancient experts placed inside the Graveyard of Gods were physical materials the Heaven Fighting Race used to gather their refined flesh and blood energy.

The Heaven Fighting Race’s experts could refine the corpses’ refined flesh and blood energy using the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

The reason that the seven spirit bodies were pulled into the Graveyard of Gods was to create a tremendous amount of refined flesh and blood energy.

Every time Qin Lie cultivated through the Flesh Filling Tombstone, refined a rich amount of blood energy, and used it to refine his lifeblood essences, he was actually absorbing refined flesh and blood energy.

To a Heaven Fighting Race expert, the Flesh Filling Tombstone was a mobile treasury of flesh and blood. Heaven Fighting Race experts normally used up a lot of refined flesh and blood energy when they were fighting.

Obviously, it was unrealistic to use beast meat to recover one’s vast reserves of flesh and blood energy during battle.

However, the Flesh Filling Tombstone could provide pure flesh and blood energy. A Heaven Fighting Race expert would be able to recover their flesh and blood strength in a short time like this.

Moreover, the eight god corpses and Flesh Filling Tombstone were tightly connected to each other.

If the master of the Flesh Filling Tombstone had absorbed the refined flesh and blood energy inside the tombstone completely, they could even sacrifice the eight god corpses in a critical moment and transfer all their flesh and blood energy into the Flesh Filling Tombstone. This enabled the master of the Flesh Filling Tombstone to obtain a final, tremendous amount of power in an instant.

The eight god corpses had been consuming flesh non stop. They had been increasing their reserves of flesh and blood energy because their responsibility was to store flesh and blood energy for their master’s use one day.

“Does that mean I can swiftly recover my strength through the Flesh Filling Tombstone if I used Ignition and expended half of my blood in battle?” Qin Lie’s eyes gleamed.

His bloodline was currently at rank five, and he possessed the latent abilities of transformation, enhanced recovery, and ignition.

He could only power, trigger, and execute all three latent abilities through his bloodline, and the source of power was precisely the flesh and blood energy.

In his opinion, refined flesh and blood energy was as good as spirit pills that enhanced all types of recovery. The key difference between the two was that a spirit pill restored the spirit energy in one’s spirit sea, while the Flesh Filling Tombstone restored a Heaven Fighting Race expert’s refined flesh and blood energy.

“So it can be used this way.” Qin Lie was very astonished.

He could activate the Flesh Filling Tombstone with his blood and lock onto all three ghoul races’ clansmen who were branded with the blaze imprint. He could extract large amounts of energy and blood from the Flesh Filling Tombstone when he cultivated the Blood Spirit Art.

And now, he learned that he could even use it to restore his life, flesh and blood energy during a critical moment.

He was starting to realize the miraculous effects of the Flesh Filling Tombstone that were hidden from him until his strength and bloodline improved.

“Perhaps this isn’t all the Flesh Filling Tombstone can do. Maybe it will display more miraculous effects after my bloodline improves once more…” Qin Lie thought quietly.

He looked deeply at the eight god corpses next to him.

Many blaze divine characters were sparkling inside the eight god corpses’ pupils. After three years had passed, the god corpses seemed to have gained higher intelligence and fused even better with their battle souls.

The tremendous lifeforce inside their bodies made Qin Lie realize that they had perhaps became as strong as Soul Altar experts.

This meant that he might have gained another eight Soul Altar experts under his command.

He grew more and more confident as he scanned the eight god corpses thoroughly with his soul consciousness.

Qin Lie stayed quietly at the bottom of the sea for a moment. After learning the secrets of the Flesh Filling Tombstone and confirming that the god corpses would respond to his commands and fight at any moment, he surfaced from the sea.

He quickly went to Gray Island.

“Are those eight tremendous flesh and blood auras related to you?” Luz asked curiously the moment he saw him.

He was a Void Realm expert, so he obviously noticed the eight god corpses that had swam to the bottom of the sea beneath Gray Island.

“Mn.. They are the eight god corpses, and they are related to the Heaven Fighting Race,” Qin Lie explained.

Luz stared at him deeply before saying, “To think that the Venerable One’s grandson actually possesses the God Race’s bloodline. Eddie told me that your memories are… sealed, aren’t they?”

“That’s right.” Qin Lie nodded.

“Do you… want me to check it for you?” Luz offered of his own volition.

Qin Lie looked moved, but after a moment of careful consideration he shook his head and said, “It’s fine.”

He had already learned his true identity, origin, encounters and the matters of Qin Family from Hua Yuchi.

He was no longer as driven to unlock his sealed memories as before. He had vaguely sensed that… the person who sealed his memories had done it out of goodwill.

“I see. Forget it then,” Luz said again after a look of surprise passed through his face. “After the three great ghoul races are dealt with, we will leave the Land of Chaos and head to the Nether Continent.”

“Did my grandfather arrange this?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

“No, it was Tate’s request. He sent me a message even though he hasn’t showed personally,” Luz explained.

Before Qin Lie could question any further, he added, “We’re just heading there ahead of time. You… you are destined to head to the Central World one day. From what I heard from Tate, I am certain that the Qin Family will engage the Central World’s top Gold rank forces in a worldshaking war in the near future. The Venerable One and many Qin Family clansmen had been keeping to the dark and operating in other realms all this time. If I have to guess, they are probably planning and making preparations for that war.”

“Your grandfather probably wishes for you to grow up in the Land of Chaos, take control of this land and transform Flaming Sun Island into a new great force.”

“When the time comes, every race in Nether Realm shall stand on the Qin Family’s side.”

“You understand what I mean, don’t you?”

Luz asked seriously.

Qin Lie inhaled deeply before saying, “I will transform Flaming Sun Island into the strongest force in the Land of Chaos.”

“It will be best if Flaming Sun Island can evolve into a Gold rank force before the Qin Family acts. It will take a Gold rank force to make any difference at all in that future war,” Luz said sincerely and seriously. “Right now, Terminator Sect is the strongest force in the Land of Chaos. However, they cannot be counted as a Gold rank force because they lack a Void Realm expert. A force like this barely poses any threat to those Gold rank forces in the Central World.”

“I know.” Qin Lie nodded.

Luz pondered for another moment before saying, “This unrest stirred by the three great ghoul races could stimulate the martial practitioners of the Land of Chaos to attain greater power. This is a great chance for the peak Imperishable Realm martial practitioners in the Land of Chaos to break through the wall and ascend to the Void Realm.”

“Only stifling pressure and the terrifying threat of extinction can urge those stagnant martial practitioners to grow further.”

“The Land of Chaos doesn’t lack three-level Soul Altar experts. If any of you can enter the Void Realm through the threat that is the three ghoul races, this world will transform into something extraordinary.”

A pause later, Luz added, “The reason the human race was able to rise to the top back then was also thanks to the terrifying pressure created by the God Race.”

“When Nether Realm fought against Sky Mender Palace, a lot of new experts were born continuously from the conflict.”

“A true expert can only catch a glimpse of the beautiful light of ascension and break through their limits by suffering through terrifying pressure and cruel warfare.”

“When a few Void Realm experts finally appear in this world and are integrated into your own force, you’ll be able to wash away your past shame and lift the Qin Family to the top of the Central World once more.”

Luz had learned some of Qin Lie’s past through Tate.

He learned that Qin Lie had once “passed away” in his life, and that he was once the joke of the entire Central World. He was even the opening the Gold rank forces exploited to defeat the Qin Family.

However, the reincarnated Qin Lie before his eyes obviously didn’t match the Qin Lie in the stories.

The Qin Lie he knew was far more competent. He also knew that the Venerable One had high hopes for Qin Lie.

That was why he patiently explained everything to him.

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