Chapter 905: Return Journey

Chapter 905: Return Journey

Ancient Beast Race’s domain.

Teng Yuan and the rank nine Vermillion Bird were waiting at a valley filled with white bones. A while later, a giant snake thousands of meters long slithered over from a faraway forest.

When the giant snake was still several hundred meters away from the valley, it lifted its head high as dark blue energy ran along its body like electricity.

His gigantic frame shrank bit by bit.

A dozen or so seconds later, the giant snake disappeared. A brawny middle-aged man covered in snake patterns strode over.

“Nivitt, you’re late,” Teng Yuan said lazily.

“I just came back from the Asura Race.” Nivitt grinned as a scarlet forked tongue darted around inside his throat like a bolt of scarlet lightning. “Those Asura Race guys have been doing a lot of things near my territory as of late, so I went into their territory and destroyed six of their clans as retaliation. It feels so good!”

“For the next one hundred years or so, we’ll have room to take bigger actions and retake our lost territories bit by bit!” The rank nine Vermillion Bird said.

Teng Yuan narrowed his eyes and chuckled. “Let’s talk about serious business.”

Nivitt and the rank nine Vermillion Bird stopped their chatter and turned serious.

“That little guy with the God Race’s blood wishes to preserve the final secret realm entrance and build a long term trade with our Ancient Beast Race. What do you both think?” Teng Yuan asked.

Nivitt and the rank nine Vermillion Bird’s eyes lit up. It was obvious that they were very interested in the suggestion.

“None of us are really rich despite governing large territory in Boluo Realm, and our wealth is definitely inferior to those living in the main world, Spirit Realm.” The rank nine Vermillion Bird thought for a moment before continuing, “Spirit Realm is the center of the universe, and it has gateways that connect to various large domains and secret realms. Nearly all cultivation spirit materials are present in Spirit Realm. The reason the Flame Race, the Serene Moon Race and the human race who travel to and fro between Spirit Realm and Boluo Realm were able to develop themselves and accumulate greater strength was because of their connection to Spirit Realm.”

Nivitt nodded strongly.

Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrances were opened up to the Flame Race, the Serene Moon Race, the Asura Race, the Demon Dragon Race, the Wood Race, and the Sea Race only most of the time because they shared a relationship with the six great human forces.

The Ancient Beast Race, Giant Race, and Black Jail Race were almost never allowed to use Sun Palace or Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrances. The requirements were stringent, and all kinds of limitations were imposed.

Only the clansmen of very low ranks who had paid a fee of spirit stones that was many times higher than the six races’ were allowed to use the secret realm entrances.

They all knew that Lunar Temple and Sun Palace had purposely imposed those restrictions on them so that they wouldn’t be able to trade for the spirit materials they desperately needed through the use of the secret realm entrance and increase their entire race’s overall strength.

Therefore, although Boluo Realm used to have Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrances, for these races, the Boluo Realm was standalone.

They knew very well just how useful a secret realm entrance that connected to Spirit Realm was to the races of Boluo Realm.

“A secret realm entrance that connects to Spirit Realm and can trade the ascension materials we lack is only beneficial to us.” The rank nine Vermillion Bird was very cautious. After a moment’s thought, she added, “However, we must guarantee our own safety first. If a super expert were to show up from Spirit Realm, it’ll be a nightmare for all of us.”

Teng Yuan smiled. “I’ve checked with the kid already. The Land of Chaos that God Race kid is from has no Void Realm experts at all.”

The rank nine Vermillion Bird’s eyes lit up.

“Moreover, he promised that he can hand us ownership of the secret realm entrance set up within our territory completely in the future!” Teng Yuan continued.

Nivitt grew excited. “Are you sure that he’s telling the truth?”

Teng Yuan nodded slightly.

“This is great!” Nivitt obviously looked very happy. “So in the future, whenever the Giant Race and Black Jail Race wish to borrow this secret realm entrance to exchange for ascension spirit materials they need, does it mean that they have to go through us?”

“It is as you say.” Teng Yuan smiled.

“As long as it’s safe, I have no reason to object,” The rank nine Vermillion Bird expressed.

“I agree!” shouted Nivitt.

And so the three authoritative figure of the Ancient Beast Race agreed mutually to form a link with the Land of Chaos.


Under the night sky, a dozen or so demon dragons flew towards the Ancient Beast Race’s territory like giant clouds.

Qin Lie, Luz, Eddie, and Yuria were sitting on top of one of the demon dragons.

“How is the Venerable One?” The Dark Shadow Race’s chief commander, Luz asked with obvious reverence on his face. “Three thousand years ago, the Venerable One had personally sent our clan to Boluo Realm from the Nether Continent. If the Venerable One hasn’t begged for mercy on our behalf, Sky Mender Palace wouldn’t have given up on pursuing us. The three great races of Nether Realm would’ve been slaughtered to the last, and all our descendants would’ve been enslaved for eternity or just wiped away from existence outright.”

“I don’t know if my grandfather is doing okay either.” Qin Lie smiled bitterly. “I was arranged by the Tate of the Horned Demon Race to come to Boluo Realm through a secret realm entrance at the Land of Chaos.”

“Tate? That guy is still alive?” Luz exclaimed.

“He’s doing very well right now.” After pondering for a moment, Qin Lie added, “The Nether Continent is no longer under lockdown, so if I’m not mistaken, a lot of powerful Nether Realm races’ clansmen have returned to Spirit Realm and live there.”

“This is all thanks to the Venerable One.” Luz sighed.

“After you’ve returned to Spirit Realm, I believe that Tate will arrange for you to return to the Nether Continent,” Qin Lie said.

“It is time to go home…” Luz muttered.

“Chief commander, I heard that the Qin Family today… is no longer as strong as it was before.” Eddie quietly informed Luz about the information he learned from Boluo Realm.

“Three thousand years ago, the Qin Family was one of the nine greatest Gold rank force at the Central World of Spirit Realm. The old patriarch was the number one artificer in the entire Spirit Realm, and I was fortunate enough to meet the new patriarch, Qin Hao, once. He is a true human hero that stands above all in the galaxy!” Luz said solemnly, “The Venerable One is still with us, and there is no proof that the new patriarch had perished in combat. Therefore, the Qin Family is still one of the nine greatest Gold rank force of Spirit Realm. I believe that the Venerable One has been acting in secret and gathering a new force somewhere. The Qin Family is sure to battle against the Gold rank forces of the Central World one day!”

“When that happens, the three great races of Nether Realm will become the strongest shield the Venerable One has!”

This was the promise Luz gave.

Qin Lie felt a rush of emotions as he listened to Luz’s words. He was also able to figure out the rough outline of his grandfather’s plans.

“I will give the Gold rank forces of the Central World a pleasant surprise during that war in the future! As for that Han Qian of Ninth Heaven, when I return to the Central World one day, I will have her kneel before me and kowtow in tears!” Qin Lie swore in his own mind.

While he was conversing with Luz of the Dark Shadow Race and others, the nine bright moons within the silver moon mark on his shoulder were continuously transmitting segments of secret techniques and spirit arts to his brain.

He passively accepted everything.

The process didn’t look like it would end anytime soon.

Moon Tear contained the Serene Moon Race’s nine great secret techniques and arts of inheritance. This knowledge was profound and vast, so it might take several days before they were all imprinted into his memories.


When the sixth moon appeared on Boluo Realm’s sky, the demon dragons carrying the Dark Shadow clansmen had flown deep into the Ancient Beast Race experts’ territory.

Barett didn’t let down his guard during their journey. He was afraid that some Ancient Beast Race experts might ambush them midway.

Yuan Wenzhi and the others looked cautious as well.

Surprisingly, despite flying for a long time, passing through the Ancient Beast Race’s vast territory and entering the domain of the high rank Ancient Beast clansmen, everything was quiet and peaceful.

Not a single powerful Ancient Beast had attacked them of their own volition.

Finally, they arrived at the peak of a clump of active volcanoes. Obeying Qin Lie’s guidance, they flew towards the secret realm entrance at the foot of the mountain.

“This is the place!” Luz also grew excited.

“Come down now!” Barett cried out.

The Dark Shadow clansmen began to walk down the demon dragons’ back under Eddie and Yuria’s command.

They stared at the unfamiliar land around them and felt a little bit worried. They had no idea what fate had in store for them.

“I’ve fought against the giant snake at the peak of the mountain at the front. The snake’s name is Nivitt, and he’s quite powerful. However… I narrowly defeated him back then.” Luz pointed at a mountain at the distance and spoke to the young clansmen, “It’s been three thousand years, so that Nivitt fellow must’ve grown more powerful. However, not only was I stuck in the same cultivation realm for three thousand years, I actually lost half of my strength. I’m probably not his match now.”

“I guess you’re not completely ignorant of your own situation.” A sharp howl rang from the distance.

Then, a giant snake that was several thousand meters long and looking like it could devour mountains slithered over.

When it arrived before Luz, it shrank its body until it took on a human form.


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