Chapter 901: Moon Tear

Chapter 901: Moon Tear

“Barett, are you really going to fight our Serene Moon Race for a human of unknown origin?” You Pu’s face slowly darkened. “Do you really think this is necessary?”

“It is unnecessary.” Barett snorted. “But this boy has been called by the rank nine Vermillion Bird herself. I don’t dare to against her wish!”

The conversation of the Serene Moon Race in the sky and the Demon Dragon Race on the ground came to a standstill.

“How did you offend these people?” Hua Yuchi asked curiously.

Qin Lie said calmly, “They know that I control a secret realm entrance.”

“I see.” Hua Yuchi came to realization. “The Serene Moon Race is just a small race among the powerful ancient races, but the one in Boluo Realm is said to be more powerful than the others. I heard that it is because they possess two great holy artifacts of their race. But even so, the Serene Moon Race doesn’t possess much strength, so Barett shouldn’t fear them.”

Qin Lie frowned.

Right now he was regretting not bringing more Blazing Profound Bombs with him from the Land of Chaos and “visiting” the Serene Moon Race.

He thought that they would be able to return to Spirit Realm easily after Sun Palace and Lunar Temple were beaten back and the Ancient Beast Race had granted them permission.

But he didn’t expect that the Serene Moon Race would show up and block their way out of nowhere.

“The sky has just turned dark, and the moons haven’t risen yet. The reason the Serene Moon Race is negotiating leisurely with Barett is probably because they’re waiting for the moons to show up.” Hua Yuchi obviously knew the Serene Moon Race quite well. “The Serene Moon clansmen grow stronger every time a new moon appears on the sky.”

Right now, the Dark Shadow clansmen were in fact sitting on the demon dragons’ wide backs.

Eddie and Yuria were whispering to each other, hesitation written all over their faces.

“What is it?” Qin Lie went over and asked for their opinion.

He didn’t truly consider the Serene Moon Race above him as a threat. He believed that the Demon Dragon Race and the Dark Shadow Race were powerful enough to resist them.

Moreover, Teng Yuan would swiftly notice the commotion once the battle began.

He would definitely make the appropriate arrangements.

“We were discussing whether to awaken the clan elder right now. He’s currently sleeping inside an ancient formation deep within the cave, so it’ll be a little difficult to move him at his current state…” Eddie said.

“Haven’t you tried that already?” Qin Lie asked.

“The reason we failed last time was because we hadn’t recovered enough strength to attempt the ordeal. However… after cultivating through the day, three of us have recovered almost half of our strength,” Eddie said while pointing at the back.

The other three Dark Shadow Race elders put on confident looks on their faces when Qin Lie looked at them.

“How confident are you this time?” Qin Lie asked with a lowered voice.

“About sixty to seventy percent, I guess…” Eddie wasn’t sure.

“I think it’s doable.” Yuria’s eyes flashed once as she said to Qin Lie with a voice that was as soft as a mosquito’s, “Our clan elder… actually has recovered slightly over half of his strength. When he went to sleep back then, it was exactly because he was afraid that he would lose his powers bit by bit and wanted to slow the process.”

Qin Lie grew spirited. “He still has over half of his strength? What realm is he at?”

“The middle stage of the Void Realm,” Eddie said in reverence.

Qin Lie’s eyes abruptly lit up.

He once checked with Teng Yuan about the individual power structure in Boluo Realm, and he learned that the strongest experts here sat at the late stage of the Void Realm.

It was rumored that there were only three people in the entire Boluo Realm who had reached this level.

The Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race, and the Black Jail Race had one such expert each.

The rest of the big races and human forces didn’t have experts of this level living in Boluo Realm.

This also meant that You Pu of the Serene Moon Race and even the old demon dragon Barett were actually weaker than a late stage Void Realm expert.

So when Qin Lie heard that the Dark Shadow Race’s slumbering clan elder was at the middle stage of the Void Realm, and that he still had over half of his original battle prowess, he was very shocked by the news.

He gradually understood why the Dark Shadow Race dared to fight the Ancient Beast Race multiple times despite appearing within the latter’s territory back then. It was only when they discovered that Boluo Realm was completely unsuited to them and lacked the spirit stones to recover their strength that they finally retreated from the secret realm entrance and entered the Demon Dragon Race’s domain.

It was all because this Dark Shadow Race branch was extremely powerful when they first arrived.

If there was nether demonic energy here, or if they had brought their vast amount of spirit stones with them, the Dark Shadow Race might actually be able to establish themselves in the Ancient Beast Race’s territory.

Eddie once said that the Dark Shadow Race could’ve been one of the most powerful races in Boluo Realm if the plants and Demon Armor Insects of Nether Realm could survive its environment and convert world spirit energy into nether demonic energy.

He now believed that Eddie wasn’t boasting about their power.

“Give it a try then,” he said encouragingly.

Eddie and Yuria immediately signaled the three elders to act with their eyes.

After obtaining permission from Yuria and Eddie, the three Dark Shadow Race elders brought a great number of youngsters to the demon dragons’ back before returning into the caves themselves.

Right now, You Pu and Barett were still arguing with each other about the stuff of principles until spittles were flying everywhere.

You Pu was waiting for the first moon to rise.

Barett… was waiting for more demon dragons to show up.

Qin Lie was also waiting for the three Dark Shadow Race elders to awaken their middle stage Void Realm clan elder from his slumber.

It was at this moment a wisp of moonlight appeared in the dark sky.

Then, the first moon slowly peeked out of the horizon and rose towards the sky.

Barett and You Pu shut up immediately at almost the same time.

You Pu took out a bright silver moon disc. His crescent-shaped pupils abruptly became focused onto Qin Lie.

The bright silver moon disc had an extremely defined silver moon mark. It glowed with a holy, dazzling moonlight that was calming to the soul. Suddenly, the imprint began to shine brightly.

The silver moon mark on Qin Lie’s shoulder abruptly glowed brightly with moonlight too as if it was awakened.

The two tiny moons that were filled with moon energy inside the core of the silver moon mark spun and dazzled gently with moonlight. The sparks that came off the tiny moons looked like mysterious characters that recorded the most profound secrets of the cold moon.

Suddenly, You Pu’s entire body began to tremble. He stared at Qin Lie and yelled, “Moon Tear! It’s the Moon Tear!”

“It’s the Moon Tear, the greatest artifact out of the five holy artifacts!”

Exchanging a glance with one another, some of the Serene Moon clansmen who were aware of their race’s ancient legends also grew excited to the extreme.

When the Serene Moon clansmen stared at Qin Lie once more, their eyes were so wide that their eyeballs could fall out of their sockets.

Moon Tear was the Serene Moon Race’s holy artifact of inheritance. Not only did it wield great strength, it was imprinted with many ancient secrets of the Serene Moon Race.

For the longest time, Moon Tear was a holy artifact that belonged only to the Serene Moon Race’s leader!

If Qin Lie wasn’t a human but a true Serene Moon clansman, every Serene Moon clansman in Boluo Realm including You Pu would have had to kowtow before him and admit that he was their leader.

It was because the Moon Tear a keepsake of the leader of the Serene Moon Race!

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