Chapter 903: Awakened Elder!

Chapter 903: Awakened Elder!

Looking at the moons inside his silver moon mark and the ninth moon not completely filled with moon power, Qin Lie burst into action.

He moved towards where the experts of the Serene Moon Race were gathered.

In front of him, You Pu, You Yun, You Qianlan and the others looked exhausted. Their moon energy had clearly been sucked away.

The remaining moon energy they had was suppressed by an invisible force when they were around Qin Lie, so they could not attack him.

This made them feel helpless.

"Move away!"

The old members of the Serene Moon Race had panicked expressions when they saw Qin Lie coming their way.

The Serene Moon clansmen frantically scattered like ghosts.

Qin Lie could not lock onto a target.

From inside the village at the base of the mountain, Barett, Eddie, and the others were dumbstruck as they watched Qin Lie pursuing the entire Serene Moon Race. It looked ridiculous.

A mere early stage Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner with the holy artifact of the Serene Moon Race was forcing the entire Serene Moon Race’s army into such a terrible state. The scene... seemed almost comedic.

You Pu and the others’ faces had evident embarrassment written all over them, yet their eyes were filled with flames of hatred.

But Qin Lie ignored it.

"Blood Escape!"

A bloody light surrounded him as his figure faded.


Behind a group of Serene Moon clansmen in the Nirvana and Imperishable Realms, a shadow flashed by, accompanied by a strange sound.

When the blood shadow appeared, the silver light followed, and disrupted the moon energy inside their bodies. The silvery light covered them all before they could react.

They felt the moon energy inside their bodies flow towards the silver moon mark on Qin Lie's shoulder.

Their eyes seemed to rapidly dim.

At this time, all the Serene Moon clansmen started to panic.

They found that their elders, their holy artifacts, and even the moon energy they so painstakingly worked to accumulate became disadvantages and openings against Qin Lie.

"The strongest of the five holy artifacts, Moon Tear… How is it so powerful?" Yuan Wenzhi was stunned.

Barett frowned and shook his head. He said, "The Serene Moon Race's class ranking is strict and unlike ours. Supposedly... the clan leader of the Serene Moon Race has the right to execute all members. This holy artifact is meant to be wielded by the clan leader, so it’s a level higher than other holy artifacts. It has ability to subdue them. The Moon Tear is capable of restraining even these clansmen who cultivate wondrous techniques. It has power to dominate the entire Serene Moon Race.”

"It's terrifying." Yuan Wenzhi sighed.

"Some races are like this. The clan leader possesses an unrivalled status. They have more power than the emperors of mortal realms," Barett said.

As the two spoke, a vast ancient aura came from the cave where the Dark Shadow Race was hiding in.

Barett suddenly turned his head around, his dragon eyes flashing with amazement.

All of the Dark Shadow clansmen were ecstatic as they turned back to look.

"Elder Luz is awake!"


"Clan elder has finally woken up!"

Many Dark Shadow clansmen gathered at the cavern entrance, excitement on their faces.

Many of the youths had bewildered expressions. They clearly did not who Luz was and asked around.

"We came from Spirit Realm into Boluo Realm under his leadership. At the beginning, the reason we remained undefeated against the Ancient Beast Race was because of him!" A slightly older Dark Shadow clansman explained to the children who had grown up in Boluo Realm. "The reason that we were able to come here when pursued by the Ancient Beast Race was due to his protection! Back in Spirit Realm, Luz was the Dark Shadow Race's commander. He even killed three of Sky Mender Palace's Void Realm experts."

Many Dark Shadow Race youths suddenly felt respect when they heard the narration.

"So it's him..." The eyes of the old person called Fan Yongfu next to Hua Yuchi flashed with shock.

"Uncle Fu, you know this Luz?" Hua Yuchi asked in a low voice.

Fan Yongfu nodded slightly and said in an extremely low voice, "This person was one of the six great commanders of the Dark Shadow Race back then. When we fought against the Dark Shadow Race, he was a hard bone to chew. Kou Ziping, now one of our twelve palace masters in Sky Mender Palace, fought this person three thousand years ago and suffered a considerable loss. Of course, Palace Master Kou is now at the peak of the Void Realm, just a step away from the Genesis Realm, he naturally is much stronger than this person."

"Kou Ziping wasn't a match for him in the past?" Hua Yuchi shouted.

Fan Yongfu's expression was slightly bitter. "Young Master, three thousand years ago when we fought against the three races of Nether Realm, we used all the power we had, but we achieved only a pyrrhic victory. Do not underestimate any branch of Nether Realm's three races!"

"Are they really so strong?" Hua Yuchi still didn't quite believe it.

"People have gradually forgotten the races of Nether Realm but three thousand years ago, they were one of the most terrifying ancient races!" Fan Yongfu thought and then said, "Also, among the races of the Nether Realm that we fought, the strongest of them, the Dark Nether Race, was not present! The Dark Nether clansmen are the true royalty of Nether Realm. They are the true rulers who the Horned Demon Race, the Ghost Eye Race, and the Dark Shadow Race need to listen to!"

"Then why did the Dark Nether Race not fight?" Hua Yuchi was shocked.

Shaking his head, Fan Yongfu said, "I'm not clear about this. However, your grandfather once said if the Dark Nether Race had participated in that war, Sky Mender Palace... may not have been able to achieve victory."

Hua Yuchi finally took the Dark Shadow Race seriously.

At this time, Eddie, Yuria and the other elders of the Dark Shadow Race gathered in front of the cave at the mountainside.

They came down, escorting a gray-haired old clansman clearly taller than the others and landed in front of Barett.

That gray-haired old person had a normal appearance but his movements were filled with a powerful confidence that once dominated the world.

When he landed, he raised his hands in greeting to Barett and said, "Thank you for taking care of the younger generation for me these past years."

Barett snorted and waved his fat hand. He said, "No need, if not for you, I would not have taken them in, and caused trouble for myself."

"I, Luz, remember the favor that you, Barett, have done for my branch!" The gray-haired elder said solemnly.

"Who cares." Barett grinned.

“Now, what is going on there?" Luz looked at Qin Lie who was chasing the Serene Moon clansmen.

Eddie chuckled and explained the matter.

Luz's eyes flashed with a strange light as he looked at Qin Lie. Then, he looked at You Pu.

His eyes flashed with murderous intent.

You Pu and another elder with a holy artifact felt a chill blossoming in their hearts. They suddenly realized their actions this time against the Dark Shadow Race have most likely stirred great trouble.

They had always assumed Luz had died. No one had expected Luz to appear at such a crucial time.

You Pu had once heard that when this branch of the Dark Shadow Race came into Boluo Realm, they had a fierce conflict with the Ancient Beast Race.

Luz, the leader at the time, had fought multiple times with the strongest of the Ancient Beast Race.

Then, Luz disappeared, and news of his demise spread shortly after, but his feats were enough to prove what a terrifying fellow this Luz was.

Up until that point, the Moon Tear had already sucked in half of the moon energy of the strongest of the Serene Moon Race. How could they fight against Luz who had woken up?

Also, the Demon Dragon Race was still watching from the sides.

You Pu started to feel regret.

"The ninth moon!"

On the other side, Qin Lie who had once again been charging at the Serene Moon Race suddenly roared at the top of his lungs.

As he roared, bright full moons flew out of the silver moon mark on his shoulder.

The moons were like dazzling silver plates that spun around Qin Lie.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The nine moons were like the sickle of the death god, spinning around with a cold, sharp and dark aura.

The moons penetrated through the bodies of a dozen Serene Moon clansmen. Blood sprayed out and they died instantly.

At the same time, mysterious seal characters came out of each moon and flowed into Qin Lie's mind.

These characters were actually an inheritance of nine great secret arts and techniques of the Serene Moon Race!

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