Chapter 918: Inextinguishable Fire

Chapter 918: Inextinguishable Fire

"You are only in the Fragmentation Realm."

Miao Fengtian looked at Qin Lie, his hand covered with corpse hair gently pressing on the lightning pillar at his chest.


His left hand released a stark white light. The white light flashed with toxin.

White bone pieces that glowed like jade also shot out.

The pillar of light made out of lightning pool liquid was sliced by those shape bone pieces, spraying out bright blinding light.

The pillar of light gradually shattered.

Miao Fengtian's body that was pressed against the wall of the Shadow Earth Palace gently flew up. His thick corpse hair was covered in white bone scales.

He reached out to grab the blood dragon conjured with Blood Spirit Art.

Threads of dark corpse energy gathered on his fingertips and formed five nimble corpse snakes.

The corpse snakes wriggled, and then opened their mouths to suck. Thick corpse energy inside the many coffins in the Shadow Earth Palace was pulled out.

"Crack crack! Crack crack!"

Five handsome men dressed in dragon robes with crowns on their heads in the magnificent coffins suddenly opened the coffin lids and walked out.


Miao Fengtian waved his hand.

The five nimble corpse snakes consumed the corpse energy and burrowed into the open mouths of the five corpses.

The corpse snakes immediately merged into the ancient corpses.

The five True Dragon Country imperial family’s corpses suddenly gave off a dark, cold and evil power.

Their stiff bodies suddenly became nimble.

“Bang bang bang.”

They ran and quickly gathered around Miao Fengtian.

Miao Fengtian's figure flickered as he easily evaded the Blood Dragon and mentally ordered the ancient corpses to attack Qin Lie.

"Your flames are embodiment of destruction. If I touch them, even I may be in danger." Miao Fengtian's expression was indifferent as he said, "Fortunately, there are many corpses for me to use in this underground Shadow Earth Palace."

Qin Lie's Blood Dragon’s Roar could not catch Miao Fengtian, nor do any harm to him

When the corpse snakes made from Miao Fengtian's soul thought and corpse energy burrowed into the five corpses, they became unusually nimble and were a threat to him.

"These corpses should have been in the Nirvana Realm before they died. Even without any refinement, with just my control, they are enough to keep you occupied and unable to interfere."

Miao Fengtian continued to move with an aloof expression as though he hadn't been wounded previously.

"The reason you were able to hit me previously was because my attention had not been on you, giving you an opportunity. Now, I will pay attention to your every action. Your soul cannot lock onto my tracks, so how can you touch me?"

His eyes flashed with disdain.

"I admit you may be more terrifying than all the Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners in the Land of Chaos, but that’s still just Fragmentation Realm. There is whole Nirvana Realm between us. How can the coverage of your soul and your perception defeat me?"

As he said this, his expression turned slightly cold, and he said, "You cannot measure up."

Qin Lie's bloody red long hair continued to grow as his bloodline transformed.

At this time, the bright red hair had reached his waist.

He looked at Miao Fengtian and took a deep breath. He said softly, "Ignition."

Ignition, this was the third latent ability he obtained after his bloodline reached rank five.

This kind of latent ability could double his overall strength at the price of half of his blood!

This was a terrifying latent ability that required sacrifice.

Facing Miao Fengtian who had a one-level Soul Altar, Qin Lie finally chose to use his terrifying latent ability after he discovered he could not use Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Blood Dragon’s Roar, and other methods to truly harm Miao Fengtian.

"Zzzt zzzt zzzt!"

The blood floating through his veins burned as his latent ability activated.

In an instant, a wild power that came from his blood rampaged through his limbs like water overflowing a dam.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Lava-like flames with a destructive and terrifying aura rose out of his body as though they could not be extinguished.

in this moment, his soul perception, his physical senses, and his hidden potential had all been enhanced.

Previously, his soul could not lock onto Miao Fengtian's position nor see the tracks of his movement.

But now, he could indistinctly feel them.

Therefore, that blood dragon formed with the Blood Spirit Art suddenly reached Miao Fengtian with an even more ferocious presence.

"Ah!" Miao Fengtian exclaimed for the first time, his eyes filled with surprise. He said, "How is this possible?"

At the same time, the five True Dragon Country corpses that were charging towards Qin Lie suddenly stopped walking.

No matter how Miao Fengtian urged them on mentally, the five corpses didn't dare to move and also started to walk back.

Their empty eyes seemed to show a terrified light. Qin Lie's pure Blaze Family bloodline aura seemed to instil instinctive fear into them.

These people's bodies flowed with Calvert's evil dragon bloodline. And the Evil Dragon Race had submitted to the God Race with a bloodline secret art thirty thousand years ago.

This meant that all the evil dragon bloodlines would fear genuine God Race bloodline.

The five corpses had been dead for long, but their bodies were still imprinted with this mark that would never disappear.

When Qin Lie used his latent ability, ignition, to fight, the God Race bloodline in his body was completely on display.

Due to this, the five ancient corpses retreated.


Miao Fengtian smashed that blood dragon formed out of blood spirit power that charged at him.

The blazing fire on the blood dragon splashed onto Miao Fengtian when the dragon dissipated into light.


The scattered specks of light ignited, becoming flames on his body.

Among the flames, scattered blaze divine characters flashed with inextinguishable light and contained a powerful and mysterious power like fallen stars.

—This was the purest power imprinted in the bloodline of ancient race descendants.

Miao Fengtian's lush corpse hair was of extreme yin element, so not many flames in the world could ignite them.

The scattered specks of light however, could.

"What kind of flame is this?!" Miao Fengtian screamed.

He found no matter what secret art of the Corpse Progenitor's inheritance he used, he could not extinguish those flames. Those flames seemed to be inextinguishable.

He could smell the most hated aura of the sun in those small tongues of flames, and it seemed to be of the strongest kind.

—That was the energy of the three suns of Boluo Realm that had permeated into Qin Lie's bloodline.

All of the martial practitioners that cultivated corpse power hated the sunshine and could not tolerate the presence of the sun.

Miao Fengtian was not an exception.

The inextinguishable fire that burned on his body turned his corpse hair to ash, chewed at him and made him feel pain that made wish he was dead.

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