Chapter 902: Fountain of Moon Energy!

Chapter 902: Fountain of Moon Energy!

You Pu and the other Serene Moon clansmen’s eyes became focused onto the silver moon mark on Qin Lie’s shoulder. Their eyes burned with intense emotions.

“The greatest of all holy artifacts, Moon Tear!”

Another Serene Moon Race elder exclaimed involuntarily. The other holy artifact he was holding flew out of his chest right after.

It was a bright, silver ring.

Just like the moon disk You Pu was holding, this bright, silver ring was one of their holy artifacts.

Both Serene Moon Race holy artifact instantly drew in a large amount of cool moon energy after they had flown out of You Pu and that clan elder’s grasp.

Beams of pure, cool moonlight shot down from the sky and entered both Serene Moon Race holy artifacts. After exchanging a glance with each other, the Serene Moon Race elders walked towards Qin Lie in unison.

At the same time.

The two pocket-sized moons inside the silver moon mark on Qin Lie’s shoulder suddenly sparkled with dazzling light.

In an instant, a silvery light screen spread out towards the surroundings with him at the center.

When a wisp of his consciousness entered the center of the silver moon mark, he noticed that the profound and complicated ancient spirit diagram that made up the heart of the mark was slowly running like a flowing river of stars.

He abruptly shuddered.

He knew that the silver moon mark on his shoulder had been refined by Soul Suppressing Orb through an unknown method using the Moon Demon’s soul, his own refined blood and soul energy.

The Soul Suppressing Orb had refined the six Spirits of Void and Chaos even before the silver moon mark was created. This alone proved that it was a miraculous object.

Qin Lie knew very well but this Moon Tear which the Serene Moon clansmen thought as race’s greatest holy artifact had in fact been tampered with by the Soul Suppressing Orb.

He he didn’t dare to say that this holy artifact was still the Moon Tear, but he dared say that this holy artifact possessed marvelous qualities, and it answered to his call and his call alone!

It was because it was made using his soul energy and refined blood. It was practically his lifeblood spirit artifact.


While he was pondering, a terrific power of attraction suddenly appeared from the silver moon mark on his shoulder.

The silvery light screen created by the silver moon mark suddenly devoured all the moonlight around it like it was the giant mouth of a fierce demon or a giant beast.

You Pu and the other Serene Moon Race elder instantly came to an abrupt halt.

In the next moment, streams of incredibly refined silver moonlight abruptly burst out of the holy artifacts they were holding like an overwhelmed, shattering dam.

With the holy artifacts as the origin, the rivers of silver moonlight gushed into the silver moon mark on Qin Lie’s shoulder.

At first glance, it was as if two ribbons of energy had connected them and Qin Lie.

A vast amount of refined moon energy was flowing out of the holy artifacts at first notice. Before they could react, one tenth of the moon energy inside their holy artifacts had been absorbed into Qin Lie’s body already.

You Pu and that clan elder turned pale with shock. Their eyes were full of fear as they sat down midair and summoned many mysterious runes that looked like crescent moons in an attempt to stop the outflux of moon energy.

The crescent-shaped runes danced around them like sparkling butterflies.

Silvery, crystalline light were spilling out of the moon disc and the bright, silver ring. They tried to stop the flow by covering it with their hands.

However, their attempts to block the fierce drainage were obviously lacking.

A large amount of moon energy was still flowing uncontrollably and swiftly towards Qin Lie’s shoulder.

On the ground, Qin Lie’s eyes lit up brightly as a look of pleasant surprise appeared on his face.

With his consciousness, he could clearly detect that the third moon in his silver moon mark was swiftly gathering moon energy unto itself and turning bright.

When the third moon was fully charged, the power of attraction around his shoulder seemed to turn even stronger than before.

The mark began to absorb moon energy even faster than moments earlier.

The fourth moon was also being lit bit by bit it was charged swiftly by the incoming moon energy.

On the other side, the Serene Moon clan elder and You Pu were filled with great fear. They shouted loudly for the Serene Moon clansmen to attack Qin Lie.

You Yun, You Qianlan and even Lin Jie who possessed the Serene Moon Race’s bloodline attempted to get close to Qin Lie after receiving the order. However, the flow of moon energy inside their body grew chaotic.

They realized that they had suddenly lost control over the moon energy inside their body.

Meanwhile, the tiny silver moon mark on Qin Lie’s shoulder was imposing a terrifying effect to this tiny corner of the world after it glowed bright with moonlight.

Every Serene Moon clansman—even the Lunar Temple martial practitioners with the blood of the Serene Moon Race—had their hands and feet tied as they tried to calm down the moon energy inside their body with all their might.

“C-clan elder! The moon energy in our bodies is being pulled as well! We can’t stop it!” You Yun screamed.

When she looked at Qin Lie again, her face was pale white and her eyes were filled with fear.

Right now, the silver moon mark on Qin Lie’s shoulder was practically a terrifying vortex that could attract all moon energy from inside their spirit seas.

Any living being who had the blood of the Serene Moon Race would find the moon energy inside their body pulled by the silver moon mark if they got a little too close to Qin Lie.

You Qianlan, You Yun, Lin Jie and a dozen or so Serene Moon clansmen could sense the irresistible and terrifying attraction power when they were almost a thousand meters away from Qin Lie.

“The fourth moon has been filled!” Qin Lie’s eyes sparkled brightly.

In just a moment’s time, the fourth moon in the silver moon mark had become fully charged with moon energy. It sparkled brightly with power.

At the same time, the first signs of light appeared inside the fifth moon.

The two holy artifacts, the two clan elders of the Serene Moon Race and the dozens of clansmen of different realms found their moon energy forcefully absorbed by the silver moon mark as soon as they got close to Qin Lie.

The moon energy he absorbed from them was far, far purer and immense than the moon energy he absorbed from the moons on the sky.

Normally, it would’ve taken him several years to fully charge all nine moons in the silver moon mark if he were to charge them with Boluo Realm’s moonlight alone.

However, thanks to the two Serene Moon Race holy artifact and these Serene Moon clansmen, his charging efficiency had increased by at least a couple thousand times.

The most terrifying thing of this process was that the Serene Moon clansmen could do nothing to stop it even though they knew what was happening to them.

Anyone who dared get close to him like You Qianlan and You Yun would immediately lose control over the moon energy inside their body and become a victim of the silver moon mark themselves.

Right now, these Serene Moon clansmen were his only enemies.


The Demon Dragon Race and the Dark Shadow Race were stunned by the sudden turn of events—Qin Lie single-handedly suppressing the entire army of Serene Moon Race on his own.

“What on earth is going on?” Hua Yuchi exclaimed in astonishment.

“It seems that he possesses an artifact that can render the entire Serene Moon Race helpless,” Hong Zhong said solemnly.

“What is the silver moon mark on his shoulder?” Yuan Wenzhi asked Barett.

“That silver moon mark probably contains the Moon Tear. The Moon Tear is said to be the greatest of the five holy artifacts the Serene Moon Race possessed, and it has incredible power over the Serene Moon clansmen and the four holy artifacts below it.” Barett had lived for tens of thousands of years, so he had vast knowledge and abundant experience. He explained seriously, “It would seem that the rumors were actually true; the Moon Tear has great power over the rest of the holy artifacts and the Serene Moon clansmen. However, Qin Lie is obviously a human, and he doesn’t have the blood of the Serene Moon Race in him. How on earth is he able to control the Moon’s Tear and render even someone like You Pu completely helpless?”

The greatest Serene Moon Race holy artifact, Moon Tear!” Yuan Wenzhi was deeply shocked by this revelation. “How did he come by this extraordinary treasure?”

Barett was very puzzled himself.

“The fifth moon!”

“The sixth moon!”

“The seventh moon!”

“The eighth moon!”

In just two hours’ time, the moons inside the silver moon mark were fully charged with moon energy one after another inside this dark shadow village.

The first moon on the sky of Boluo Realm hadn’t turned fully round yet, but eight tiny moons had already surfaced from the heart of the mark while glowing with clean, pure moonlight.

Right now, the two holy artifacts held by You Pu and the clan elder had become dim and lightless.

The Moon Tear on Qin Lie’s shoulder had actually drained every bit of moon energy inside the two holy artifacts entirely.

Moreover, You Pu himself had sunken eyes. His complexion looked dull as if he had been sucked dry of energy.

You Yun, You Qianlan, and even Lin Jie with the Serene Moon Race’s bloodline in her looked like eggplants who had just suffered a winter. They appeared to be dispirited and listless.

“A bit more, just a bit more…”

Qin Lie muttered to himself while staring at the Serene Moon clansmen who looked like they’d been sucked dry of moon power. Suddenly, he jumped to the air.

He charged towards the Serene Moon clansmen group on his own volition.

“Get away from him! Get away from him!” Someone cried out involuntarily.

All Serene Moon clansmen who still had the energy to move ran away from Qin Lie in abject fear like they were hunted down by a wraith.

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