Chapter 922: Eternal Friends!

Chapter 922: Eternal Friends!

Jiang Zhuzhe might look like he was apologizing to the Evil Dragon Race, he was in fact only looking at Qin Lie.

He wasn’t even facing Calvert.

It gave everyone a strange feeling: it was as if Jiang Zhuzhe only wished to obtain Qin Lie’s forgiveness, not the evil dragons’.

Qin Lie kept quiet.

The atmosphere turned stiff once more.

“We shouldn’t linger around here for too long,” Eddie suddenly said softly.

Qin Lie’s eyes sparkled with an odd gleam. It was only then that he nodded and said neutrally, “Forget it.”

Jiang Zhuzhe grinned. “In that case, we shall take our leave first.”

He could guess that Qin Lie didn’t want to travel with him, so he summoned his war chariot and left with Jin Dao and the others.

“Are things going to be fine in Shadow Earth Palace?” Qin Lie asked Calvert.

“The Shadow Earth palace will sink to the deepest depth of the underground in a while. This is something we arranged back when the palace was built,” Calvert explained. “The mechanisms will turn active on their own not long after my departure.”

Qin Lie nodded and said, “Understood.”

Then, he took out a larger crystalline war chariot and fetched Eddie and all the evil dragons who had transformed into humans away from this place.

Not long after they left.

The Shadow Earth Palace with a hole in its defenses was suddenly pulled under by a terrific energy.

An earthshaking explosion broke out at the underground floor Shadow Earth Palace was at. It caused the entire Blue Flame City to shake.

“All of you, get down and see check what’s happening!”

The leader of the Earth Ghoul Race, Hark, who was feeding on a piece of flesh inside Blue Flame City looked deeply disturbed by this turn of events.

A dozen or so Earth Ghoul elites slipped into the dark hole they dug at once.

When they arrived at the stone passage they spent a lot of effort to unearth, they discovered that the shockingly powerful wall blocking their way had shattered into countless bits.

They then spent everything they had to move the rocks away and get to where Shadow Earth Palace used to be.

However, they discovered only shattered rock bits inside the place. There were no life signs or the bodies of evil dragons. They couldn’t even find a single corpse of the imperial family of True Dragon County.

They searched for several days straight and dug several hundred meters deeper into the ground. They still couldn’t find anything though.

In the end, the Earth Ghoul Race experts gave up on their search.


Qin Lie led the transformed evil dragons and Eddie back to Evil Infant Island safely.

Jiang Zhuzhe and his people had already gone back to the Ruined Lands ahead of them.

“Do these people live on that Blood Fiend Island?”

The silver-haired Calvert with divine gleam hidden behind his eyes looked at Blood Fiend Island like a hearty old man. He asked the question in a seemingly casual manner.

Qin Lie nodded. He knew that the rank nine evil dragon had memorized Jiang Zhuzhe and his people.

When this old dragon recovered his strength in the near future, he would absolutely go after Blood Fiend Sect to settle the score with Jiang Zhuzhe. At that time, Jiang Zhuzhe would probably have no choice but to escape.

“On the way back, you were talking about a place called Boluo Realm. Not only does the Ancient Beast Race live in that place, the Demon Dragon Race is there too, am I right?” Calvert asked again.

“Mn. Boluo Realm is an independent realm where a lot of powerful races live together,” Qin Lie said.

Calvert pondered for a moment before asking, “I would like to take my clansmen to Boluo Realm and restore our strength there. Can you arrange this?”

Qin Lie looked astonished. “But why would you want to go to Boluo Realm? That place isn’t going to be peaceful for a while, and the Ruined Lands are the safer choice. I guarantee that no one will disturb you here.”

“We shouldn’t show our face too much in Spirit Realm before the God Race returns from outer space. It is best to avoid attracting our enemies’ attention, you see.” Calvert thought for a moment before adding, “Also, we require the need of other methods and items to restore our strength swiftly. There is no way you will have those items in possession because it is something that’s available only among dragons.”

“Ah… you want to meet the demon dragons of Boluo Realm?” Qin Lie came to realization.

Calvert didn’t try to hide this. He said frankly, “Barett and I used to be acquaintances. I will persuade him to help me. With his aid, my children and I will be able to recover our strength at the highest rate possible.”

A pause later, he added, “Of course, if you have need of us, we can come back to Spirit Realm and take care of any troubles you may be facing.”

Qin Lie frowned for a moment before saying, “It may be a bit difficult for you to enter Boluo Realm because I’m not sure how those Ancient Beast Race fellows will react. How about this—you guys will stay on  Soul Summoning Island for the moment while I head back to Boluo Realm and talk with the Ancient Beast Race. Let me see if I can get their permission first.”

Right now, Boluo Realm was sure to be in utter chaos. The Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race, and the Black Jail Race must have joined hands to attack other races already.

If he wasn’t mistaken, the Demon Dragon Race was probably one of their targets.

Calvert was a rank nine evil dragon, and he was accompanied by eight rank eight evil dragons such as Gilbert. There were even more rank seven evil dragons by his side.

This was not a force to be underestimated. If Calvert joined hands with Barett and regained his full strength, the dragons’ strength in Boluo Realm would increase by leaps and bounds.

This might affect the Ancient Beast Race’s plan and cause the power balance in Boluo Realm to collapse. That was why he wasn’t sure if Teng Yuan, Nivitt and that rank nine Vermillion Bird would allow them to pass through.

If they refused, then Calvert and his people would be slaughtered the instant they passed through the secret realm entrance.

“I will wait for your return,” Calvert said.

It was night. The group had already returned to Soul Summoning Island by the time the conversation ended.

La Pu looked surprised when he flew over and saw Calvert and the new evil dragons.

He could knew immediately that these evil dragons came from Shadow Earth Palace just by looking at the friendly interaction between Gilbert and the evil dragons.

“Ge Rongguang had brought the spirit materials over with his men. All that’s left is for you to guide them,” La Pu said.

“Is the secret realm entrance available for use at any moment?” Qin Lie asked Eddie.

Eddie nodded smilingly before saying, “After the chief commander showed up, he invigorated the void worms around this secret realm entrance. Therefore, you may use this secret realm entrance to Boluo Realm whenever you wish for the next dozen or so years!”

“Help me deal with the arrangements. I’ll be heading over to Boluo Realm right away. If Teng Yuan and the others grow impatient and suspect that we’re cheating them on this trade, if they suspect that we’re not going to pay them the spirit materials we promised—” Qin Lie said worriedly, “—the entire Land of Chaos will succumb to the Ancient Beast Race if Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and the rank nine Vermillion Bird show up here in anger.”

“I shall get to it right away!” Eddie’s expression also changed slightly.

He knew that the Ancient Beast Race had always been lacking in patience. Moreover, they normally didn’t consider the consequences before they acted. If Teng Yuan and the others seriously came over to denounce them, they would be in some serious trouble.

Even at his peak, there was no way Luz could fight Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and that rank nine Vermillion Bird alone.

An hour later.

Qin Lie, Ge Rongguang, and a dozen or so Flaming Sun Island martial practitioners passed through the secret realm entrance and reached Boluo Realm directly.

The six moons hung high in the air and shone almost as bright as the sun in this world that was impossibly far away from Spirit Realm.

That being said, the nights of Boluo Realm always felt cold no matter how bright it was.

The three suns on the other hand gave the completely opposite feeling. They felt hot enough to cook the fat beneath one’s skin.

“Old Yuan, do you think that human boy will screw us over? The first batch of spirit materials is supposed to show up not longer after it’s dark, but they still haven’t shown up yet.” Nivitt said impatiently at the foot of the mountain where the secret realm entrance was. His triangular snake eyes glittered with brutality that looked like it would burst out at any moment.

“Be patient, will you,” Teng Yuan said lazily.

The rank nine Vermillion Bird stayed quiet for a moment. Then, she said, “If he doesn’t return before daytime I’m heading to Spirit Realm myself!”

Teng Yuan looked troubled for a moment, but he didn’t try to persuade her against he will.

Many small hills of rare spirit materials were currently piled beside them. It was seven times more the amount of spirit materials they sent to Qin Lie.

Originally, they were planning to send it to Qin Lie so that they could be exchanged for more ascension materials after the first trade was complete.

However, as time passed the spirit materials grew more and more annoying in their eyes.

They couldn’t help but suspect that Qin Lie had cheated them out of the trade.

“Hmm?” A flash passed through Teng Yuan’s eyes. He suddenly grew spirited as he yelled, “Something’s happening!”

Nivitt and the rank nine Vermillion Bird also looked towards the cave abruptly. They both sensed an obvious ripple of spatial energy at the sametime.

A familiar figure appeared from the cave and landed gently before their eyes.

“Holy shit, you’re finally here!” Nivitt swore excitedly.

The rank nine Vermillion Bird’s red eyes also glittered.

“Have you brought the things we asked, boy?” Teng Yuan asked hastily.

“As promised, I have brought all thirty batches of the spirit materials you requested!” Qin Lie said smilingly.

Even the Vermillion Bird looked visibly excited when he said this.

After that, Ge Rongguang and a dozen or so Flaming Sun Island martial practitioners appeared from the cave in succession.

“Six moons! There are actually six moons in the sky!”

“So cold!”

They exclaimed in wonderment while landing on the ground. Then, they summoned out the spirit materials they kept inside the spatial rings they wore all over their fingers after Qin Lie nodded.

The empty ground that was almost three hundred square meters wide instantly became filled with spirit materials before the three ancient beasts’ eyes.

These spirit materials were exactly what Nivitt had written down on the list. They were all spirit materials that allowed the ancient beast clansmen to swiftly achieve their ascension.

The three old beasts’ eyes glittered like kids who had just seen their favorite toys. They played around with the spirit materials while smiling brightly like children.

“Go ahead and count them,” Qin Lie said.

“There’s no need, I did a soul scan and the numbers are exactly right.” Nivitt laughed loudly.

When he looked at Qin Lie once more, he suddenly felt that the boy was very pleasing to the eye.

“Boy, this is the next batch of spirit materials we’ve prepared for the trade. It is seven times the amount of spirit materials we sent you last time!” Teng Yuan inhaled deeply before asking, “We would like you to take them and exchange for seven times the spirit materials you brought us today. Is that fine?”

“Absolutely.” Qin Lie answered crisply.

“Nice! Very nice! You are very nice, boy! You are our eternal friend!” Nivitt laughed madly before asking suddenly, “Do you have any enemies in Spirit Realm? I can come with you and kill them no matter who they are!”

Nivitt was absolutely exhilarated right now.

If the next trade ended successfully, and they obtained seven times the amount of ascension materials they obtained today, his, Teng Yuan, and the rank nine Vermillion Bird’s breakthroughs would become much smoother.

Their descendants would also be able to complete their evolutions swiftly through these spirit materials and ascend to greater heights of power.

The Ancient Beast Race’s strength would improve tremendously as a result. By the time Sun Palace and Lunar Temple came back to Boluo Realm, they might even be able to clash against them in an all-out war.

In their eyes, the human boy Qin Lie had practically turned into the god of wealth.

“Eh, it’s fine.” Seeing that the trio was at the peak of their excitement, Qin Lie didn’t let slip the opportunity to make his request. He said, “But if I may be so bold to ask a favor…”

“Speak! I will make you this promise as long as it doesn’t threaten the Ancient Beast Race’s interest!” Nivitt immediately agreed before Teng Yuan could say anything.

“The... Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline flows within me, so I share a bit of relationship with the Evil Dragon Race. However, the evil dragons are doing really badly at Spirit Realm right now, and they may be slaughtered by their enemies if they were to show their faces frequently in Spirit Realm.” He said embarrassedly, “I hope that you can give them a small space to stay in Boluo Realm. The Ancient Beast Race is the indisputable ruler of Boluo Realm, and the three of you are all the kings of the Ancient Beast Race. Therefore, I beg that you give them a small space to live for my sake.”

He praised them for a moment before giving them a full bow as he made the request.

Teng Yuan stared at him deeply for a long time before he finally asked, “Evil dragons, you say? How many are they, and what is their strength?”

When the Heaven Fighting Race invaded Spirit Realm, Teng Yuan and his clansmen had already put their roots down in Boluo Realm. Since they never interacted with the Heaven Fighting Race or the evil dragons in the first place, they bore no grudge against them.

However, they also knew that some of the Ancient Beast clansmen living in other realms didn’t see eye to eye with the evil dragons. That was why he had to be a little cautious.

“They are made up of a rank nine evil dragon, eight rank eight evil dragons and a dozen or so rank seven evil dragons.” Qin Lie chose his words carefully before continuing, “They were severely injured back then, and they had only just awakened recently. They are very weak right now, and they shouldn’t pose any threat to you.”

“You are sure they only have one severely injured rank nine evil dragon?” Teng Yuan confirmed once more.

Qin Lie nodded.

Teng Yuan narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment. Finally, he said, “Tell that rank nine evil dragon to come to us and swear in the ancient draconic language that he will never become enemies against the Ancient Beast Race in Boluo Realm. As long as he is willing to make this oath, I will allow them to come over and seek out Barett. I know that they will seek out Barett so as to recover their strength as quickly as possible because the Evil Dragon Race and Demon Dragon Race are staunch allies since tens of thousands of years ago. I am not entirely ignorant of their past.”

“I will tell him about this immediately!” Qin Lie hurriedly went back.

On the other side of the secret realm entrance, Calvert, Gilbert, and the rest of the evil dragons waited quietly for Qin Lie.

When Qin Lie came out and looked at the hopeful looking Calvert, he said, “The Ancient Beast Race needs you to swear before them that you and your people will never become enemies against their race in Boluo Realm. If you can promise this, then they will allow you to meet up with Barett.”

Calvert’s eyes lit up, and he agreed immediately. He said, “This is absolutely not a problem! In fact, I only wish to recover our strength through Barett as soon as possible. We won’t even stay in Boluo Realm for long!”

“Then this matter is settled.” Qin Lie smiled.

“Much thanks! You are the Evil Dragon Race’s eternal friend!” Calvert said seriously.

Qin Lie cracked an involuntary smile. It was because Nivitt had said the exact same thing earlier.

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