Chapter 906: Fair Trade

Chapter 906: Fair Trade

When Nivitt turned into a brawny human and arrived casually before the group, he immediately turned to look at Luz.

“It’s been three thousand years, but you still have half of your strength with you. You must’ve sealed yourself using some secret art, didn’t you?”

“Boluo Realm is ultimately not suitable for us.” Luz looked calm.

Nivitt nodded. “You and your clan should’ve returned to Spirit Realm sooner. In fact, you shouldn’t have stayed in Boluo Realm and fought against us three thousand years ago. You wouldn’t have turned out this way otherwise.”

“We didn’t have a choice.” Luz’s pupils looked deep. “Had we gone back to Spirit Realm back then, we would have faced… the destruction of our entire race.”


A fiery light flew over from the distance. It transformed into a woman clad in fiery red robes beside Nivitt.

“A rank nine Vermillion Bird…” Yuan Wenzhi’s expression changed slightly.

“Why are you still here, Barett?” The rank nine Vermillion Bird immediately started shooing them after she landed. “You’ve been obedient, and you’ve delivered these Dark Shadow clansmen to us as promised. Therefore, we will forget that you’ve accommodated them in the first place. However, you are also no longer welcomed in this place, so please take your demon dragons with you and leave immediately.”

Barett let out a snort. He was about to leave with the demon dragons without another word.

Yuan Wenzhi looked at Qin Lie with a slightly complicated expression on his face. He looked like he was hoping for something.

He hoped that Qin Lie would request for him to stay.

“Please go back first; I’ll make arrangements for you all later. I should be returning to Boluo Realm,” Qin Lie said.

Yuan Wenzhi nodded to indicate that he understood.

“Brother Yao?” Hua Yuchi asked softly.

“You should return with Demon Dragon Race for now too. When I return to Boluo Realm, I will make all necessary arrangements,” Qin Lie said.

Left with no choice, Hua Yuchi could only accept this outcome. “Alright. I hope that you’ll… return soon.”

“Mn.” Qin Lie promised him.

And so, the Demon Dragon Race, the Yuan Family, and Hua Yuchi’s group took to the sky once more.

They immediately went on the return journey after delivering the Dark Shadow clansmen over through the night.

It was only after they departed that Teng Yuan appeared smilingly. “The Ancient Beast Race has made its decision. We are willing to build a trade channel with your Land of Chaos. Men!”

Teng Yuan ordered.

Many large Ancient Beasts abruptly appeared from the distant forests, valleys, lakes and rivers.

These Ancient Beasts were either dozens of meters tall or hundreds of meters long.

There were rank six Fire Crow Kings and Silver Snakes of Profound Ice, rank seven Hornless Dragons and Deep Sea Water Dragon Kings, rank eight Fire Qilins, and Ice Armored Giant Lizards...

Hundreds of Ancient Beasts showed up in grandiose fashion. They were all carrying spirit materials that were produced in Boluo Realm.

There were Sunflame Stones, Cold Moon Frost Crystals, Earth Magnets, Earth Spirit Essence, Thick Earth Topaz, ten-thousand year old Inkblood Lotuses, Pure Firegold, ten-thousand year old Profound King Spirit Ginseng, Fire Spirit Fruit… these were all rare spirit materials that were unique to Boluo Realm. They all piled up in front of Qin Lie.

Burning desire appeared in Qin Lie’s eyes.

All of these Boluo Realm spirit materials were rare and priceless in Spirit Realm.

The spirit materials that were produced in a harsh environment with three suns and nine moons like Boluo Realm could never be produced in Spirit Realm.

For example, the Cold Moon Frost Crystal was a Heaven Grade Five spirit material. He knew that it could be used to restore even the power of his Moon Tear. To the disciples who cultivated moon energy at Moon Worshipping Palace at the Land of Chaos, every Cold Moon Frost Crystal was a priceless treasure.

The Earth Spirit Essence and Thick Earth Topazes were Heaven Grade spirit materials too. They too were precious treasures that martial practitioners who cultivated the power of the earth yearned for even in their dreams.

As for the ten-thousand year old Inkblood Lotus, ten-thousand year old Profound King Spirit Ginseng, and Fire Spirit Fruit, they were all main materials of Heaven Grade pills. Each one of them could probably be sold for millions of Earth Grade spirit stones in the Land of Chaos.

But right now, a literal hill of these precious spirit materials were piled before his eyes.

“What… do you wish to trade for with these things? Spirit stones or spirit materials?” Qin Lie asked in astonishment.

“We wish to trade them for spirit materials!” Nivitt inhaled deeply before passing over a paper to Qin Lie. He looked at him with a bit of anxiety. “These are the spirit materials that we desperately lack right now.”

When Qin Lie accepted the paper and read the list of spirit materials written in the common tongue, a strange expression suddenly colored his face.

“Heavenly Cloud Crystals, Dragon Bone Jades, Aurora Stones, Thunder Sand Jades, Ice Stalk Grass, Starfire Crystals, Profound Sage Grass, Blood Essence Stone…”

A large majority of the spirit materials listed on Nivitt’s paper were incredibly common items in Spirit Realm. This was especially true for spirit materials such as Ice Stalk Grass, Starfire Crystals and Thunder Sand Jades. They were all low grade spirit materials in Spirit Realm.

Even the extreme few spirit materials that were rarely seen in Spirit Realm could be easily traded from the foreign races at the Ruined Lands.

In Qin Lie’s opinion, the total value of the spirit materials listed by Nivitt probably wasn’t worth even one ten-thousand year old Inkblood Lotus.

However, the number of rare spirit materials the Ancient Beast Race had carried over was massive. For examples, there were seven Inkblood Lotuses among the spirit materials they brought over!

Each of these Inkblood Lotuses could sell for millions of spirit stones at Spirit Realm!

If he were to sum it up with the rest of the spirit materials presented before him, he calculated that their total value in Spirit Realm probably exceeded thirty million spirit stones!

And yet, the sum of every spirit material Nivitt listed in the paper didn’t even exceed one million spirit stone!

“What’s wrong? Is it still not enough?” Nivitt looked a little uncomfortable since Qin Lie hadn’t spoken up for a very long time. He said, “If this still isn’t enough, we can gather ten times this amount if you’re willing to give us a bit of time to prepare. There was little time between the end of our discussion and laying down the order to our people to excavate these spirit materials, so… things were a little rushed, so to speak.”

The rank nine Vermillion Bird and even Teng Yuan grew worried at Qin Lie’s lack of response.

They hadn’t returned to Spirit Realm for tens of thousands of years. They had no idea what Spirit Realm was like right now.

The spirit materials they listed didn’t exist in Boluo Realm at all. The only way they could get them was to trade them from the worlds beyond.

In the past, they had traded these types of spirit materials from Lunar Temple and Sun Palace.

They had prepared these spirit materials according to the price set up by Sun Palace and Lunar Temple.

This also meant… that they had traded this many precious spirit materials away for just that list of spirit materials from Sun Palace and Lunar Temple all this time.

Every time they traded, Sun Palace and Lunar Temple wouldn’t stop jabbering on and on to make greater demands from them.

Moreover, the second they grew unfriendly towards the Flame Race and Serene Moon Race, Sun Palace and Lunar Temple immediately stopped all trades with them.

“Boy, is this acceptable or not? Can you say something already?!” The rank nine Vermillion Bird said impatiently.

Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath before grabbing an Inkblood Lotus from the pile of spirit materials they gathered. Then, he told the trio, “The total value of all the spirit materials you’ve listed… is only worth this Inkblood Lotus.”

“WHAT!?” Nivitt screamed.

Flames literally shot out of the rank nine Vermillion Bird’s eyes.

Teng Yuan’s expression also turned incredibly odd as he said, “You mean that this one Inkblood Lotus can exchange for everything on this list?”

“That is what I mean.” Qin Lie nodded and said, “The spirit materials you’ve gathered here is worth more than thirty million spirit stones in Spirit Realm. Therefore, you should’ve been able to trade at least thirty times the amount of spirit materials on this list!”

“Sun Palace and Lunar Temple really screwed us over!” Nivitt was jumping in absolute fury.

“What? Did you… seriously trade with Sun Palace and Lunar Temple at this price in the past?” Qin Lie wasn’t sure if he should laugh or cry on their behalf.

Teng Yuan’s face was dark. “That is the price given to us by Sun Palace and Lunar Temple.”

“In that case I’ll have to agree that they’ve really, really screwed you over.” Qin Lie looked utterly sympathetic.

“Boy, if you really can trade us thirty times the amount of spirit materials on this list, from hereon… we agree to let you take a ten percent commission for every trade we conduct now and in the future.”

“Ten percent is three million spirit stones. Mn, this is a very profitable trade.” Qin Lie grinned and laughed loudly in response. Then, he changed the subject and told Teng Yuan, “Old Teng, I have a force in the Land of Chaos that is made up of artificers; they’re capable of forging spirit artifacts of all sorts of attributes. I can allow the Ancient Beast clansmen to head over and forge a spirit artifact that’s tailor made for them. We can forge even Earth Grade and Heaven Grade spirit artifacts. Moreover, the Blazing Profound Bombs I used to blast Sun Palace and Lunar Temple is my force’s unique product. We can sell them to you just the same.”

“You’re selling that thing too?” Teng Yuan let out an odd yell.

He knew just how terrifying the Blazing Profound Bombs were. If the Ancient Beast Race could obtain a large sum of Blazing Profound Bombs, their conquest of the various races in Boluo Realm would become incredibly easy.

“Sure we do! We sell everything at our place!” Qin Lie said affirmatively.

“Let’s leave it like this for now. The next time we trade, we’ll prepare ten times the amount of spirit materials there is now!” Teng Yuan’s eyes were shining.

“Alright!” Qin Lie’s eyes were also shining brightly.

It was at this moment Qin Lie finally understood why the great Gold rank forces would risk even their lives to conquer other realms.

It was because an unknown realm was like a mountain of treasures!

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