Chapter 898: I've Come To Take You Back!

Chapter 898: I've Come To Take You Back!

In a dark cave.

Eddie, Yuria, and the other elders of Dark Shadow Race quickly summoned the members of their clan.

The large cave became crowded after almost a thousand clansmen had come in.

Eddie and Yuria stood atop a high platform. They looked at the youths below. Words they wanted to say were stuck in their throats.

The Dark Shadow clansmen below wore heavy expressions, their eyes filled with hopelessness and helplessness.

Even without Eddie speaking, they knew what they would face, they knew that this branch faced the danger of extinction.

Without the protection of the Demon Dragon Race, and having offended Sun Palace and Lunar Temple at the same time, how could they continue to survive in Boluo Realm?

They could not see any hope.

"There’s no need for me to say any more, everyone, you know the situation. If there are no surprises, Sun Palace's attack will come before night." A long while later, Eddie sighed and said, "This time Sun Palace will send Void Realm experts because they do not know the Demon Dragon Race has abandoned us. They will account for the Demon Dragon Race in their plans."

"We have no way of escaping," Yuria added.

Deathly silence was ever-present in the cave, and the faces of Dark Shadow clansmen were deathly pale.

"If you have anything to say to the fellow clansmen around you, say it now." Eddie powerlessly closed his eyes.

He found he could not continue.

"Really... no hope at all?" A Dark Shadow Race female that looked to be in her teens choked out. She said timidly, "I haven't gone to Spirit Realm, never returned to Nether Realm's ancestral lands. I, I really do not want to die."

Low sobs came from the young Dark Shadow clansmen. After realizing that their clan was to be annihilated, they couldn’t keep their composure.

At this time, the elders had teary eyes and felt they failed their ancestors. They were not able to protect these young people.


At this time, a Dark Shadow clansman guarding the cave entrance charged in.

Shocked gazes landed on this person, many people's eyes filled with fear.

"Has the Sun Palace come?" Eddie asked.

"No." This young Dark Shadow Race martial practitioner shook his head. He shouted, "It's Yao Tian!"

He did not know Qin Lie's true name.

"Yao... Yao Tian?" Eddie stilled and then reacted. He immediately stamped his foot and shouted, "Why did he come back? Dammit! Even if the elder awakens now, it will be impossible to reverse the present situation. Isn't he just charging to his death?"

"If he dies here, our Dark Shadow Race would have failed the Venerable One!" Yuria also panicked.

Qin Lie's return did not make them happy, but terrified them.

They thought that Qin Lie's return was pointless.

"He's here!"

The members of Dark Shadow Race shouted as they made a path.

Qin Lie walked in. He approached Eddie, Yuria and the other elders. Under their panicked gazes, he smiled brightly and said, "I've come to take you back to Spirit Realm."

"Nonsense!" Eddie's eyes became bloodshot. "Hurry and leave! Escape before Sun Palace's people come! Now!"

"You're only returning to die!" Yuria added.

"No, the problem has been solved. Sun Palace will not come. At least, within the next one hundred and fifty years, Sun Palace's martial practitioners will not be able to come." Qin Lie's smile was as bright as the sunlight outside. "Same with Lunar Temple. Within a hundred and fifty years, no strong martial practitioner from Lunar Temple will come here. Do not worry."

"What are you saying?" Eddie was puzzled.

"Did you hear the two great explosions?" Qin Lie asked with a smile.

Yuria stilled. "I heard them, why? Were they related to you?"

They had heard two terrifying roars. However, because they were facing the threat of annihilation, they had no attention to spare for other matters.

None of them had even walked out of the caves to look at the source of the explosions.

They hadn't seen the blinding lights that had occurred twice.

"The two explosions blasted Sun Palace and Lunar Temple... into smithereens." Qin Lie looked at the crowd, his expression turning grave as he added, "Including their Soul Altar experts!"

When he said this, all the members of Dark Shadow Race momentarily lost focus.

The cave once again became completely silent.

They needed time to digest what Qin Lie's words truly meant...

Sun Palace and Lunar Temple had been blasted into smithereens, including their Soul Altar experts?

Had Sun Palace and Lunar Temple been uprooted in these short dozen hours?

They could not believe it, could not imagine who in Boluo Realm could flatten Sun Palace and Lunar Temple in such a short time.

Had it been the Ancient Beast Race, the Black Jail Race, and the Giant Race attacking together?

"The culprit is the Blazing Profound Bomb. When dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs explode at the same time, their power increases exponentially, and the power they create in that instant is enough to destroy the world!" Qin Lie gave the answer.

"You are saying... you destroyed Sun Palace and Lunar Temple?" Eddie was not willing to believe it.

"Precisely," Qin Lie said with a smile.

The cave became silent for a while again.

Then, a commotion louder than even that of a marketplace in the morning exploded.

The members of the Dark Shadow Race squeezed near Qin Lie, surrounding him, asking at the top of their lungs with eyes flashing with disbelief.

"It's true?"

"You really destroyed Sun Palace and Lunar Temple?:"

"You aren't lying to us?"

"Tell us! Is this true?! Tell us!"


Qin Lie looked at the tide of Dark Shadow clansmen and his expression was unprecedentedly serious. He said, clearly emphasizing each word, "Sun Palace and Lunar Temple ceased to exist!"

"I am Hua Yuchi. I can confirm this!" Suddenly a loud voice came from outside the cave.

The thick leaves covering the entrance were pushed aside.

Hua Yuchi's face appeared at the cave. He could not see Qin Lie so he said in a loud voice, "I was imprisoned by Sun Palace in their underground prison. It was Brother Yao Tian that helped me escape. I saw Sun Palace turn into a fireball and become ashes!"

The large man called Hong Zhong and the old man floated in their next to him.

After hearing Hua Yuchi’s voice, the elders of the Dark Shadow Race didn’t even think to drive him out in anger.

Instead, they looked in shock at Qin Lie.

Through Hua Yuchi's confirmation, they gradually believed what Qin Lie had told them, and believed that Sun Palace and Lunar Temple really had been destroyed.

Even their looks towards Hua Yuchi and the other two people became friendly.

"Yao Tian, are they your friends?" Eddie laughed. He suddenly said, "If you do not mind, please come in."

"No, no need, we will wait outside. I hope to say a few words to Yao Tian." Hua Yuchi waved his hand.

Hong Zhong beside him seemed extremely nervous, as though he was afraid Hua Yuchi would enter.

Inside the cave were members of Dark Shadow Race. These elders of Dark Shadow Race only had at most half of their power, they had been imprisoned for a long time and hadn't made a full recovery.

And they... were from Sky Mender Palace.

The reason that this branch of Dark Shadow Race was in Boluo Realm was because of Sky Mender Palace.

He was afraid that Hua Yuchi would accidentally reveal his identity and then be pursued by the Dark Shadow Race.

"Wait outside for me," Qin Lie said.

"Alright." Hearing Qin Lie respond, Hua Yuchi hurriedly retreated as though he was avoiding the plague at the entrance of the cave.

Obviously, he knew about the history between Sky Mender Palace and the Dark Shadow Race.

At this time, all the member of Dark Shadow Race were filled with joy.

They had thought they would die this time, they had even prepared to die. No one had expected such a sudden turn of events. They were fine, and Sun Palace and Lunar Temple had been finished off first.

The young Dark Shadow clansmen embraced one another, crying tears of joy. Some couldn't help but sing and dance.

"Yao… Yao Tian, you really destroyed Sun Palace and Lunar Temple using those Blazing Profound Bombs?" Eddie pulled Qin Lie amidst the elders, his expression full of joy. "The Soul Altar experts of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple are dead?"

"All the ones who stayed in their base are dead," Qin Lie said with a smile.

"Were the two secret realm entrances destroyed as well?" Yuria asked for confirmation.

Qin Lie nodded. "Turned to nothingness."

"We escaped this calamity, we actually escaped this calamity." Yuria could finally be at ease.

"When it turns dark, some demon dragons will come from the Demon Dragon Race and will help us leave." Qin Lie smiled and gave an even more shocking piece of news. "They will send us to where the secret realm entrance is. If there are no surprises, we can return to Spirit Realm tonight!"

"The Ancient Beast Race won't swallow us alive?" Eddie shouted in shock.

He was filled with terror towards the Ancient Beast Race.

"Don't worry, I have formed an agreement with the Ancient Beast Race, they will let us through," Qin Lie said.

"What? You were received by the Ancient Beast Race? How did you do so much in just a few dozen hours?" Yuria could not be any more surprised.

All of the elders of Dark Shadow Race looked at Qin Lie like they were looking at a monster. They couldn't believe what they had heard.

The Demon Dragon Race would protect them, they would go to the secret realm entrance where the Ancient Beast Race was, and the Ancient Beast Race wouldn’t do anything to them?

What enormous change had come over the Boluo Realm in such a short time?

Everything that had happened that day felt like a dream to them. It was filled with countless miracles.

"Go ahead and prepare. We are leaving as soon as it gets dark." Qin Lie smiled coolly. "Boluo Realm will enter a long period of turmoil and fighting. It's best to leave as soon as possible."

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