Chapter 904: Divine Artifact

Chapter 904: Divine Artifact

Qin Lie stood under the clear moonlight and looked around coldly.

The nine crescent scythes sliced towards the Serene Moon clansmen gathered nearby.

The heads and bodies of many Serene Moon clansmen separated. They were cut into pieces, their flesh and blood falling to the ground.

You Pu's eyes showed great grief and regret.

Luz, the clan elder of the Dark Shadow Race who had just woken up, glared with murderous intent at the Serene Moon Race, eager to kill them.

But Barett frowned and said, "Enough!"

He reached out to grab one of the moon energy scythes.


The moon ray that flew out of the silver moon mark actually left behind a long bloody wound on Barett's scale-covered left hand.

Barett's expression suddenly changed.

"This holy artifact of the Serene Moon Race most likely... has reached the level of Divine Grade spirit artifacts of Spirit Realm," Yuan Wenzhi exclaimed.

He knew how strong Barett's body was after millennia of refinement. The Moon Tear wielded by Qin Lie in the early stage of the Fragmentation Realm being able to wound Barett wasn’t because Qin Lie’s strength or control.

It had to be because the artifact was extremely sharp.

"Divine Grade spirit artifact!" Hua Yuchi shouted.

Hong Zhong and Fan Yongfu's eyes lit up. Their expressions when they looked at Qin Lie's nine moons became even more solemn.

Even in Central World of Spirit Realm, Divine Grade spirit artifacts... were in the hands of the top-tier Gold rank forces. They were well aware of the power a spirit artifact of the Divine Grade was capable of when used proficiently.

Divine Grade spirit artifacts were something that Gold rank forces and Genesis Realm experts would covet.

In their eyes, the artifact the Serene Moon Race called "Moon Tear" had to be at the level of Divine Grade spirit artifact.


Seeing Barett act, Qin Lie who had been in an excited state calmed down slightly.

His mind spun, summoning back the moon energy crescents from all directions.

The nine rays of pure moonlight moved into the silver moon mark and hung once again as moons at the core of the ancient compound diagram.

Mysterious characters describing nine great arts of the Serene Moon Race imprinted themselves onto his soul.

"You have already obtained many things from them." Barett stood beside the Serene Moon clansmen and said with a frown, "Also, the Moon Tear you have is the holy artifact of the Serene Moon Race. No matter what, there is a connection between you and the Serene Moon Race. This branch of the Serene Moon Race did not have an easy time surviving until now. After you leave, the Black Jail Race will not spare them. Don’t go overboard."

Barett asked for mercy.

He understood. Qin Lie could deal a devastating blow to the Serene Moon Race using the Moon Tear.

Right now, the ancient beast race, the Giant Race, and the Black Jail Race were the strongest forces of Boluo Realm. Even if Serene Moon Race didn't suffer a great loss this time, they would have a difficult time.

If Qin Lie killed all of the Serene Moon Race elites here, then Serene Moon Race would be exterminated by Black Jail Race.

This was not something Barett wanted to see.

“Alright, I will give you this." Qin Lie looked deeply at Barett and slowly flew back from where the Serene Moon clansmen were gathered.

When he passed You Yun, he stopped and grinned. He said, "You still want to capture me, torture me, take your holy artifact and extract the location of the secret realm entrance from my mind?"

You Yun's eyes were full of terror. She lowered her head and begged, "Please spare the Serene Moon Race."

After the nine moons were filled with moon power, they released a mysterious force and Qin Lie gave off a presence that could intimidate the Serene Moon clansmen.

In front of this power, You Yun could not muster up any resistance. She only wanted to kneel and submit.

This was the deep-rooted power the Serene Moon Race's holy artifact Moon Tear had over the Serene Moon clansmen.

"Behave." Snorting coldly, Qin Lie flew back onto the ground from where the Serene Moon clansmen had gathered.

"Yao Tian, this is the commander of the Dark Shadow Race, Lord Luz!" Eddie hurriedly introduced.

"Greetings, commander." Qin Lie bowed.

Luz looked deeply at Qin Lie. Through Eddie and Yuria's explanations, he knew Qin Lie's true identity. "The Dark Shadow Race and all the races of the Nether Realm will remember what you and the person behind you did for us!"

When this was said, Qin Lie immediately knew that Luz knew everything.

"Yes, we can speak about it when we return to Spirit Realm," Qin Lie said.

Luz nodded softly.

They ignored the Serene Moon clansmen present. As the demon dragons charged into the sky, the Dark Shadow clansmen who had lived in this place for long started their journey back home.

A long time later.

You Pu, You Yun, and the elders of Serene Moon Race weakly landed.

They landed where the Demon Dragon Race had previously been.

"He, he clearly is not a member of our Serene Moon Race, how can he control the holy artifact?" You Qianlan's head was low as she asked dispiritedly.

You Pu and the others had dark expressions. They felt a great sense of failure and didn't know what to say.

"The holy artifact subdues us. We must use other forces to kill this person and take back the holy artifact!" You Yun said with maliciousness on her face.


You Pu backhanded her.

"Elder?" You Yun was stunned.

"This is your fault!" You Pu bellowed, "I ordered you at the start to invite him back to the lands of the Serene Moon Race, not to offend him, not for you to capture him! You acted on your own and offended him, so we had to act with force!”

"I..." You Yun covered her red face, and felt extremely frustrated. When she decided to use force, she had asked You Pu for permission. He agreed.

Now, You Pu put all the blame on her as though he had never made a wrong decision.

"When we return, you will be imprisoned in the underground prison for nine years, not able to see moonlight!" You Pu snorted.

Not waiting for You Yun to argue, he took a deep breath and said, "The Moon Tear isn't just a holy artifact, it also contains our inherited spells, the best and most wondrous memories and secret arts of the Serene Moon Race. They are all in the Moon Tear!"

The Serene Moon clansmen were shocked to hear this, their eyes showing great desire.

"Against him... we cannot use force any longer. Qian Lan, Lin Jie, think hard for me, what can we do to reverse his impressions of the Serene Moon Race?" You Pu rubbed his chin, his eyes flashing as he said, "Power, beauty, rich resources, what else? What can persuade him? Anything in Serene Moon Race, you can give it to him! Even if we cannot get the Moon Tear back from him, at least he has to tell us the nine great secret arts and spells inside!"

"The nine great secret arts and spells are not only beneficial to the Serene Moon Race, they will also be of great benefit to Lunar Temple!"

Lin Jie and You Qianlan suddenly shook.

They knew that while the Serene Moon Race had bloodline power, they were not most ancient of races, so they didn’t have their own Chaos Blood Realm.

Without the Chaos Blood Realm, the members of a race like this could not obtain the secret arts and spells passed down through blood.

This branch of the Serene Moon Race that lived in Boluo Realm did not know all of the secret arts and spells when cultivating their bloodline power.

The best part of the inheritance had always been controlled by the leader of the Serene Moon Race who wielded the Moon Tear.

The members of the Serene Moon Race could only grow stronger and progress if they received the full inheritance.

This was also why You Pu was excited when he learned that Qin Lie obtained the Moon Tear. Moon Tear wasn't just an artifact.

"I will do my best to change his view on the Serene Moon Race!" Lin Jie said seriously.

"I will do my best!" You Qianlan swore inside.

"He will leave Boluo Realm soon. You need to come up with an idea quickly. If we can get the nine great secret arts and spells, the Serene Moon Race is willing sacrifice anything! Anything!"

"Any sacrifice..." Lin Jie's eyes were dark. She looked at You Qianlan and then thought of herself. Her lips turned bitter.

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