Chapter 921: Mysterious Master

Chapter 921: Mysterious Master

“Why did you suddenly stop, Brother Jiang?”

When they crawled out of the tree hole and stood amidst the dense forest just outside the city, Miao Fengtian finally asked the question that had been plaguing his mind.

Jin Dao also turned around to stare at him blankly.

He had followed Jiang Zhuzhe for many years, and he knew that his senior brother never gave up on the things he set his sights on easily.

He didn’t think that Jiang Zhuzhe had stopped because he was afraid of Qin Lie.

Frankly speaking, there was almost no way Qin Lie could stop Jiang Zhuzhe from consuming the rank nine evil dragon if the latter didn’t suddenly give up on his objective.

Jin Dao and Miao Fengtian both knew that the only reason Qin Lie managed to free Gilbert was thanks to his Divine Grade spirit artifact.

They also knew very well that Qin Lie’s Divine Grade spirit artifact couldn’t pose any real threat towards Jiang Zhuzhe at all now that he was ready for it.

They couldn’t understand why Jiang Zhuzhe had suddenly changed his mind.

“You two wait here until they come out. I’ll be returning in a short moment.” Jiang Zhuzhe didn’t give them an explanation. He turned into a beam of bloody light and flew away right after throwing down these words.

Miao Fengtian and Jin Dao grew more and more puzzled.

They had talked about this in detail with Jiang Zhuzhe earlier. Jiang Zhuzhe had told them clearly that his goal was to obtain the rank nine evil dragon.

Besides that, he should have no other business in the Heavenly Calamity Continent.

He didn’t understand why Jiang Zhuzhe had suddenly left them behind and flown away in a hurry.


Bloody light landed at a desolate valley two hundred and fifty kilometers away from where Jin Dao and Miao Fengtian were. The light turned into none other than Jiang Zhuzhe.

He scanned his surroundings with his tremendous soul consciousness to confirm that there were no intelligent beings lurking within a hundred and fifty kilometers radius.

The blood river that transformed into a Blood Demon earlier flowed out of his body and filled up a dried up stone pond inside the valley.

The stone pond slowly became filled up with blood.

Jiang Zhuzhe’s eyes turned serious. Using a mysterious secret art, he drew an ancient and mysterious diagram with his lifeblood essence.

After the diagram was formed, a powerful spatial energy suddenly appeared from the blood inside the pond.

The blood boiled and spun more and more rapidly.

Jiang Zhuzhe suddenly knelt on one knee and stared at the blood without blinking even once. He watched as a great will slowly descended on the blood pond from an unknown space.

The spinning blood slowly floated into the air and ultimately transformed into a large blood man with no face.


The sharpness in Jiang Zhuzhe’s eyes disappeared bit by bit as he saluted his master humbly and respectfully.

“What is it?” The blood man’s transient voice sounded like it was transmitted slowly through many layers of space.

“Who is Qin Lie to you, master?” Jiang Zhuzhe asked with a bowed head.

“Hm?” The man’s voice turned slightly cold.

Jiang Zhuzhe didn’t raise his head. Instead, he explained everything that had happened recently to the blood man.

He focused a lot on the battle of Shadow Earth Palace. He talked about the pitch black orb that turned the blood beam he created in his eyes into nothingness. He talked about the terrifying experience where his soul suddenly shuddered greatly and his Soul Altar felt like it was about to fall apart.

“Master once told me that no one in the Land of Chaos could stop the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam made of fifteen different types of refined blood of powerful ancient races. Not even Forefather Terminator could withstand this attack head on. Only those who were… directly related to you wouldn’t lose their soul.” Jiang Zhuzhe inhaled deeply and bowed his head even lower. “Not only was Qin Lie not affected by the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam, the orb in his glabella nearly broke my own Soul Altar. I could feel that that orb reflected the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam’s destructive power back towards my own Soul Altar.”

A bit of blood dripped out of the corner of Jiang Zhuzhe’s eyes again when he stopped here.

His shoulders trembled slightly once. Even now, he couldn’t shake off the deep fear that had been inflicted upon him during that battle.

“Haven’t I told you not to interrupt his work? How dare you ignore my warning and use the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam on him? This is your punishment for not listening to my orders.” The blood man snorted coldly. “Do you know how lucky you are to be standing here right now?”

Jiang Zhuzhe didn’t dare come up with a retort.

“What he’s doing doesn’t interfere with your work, so why did you try to kill him suddenly?” the blood man asked again.

“He stopped me from consuming the rank nine evil dragon’s blood,” Jiang Zhuzhe answered honestly.

“You’ve just constructed the third level of your Soul Altar not long ago. Even if the Blood Spirit Art you cultivate is special, you shouldn’t have rushed things so quickly.” A bit of disdain seemed to leak out of the blood man’s expression. “He actually saved you when he stopped you from consuming that rank nine evil dragon. Otherwise, you would’ve faced the same fate as the first sect master of Blood Fiend Sect, Li Xin.”

“You know what happened to the first sect master?” Jiang Zhuzhe was astonished.

“I watched him explode and die with my own two eyes,” the blood man said indifferently.

Fear blossomed in Jiang Zhuzhe’s heart. His head still bowed, he asked respectfully, “What should I do next?”

“Keep doing whatever that is you need to do.” The blood man pondered for a moment before saying, “Qin Lie’s future won’t be restricted by the Land of Chaos. It is only a matter of time before he leaves this place. I once promised you that you and Blood Fiend Sect will become the master of this land. Your future doesn’t clash against his either. Do you understand?”

“I know what I should do now,” Jiang Zhuzhe said sincerely.

“That is good.” That was the last thing the blood man said.

The blood that made up the blood man fell back into the pond after the tremendous soul consciousness had departed.

Jiang Zhuzhe stood there quietly for a very long time before he finally withdrew the blood into his own body and left without a sound.

On the other side.

When Qin Lie and the human-shaped evil dragons walked out of the tree hole and returned to the outside world, they immediately saw Miao Fengtian, Jin Dao and the two Corpse Demons.

Jiang Zhuzhe was nowhere to be seen though.

They had fought intensely against each other back inside Shadow Earth Palace. Therefore, the atmosphere immediately turned awkward when they met one another again.

Both sides fell into silence.

“Qin Lie, that Jiang Zhuzhe can change his mind at any moment. I think we should return to the Ruined Lands as soon as possible,” Eddie said.

“When my brothers recover their strength, we’ll definitely find you and settle our score!” Gilbert said threateningly.

Calvert wasn’t the only one who was hurt; the other seven evil dragons were also severely injured by Li Xin back then. In fact their conditions were much worse than Calvert’s.

After they had taken the form of men, their life force was weaker than even a Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner.

Qin Lie knew that these evil dragons had an extremely limited battle prowess then.

He also thought that Eddie’s worry was very reasonable. He himself was afraid that Jiang Zhuzhe would feel tempted to kill Calvert again after he returned.

“Let’s go!” He nodded in agreement.

It was at this moment a blood beam returned from the distance. Jiang Zhuzhe had come back from wherever he went to.

“I’ve made a grave mistake when my greed took over me just now. I beg for your forgiveness, everyone. I guarantee that the same thing won’t happen again in the future.”

The brutality and madness in his eyes had long since disappeared. He had regained his cool and uninhibited self once more as he clasped his hands in apology and begged for forgiveness again and again with a look of utter regret and sincerity.

He looked like he wouldn’t stop bowing his head and begging for forgiveness until Qin Lie and the others had forgiven him.

Everyone was stunned by his sudden change of attitude.

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