Chapter 909: Return

Chapter 909: Return

Soul Summoning Island.

Several thousand Dark Shadow clansmen passed through the secret realm entrance and gathered in front of the obsidian palace under Luz and Eddie’s guidance.


A flash of lightning later, Qin Lie became the last person to return to Spirit Realm. He stood among the Dark Shadow clansmen.

Right now, it was also nighttime in the Land of Chaos.

The cold moon above the sky shone brightly with silver light and illuminated the land.

“What fresh air!”

“The world spirit energy here is very pure, it should be pretty suitable to grow plants from Nether Realm. This is a good place!”

There’s a stretch of land to the southern side of the island that’s planted with many Nether Realm plants. We can use the nether demonic energy over there and cultivate right now!”

“We finally escaped that terrible hell that is Boluo Realm!”

A lot of Dark Shadow clansmen revealed indescribably excited expressions on their faces the moment they arrived at Soul Summoning Island.

Qin Lie looked at those Dark Shadow clansmen before observing his surroundings. He discovered that the obsidian palace seemed to be overgrown with weeds. It seemed like no one was living nearby.

“Someone’s coming.” Luz’s eyebrows moved before a trace of gladness fleeted across his eyes. “It is a clansman of the Ghost Eye Race.”

“La Pu!” Qin Lie looked moved.

As expected, a figure covered in thick nether demonic energy flew over from the distance.

“The Dark Shadow Race! So many Dark Shadow clansmen!” La Pu yelled even when he was still far, far away from the obsidian place.

“A Ghost Eye clansman! A Ghost Eye clansman with eight eyes no less!” Eddie looked excited.

“It’s me.” Qin Lie laughed loudly and said.

La Pu was pleasantly surprised to hear Qin Lie’s voice. He couldn’t help but let out a long howl before flying straight towards Qin Lie.

At the same time, the fourteen evil dragons at Soul Summoning Island had flown over in a hurry with Gilbert at the front.

“These are evil dragons,” Yuria said in astonishment.

“It’s been three years. You’ve finally returned to the Land of Chaos!” La Pu said excitedly before casting another glance at the Dark Shadow clansmen. He said, “Have you gone to Nether Realm or something?”

“No.” Qin Lie shook his head smilingly before introducing Luz to La Pu, “This person here is senior Luz. He used to be the chief commander of the Dark Shadow Race…”

“You’re Lord Luz? I’ve heard of your accomplishments before!” La Pu exclaimed.

Luz gave him a smile.

The Horned Demon Race, Dark Shadow Race, and Ghost Eye Race were the three strongest races of Nether Realm. For many years, they had close relations with one another and worked together to fight against Sky Mender Palace three thousand years ago.

The top experts of the three great Nether Realm races were famous in Nether Realm. As one of the six chief commanders of the Dark Shadow Race, Luz’s reputation still preceded him even though three thousand years had passed.

Luz’s mind was set at ease when he saw La Pu of the Ghost Eye Race living at this island.

Before this, he wasn’t one hundred percent trustful of Qin Lie’s identity.

It was only after he saw a Nether Realm clansman that he finally believed his claims.

“Where’s Senior Tate?” Qin Lie asked further.

“Tate is not at the Soul Summoning Island right now, but he had left behind a method to contact him. I’ll inform him about this later,” La Pu hurriedly said. “Not long after you left, Li Mu, Duan Qianjie, and Tate had departed from Soul Summoning Island one after another. For the past three years, Flaming Sun Island’s Miss Song and Miss Tang were the only ones who occasionally visited this place. Besides that, the evil dragons and I are the only ones who stay here for extended periods of time.”

“Three years… before I knew it, three years have passed,” Qin Lie whispered to himself.

“What is the plan for our clansmen?” Luz asked carelessly.

“Soul Summoning Island can accommodate a number of them. Besides that, the Seven Eye Island I used to live in can accommodate them as well.” La Pu took this matter into his own hands and explained to Luz, “I’ve planted many Nether Realm plants on Seven Eye Island, and there are Demon Armor Insects in that place too. The nether demonic energy on that island will not be lacking. On Soul Summoning Island, I’ve also developed a land with rich nether demonic energy that can be used for cultivation.”

“Eddie, go with him and help settle down our clansmen. I need to recover my strength as soon as possible.” Luz nodded before speaking to Qin Lie, “Please take good care of my clansmen. We’ve not returned to Spirit Realm for far too long, and we are very unfamiliar with this place.”

“No problem.” Qin Lie promised cheerfully.

After that, a number of Dark Shadow clansmen obeyed La Pu and Eddie’s arrangements and silently headed toward Seven Eye Island under the cover of the night.

Meanwhile, Luz, Eddie, Yuria, and other martial practitioners of higher realms stayed in the area with rich nether demonic energy La Pu lived in under his own request.

The evil dragons led by Gilbert arrived early to the scene, but didn’t disturb Qin Lie after seeing how busy he was.

Once the Dark Shadow clansmen were properly arranged, Qin Lie conversed with Gilbert for a little while before departing hastily with La Pu.

He took the spatial rings containing the Ancient Beast Race’s rare spirit materials with him. While maintaining the disguise of Yao Tian, he easily reached Evil Infant Island under La Pu’s guidance.

He didn’t plan to reveal himself until he had figured out the general situation of the Land of Chaos.

La Pu had grown familiar with these Flaming Sun Island martial practitioners who were stationed on Evil Infant Island since a few years ago. They were able to teleport directly to Flaming Sun Island through the large-sized spatial teleportation formation in a short time.

“I want to see Miss Song.” La Pu immediately expressed his intent the moment he arrived at Flaming Sun Island.

“I’ll arrange it right away!” Ge Rongguang was around the area, so he immediately acted when he heard that La Pu had personally come to Flaming Sun Island.

He knew that La Pu had been living at Soul Summoning Island all this time. He also knew that Song Tingyu had instructed that all meeting requests from La Pu were to be reported to her at first notice.

While Ge Rongguang went away to report to Song Tingyu, Qin Lie was observing Flaming Sun Island. He discovered that there was no longer any empty land on Flaming Sun Island.

Grand palaces had filled the entire Flaming Sun Island like trees in a forest.

Qin Lie felt tiny as he stood at the center of this forest of buildings. When he spread out his soul consciousness and scanned around for a bit, he discovered that there were at least tens of thousands of martial practitioners inhabiting Flaming Sun Island.

Moreover, there were almost one thousand Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners among them!

While he was scanning his surroundings, wisps of soul tendrils flew out of the palaces and scanned him in return.

He immediately realized that the owners of these soul tendril must have possessed greater cultivations than him. They were probably all Nirvana Realm experts.

“Nine of them. There are actually nine Nirvana Realm experts in this place!” He grew more and more astonished.

This was just Flaming Sun Island.

He knew very well that there had to be high rank martial practitioners living in Gray Island and Blood Island too.

This meant that Flaming Sun Island’s strength had climbed to a new level in just three years’ time.

“Miss Song requests your presence!” Ge Rongguang quickly returned.

And so Qin Lie, still in the disguise of Yao Tian, and La Pu followed behind Ge Rongguang and headed towards the palace Song Tingyu was living in.

When the door was open, La Pu stood still and didn’t move from his spot. He only allowed Qin Lie to walk in.

Ge Rongguang looked somewhat surprised.

La Pu tugged at the corners of his mouth and gave him an extraordinarily ugly smile, saying, “He is the one Miss Song truly wishes to see.”

For the past few years, while Song Tingyu was bored and idle, she would go to Soul Summoning Island and stay in the low buildings behind the obsidian palace for several days.

La Pu would often accompany her for an idle chat or two.

La Pu didn’t hide the truth completely because he knew that Ge Rongguang was Song Tingyu’s trusted aide. He vaguely hinted at Qin Lie’s true identity.

Ge Rongguang looked confused for a moment before the answer suddenly came to him. A shudder later, he immediately wanted to perform a half-kneel salute before Qin Lie.

“It’s okay.” Qin Lie stopped him with a wave of his hand. Then, he pushed the door and entered Song Tingyu’s palace under Ge Rongguang’s revering gaze.

He easily made his way through the familiar place and reached the topmost, widest and most luxurious floor of the palace.

“Finally willing to come back?”

Before he could react, a sweet smell rushed towards his face. Then, he discovered that an alluring figure had slipped into his bosom.

In the next moment, Song Tingyu passionately pressed her wet, red lips against his own.

Qin Lie immediately held up her ample, fiery body and brought her to the familiar bed without wasting another word.

They clung to each other like they would die if they were to separate.


A long, long time later, the one man and woman held onto each other and spilled all their thoughts to one another while naked.

“I went to Boluo Realm. There are three suns during the day, and nine moons during the night. A day and a night in Boluo Realm is equal to one month in Spirit Realm. Over there, I met the Dark Shadow Race…”

Qin Lie slowly told Song Tingyu about his experience in Boluo Realm.

“It is only through Hua Yuchi that I learned that… my father is named Qin Hao, and my grandfather is named Qin Shan. The Qin Family used to be one of the greatest Gold rank forces to have ever existed in the Central World of Spirit Realm! My grandfather was the greatest artificer in Spirit Realm, and my father carried the Qin Family to hegemony in the Central World. But I… wasn’t good enough. Not only did I fail to win glory for my family, I even became the key to the Qin Family’s downfall.”

“I was even killed by a bitch’s plot…”

Qin Lie looked bitter. He didn’t hide a single word that Hua Yuchi told him about himself.

“I don’t care who you were in the past. I only care that you are my man now.” Song Tingyu held onto him tightly. “I don’t care what happens in the future either. I only want you to remember that I will always be by your side.”

Qin Lie inhaled deeply and held onto her hand, saying, “I will go back to the Central World and prove my worth one day!”

“And I hope that I will always be by your side.”

“How are things in the Land of Chaos?”

“The Land of Chaos in in great trouble! Since Terminator Sect refrained from fighting against the three great ghoul races, they have smartly chosen not to cause trouble for Terminator Sect Instead, they have set their sights on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, the Heavenly Calamity Continent and the Heavenly Fissure Continent.”

Song Tingyu explained the general situation of the Land of Chaos.

“The three great families have evacuated from the Heavenly Calamity Continent and merged with Black Voodoo Cult.”

“Illusory Demon Sect’s headquarters had been destroyed. Ji Qingpeng and Yu Tong were killed in action, while Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan are currently fleeing. Their whereabouts are unknown.”

“Yu Lingwei had come to the Setting Sun Islands with a group of Illusory Demon Sect disciples. She had no choice but to seek asylum in Blood Fiend Sect.”

“Bhutto of the Heaven Ghoul Race has recently participated in the invasion of the Heavenly Fissure Continent’s Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. According to our intel, Bhutto has successfully reforged the fourth level of his Soul Altar and regained his strength as an early stage Void Realm expert. Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain are likely to follow Illusory Demon Sect to the grave.”

Most of the three great ghoul races’ clansmen had regained their peak strength after killing a great number of human martial practitioners.”

“Judging from how things were going lately, it won’t take long before the nine great Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos are eliminated by the three great ghouls race one after another.”

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