Chapter 928: Disagreement

Chapter 928: Disagreement

Only top rank forces possessed ancient cross-continental spatial teleportation formations that could teleport anyone, anything and anywhere across the five continents. Terminator Sect was one of them.

Qin Lie and Xu Ran instantly appeared at Heavenly Sword Mountain at the teleportation formation from Terminator Sect.

Amidst the mountain peaks that pierced the sky like sharp swords, many Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioners were currently surrounding the teleportation formation with serious expressions on their faces.

When Qin Lie and Xu Ran appeared inside the teleportation formation, these martial practitioners abruptly tensed up. Some of them even gripped the swords in their hands tightly.

When they noticed that the two people who showed up were humans and not ghouls, they let out obvious sighs of relief and relaxed a little.

“What’s going on?” Xu Ran frowned at these people and said, “The Heaven Ghoul Race hasn’t reached you yet, have they? Also, the only cross-continental spatial transportation formation that fell into the evil races’ hands is the one at Heavenly Calamity Continent. Why are you people looking so worried?”

“May we know who you are, senior?” Someone walked forward and asked.

“Xu Ran, Terminator Sect.”

“Oh, it’s Senior Xu Ran!” The martial practitioner hid his surprise and put on a respectful look. “Why have you come to Heavenly Sword Mountain?”

“To discuss the matter of evil races,” Xu Ran said indifferently.

The person’s eyes lit up in obvious excitement. “Please come with me, senior!”

Every Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioner knew that the Heaven Ghoul Race, on the Heavenly Fissure Continent, were coming towards them.

For the past three years, the evil races had ravaged the Land of Chaos and dealt harsh blows to many great Silver rank forces.

Illusory Demon Sect was even completely obliterated!

Even the powerful Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain could only defend themselves against the Heaven Ghoul Race.

So where would Heavenly Sword Mountain find the strength to resist the increasingly powerful Heaven Ghoul Race?

It was at this moment that Xu Ran showed up as a representative of Terminator Sect to discuss fighting the evil races. This immediately excited the Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioners.

Subsequently, Qin Lie followed behind Xu Ran while these Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioners led them to the peak of Heavenly Sword Mountain, in a solemn manner.

“Eh! Qin…”

At the mountain peak, Du Xiangyang was just about to walk through an impressive palace entrance and report something, when he saw Qin Lie walking beside Xu Ran.

Du Xiangyang’s eyes immediately lit up with emotion, but he didn’t call out his name to avoid drawing unnecessary trouble. Instead, he rushed towards Qin Lie immediately and gave him a heavy punch, while exclaiming in a low tone, “Why have you come here?”

“Please stop, Senior Brother Du! He’s a member of Terminator Sect!” the guide hastily said.

He thought Du Xiangyang shared a grudge with Qin Lie.

“It’s none of your business. You may leave, just leave the rest to me.” Du Xiangyang waved him away as he slowly regained his cool. “I know these people.”

“Oh, I see.” The guide nodded, turned around and left without another word.

The moment he left, Du Xiangyang hastily said, “Not everyone in Heavenly Sword Mountain welcomes you, you know. Why have you come here?”

Three years ago, Wang Enze, Zu Xiang, and Yan Dong were very concerned with the fact that the God Race’s blood ran through Qin Lie’s veins. Ignoring Luo Nan and Yan Baiyi’s objections, they had worked together with the seven great Silver forces and tried to force Forefather Terminator to hand Qin Lie over back then.

Luo Nan and Yan Baiyi strongly disagreed with the trio on many important matters of Heavenly Sword Mountain. In fact, they had just argued with each other about the Heaven Ghoul Race’s invasion.

That was why Du Xiangyang was worried that Wang Enze and the two Heavenly Swords would attack Qin Lie after he made such a sudden appearance.

“I have come in goodwill. Don’t worry, I wish to work together with Heavenly Sword Mountain and fight alongside you.” Qin Lie gave him a strong and emotional hug before asking, “How have you been for the past few years?”

“I’ve ascended to the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm,” Du Xiangyang said confidently.

“That’s great,” Qin Lie gave him careless praise before adding, “I just entered the Fragmentation Realm.”

“You’re insane!” Du Xiangyang punched him fiercely in the chest again before saying enviously, “The God Race’s blood definitely runs in your veins.”

“Who’s there?” It was at this moment Wang Enze’s voice rang from the impressive palace behind Du Xiangyang.

Du Xiangyang’s expression darkened as he shot Qin Lie a glance, telling him with his eyes to leave, for his own good.

Xu Ran simply smiled and walked into the hall first. He announced loudly, “Xu Ran of Terminator Sect has come to visit his Heavenly Sword Mountain friends!”

“Don’t worry, times have changed since that day. I will be fine.” Qin Lie patted Du Xiangyang’s shoulder before he entered Heavenly Sword Mountain’s hall in grandiose fashion. “Qin Lie of Flaming Sun Island has come to discuss fighting the evil races with Heavenly Sword Mountain!”

Every one of the five Heavenly Swords reacted differently when they saw Qin Lie.

Li Mu and Duan Qianjie exchanged a surprised glance with each other. They seemed curious about Qin Lie’s arrival.

Three years ago, the two of them had grouped up with Tate and watched Qin Lie leave Soul Summoning Island to go to another world.

At the time, they knew that the issue with Qin Lie’s blood would be resolved when he returned once more to the Land of Chaos.

Three years later, the three ghoul races had created great pressure on the nine great Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos. It was actually very likely that the nine great Silver rank forces couldn’t spare the energy to deal with him even if they wanted to.

They were still mystified by his appearance though. It was because Wang Enze and the other two Heavenly Swords didn’t like Qin Lie at all. They didn’t know if Qin Lie’s sudden arrival wouldn’t backfire.

Under people’s surprised gazes, Qin Lie and Xu Ran entered the hall and attracted everyone’s attention at once.

“Uncle Li! Uncle Duan!” Qin Lie moved after he walked into the hall. He bowed slightly and saluted Li Mu and Duan Qianjie immediately.

Li Mu smiled and waved his hand, indicating that he didn’t need to act courteously around him.

Duan Qianjie nodded indifferently.

“You look well, seniors.” He then saluted Yan Baiyi and Luo Nan as well.

Yan Baiyi and Luo Nan also nodded smilingly.

Finally he shifted his gaze towards Wang Enze, Yan Dong, and Zu Xiang, but this time his back was perfectly straight and his words were completely lacking in any form of respect whatsoever. He said indifferently, “You three are the other three Heavenly Swords of Heavenly Sword Mountain, am I right?”

He was very humble when he greeted Li Mu and Duan Qianjie, and he was very respectful when he saluted Luo Nan and Yan Baiyi.

However, he didn’t bother to show any false courtesies a junior should have towards his senior when he was facing Wang Enze, Zu Xiang, and Yan Dong.

The three Heavenly Swords’ expressions immediately darkened.

“Island Master Qin, is it?” Yan Dong let out a sneer. “I heard that Flaming Sun Island has been developing rapidly and gained two one-level Soul Altar martial practitioners as of late. As the master of Flaming Sun Island, you must be feeling oh-so-mighty that you can’t be bothered to show any courtesy towards us seniors, huh?”

“Who is the real decision maker in Heavenly Sword Mountain?” Qin Lie suddenly asked.

“All five of us Heavenly Swords are the decision makers of Heavenly Sword Mountain! We decide every important matter in Heavenly Sword Mountain by voting. Why have you come here, Island Master Qin?” Ji Xiang asked impatiently and darkly. “If you are here to ask for reinforcements, we are sorry to tell you that we won’t be aiding Flaming Sun Island.”

He thought that Qin Lie was here to ask for help.

“Reinforcements?” Qin Lie broke into an involuntary laughter before shaking his head. “Flaming Sun Island doesn’t need anyone’s help!”

“Why have you come then?” Li Mu asked.

After pondering for a moment, Qin Lie said, “Uncle Li, Uncle Duan, Senior Yan, and Senior Luo. I wish to speak with the four of you in private.”

Seeing that Wang Enze, Yan Dong and Zu Xiang were still biased towards him, Qin Lie lost all interest to make conversation with them. He decisively left them out of the loop.

“Everything that the three of us agree upon must be executed unconditionally in Heavenly Sword Mountain.” Wang Enze quietly put on a show of force.

Qin Lie rubbed his chin and cast a glance at the silent Xu Ran beside him. He asked, “Say, Uncle Xu, do you think I should beg them for their understanding, or should they beg me for my understanding?”

Xu Ran’s smile didn’t touch his eyes. “If you think they’re unnecessary then let it be so.”

“Brother Xu! What do you mean by that?” Yan Dong said with a dark look on his face.

Xu Ran said indifferently, “Do you really think that Heavenly Sword Mountain is stronger than Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect combined? Those two forces suffered such heavy losses that they can only hide in their sect’s forbidden grounds and try to protect themselves. Do you seriously think that you can beat the Heaven Ghoul Race?”

“Do you think you can beat them when we can’t?!” Yan Dong’s face turned red.

Xu Ran smiled and looked at Li Mu and the others. Then, he said, “Should we talk outside then?”

“Let’s.” Duan Qianjie nodded and led the way first. While walking, he said, “I have come here at Li Mu’s invitation. If I feel fine, I may kill a few Heaven Ghoul clansmen for Heavenly Sword Mountain. If I feel unhappy, I may kill a few Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioners instead.”

He turned around and shot the three Heavenly Swords a look.

Wang Enze, Zu Xiang and Yan Dong wore ugly looks on their faces, but they didn’t dare to refute Duan Qianjie at all. It was because they knew that he had a legendary temper. Duan Qianjie was the kind of person who could utterly disregard the rules and kill someone without any warning.

They could only endure and say nothing before the madman whose infamy resounded throughout the Land of Chaos.

“Let us speak outside.” Li Mu looked at Luo Nan and Yan Baiyi.

After a brief moment of hesitation, they followed Duan Qianjie out of the hall.

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