Chapter 923: Secrets of the Inheritance

Chapter 923: Secrets of the Inheritance

At night, the clean light the six moons released illuminated the ground.

The Silver Streak Heavenly Snake Nivitt twisted through the air like an enormous mountain range, shocking people down to their very core.

Qin Lie sat on the neck of this enormous snake as he travelled towards the Serene Moon Race’s territory, against the strong wind.

The rank nine Nivitt flew in the air at an unimaginable speed.

The tall mountains and floating continents flashed like lightning past his body.

Compared to the fastest chariot in the Land of Chaos, Nivitt was dozens of time faster.

Under the moonlight, Qin Lie gathered his mental consciousness. As he inspected the situation inside his silver moon mark, he thought back to the mysterious secret arts and techniques he had obtained from the Moon Tear.

Through Teng Yuan and Barrett, he learned that the Moon Tear was the ultimate treasure of the Serene Moon Race. It recorded the secret arts and techniques the Serene Moon Race passed down through history.

Last time, the Moon Tear absorbed the moon power of You Pu and the others. The nine moons had turned bright, and then, the mysterious characters were imprinted onto his soul.

He hadn't thought much of it at the time, and hadn't spent any time seriously studying those characters. As he organized them now, he found he didn't recognize those characters at all.

He felt puzzled by this.

While his true memories hadn't been unsealed, he could recognize the characters of many ancient races, such as draconic language or the tongue of Nether Realm. He could also understand the languages of these ancient races.

He thought that he was familiar with the languages of all races.

Yet he found he didn't understand the characters that the Moon Tear had imprinted onto his soul at all.

"The Serene Moon Race isn't one of the strongest races which possess a Chaos Blood Realm, maybe due to this, I didn't... study their language in the past," he thought.

Then he recognized it was extremely important to travel to the Serene Moon Race.

There were no Serene Moon Race members in the Land of Chaos. If he wanted to use the knowledge he had obtained from the Moon Tear, he had to learn the language of the Serene Moon Race.

"Almost there." Nivitt's sharp voice came from the front.

He sat on Nivitt's neck yet he was still a dozen meters away from Nivitt's head. As Nivitt flew extremely fast, Nivitt's voice seemed distant to Qin Lie.

"So fast!" He was surprised.

It hadn't been even an hour since they had left the Ancient Beast Race. There were still six moons in the sky.

And yet, Nivitt was about to reach the lands of the Serene Moon Race.

Before he could react, Nivitt's enormous body suddenly dove towards a long mountain range.

Those mountain ranges had valleys. Each valley contained a bright glittering lake that reflected the moons as though it was absorbing moonlight.

Many exquisite towers gave off radiant jade-like light within the mountain valleys.

Many Serene Moon clansmen walked out of the towers and looked in terror at the sky.

Nivitt's arrival caused the Serene Moon clansmen to let out screams of terror.

Nivitt of the Ancient Beast Race was one of the most savage beings of Boluo Realm. Before Serene Moon Race became blood kin with Lunar Temple, he frequently appeared at the gathering places in Boluo Realm and devoured many beings.

The Serene Moon Race had been frequently visited by Nivitt thousands of years ago.

These Serene Moon clansmen knew that Boluo Realm's secret realm entrance had been destroyed and knew that no reinforcements would come from Lunar Temple.

The nearby Black Jail Race had started to attack their lands openly.

Seeing Nivitt, they thought that Nivitt was going to attack the Serene Moon Race too.

Due to this, the clansmen became terrified and sent messages to their seniors.

Inside a mountain valley, You Pu’s expression changed when he heard the news.

"Did you two offend Nivitt last time?" His dark eyes flashed with cold light as he looked at You Qianlan and Lin Jie.

He had ordered the two females to do all they could to get close to Qin Lie and obtain the nine secret arts from him.

They had gone to the Ancient Beast Race's lands together.

However, they hadn't seen Qin Lie. They had only encountered Nivitt and then had been driven away impatiently by Nivitt.

You Pu thought that the two females had offended Nivitt and he had come for vengeance, when he saw Nivitt arrive suddenly.

"No, we just asked... asked for news about Yao Tian," You Qianlan said softly.

Dressed in a long, close-fitted, silver-white dress, You Qianlan gave people a clean and virtuous feeling as she stood under the moonlight with an exquisite silver pendant on her snowy neck. The male martial practitioners of the Serene Moon Race and Lunar Temple were enchanted.

Seeing You Pu scold her, these males from Serene Moon Race and Lunar Temple felt pity.

At the side, Lin Jie, who was also outstanding in appearance, seemed to be calculating something as her eyes flashed with intelligence.

"We only shared a few words with Nivitt, we asked him for permission to see Yao Tian, that’s all," she explained.

"I hope he has not come for you," You Pu snorted.

"He's here!" A Serene Moon clansman looked into the sky.

Nivitt's enormous body continued to shrink under the moonlight.

Dozens of seconds later, he appeared in human form with Qin Lie who You Pu still thought about day and night.

"You Pu, I heard you wanted to see him?" Nivitt grinned and laughed darkly. The laughter was like that of ghosts crying. "I helped deliver him to you, how will you thank me?"

Hearing his laughter, the Serene Moon clansmen felt their scalps prickle.

"Many thanks!" You Pu bowed.

"Give me five thousand Cold Moon Frost Crystals as payment." Nivitt narrowed his snake-like eyes.

"Alright!" You Pu agreed immediately and ordered subordinates to prepare the prize. He didn't dare to slack at all.

Qin Lie had a strange expression.

He knew that the Cold Moon Frost Crystal was a Heaven Grade Five spirit material and was mostly in the mines controlled by the Serene Moon Race. There were not many in the other parts of Boluo Realm.

Cold Moon Frost Crystals were worth cities in the Land of Chaos. For human force such as Lunar Temple and Moon Worshipping Palace that cultivated the power of the moon, Cold Moon Frost Crystals were ultimate treasures.

It could even be used to recover the power of the Moon Tear.

However... it was useless to Nivitt.

"Senior, this spatial ring contains five thousand Cold Moon Frost Crystals." Soon, a Serene Moon clansman handed over a spatial ring.

You Pu took it and threw it to Nivitt without a word.

Nivitt grabbed it. He barked sharply in laughter and then handed this spatial ring containing five thousand Cold Moon Frost Crystals to Qin Lie. He said, "This will count as part of the payment."

Qin Lie obtained spirit materials from the Land of Chaos for them. According to their agreement, he would take a ten percent commission.

Yet because the worth of spirit materials the Ancient Beast Race gave far surpassed his original estimation, he had earned great profit through the transaction. He had benefited greatly and did not mention the commission.

He hadn't mentioned it, but Nivitt remembered and wanted to compensate him.

He treated the Cold Moon Frost Crystals as commission.

The Serene Moon clansmen watched as Nivitt, one of the three leaders of the Ancient Beast Race, gave the five thousand Cold Moon Frost Crystals to Qin Lie, their expressions turning ugly.

Originally, they thought that Nivitt had captured Qin Lie and was delivering him to them.

But at this moment, they realized that it hadn’t been so.

Clearly, the reason for Nivitt’s visit was to make sure Serene Moon Race wouldn’t dare to touch Qin Lie. He came as a backup.

You Pu and the others cried inside.

"My little brother is very busy and has no time to spare. If you have something to ask, do it now." Nivitt immediately became impatient when he saw the Serene Moon clansmen grimacing. "Don't waste our time. Otherwise, we will leave now."

Qin Lie and Nivitt floated side by side in the air dozens of meters above the Serene Moon Race's lands as they examined where their territory. They found there were many moon pools within the enormous valleys.

Those moon pools had been created with special methods, and inscribed with many ancient characters.

Those characters were the same as the characters Moon Tear used to imprint the nine secret arts and techniques onto his soul.

He constructed a plan.

Many Serene Moon clansmen were gathered around the moon pools as though they could absorb moon power better through the moon pools.

In some moon pools, shallow water had accumulated, and the pool water gave off pure moon power.

Qin Lie rubbed his chin and his thoughts moved. He released the Moon Tear.

The Moon Tear turned into nine small moons that floated and roamed around the Serene Moon Race's lands.

A holy presence that caused all the members of the Serene Moon Race to bow and worship came out of the nine small moons.

Other than the elders who could resist, the majority of the Serene Moon clansmen knelt down and looked with burning eyes at the nine miniature moons.

The moons floated above the moon pools, and sucked up the water inside like whales sucking in water.

The Moon Tear became brighter.

You Pu's crescent eyes stared at the Moon Tear. He suddenly said, "Did you receive the inheritance of nine secret arts from the holy artifact of our Serene Moon Race?"

Naturally, his words were directed at Qin Lie.

"That seems to be the case." Qin Lie smiled indifferently.

"You, could you teach these arts to us?" You Pu's lips trembled.

All the Serene Moon clansmen looked with bright eyes at him.

Qin Lie chuckled. "I don't know what those characters mean."

"No problem! You can carve those characters and we will understand what they mean!" You Pu became excited.

Qin Lie did not reply and looked wryly at him.

You Pu flushed. He knew that he was too excited and hurriedly said, "I understand, of course you would not tell us so easily. What are your conditions?"

"Conditions... I haven't thought about them." Qin Lie laughed. "However, before that, I want to understand what the characters mean. Arrange for someone to teach me."

"Qianlan!" You Pu shouted.

You Qianlan, who was like a goddess in the moonlight, immediately understood You Pu's intentions. She first bowed towards Qin Lie and then raised her head. She looked deeply at Qin Lie and said softly, "I'm skilled in those characters."

"Let’s go then." Qin Lie said coldly.

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