Chapter 917: Bloodline Ability

Chapter 917: Bloodline Ability

"Island Master Qin, why?" Jin Dao grimaced.

He did not want to offend Qin Lie. He also knew that Flaming Sun Island had become the most terrifying faction in the Land of Chaos. He also knew that Qin Lie would become the dominant ruler in the future.

Jiang Zhuzhe had laid down orders not to kill Qin Lie. After this, Qin Lie would seek him out for retribution. Thus, he hoped to solve this matter without using force.

"This boy was never a wise person." Miao Fengtian narrowed his eyes and said, "You and the Corpse Demons deal with the Dark Shadow clansman. I will take care of the kid."

Jin Dao was from Jiang Zhuzhe's Blood Fiend Sect branch. He knew that he would interact with Qin Lie in the future and did not want to fight Qin Lie.

Seeing Miao Fengtian proactively taking the duty of fighting Qin Lie, he was happy to move away from Qin Lie.

As expected, he and the two Corpse Demons surrounded Eddie.

"Nothing personal," Miao Fengtian said coldly.

A dark yellow banner made from human skin flew out of his sleeve. The banner shook in the wind, and thick corpse energy drowned Qin Lie.

"If you stand there, you will be fine."

Miao Fengtian narrowed his eyes and told Qin Lie. Then he moved his gaze away and looked at Eddie who had a three-level Soul Altar.

He assumed that Qin Lie could not break free of the thick corpse energy.


When he turned his attention to Eddie, his eyes flashed in surprise and his expression turned serious.

Eddie, who had only recovered seventy percent of his energy, released his Soul Altar when he saw Qin Lie decide to fight.

His three-level Soul Altar was as eerie and weird as the nine levels of hell.

Countless strange figures moved through the three-level Soul Altar like thousands of fish.

Circles of dark, cold, demon light rippled off the three-level Soul Altar and dissipated the corpse energy of Pu Ze and the White Bone Demon Monarch.

The White Bone Demon Monarch had drawn out a white blade energy beam almost two hundred meters in length using its enormous white bone blade which seemed capable of cutting space itself. But when it landed on Eddie's Soul Altar, it seemed to disappear, without so much as a ripple.

As Pu Ze sliced with its claws, Eddie snorted, and Pu Ze was caught up by three life-like figures.

Miao Fengtian's brows furrowed.

He and Jiang Zhuzhe had given the two Corpse Demons made from Soul Altar experts the power of the Corpse Progenitor and the Blood Progenitor. They had expended countless spirit materials and blood. They were even stronger than previously.

Also, the Corpse Demons did not fear wounds, death, pain, or exhaustion.

He believed that most three-level Soul Altar experts would have to expend effort against the two Corpse Demons in order to find a solution to them.

But Eddie immediately overwhelmed the two Corpse Demons.

"This person is troublesome, Jin Dao, do not be careless," Miao Fengtian reminded darkly.

Jin Dao who also cultivated the Blood Spirit Art and had fought side by side with Jiang Zhuzhe a thousand years ago had just built the second level of his Soul Altar.

He also observed Eddie. Seeing Eddie easily restrain the two Corpse Demons, he was also startled.

"The rumors say the three powerful races of Nether Realm once had a glorious era in Spirit Realm's Central World. I hadn't expected them to be so terrifying," Jin Dao thought inwardly.

He realized that he had underestimated Eddie.

Jin Dao finally treated Eddie seriously.

On the other side.

Qin Lie, who was wrapped by the thick corpse energy, seemed to be trapped in a bog. The corpse energy wrapped around him like cold icy snakes of mud.

Wisps of corpse energy flowed into his blood and meridians through his pores.

He instantly found that the Thunder Soul Blade in his hand had suddenly become extremely heavy.

Then, he gradually found he could not use his strength.

The banner made out of human skin floated ten meters above his head. The white corpse energy poured out of the banner like a waterfall.

His surroundings were completely drowned out by the corpse energies.

"Bloodline power—Transformation!" he shouted.

In a moment, his blood boiled like an erupting volcano. Blaze divine characters flashed out.

The wild bloodline power filled his limbs.

"Crack crack crack!"

His bone creaked, and his body suddenly grew a few inches taller. In just a few short moments, his black hair turned crimson red, just like flame.

In this Shadow Earth Palace, everyone knew he had the Heaven Fighting Race's bloodline and he did not need to conceal it here.

So for the first time, he activated his bloodline power.

In a short ten breaths, the wild power of his Heaven Fighting Race bloodline flooded out. He felt endless power.

The corpse energy that had permeated his body through his pores was burned away by his boiling bloodline power in this instant.

Threads of flame mixed with lightning appeared on his skin and caused his aura to peak.

"Lightning pool liquid!"

The drops of lightning pool water in his acupoints landed within the Thunder Soul Blade as he furiously channeled the Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

"Nine Thunder Blast!"

The Thunder Soul Blade spun as though it was creating a destructive thunderstorm. Nine enormous balls of lightning shone out of the thick corpse mist.

"Boom boom boom!"

The nine balls of lightning simultaneously produced sky-shaking roars.

Lightning arced outwards like dragons.

The corpse energy drowning him was cleaned out by the thunder and lightning.

At the same time, a pillar of light made from thunder and lightning energy hit Miao Fengtian's chest.

Miao Fengtian whose attention was on Eddie and had just reacted did not have any time to act before he was attacked by the pillar of thunder and lightning.

His body flew out as he was hit by the pillar, and he hit the rock boundary of the Shadow Earth Palace.


Miao Fengtian shook, his numb body covered in criss-crossing lightning.

The thunder pillar still pressed on his heart.

He was left with his feet in the air, pinned to the stone wall. A strange expression was on his pale face.

He looked dazedly at Qin Lie.

He seemed unable to believe that Qin Lie had managed to hit him and put him in such a sorry state.

He noticed that Qin Lie's black hair had turned blood red, his refined body had become extremely broad and he was even taller.

An uncontrollable burning aura seemed to spill out of every one of Qin Lie's pores. His aura didn't seem like a martial practitioner that had just entered Fragmentation Realm.

"Blood Dragon’s Roar!"

Under his gaze, Qin Lie shouted as he attacked. Bloody light shot out of his pores and turned into a long bloody dragon.

The bloody dragon had flames mixed with blaze divine characters that burned fiercely.

Miao Fengtian felt a dangerous aura from the flames and his expression gradually turned serious.

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