Chapter 910: Skyrocketing Strength!

Chapter 910: Skyrocketing Strength!

When Song Tingyu spoke of the state of Land of Chaos, she seemed worried.

"Naturally, I want to see the eight Silver rank forces exterminated. However, if we let the three great ghoul races clear the way, we will be next."

"Bhutto of the Heaven Ghoul Race advanced to the Void Realm again. He is invincible in the Land of Chaos."

"Terminator Sect has not made any moves, possibly because they are unsure, so they remain silent."

"The Blue Ghoul Race defeated Illusory Demon Sect. Their next step would be attacking Black Voodoo Cult or the Setting Sun Islands. I'm having a headache over this right now."

"However, you finally came back at this critical time."

Qin Lie frowned as he listened to her explaining the newest situation. He was silent for a while before he said, "Do not worry about the Blue Ghoul Race attacking the Setting Sun Islands. We do not even have to fear Bhutto who is in the Void Realm."

Song Tingyu was shocked. "Who can defeat Bhutto now?"

"I didn't come back alone," Qin Lie said with a small smile.

"Not alone?" Song Tingyu sat up on the bed in shock, her eyes shining. "You have a way of defeating Bhutto?"

"A middle stage Void Realm expert is enough to subdue Bhutto. We can completely control the present situation." Grinning, Qin Lie laughed confidently. "Members of the Dark Shadow Race returned with me. Other than one middle stage Void Realm commander, there are eighteen Soul Altar experts! Of these eighteen, three possess three-level Soul Altars. This force is enough to reverse the tides!"

"Didn't you say the members of the Dark Shadow Race were extremely weak in Boluo Realm, and were bullied everywhere?" Song Tingyu was astounded.

"That was in Boluo Realm." Qin Lie shook his head. "After returning to Spirit Realm, their strength will completely recover. When this branch of the Dark Shadow Race all return to their peak state, even the three great ghoul races together will not be their match!"

"In other words, as long as you want... the war in the Land of Chaos can end at any time?" Song Tingyu's eyes brightened.

Qin Lie laughed. "Exactly!"

"Then I don't have anything else to worry about." Song Tingyu suddenly relaxed.

The two discussed some more.

Soon, Qin Lie knew that other than Lu Yi, Flaming Sun Island had a new Soul Altar expert.

This person called "Tan Miao" had been an unaffiliated cultivator who had worked on his own to reach the late stage of the Nirvana Realm and made a strong foundation.

At present, Tan Miao could not gather the sea of materials needed to create a one-level Soul Altar just with his own power.

Under "Fire Demon" Tang Beidou's recommendation, Tan Miao joined Flaming Sun Island. Song Tingyu immediately spent millions of Earth Grade spirit stones to prepare all the materials he needed to create a Soul Altar.

Through Flaming Sun Island's help, Tan Miao successfully created a one-level Soul Altar. He reached the early stage of the Imperishable Realm.

He also became the second Soul Altar on Flaming Sun Island after Lu Yi.

As for Tang Beidou, he purely only stayed with the status of foreign delegate on Flaming Sun Island for Tang Siqi.

Everyone knew that he couldn't be counted as a martial practitioner of Flaming Sun Island.

Other than the two Soul Altars, Flaming Sun Island now had fourteen Nirvana Realm experts, more than one thousand Fragmentation Realm practitioners, and almost ten thousand cultivators in the Fulfillment and Netherpassage Realm.

In just three years, Flaming Sun Island's strength increased more than tenfold!

All of this was due to the ferocious invasion of the three great ghoul races.

"The Eclipse Sun Island, Heavenly Snake Island, and Scarlet Cloud Island that only allied with us previously has submitted to us and become subordinate forces of Flaming Sun Island. Many of the families on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent and the Heavenly Calamity Continent, as well as various small sects have chosen to join Flaming Sun Island due to having nowhere to escape from the three great ghoul races.

"We have Tang Beidou here, Gray Island can forge high level spirit artifacts, and we can use Blazing Profound Bombs. Those that want to desert will not choose Blood Fiend Sect, but Flaming Sun Island."

"We may be just Flaming Sun Island, Gray Island, and Blood Island, but in reality, if our subordinate forces are added up, we are powerful enough."

When Song Tingyu spoke of Flaming Sun Island's present strength, she was full of confidence and had an intoxicating expression on her face.

"It seems that there is no need for me to reveal myself." Qin Lie rubbed his chin and thought. He said with a laugh, "The members of the Dark Shadow Race will need time to recover. Let's watch as those Silver rank forces die out and use this opportunity to absorb large batches of martial practitioners!"

"Even the three great ghoul races cannot threaten us, of course we wouldn’t be in any rush." Song Tingyu smiled brightly. "We can wait for the eight forces to die out one by one, and then have the Dark Shadow Race attack and defeat the three great ghoul races in one blow."

"At that time, the people who had malicious intentions towards you due to your identity will have mostly died out."

"At that time, you can show up in public."

"Yes," Qin Lie said with a bright smile.

When they spoke of this, he suddenly remembered, and said, "The Ancient Beast Race of Boluo Realm got a batch of rare materials produced in Boluo Realm. They want to trade for materials they need. Use Flaming Sun Island's network to help me handle this."

He put the spatial rings into Song Tingyu's hands and then gave her the list from the Ancient Beast Race.

"Thick Earth Topaz, ten-thousand year old Inkblood Lotus, Pure Firegold, ten-thousand year old Profound King Spirit Ginseng..."

Song Tingyu's fingers moved the spatial rings as she inspected the materials inside.

Her eyes gradually lit up, her chest shaking enticingly. "These things are almost not produced in the Land of Chaos. Each one is worth cities. All of these added together exceed fifty million Earth Grade spirit stones!"

"Heavens!" She shouted. "Flaming Sun Island sold hundreds of thousands of Blazing Profound Bombs in these three years, but our profit was only around twenty millions!"

"Fifty million? They're worth fifty million?" Qin Lie was shocked. "I thought they were worth like thirty?"

"Due to the invasion of the three great ghoul races, the prices of many materials that can help people quickly advance have increased. For example, the Inkblood Lotus and the Profound King Spirit Ginseng, the Pure Firegold, these are all rare things used to create Soul Altars." Song Tingyu rolled her eyes at him and said, "You left for three years, naturally you wouldn't know that many things in the Land of Chaos had changed due to the invasion of the ghouls. The higher rank the material, the more astounding its present price. The low ranking materials have dropped in price because no one wants them."

"The materials that the Ancient Beast Race needs are low ranking..." Qin Lie pointed at the list.

Song Tingyu glanced and immediately giggled. "How come the Ancient Beast Race needs such ordinary materials? Low-level medicines like the Ice Stalk Grass are ones that even Black Iron rank forces would not purchase."

"But Boluo Realm doesn't have them," Qin Lie explained.

Song Tingyu immediately understood. "So that's how it is."

She looked seriously at the lists. After a while, she said, "Just thirty batches of the spirit materials on this list?"

"Yes, I promised the Ancient Beast Race thirty batches." Qin Lie nodded.

Song Tingyu's eyes suddenly flashed with light, her face flushing as she said excitedly, "Do you know how many spirit stones we will gain with just this transaction?"

"How much?"

"About thirty million! The profit of Flaming Sun Island for three years cannot match your one transaction!" Song Tingyu's eyes were glittering, as if she had stars in them.

"Thirty million..." Qin Lie took a deep breath as his eyes turned hot. "One or two years of Silver rank force income should be about so?"

"Probably not." Song Tingyu laughed. "According to what I know, Illusory Demon Sect and the three families do not have even ten thousand Earth Grade spirit stones of annual income. Only Terminator Sect, Celestial Artifact Sect, Black Voodoo Cult, these old Silver rank forces would have such high income due to their strong foundations."

"This is just one transaction with the Ancient Beast Race!" Qin Lie became excited. "After this one succeeds, there will be more in the future. Also, it doesn't just have to be the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race and the Black Jail Race also desire to trade for Spirit Realm's materials through us!"

"If that's true, in a few years, won't we become the wealthiest force in the Land of Chaos!? We have a dozen Nirvana Realm experts, and five million spirit stones is enough to support a martial practitioner’s ascension to the Imperishable Realm!" Song Tingyu said ambitiously.

Qin Lie also had an excited expression.

He knew the reason why Gold rank forces in Spirit Realm's Central World had so many powerful martial practitioners was connected to their astounding wealth.

Martial practitioners, starting from the Refinement Realm, needed to rely on all kinds of spirit pills, spirit materials, spirit artifacts, and spirit stones.

If two people with the same talent, one with endless supply of spirit materials, the other without it, were to compete, the former’s cultivation would be many times faster.

Once a martial practitioner reached the late stage of the Nirvana Realm and was about to advance to the Imperishable Realm, the amount of spirit materials they needed was astounding.

For unaffiliated cultivators such as Tan Miao, because they could not gather enough spirit materials, they were stuck at the late stage of the Nirvana Realm.

Starting from the Imperishable Realm, with every subsequent level of the Soul Altar, the amount of spirit materials needed would increase exponentially.

Sometimes even tenfold!

Without subordinate forces and their tributes, without a truly powerful force, countless mines and territories, one could not provide the spirit materials needed for top martial practitioners to cultivate.

Each force that wanted to dominate had to accumulate enough wealth. Otherwise, their subordinates would not be willing to work for them.

"The reason the Gold rank forces in the Central World expand to unknown realms must be to get more worldly treasures." Song Tingyu sighed. "Just a Boluo Realm's Ancient Beast Race could produce so many rare spirit materials in such a short time. This means that the world outside has unimaginable wonders and astounding wealth."

"As long as we are careful, in one hundred and fifty years, Boluo Realm will become our private realm." Qin Lie shouted.

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