Chapter 912: Together

Chapter 912: Together

"You want to face Black Voodoo Cult immediately." Qin Lie was shocked.

He did not feel this was a good opportunity.

The three families had joined Black Voodoo Cult. Adding on Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan, Black Voodoo Cult was stronger than it had ever been. Even the Blue Ghoul Race would have to think twice before attacking them, and consider the help of the two other ghoul races.

At this time, Flaming Sun Island, Blood Fiend Sect, and Jiang Zhuzhe together might be equal to Black Voodoo Cult.

Only when Luz, Eddie and the others all recovered to their peak would Qin Lie have confidence in facing Black Voodoo Cult.

"I did not come this time to immediately fight Black Voodoo Cult. I want to confirm if our previous agreement still stands," Jiang Zhuzhe said unhurriedly.

Qin Lie thought and nodded. "It does."

"That's good." Jiang Zhuzhe smiled and said, "I know it is not the time to attack Black Voodoo Cult and also... Black Voodoo Cult is unusually strong. Even without the three families, without Wen Bin and the others joining them, the Blue Ghoul Race wouldn’t be able to easily defeat Black Voodoo Cult."

"How strong are they?" Qin Lie asked in surprise.

"When the first voodoo creature returned to Black Voodoo Cult from the Graveyard of Gods, it passed many terrifying and unusual voodoo arts to Jiang An." Jiang Zhuzhe's expression was solemn. "In these years, Black Voodoo Cult has purchased many taboo objects from the Ruined Lands, and secretly raised many terrifying voodoo insects using the blood and flesh of living beings. Their voodoo toxin is said to have gone up a level too. The Blue Ghoul Race will have to pay a great price if they want to defeat Black Voodoo Cult."

"They are so strong?" Qin Lie's expression turned serious.

"At their strongest, Black Voodoo Cult dared to fight Terminator Sect, how could they be weak?" Jiang Zhuzhe said.

Qin Lie frowned.

The three great ghoul races desired to defeat all the human forces in the Land of Chaos. The Blue Ghoul Race will not stop on defeating Illusory Demon Sect.

Right now, on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, other than Black Voodoo Cult, there were only the Setting Sun Islands.

The Blue Ghoul Race would choose one target to attack.

If they lost at Black Voodoo Cult, they would likely attack the Setting Sun Islands.

The three great ghoul races had quickly recovered through eating humans and their strength had grown.

They would pick the weakest first.

"If Black Voodoo Cult is so strong, maybe... the Setting Sun Islands are the next target." Qin Lie's eyes turned dark.

"According to my sources, once the Blue Ghoul Race picks their target this time, no matter if it is Black Voodoo Cult or the Setting Sun Islands, they would come with the Earth Ghoul Race." Jiang Zhuzhe had a clear understanding of the situation. "The Earth Ghoul Race has pretty much taken over the Heavenly Calamity Continent. They will definitely ally with the nearby Blue Ghoul Race to take down a difficult opponent. In their eyes, Black Voodoo Cult and the Setting Sun Islands are both difficult opponents."

"They had attacked Illusory Demon Sect first because they knew that Black Voodoo Cult would not be easy. They did not invade the Setting Sun Islands because they know you have large number of Blazing Profound Bombs. They are extremely wary of this kind of destructive weapon."

"However, they will now choose one of you."

Jiang Zhuzhe looked at Qin Lie and smiled slightly. He said, "I think that you have enough strength to deal with a ghoul invasion."

He glanced towards where Luz and the others were.

"You came just to remind me of that?" Qin Lie gradually calmed down.

"Reminding you was only one of my goals." Jiang Zhuzhe shook his head and said, "I came to find you to come with me to the Heavenly Calamity Continent."

"Heavenly Calamity Continent? Hasn't that place been conquered by the Earth Ghoul Race?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"Do you remember the Shadow Earth Palace underneath Blue Flame City?" Jiang Zhuzhe asked.

"I do." Qin Lie understood. "Something happened there?"

The Shadow Earth Palace and the Absolute Yin Graveyard were the same. They both had slumbering evil dragons there. He had an agreement with Jiang Zhuzhe to open the Shadow Earth Palace after they took care of the three families. They would awaken the other group of evil dragons.

He had promised Gilbert this before.

"After the Earth Ghoul Race conquered the Heavenly Calamity Continent, they have been searching the continent. I received news that they have discovered the Shadow Earth Palace."

"There are heavy wards around Shadow Earth Palace, and I wasn't able to enter them when I found the place in the past."

"However, the Earth Ghoul Race have the racial talent of moving through the ground. Those wards that can restrain humans may not be able to ward off the Earth Ghoul Race."

"I know that they have been hovering recently around Shadow Earth Palace."

"There is great hatred between the three great ghoul races and the evil dragons. If they open the Shadow Earth Palace, none of the sleeping evil dragons will be able to escape."

Jiang Zhuzhe said at a slow pace.

"I promised Gilbert to help him awaken his fellow companions in the Shadow Earth Palace," Qin Lie said in a deep voice.

“Then you must get there as soon as possible." Jiang Zhuzhe smiled freely. "I am familiar with that place. If I guide you, we will reach it no time. You only need to take along the evil dragon Gilbert. When you get near the Shadow Earth Palace, have Gilbert try to break through the wards there. As long as we get into the Shadow Earth Palace before the Earth Ghoul Race and awaken those evil dragons, we will be able to leave without anyone knowing."

"How do we get there?" Qin Lie asked.

"Thought the teleportation formation on Evil Infant Island. I left behind a teleportation formation in a hidden place in Blood Cloud Mountain Range. We can go there directly," Jiang Zhuzhe said confidently.

"I will call Gilbert immediately!"

"Mn. I have to go make some arrangements. We will meet up at Evil Infant Island in two hours."


The two temporarily parted ways.

Qin Lie turned into a bolt of lighting that flew from the obsidian palace towards where the evil dragons were gathered.

Gilbert who was coiled up in a cold pond in a mountain valley lazily asked with half-lidded eyes, "Do you need me to fight?"

"You are a rank eight evil dragon, you should have the ability to transform, right?" Qin Lie asked directly.

"Yes, but I'm too lazy to turn into other races' appearance, why?" Gilbert was surprised.

"We need to go to the Heavenly Calamity Continent and see if we can awaken your fellows in the Shadow Earth Palace." Qin Lie's expression was grave. "We will need to leave using teleportation formations. Your body... is too big. Also, the Heavenly Calamity Continent is littered with Earth Ghouls. We will be easily found if you move about in the body of a dragon."

"I will go with you! Isn't it just turning into a human? This is simple." Gilbert snorted.

Bright blue rays of light jumped out of his body. Under Qin Lie's eyes, Gilbert's body quickly shrank.

Ten breaths later, Gilbert turned into a naked large man with brown-gray skin. He casually put on a robe and called, "Let's go! We will depart now!"

At this time, La Pu flew in from afar and said, "Did Jiang Zhuzhe just come?"

Qin Lie nodded.

"Eddie had me come ask if you need help." La Pu saw him ready to leave. "While they have not recovered, they won't have problems fighting right now."

"Not now. I'm going to the Heavenly Calamity Continent. If it goes smoothly, I will return soon." Qin Lie shook his head, thought, and then said, "Contact Ge Rongguang, and have him notify Flaming Sun Island that the Blue Ghoul Race may choose to attack the Setting Sun Islands, and have them be careful."

"Going to the Heavenly Calamity Continent? Just you and Gilbert?" La Pu was not reassured.

"And Jiang Zhuzhe."

"Jiang Zhuzhe? You and Gilbert added together are not a match for him. If he has any ulterior motives, you will not be able to escape unharmed."

"I feel he will not harm me."

"No! This is too unsafe, you must have a person that can fight Jiang Zhuzhe!"

La Pu did not agree. He immediately contacted Eddie mentally for Eddie to come over.

“Eddie has mostly recovered. He was at the peak of the Imperishable Realm before. With him beside you, Jiang Zhuzhe cannot do anything to you." La Pu insisted.

Qin Lie thought and felt that this was a better course of action so he nodded.

Soon, Eddie came out of the place thick with nether demonic energy and manifested like a ghost next to him.

"We are going to the Heavenly Calamity Continent," Qin Lie stated.

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