Chapter 919: The Power of a Holy Artifact!

Chapter 919: The Power of a Holy Artifact!

To Miao Fengtian, the blood dragon made of blood spirit energy and thunder energy were nothing much.

Thunder energy was the bane of phantoms and wraiths. Blood Spirit Art however was dangerous to all beings of flesh and blood..

However, he who had inherited the Corpse Progenitor’s legacy was extremely resistant to both kinds of powers.

Only the power of absolute yang could severely damage or even kill him.

Unfortunately for him, the imperishable flames Qin Lie formed with his bloodline powers contained the terrifying sun energy of Boluo Realm’s three suns. It was also the power he feared the most.

He could only yell in pain and anger when the tiny tongues of flames burned him.

“Qin Lie! If you keep this up I won’t show you mercy next time!” Miao Fengtian roared harshly.

“You’ll be safe as long as you stay where you are.” Qin Lie’s face was dark.

He was throwing back the exact sentence Miao Fengtian had said to him earlier. 

Translucent blood beads sparkling with blaze divine characters on the inside and burning with blaze energy had gathered beside Miao Fengtian before he knew it.

These blood beads all contained the imperishable flames of his bloodline.

He noticed too that Miao Fengtian wasn’t afraid of his Blood Spirit Art, Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Frost Arts, or Records of Geocentric Magnetism. It was because his realm was lacking in the first place.

Only the pure power of his bloodline and the blazing flames imprinted in his blood could truly harm Miao Fengtian.

That was why he abandoned all the powers he possessed as a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner and threatened this guy who cultivated evil and corpse powers with the imperishable flames in his rank five bloodline.

The translucent blood beads that like like rubies surrounded Miao Fengtian like suspended rain.

Every drop of blood contained a fiery, sunny aura that Miao Fengtian absolutely abhorred. It kept him from acting recklessly.

At the same time, six Spirits of Void and Chaos quietly appeared above his head.

If he dared let out his Soul Altar in an attempt to resolve his current predicament, the Spirits of Void and Chaos that were infamously dubbed as “Soul Altar Devourers” would definitely attack his Soul Altar.

Their appearance suddenly made Miao Fengtian feel very restricted.

“Don’t even think of attacking my mind directly with your soul consciousness.” Qin Lie’s eyes were as sharp as blades. A cruel smile appeared on his lips. “I cultivate the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance, so my soul consciousness and my mind are thunder and lightning. Even if your realm far exceeds mine, I swear I will destroy your soul consciousness to dust the second you intrude!”

Miao Fengtian abruptly turned fearful.

If Qin Lie hadn’t warned him about this, he might’ve done exactly what he said by creating a soul tornado with his Imperishable Realm soul consciousness and attack Qin Lie’s mind.

But now he quickly stopped his wishful thinking.

The power of thunder and lightning could destroy the souls of all living beings. There was no way his soul could survive a thunder attack even if he was at the Imperishable Realm.

If Qin Lie’s words were true, he would be struck by countless lightning bolts the moment he tried to recklessly force his way into Qin Lie’s mind. He knew very well he wouldn’t escape a barrage like this intact.

If his soul was severely damaged, it would take a very long time for him to recover. In fact, it would take so long that his realm would decrease as a result.

Miao Fengtian frowned as he calculated the gains and losses behind his dark eyes. A dozen or so seconds later, a dejected expression appeared on his face as he nodded. “Forget it, I won’t interfere anymore. Just do what you want.”

If he really ignored all the consequences and attacked Qin Lie, he might suffer some moderate wounds after being burned by the imperishable flames surrounding his body.

But he still had absolute confidence that he could severely injure or even kill Qin Lie in a very short time.

But he knew that they needed Qin Lie alive.

The Land of Chaos could only be steered towards the direction they dreamed of if Qin Lie was alive.

Just like Jiang Zhuzhe, he didn’t wish to offend Qin Lie completely or push him too far.

That was why he chose to give up the fight.

“Thank you.”

Qin Lie stared deeply at him before the harsh light behind his eyes slowly withdrew itself.

“You still can’t change anything,” Miao Fengtian said indifferently.

Qin Lie turned his back towards Miao Fengtian and focused his attention on Jin Dao and Jiang Zhuzhe.

He immediately understood what Miao Fengtian meant.

Jin Dao was attacking Eddie alongside the Corpse Demons, Pu Ze and White Demon Bone Monarch, at full force.

Eddie was obviously at a disadvantage after Jin Dao had joined hands with the two Corpse Demons.

Although Eddie had conjured many demonic waves with the strange arts of Nether Realm, Jin Dao and the two Corpse Demons looked very much in control after they worked together.

Although Jin Dao was only a two-level Soul Altar expert, he was scarier than when White Bone Demon Monarch was at his full strength. This expert who had followed Jiang Zhuzhe for many years was also an expert who survived the destruction of Blood Fiend Sect… In fact, he was Xue Li and Jiang Zhuzhe’s junior brother.

By cultivating the extreme version of the Blood Spirit Art and consuming blood non-stop to strengthen himself, Jin Dao became the strongest helper Jiang Zhuzhe had.

Jiang Zhuzhe was able to execute all kinds of killer moves recorded in the Blood Codex. He was also able to execute secret arts such as Celestial River of Blue Blood, Inescapable Blood Net, Blood Weeping Ghost Claw, Blood Dragon’s Roar, and so on with incredible proficiency.

Besides that, he could easily utilize the rich blood energy inside the two Corpse Demons to execute all kinds of Blood Fiend Sect secret arts. It kept Eddie at bay.

It was true that the amount of combat strength Eddie displayed despite having regained only a little over a half of his power was astonishing to Qin Lie.

But at this rate, there was no way he could beat Jin Dao and the two Corpse Demons.

His eyes skipped over Eddie to look at Gilbert who was being entrapped by Inescapable Blood Net. He discovered that Gilbert was ultimately unable to escape the web.

Behind Gilbert, Jiang Zhuzhe unleashed the Celestial River of Blue Blood while wearing the Blood Drinking Wheel on his head. Two long and scarlet blood rivers landed on the rank nine evil dragon Calvert’s silver body together.

Blood spirit energy seeped fiercely into the evil dragon’s body after the blood rivers had landed on him like bloody ribbons.

The evil dragon that was almost out of power didn’t let out an earthshaking roar. Instead, he growled in a low tone as an icy sheen that looked like frost crystals appeared from the gaps of his silvery scale armor.

The icy light and the blood spirit energy inside the blood rivers clashed and fought fiercely against each other. Bloody light burst and icy sparks scattered.

Calvert was doing his utmost to stop the blood spirit energy from penetrating into his body.

Meanwhile, Jiang Zhuzhe was drawing more power from the Blood Drinking Wheel on his head. His scarlet pupils gleamed with mad and savage light.

He knew that the moment his lifeblood essences containing his refined life energy and soul consciousness seeped into Calvert’s body, they would immediately devour this rank nine evil dragon’s tremendous energy and blood dry.

When that happens, Calvert would become a cold and lifeless corpse.

He on the other hand, could attempt to improve further and build fourth level of his Soul Altar after obtaining the tremendous life and blood energy of a rank nine evil dragon.

The moment he possessed a four-level Soul Altar, he would invade the Heavenly Slaughter Continent and suck dry the blood of the culprits—the three great families and Black Voodoo Cult—who destroyed Blood Fiend Sect. He would watch them die in fear and pain.

Even the three great ghoul races who were running wild across the entire Land of Chaos would become his prey. He would hunt them down and suck their blood dry one after another.

After that, Blood Fiend Sect would become even more glorious than it was thousands of years ago.

The dream made him subconsciously lick the corner of his mouth. His eyes were filled with bloodthirst and murder.

“Jiang Zhuzhe is in the zone. If you interfere right now, he may not be as rational as he was earlier,” Miao Fengtian said with a serious look on his face. “Everything can be reasoned when he is clear-headed, but once he goes crazy… he would kill his own son without hesitation if he dared to stop him. Qin Lie, I will advise you to stay out of this. If you ignore that rank nine evil dragon and let Jiang Zhuzhe get what he wants, he will compensate you for your troubles after he calms down.”

Right now, Jiang Zhuzhe at his current state scared even Miao Fengtian. He was sincerely trying to persuade Qin Lie not to make a foolish mistake.

He was afraid that Jiang Zhuzhe would accidentally kill Qin Lie while he was not himself.

If that really were to happen, then Li Mu, Duan Qianjie, Forefather Terminator, and that Void Realm expert who just arrived would probably chase Jiang Zhuzhe and him to the ends of Spirit Realm...

This was absolutely not what he wanted to see.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a crazed Jiang Zhuzhe or poured oil on the fire.” Qin Lie’s tone was calm, but his eyes were filled with suicidal madness.

Miao Fengtian was shocked.

He realized that Qin Lie was also a madman like Jiang Zhuzhe. He was capable of crazy and unreasonable things.

He wasn’t mistaken!

After Qin Lie said this, he tore off the fabric on his right shoulder all of a sudden. A clear silver moon mark was revealed.

When Miao Fengtian looked at the mark, he discovered that nine moons had flown out of the mark and swiftly transformed into nine cold, sharp moon blades.

A holy, clean, and frigid aura appeared from the nine moon blades.

Miao Fengtian’s soul actually felt like submitting in peace when the moonlight reached him.

The nine moon blades abruptly flew towards the evil dragon Gilbert.

They sliced left and right like nine cold swords.


The Inescapable Blood Net that trapped Gilbert was cut open like silk by the elegant, gliding moon blades.

“What a sharp spirit artifact!” Miao Fengtian exclaimed involuntarily.

He knew a little about Jiang Zhuzhe, and he knew that the Inescapable Blood Net formed from the blood spirit energy of Blood Drinking Wheel was extremely tenacious.

Jiang Zhuzhe once said that there were only a couple of Heaven Grade flying swords at Heavenly Sword Mountain that could cut open the Inescapable Blood Net.

Moreover, the sword wielder would need to be a Soul Altar expert of the same level.

However, the Fragmentation Realm Qin Lie had cut open the Inescapable Blood Net easily by controlling the nine moon blades with his soul. It was an impossible feat.

It was an impossible feat… unless the moon blades had completely exceeded Heaven Grade spirit artifacts!

When he thought of this possibility, Miao Fengtian couldn’t help but tremble slightly. When he looked at Qin Lie once more, the light of disbelief was present in his eyes.

“Divine, it is a Divine Grade spirit artifact, it is a Divine Grade spirit artifact that has never appeared in the Land of Chaos!”


Gilbert broke free off the blood web, let out a roar and pounced madly toward Jiang Zhuzhe.

Jiang Zhuzhe was doing all he could to devour Calvert. The light of brutality and mercilessness entered his blood red pupils.

Ribbons of bloody light flowed dripped down his body before turning into a blood demon beneath his feet.

The blood demon made of pure blood roared soundlessly and charged towards Gilbert.

Jiang Zhuzhe’s indescribably red skin finally looked a tad paler after the Blood Demon was formed.

At the same time, nine pure beams of moonlight flew towards him like nine chilly meteors.

Fear appeared in Jiang Zhuzhe’s for the first time since they entered this place.

He could sense a sharp aura that could cut him into many pieces from this pure moonlight. It was a terrifying level of sharpness that only a Divine Grade spirit artifact could possess.

Calmness suddenly overtook his madness.

His eyes skipped past Gilbert, Eddie, and Jin Dao to stare at Qin Lie.

A sinister blood beam flew out of his pupils. The blood beam was actually faster than the moon blades as it flew inches away from Qin Lie’s glabella in an instant.

A terror that felt like a needle penetrating his brain seemed to seep out from Qin Lie’s marrows. It caused Qin Lie to shudder uncontrollably.

At the same time, the Soul Suppressing Orb beneath Qin Lie’s glabella suddenly burst out from his skin.

It looked like Qin Lie’s third eye.

The pure black Soul Suppressing Orb stared at the blood beam as if it was an actual eye shrouded by mysteries.


The blood beam that was about to hit the Soul Suppressing Orb abruptly exploded into nothingness the instant it touched the space between Qin Lie’s brows.

Pain appeared on Jiang Zhuzhe’s face when he stared at Qin Lie’s pupils. He let out a dull and near indiscernible snort before forcefully swallowing the blood surging up his throat.

A line of blood still dripped slowly out of the corner of his left eye, however...

At the same time, nine cold moon beams sliced towards Jiang Zhuzhe in unstoppable fashion.

Jiang Zhuzhe was focusing all his power on refining Calvert’s blood, but he had no choice but to abandon all this and escape instantly with Blood Escape.

Jiang Zhuzhe abruptly vanished from moon blades’ targeted spot.

He was right behind Qin Lie when he reappeared. He suddenly put a hand behind Qin Lie’s head.

A restless, violent, but restrained blood spirit energy brimmed right around his palm.

Qin Lie immediately froze. He didn’t dare to move a muscle or do anything unnecessary.

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