Chapter 920: Suddenly Giving Up

Chapter 920: Suddenly Giving Up

“Brother Jiang!”

“Big Brother Jiang!”

When Miao Fengtian and Jin Dao saw Jiang Zhuzhe appearing behind Qin Lie and placing a hand that looked as red as blood behind Qin Lie’s head, they exclaimed at nearly the same time.

They knew exactly how much influence Qin Lie had over the Land of Chaos right now. They also knew that the destruction of their secret plan wouldn’t be the only consequence to Qin Lie’s death. They would also be chased by Forefather Terminator, Li Mu, Duan Qianjie, and others until they died.

They were afraid that Jiang Zhuzhe would kill him in his madness.

“If you dare hurt him, the chief commander of the Dark Shadow Race will never let you go!” Eddie said harshly.

Even the evil dragons Gilbert and Calvert were looking at them seriously.

Still wearing a dark look on his face, Qin Lie didn’t move or utter a word.

Everyone could see that the blood red color in Jiang Zhuzhe’s eyes hadn’t faded in the slightest.

He just stared at Qin Lie’s back while doing nothing.

A long time later, a strange color suddenly sparkled in his maddened and bloodthirsty pupils.

It was almost as if he suddenly figured out something...

Then, he slowly lowered the hand he placed behind Qin Lie’s head.

In an instant, Qin Lie turned into a bolt of lightning and shifted away from that place.

He immediately appeared next to the rank nine evil dragon Calvert.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos who were watching Miao Fengtian flew towards him all of a sudden.

The Serene Moon Race’s holy artifact, Moon Tear also hovered around him and protected every inch of his body.

Qin Lie and Jiang Zhuzhe stared at each other with Gilbert, Eddie, Jin Dao and others standing between them. The Soul Suppressing Orb in Qin Lie’s glabella sparkled with a mysterious, pitch black light that made it looked like a blinking eye.

After Qin Lie had shifted away from that spot, Jiang Zhuzhe’s scarlet eyes slowly returned to their normal color.

He too stared quietly at Qin Lie.

A long while later, he inhaled deeply before saying, “It’s time to head out.”

“What?” Miao Fengtian and Jin Dao stared at him in bewilderment.

“Take the Corpse Demons with you. We will leave Shadow Earth Palace to them and wait outside,” Jiang Zhuzhe said again.

Miao Fengtian and Jin Dao exchanged a glance with each other.

Qin Lie, Eddie, and the two evil dragons were also stunned by his reaction.

No one knew what Jiang Zhuzhe was thinking. No one knew why he suddenly decided to give up just when he was about to succeed.

Jiang Zhuzhe didn’t explain himself.

He tore down the banner blocking the opening at Shadow Earth Palace under everyone’s puzzled gazes and became the first person to walk out of this place.

It took a moment before Miao Fengtian and Jin Dao broke out of their bewilderment and followed him out with the Corpse Demons.

Just a moment ago, the bloodthirsty and crazed Jiang Zhuzhe was ready to consume the rank nine evil dragon’s blood at all costs to gather strength for his ascension to the Void Realm.

But in the next moment, he suddenly put down everything and became the first person to leave without giving any explanation whatsoever.

Qin Lie and Eddie looked puzzled.

The Blood Demon that was fighting Gilbert earlier also transformed into a stream of blood and flew out of the cave. It flew back into Jiang Zhuzhe’s body on the outside.

The fierce battle that broke out in the cave earlier came to an abrupt halt. All that was left was Qin Lie’s group, dumbfounded.

“The Earth Ghoul Race will return to attack Shadow Earth Palace in an hour’s time. You best leave this place before that happens.”

Jiang Zhuzhe’s indifferent voice floated in from outside. His softening voice indicated that he was walking further and further away.

“Shall we leave this place first?” Qin Lie looked at Calvert.

“Gilbert, awaken our brethrens with the secret art. We will be leaving in a moment.” The rank nine evil dragon instructed.

Gilbert understood that this was not the right place to think over things too, so he hastily agreed and flew up to the ceiling. He then sent his blood raining towards the seven evil dragons slumbering in the palace.

Meanwhile, Calvert inhaled deeply as his body became covered in silver light. His body shrank continuously.

He had completed his transformation before Gilbert could awaken the seven evil dragons. He transformed into an elderly human with silver hair.

He looked at the five ancient True Dragon Nation imperial family’s corpses that attacked Qin Lie earlier with complicated feelings. A moment of thought later, he sighed. “When I leave, I will destroy Shadow Earth Palace completely. We will bury them in the deepest part of this continent so they will never be disturbed again.”


The seven evil dragons that were awakened by Gilbert with a secret art let out deafening roars.

“Where is Lord Calvert?!” they exclaimed.

“You will all transform into humans and leave with me immediately. Keep the questions for later.” The rank nine evil dragon yelled.


The seven evil dragons heeded Calvert’s command and transformed into humans.

Qin Lie asked in astonishment. “Gilbert, how come they’re all rank eight evil dragons with true names of their own?”

He learned from the Heaven Fighting Race’s Chaos Blood Realm that almost all rank eight evil dragons had followed the Heaven Fighting Race to outer space.

A large majority of the evil dragons that stayed back at Spirit Realm were at rank seven, yet to be bestowed with a name.

Since all evil dragons below rank eight couldn’t get used to the cruel environment of outer space, they were ordered by their clan chiefs to sleep in various hidden locations in Spirit Realm.

However, not only did this Shadow Earth Palace contain eight evil dragons, they were made up of one rank nine Calvert and seven rank eight evil dragons.

It was unbelievable.

“I was severely injured in battle back then, so I was unable to fly into outer space. That was why I was left behind in Spirit Realm.” Calvert explained carelessly. “My father chose the seven of them to stay behind with me. They are here to protect me and prevent any unexpected mishaps from happening to me.”

Calvert paused for a moment before an odd look passed through his eyes. “There is one more reason though.”

“What is it?” Qin Lie asked further.

“Not even my father was sure if the evil dragons that flew into the infinitely vast outer space along with the Heaven Fighting Race could survive the journey. It was because the the hundred races’ allied forces didn’t give up on pursuing them even after they’d escaped from Spirit Realm.” Calvert’s eyes were filled with sadness. “I was his seventh son. If they were all killed in outer space, then I would become the clan chief of the Evil Dragon Race. The reason I stayed behind in Spirit Realm is to ensure that evil dragons’ lineage doesn’t end with them.”

Qin Lie came to an understanding.

The evil dragons didn’t put all their eggs in one basket so as to prevent the extinction of the Evil Dragon Race’s bloodline.

This way, if even one of them survived their plight, then the Evil Dragon Race would continue to exist in this world.

Back in those cruel times, the evil dragons were deemed as a race that had to be eradicated because they aided the evil Heaven Fighting Race and stood on the opposite side of the hundred races. They were literally facing the crisis of extinction back then.

His father wasn’t sure that the Evil Dragon Race could survive after they had escaped to the outer space. That was why he had made such an arrangement.

“Their blood runs in your veins. This means that they haven’t died out in the outer space yet. This means that my father and my people are still alive somewhere!”

Calvert’s tone suddenly grew excited as he stared at Qin Lie. He was certain that the Heaven Fighting Race and the Evil Dragon Race hadn’t been eliminated by the hundred races’ allied forces back then.

“Our clan chief once promised us that they will eventually return to Spirit Realm alongside the God Race! They will be fine!”

“The God Race is the strongest race in the world and they came to Spirit Realm from the outer space in the first place. How can anything possibly happen to them?”

“I knew from the beginning that the clan chief and our lords would survive!”

“They must be missing us on the other side of the stars. They are gathering their strength, and they will probably return to Spirit Realm very soon!”

“The Giant Dragon Race will pay the price soon!”

The seven evil dragons that had awoken all exclaimed after listening to Calvert and Qin Lie’s conversation.

Their outlook towards the future was full of confidence. They all believed strongly that the clan chief and the high rank evil dragons that escaped to the outer space had to be plotting to return to Spirit Realm and lead them to the throne of glory once more!

“My father will return soon!” Calvert too thought the same.

Qin Lie could see a kind of zealousness from these evil dragons’ eyes.

“Let us leave this place first,” Eddie said calmly, “the Earth Ghoul Race is right above us.”

“Once Lord Calvert has recovered, those lowly Earth Ghoul clansmen will all become our food!” Gilbert said threateningly.

“Let us head out!” Calvert yelled.

And so, the nine evil dragons, Qin Lie, and Eddie swiftly left Shadow Earth Palace.

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