Chapter 908: Two Drops of Blood

Chapter 908: Two Drops of Blood

“This is the place.”

Qin Lie led Teng Yuan and the others to the stone cave where the secret realm entrance was and pointed at a stone wall, saying, “The secret realm entrance is powered by void worms, but every time the void worms activate it they need one Spirit Realm year, or twelve days of Boluo Realm, to recover their energy.”

“So you mean you can only deliver us the spirit materials we need in twelve days?” Teng Yuan frowned.

“Mn. It’ll take twelve days at minimum.” Qin Lie nodded.

Right now, Luz, Eddie, Yuria and the other Dark Shadow clan elders were gathered at the same place too.

A terrifying smile suddenly appeared on Luz’s face. “I know the void worms. These strange bugs need to absorb powerful blood and energy to recover their strength. If they are nourished with blood and energy that are especially compatible with them, they’ll be able to recover quickly and reproduce at an insane rate.”

Qin Lie looked astonished. “Reproduce at an insane rate?”

“Nivitt, do you want to use the secret realm entrance anytime you like?” Luz asked.

“Of course,” Nivitt answered.

“A single drop of your blood can cause the void worms in this place to reproduce to three to five times their original number. This way, the secret realm entrance can be maintained for at least half a year’s time, and when I say half a year, I mean half a year in Boluo Realm!” Luz exclaimed.

“Why do you need my blood?” Nivitt’s face darkened as he turned to look at the rank nine Vermillion Bird and Teng Yuan. He snorted. “Wouldn’t their blood work too?”

Teng Yuan and the rank nine Vermillion Bird turned their heads away as if they hadn’t noticed the unusually ugly look on Nivitt’s face.

“I am certain that your blood is more suitable for the void worms.” Luz chuckled.

Nivitt’s expression turned even uglier. “I’m not in a hurry anyway, so let’s just wait for another twelve days.”

The unperturbed Teng Yuan and rank nine Vermillion Bird hastily worked to change his mind when they saw that he was unwilling to go through with the trade.

“Don’t be like this, Nivitt, you know that everyone needs those spirit materials a lot. It’s even thirty times the amount we originally predicted! These spirit materials can sustain us for a very long time, don’t you think?” Teng Yuan said smilingly.

“The war is about to start very soon. If that batch of spirit materials comes sooner, we’ll be able to increase our strength by a lot. Plus… the Black Jail Race and Giant Race will be borrowing this secret realm entrance too,” The rank nine Vermillion Bird said.

“But why my blood?” Nivitt scowled while spitting his forked tongue. “It’s not easy for me to refine a drop of refined blood!”

“How about this. You can take forty percent off the first batch of spirit materials that arrive, while the two of us share thirty percent each! What do you say?” Teng Yuan offered reluctantly.

“What do you say?” Nivitt looked at the Vermillion Bird.

The Vermillion Bird also nodded with a pained look on her face.

“Now that’s more like it.” Nivitt reluctantly agreed to the deal.

“The secret realm entrance at Boluo Realm will use up a drop of blood, but… we also need another drop of blood for the entrance on the side of Spirit Realm,” Luz added.

Nivitt nearly went insane as murder flashed through his pupils. “Luz! Are you trying to take revenge for last time?”

“I’m just thinking on your behalf.” Luz curled his lips.

“Two drops! And not another drop!” Nivitt screamed.

“Mn, two drops are sufficient.” Luz hastily answered.

And so, Nivitt forced out two drops of half translucent, amber colored blood from his fingertip. They were dripped into a crystalline container.

Qin Lie’s mouth suddenly felt a little dry when the two drops of blood hadn’t dripped into the crystalline container yet.

The Blaze Family bloodline in his body started boiling up of its own accord.

But after the two drops of blood had entered the container, the bloodline in his body quickly cooled once more.

“Now, please leave this place for a moment, you three. I will be activating the secret realm entrance using a secret art of Nether Realm, and I would prefer not to reveal it to outsiders. After the preparations are over, a true, stable passage that connects to Spirit Realm will be formed. You may use it without worry after everything’s done,” Luz said seriously.

“You have fifteen minutes.” Nivitt snorted coldly and passed the two containers to Luz with a bit of reluctance. Then, he left the place along with Teng Yuan and the Vermillion Bird.

When the three leaders of the Ancient Beast Race had left, Qin Lie and the Dark Shadow Race branch elders such as Eddie and Yuria were the only ones left in the cave.

“Keep these two refined blood drops of Nivitt with you. They’ll be very beneficial to the growth of your bloodline.” Suddenly, Luz passed both crystalline containers to Qin Lie. “A drop of refined blood from a rank nine Silver Streak Heavenly Snake is at least worth tens of millions or Earth Grade spirit stone at the Central World of Spirit Realm! It is also a priceless treasure!”

“Nivitt’s blood does seem beneficial to my bloodline!” Qin Lie exclaimed softly.

“It’s not just you. The refined blood of a rank nine Silver Streak Heavenly Snake can speed up growth of many ancient bloodlines.” Luz chuckled strangely.

“If Nivitt realizes that the void worms around the secret realm entrance haven’t reproduced… what do we do then?” Qin Lie felt worried.

“Relax, there are plenty of ways to multiply the void worms’ number in a short time, and I just happened to have one with me right now.” Luz chuckled cunningly. “That giant snake caused me quite a bit of misery in these years, so there’s no way I’m holding back from such a perfect opportunity to screw him out of two drops of refined blood!”

Eddie, Yuria, and the others laughed in response.

They knew their chief commander well. Luz was a person who always repaid vengeance with vengeance, and he was cunning and cruel since a long time ago. He very seldom took losses when he fought.

When the Dark Shadow Race first entered Boluo Realm, Luz had engaged Nivitt several times in battle. At first, Luz had had the upper hand during the first few battles. However, Luz was unable to replenish his lost strength. That was why he suffered defeat over time.

During their final bloody battle, Luz had actually returned from the battlefield while covered in blood. It seemed like he was bitten several times by Nivitt.

Luz had never forgotten about this grudge.

Today they was about to return to Spirit Realm, but he ultimately found an opportunity to screw Nivitt over and force him to spit out two drops of refined blood.

Now their score was more or less settled.

“What are the spatial coordinates to the other secret realm entrance in Spirit Realm?” Luz asked.

Qin Lie repeated the spatial coordinate Tate had told him to memorize carefully before he left. After listening carefully and jotting down the coordinates, Luz pressed a hand against the stone wall.

Ripples of dark green light spread out from Luz’s palm. Countless ancient nether realm runes flashed into existence.

They looked as brilliant as stars.

Many exquisite patterns appeared on the smooth stone wall. The void worms that looked like they were in hibernation slowly stretched their tiny bodies and awakened from their slumber.

Luz’s other hand pulled out many stinking blood droplets from his spatial ring.

These blood droplets came from all kinds of rank eight spirit beasts. They also contained a tremendous amount of blood and energy fluctuations.

Every void worm on the wall suddenly burst into action and devoured the blood droplets madly the second they sensed the thick blood stench.

After the void worms were done consuming the blood, they immediately swelled up and underwent a division.

The split, tinier void worms immediately grew bigger and discharged a great amount of spatial energy.

Almost at the same time, a shiny secret realm entrance appeared on the smooth wall.

“The void worms will twist the spatial energy around and cause all the blood and energy to disperse into the gaps between space, so even if Nivitt appears later he will not be able to detect anything.” Luz let out a low, sinister chuckle before saying, “That being said, that Teng Yuan might be able to sense something, so I shall leave first just in case he actually finds out.”

Once he said this, Luz stepped into the secret realm entrance first and vanished in an instant.

“Tell our clansmen to enter swiftly!” Eddie yelled.

Yuria hurriedly beckon their clansmen from outside.

And so the queuing Dark Shadow clansmen walked along the newly dug tunnels and entered the stone cave while it was still night.

Meanwhile, some Dark Shadow clansmen put the spirit materials delivered over by the Ancient Beast Race into their spatial rings and passed through the secret realm entrance too.

Qin Lie hastily put away the two crystalline containers that held two drops of Nivitt’s blood too.

In just fifteen minutes’ time, more than five thousand Dark Shadow clansmen had passed through the secret realm entrance with incredible efficiency.

When Nivitt, Teng Yuan, and the rank nine Vermillion Bird came back, Qin Lie was the only one left in the cave.

Nivitt sniffed the void worms with his winged nose with a puzzled look on his face. He didn’t look sure if Luz had used his refined blood on the stone wall.

“Kid, now that the secret realm entrance can be used at any moment, how long will it take you to deliver us those spirit materials?” Teng Yuan asked.

Qin Lie looked outside the cave.

Right now, the eighth moon of Boluo Realm was just rising to the sky.

“When the next night arrives, and the nine moons hang on the sky, the ascension spirit materials you desperately lack should fill up this mountain valley.” Qin Lie promised.

The trio’s eyes lit up when they heard this.

“Until next time.” Qin Lie turned around and entered the secret realm entrance.

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