Chapter 924: Just a Gift...

Chapter 924: Just a Gift...

The seventh moon rose into Boluo Realm’s night sky.

On top of a mountain peak in the Serene Moon Race's lands, Qin Lie drew irregular ancient runes on the ground.

These runes were imprinted deep into his memories. He just lacked understanding of their meaning. After he deliberately changed the order of the ancient runes, he carved them all on the ground and wanted You Qianlan to explain them to him.

There were sixty thousand runes describing the nine great secret arts of the Serene Moon Race that he had received from the Moon Tear. Most of them repeated. There were around five thousand repeated runes, and the were about two thousand unique runes.

In other words, he only had to master seven thousand ancient runes to understand the nine secret arts of the Serene Moon Race.

He believed that this would not take much time.

Seven thousand ancient runes were carved onto the ground clearly under the illumination of the moon.

"You only need to tell me the general meaning of these seven thousand ancient runes."

After carving out all the runes according to his memory, Qin Lie took a few steps back and made space. He waited for You Qianlan to start explaining.

You Qianlan looked seriously at the ancient runes.

The ancient runes Qin Lie had carved were quite different from the characters that the Serene Moon Race commonly used nowadays.

Other than old elders like You Pu and herself, who studied these ancient runes, most Serene Moon clansmen would be unable to read them.

Those who were not members of the Serene Moon Race could not recognize these ancient characters at all. Therefore, she immediately knew that Qin Lie had obtained these characters from the Moon Tear.

She also knew that Qin Lie had truly obtained the nine great secret arts of the Serene Moon Race.

"Shall I translate these seven thousand Serene Moon Race runes directly into the language of humans?" You Qianlan inquired.

Qin Lie nodded. "That would be good."

You Qianlan crouched down. Using her fingers, she drew out the human characters next to the runes.

Her long silver white dress, which was cut close to her body, emphasized her curves as she crouched down.

Her crescent eyes flashed under the moon and gave her a clear and cold aura.

She focused on drawing out those Serene Moon Race runes using human characters. She gave off an elegant and scholarly presence.

After a while, each rune had a human language character next to it.

"Done," she said softly.

"Alright, you can go," Qin Lie said coldly.

"Please tell us the nine great secret arts of the Serene Moon Race, we... are willing to pay any price." You Qianlan bit her lips and seriously begged.

"I will consider it." Qin Lie waved a hand impatiently.

He didn't have any positive feelings towards this woman.

Not long ago, You Qianlan, Lin Jie and that You Yun had come with the Serene Moon Race and Lunar Temple.

They had issued threats, trying to force Eddie to hand him over, and their attitudes had been terrible.

At that time, You Qianlan's expression was cold and she looked at him and the Dark Shadow Race like a princess looking at insects. He felt discomfort.

Therefore, his attitude towards them was negative ever since.

Now that the situation was reversed, he didn't just have the inheritance treasure of the Serene Moon Race, he also had the friendship of the Ancient Beast Race. He had finally stabilized himself in Boluo Realm.

The Serene Moon Race could not receive reinforcements from Lunar Temple because the two secret realm entrances had been destroyed and they faced invasion from the Black Jail Race.

Under these circumstances, the Serene Moon Race, who desperately needed to increase their strength, was forced to beg him.

You Qianlan put down her usual coldness and pride, changing her attitude, and begged him as if she were inferior.

She was clearly different when Serene Moon Race was at an advantage.

"My race needs the nine secret arts, please help us, please," You Qianlan begged.

“I said I will consider it!” Qin Lie said coldly.

Then he looked away from You Qianlan and put his attention on the corresponding human characters.

"Rustle rustle..."

He suddenly heard the sound of clothing sliding past skin and falling.

"If you tell the nine secrets to us, I can, can..." You Qianlan's voice trembled.

Qin Lie raised his head.

You Qianlan had taken off the silver white dress and stood naked in front of him.

Under the moonlight, her clean body was like jade and flashed with an enchanting sheen.

One of her hands was in front of her chest, and one on her lower stomach to cover the most intimate places of her body. Her enchanting eyes looked timidly at Qin Lie as her body trembled minutely.

Qin Lie's eyes were calm, a disdainful smile at the corners of his mouth. He said mockingly, "You can what?"

You Qianlan's body shook. She gritted her teeth and slowly walked forward stiffly, with her hands still covering her privates.

She bent her proud head down, not daring to look at Qin Lie, as she said in humiliation, "I can serve you."

Qin Lie smiled coldly inside, shook his head, and said, "Not necessary."

"Why?" You Qianlan urgently raised her head.

"You feel your body is worth the nine secret arts?" Qin Lie mocked.

"I, I have never had a man. My body is pure." You Qianlan's body shook, her eyes pleading, but her voice was powerless.

Qin Lie shook his head and said coldly, "Put on your clothes and leave."

You Qianlan's face turned pale.

"How about me as well?" The genius of Lunar Temple, Lin Jie, slowly walked over and shed her green clothing.

She was completely naked when she walked in front of Qin Lie.

Unlike You Qianlan, she did not hide herself. Her arms at her sides, she displayed her bare chest and the lawn between her legs.

Her skin color was close to You Qianlan, just as white and flawless, but she was more full-figured and tempting.

She stood next to You Qianlan without any humiliation on her face. Her eyes were calm as she said, "How about Qianlan and I serve you together? If it’s not enough, all of the females of the Serene Moon Race and some of the girls of Lunar Temple, you can pick as you please, as many as you want, how about it?"

"Sister Lin?" You Qianlan exclaimed.

She only wanted to sacrifice herself. She hadn't expected Lin Jie to come naked, and also promise Qin Lie the pick of any of the women of Serene Moon Race and Lunar Temple.

She felt that this was too outrageous.

Lin Jie indicated with a look for her to not speak.

You Qianlan's expression dimmed. She desired to speak but in the end, lowered her head.

She knew that Lin Jie must have received permission from You Pu and the elders before daring to say such a thing.

For the Serene Moon Race's nine secret arts, for the prosperity of the race, the elders clearly did not think anything of the virtues of the young women.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and looked mockingly at Lin Jie's naked body. He examined her carefully and commented, "Your figure is good and matches your face. I heard that you are popular in the Central World. Many young geniuses from Gold rank forces have affection for you?"

"I will only have popularity if I return to Spirit Realm. Otherwise, when the Black Jail Race comes, they will not admire me, they will only cut off my head." Lin Jie's tone was calm. "The Black Jail Race has an exceptional hatred for Lunar Temple. When they come, they will first eliminate these people that have disrupted Boluo Realm before dealing with the Serene Moon Race. If I want to live, I need to find a way back to Spirit Realm. But even if I return to the Central World, because of the destruction of Lunar Temple's secret realm entrance, I will be affected, and Lunar Temple will never put me in a position of importance."


"Unless the Serene Moon Race becomes strong, repels the Black Jail Race's attack so you can avoid being killed. You can also use the trust the Serene Moon Race has in you so that Lunar Temple will continue to keep you?" Qin Lie continued.

Lin Jie looked in shock at him, nodded, and said honestly, "You are right."

"So, in order to live, in order to not be demoted and still be useful to Lunar Temple, you can sacrifice everything?" Qin Lie asked with a smile.

"Yes," Lin Jie said.

Qin Lie thought, smiled slightly and said, "Leave, I have to memorize the meaning of these ancient runes, and actually understand the nine secret inheritances of the Serene Moon Race."

"What about us?" Lin Jie had a look of anxiousness.

"Keep your bodies pure for me. When I want to trade with the Serene Moon Race, I will talk with You Pu." Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and said coolly, "When I want to, your bodies... will be given to me as gifts, and not as the main pieces."

You Qianlan and Lin Jie had humiliated expressions.

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