Chapter 925: Storm Rises Again

Chapter 925: Storm Rises Again

"What? Not interested in these two girls?"

After You Qianlan and Lin Jie left the mountaintop, Nivitt suddenly appeared, his eyes teasing.

Qin Lie knew he had been near but hadn't expected him to appear. "How can it be so simple to get the nine secret inheritances of the Serene Moon Race? Also, I never lacked women, what are their bodies worth?"

"You Pu thinks you are easy to fool, just two women and he wants you to give up the inheritance, he is truly naive," Nivitt mocked.

"Let me first memorize these characters.” Qin Lie pointed at the human language characters You Qianlan had carved onto the ground.

"Mn." Nivitt nodded to indicate his understanding.

He did not interrupt Qin Lie, and settled on a rock behind Qin Lie, gazing up at the sky thoughtfully.

On the other side.

You Qianlan and Lin Jie walked down in humiliation off and returned to the lands of the Serene Moon Race.

The elders of the Serene Moon Race hurriedly came with hope-filled eyes.

"How is it? Did he touch you?" You Pu asked urgently.

He had been the one to order Lin Jie to go and increase the prize.

In his eyes, the young females of the Serene Moon Race, as well as the human females with Serene Moon Race bloodlines from Lunar Temple were not as important as the inheritance.

If the females could please Qin Lie, and he would tell them the secrets, he would feel it was worthwhile.

For the Serene Moon Race, the nine secret arts could revitalize the entire race and make them prosperous. They would become the holy land for the entire Serene Moon Race.

In order to obtain the inheritance, he could abandon everything. In the light of that, what are a few females?

"He told us to keep our bodies pure until he feels like taking them. He will come negotiate the terms with you. At that time, our bodies will be merely additions, gifts, not the main part of the deal."

Lin Jie's expression was calm, yet her mind was filled with humiliation.

You Qianlan bit down on her lower lip, her face slightly pale. Her usually enchanting eyes seemed to dim.

Qin Lie's words had wounded her proud soul.

She, who was usually held in high regard, finally realized through this matter, that she was not as valuable as she imagined.

You Pu could sacrifice her without hesitation for the future of the Serene Moon Race.

As for Qin Lie, he didn’t even bat an eyelid when she undressed and was ready to throw herself into his arms.

"Just an addition?" You Pu stilled, his brows furrowing. "It seems this boy is not stupid or easy to deal with. We need to think of another way."

When the words were said, You Qianlan and Lin Jie felt as though a dagger stabbed into their hearts.

You Pu saying this meant that he himself didn't think they were worth the nine secret arts.

The reason he had arranged for them to do this was purely because You Pu thought that Qin Lie was young and he imagined that he might not be able to resist beauty and act rashly in the heat of the moment.

Seeing Qin Lie unaffected, You Pu became serious and started to consider the matter more carefully.

He waved his hand at You Qianlan and Lin Jie, saying with a cold expression, "Leave."

The two women turned to go.

You Pu suddenly thought of Qin Lie's request and suddenly said, "Wait a moment."

The two women turned back to look at him.

"Keep your bodies pure, do not have a relationship with any person. You can only form romantic relationships with other people after he takes you!" You Pu said seriously.

You Qianlan and Lin Jie were like two flowers repeatedly barraged by storms and rain. Their eyes were dim.

"Understood," You Qianlan softly answered with a lowered head.

Lin Jie's expression was ashen.

Four hours later.

Qin Lie took a deep breath, his eyes bright as he shouted, "I have memorized all of these Serene Moon Race ancient characters!"

"Then the inheritance?" Nivitt asked casually.

"I need time to organize it in order to know the specific meanings. However... I think I have no need to remain at the Serene Moon Race to do this." He grinned.

There were around seven thousand ancient runes in the nine secret arts. After he learned the meanings of the runes, he only needed to spend some time to truly understand their meaning.

Now that the Moon Tear had absorbed enough moon power at the Serene Moon Race to become diamond bright, and he had obtained what he desired, there was no need to stay here.

"You intend to return to Spirit Realm first?" Nivitt asked.

"Yes." Qin Lie nodded. "There are many things I need to do."

"Then let's go."

Nivitt turned into his true form so Qin Lie could fly on his neck and rose into the sky above the Serene Moon Race.

"We will take our leave. When he wants to discuss the inheritance with you, he will come to the Serene Moon Race. Before then, you should prepare some things to bargain with to avoid having nothing to trade for those secrets."

Nivitt's ghastly howl echoed in the lands of the Serene Moon Race. Under the eyes of the Serene Moon clansmen, he twisted his body and flew into the sky.


Heavenly Slaughter Continent.

In the Myriad Poison Forest between Illusory Demon Sect and Black Voodoo Cult, many Blue Ghoul Race and Earth Ghoul Race experts gathered. Bergson, Linton, Andrew, Barham, and others were among them.

The Myriad Poison Forest was shrouded in seven-colored miasma and filled with an acidic smell.

More than a dozen Blue Ghoul clansmen lay in front of them with deep sunken eyes as their energies quickly flowed away.

These were Blue Ghoul scouts.

"All of them have the voodoo toxin, voodoo insects are everywhere. There are millions of those voodoo insects, more than locusts, they are in every corner of this Myriad Poison Forest." A Blue Ghoul whose energies were slipping away, had terrified expression. "Many voodoo insects can penetrate the soul. My True Soul is being eaten. I did all I could but I am unable to destroy the voodoo insects. Lords, we cannot defeat the voodoo toxin that Black Voodoo Cult has. There are no good defenses against it. If we are struck with the voodoo toxin, it will be more terrifying than being killed by Blazing Profound Bombs."

"Black Voodoo Cult is the oldest Silver rank force in the Land of Chaos, they are much stronger than Illusory Demon Sect. Right now, the Soul Altar experts of the three families and some of the Illusory Demon Sect practitioners are gathered at Black Voodoo Cult, they will not be easy to defeat."

"Black Voodoo Cult is covered by countless voodoo insects at the center. Miasma is everywhere. It will be troublesome to attack."

"It seems we need to slow down."

The Soul Altar experts of Blue Ghoul Race and Earth Ghoul Race discussed and decided to turn their eyes to the Setting Sun Islands.

"These Setting Sun Islands have constantly provided Blazing Profound Bombs to Terminator Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, and many Copper rank forces. They used Blazing Profound Bombs to obstruct our path. It is time to destroy them!" Bergson said darkly.

"Let's act."

Half a day later.

Two enormous flying spirit artifacts with banners representing Flaming Sun Island appeared in the lands originally belonging to Illusory Demon Sect and took in the human martial practitioners that had escaped the pursuit of the Blue Ghoul Race.

A group of Blue Ghoul Race experts led by Linton suddenly appeared.

"Kill!" he ordered.

At the same time, in another part of Illusory Demon Sect, three Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes were doing the same thing—they were meeting the human survivors.

However, they belonged to Blood Fiend Sect and were commanded by Mo Lingye.

Barham and Hark led the Earth Ghoul Race in a charge out of the ground.

"Zhou Kan has just told us through transmission stones that they have been ambushed by the Earth Ghoul Race and suffered great losses. They have split up and fled." Hong Bowen hurriedly found Mo Lingye and reported the news he had just received.

Mo Lingye's expression changed as he looked towards Yu Lingwei next to her. She said helplessly, "The evil races have temporarily given up on Black Voodoo Cult. They are turning to target us. The Setting Sun Islands will finally be forced to fight."

Yu Lingwei sighed and said, "As long as we are living in the Land of Chaos, we will not be able to avoid this."

Mo Lingye nodded and ordered Hong Bowen, "Tell this to Miss Song, she will understand what we are about to face."

"I will go immediately." Hong Bowen turned and left.

"Are you confident they can withstand the attack of the evil races?" Yu Lingwei asked softly.

Mo Lingye shook her head, her expression bitter as she said, "In the present Land of Chaos, not just us, possibly even Terminator Sect is not a match for the evil races."

"Then what should we do?" Yu Lingwei's eyes were dim.

"Take it one step at a time." Mo Lingye sighed. "Qin Lie is not here. Otherwise, there is still hope ..."

Yu Lingwei was shocked. "You have such a high opinion of him? No matter how great his abilities are, he isn't a Soul Altar expert."

"You have not met him so you do not know his abilities." Mo Lingye laughed and said, "He is not a Soul Altar expert but he is skillful in creating miracles. Many impossible things become plausible in his hands."

"Is he really as wondrous as you say?" Yu Lingwei did not believe it.

"Pity he isn’t here." Mo Lingye sighed helplessly. "Otherwise, you’d see his wonders and know I am not lying."

Yu Lingwei's eyes were surprised but she still did not quite believe it. She did not think that Qin Lie was as magical as Mo Lingye made him out to be.

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