Chapter 897: A New Turn

Chapter 897: A New Turn

When the rank nine Vermillion Bird and Tyler of the Black Jail Race came over and confirmed that Lunar Temple and the last secret realm entrance had been turned to dust, they immediately revealed their fangs.

After the Vermillion Bird and Black Jail clansmen had left, the four great families and the ancient races’ leaders gathered around this place all wore heavy looks on their face.

Their eyes landed meaningfully on Barett.

Before the rank nine Vermillion Bird left, she had demanded Barett to deliver the Dark Shadow Race to her cultivation area in the volcanic region. If the Demon Dragon Race were to ignore her request, they would soon be met with the Ancient Beast Race’s anger.

“Let’s go.”

Barett inhaled deeply. The fat all across his body seemed to be shaking as he turned around and left with a few demon dragons trailing behind him.

Yuan Wenzhi and the others quickly followed him as well.

You Pu of the Serene Moon Race had left, the Ancient Beast Race and the Black Jail Race had returned to their clans, and the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race had gone away as well. When the remaining people confirmed that Lunar Temple was truly gone, they retreated from the place while holding various thoughts.

“What about the Dark Shadow Race?”

On their way home, Yuan Wenzhi looked at Barett and chose his words carefully for a bit. Then, he said, “The rank nine Vermillion Bird probably still holds a grudge from back then. That’s why she wants us to send the Dark Shadow branch back to their domain.”

In the past, the Dark Shadow Race once waged fierce war against the Ancient Beast Race when they first arrived at Boluo Realm.

A lot of Dark Shadow Race experts were killed in the desperate war. They lost a lot of clansmen as a result.

Just the same, a lot of the Ancient Beast clansmen had died in battle too.

Later on, when the Dark Shadow Race realized that they couldn’t obtain nether demonic energy from Boluo Realm, and that every bit of energy they spent took massive amounts of effort to recover, they gradually evacuated from the Ancient Beast Race’s domain.

The Ancient Beast Race had chased after them all the way.

When the Dark Shadow branch entered the Demon Dragon Race’s domain, their Void Realm clan elder—that hadn’t fallen into a self-induced slumber yet—ultimately won Barett’s permission after a deep discussion with him.

That was how the Dark Shadow clansmen established themselves within the Demon Dragon Race’s domain.

At the time, the Ancient Beast Race had suffered huge losses during the war. Since the Dark Shadow Race’s Void Realm clan elder was still present, and Barett himself had given the Dark Shadow Race permission to stay in his domain, the Ancient Beast Race ultimately chose to back off reluctantly.

And so the Dark Shadow Race became the Demon Dragon Race’s vassal force.

If Barett hadn’t given them his consent back then, the Dark Shadow Race might very well have been hunted down to the last.

“Those despicable Dark Shadow bastards! They were obviously in cahoots with forces of other realms, and yet they still tried to lie and keep us in the dark. They deserve to be slaughtered to the last.” a demon dragon several hundred meters long roared. “Let’s just send them back to the Ancient Beast Race and let the rank nine Vermillion Bird and those old bastards kill all of them.”

“We cannot possibly become a united force with the Dark Shadow Race anyway, so… we may as well do as she wishes.” Yuan Wenzhi persuaded.

After the two secret realm entrances were gone, they could no longer call in reinforcements from Spirit Realm.

The Yuan Family didn’t have any Void Realm experts in Boluo Realm. The moment the Demon Dragon Race clashed against the Ancient Beast Race, the amount of help they could provide was very limited.

He also knew that there were at least three more rank nine ancient beasts among the Ancient Beast Race besides the Vermillion Bird.

He knew very well that the Demon Dragon Race was very unlikely to achieve victory without reinforcements from the Yuan Family.

He believed that they should endure this slight and obey the rank nine Vermillion Bird’s wishes.

“I’ll think over this carefully after we’ve returned.” Barett looked hesitant.


Around the Dark Shadow Race’s territory.

An exquisite crescent-shaped war chariot charged into a hidden cave. Many Serene Moon clansmen and some Lunar Temple martial practitioners came over upon noticing it.

You Yun, You Qianlan, and Lin Jie were among them.

The person who walked out of the war chariot was none other than You Pu, clan elder of the Serene Moon Race.

“What happened, clan elder? We’ve heard two astounding booms in succession from there,” You Qianlan asked.

A lot of Serene Moon clansmen and Lunar Temple martial practitioners also looked over in puzzlement.

You Pu’s expression was dark. He cast a deep and complicated glance at Lin Jie before saying, “Sun Palace has been destroyed.”

Lin Jie’s eyes lit up. She was suddenly in high spirits as she exclaimed in pleasant surprise, “Who did it? Was it the Giant Race? The Flame Race’s clansmen have been clashing more and more fiercely with the Giant Race as of late; they must have lost control and acted, haven’t they?”

“No, it is definitely not the Giant Race.” You Pu shook his head. “We didn’t receive any news from them.”

“Then who was it?” You Yun was also madly pleased. “Well, never mind that! The news of Sun Palace’s destruction cannot be any better for the Serene Moon Race and Lunar Temple!”

“Anyone who wants to get in or out of Boluo Realm can only use Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrance from now on! This will increase our power in Boluo Realm to incredible heights!” Lin Jie said excitedly.

“Lunar Temple… has also been completely annihilated,” You Pu said again.

The moment he said this, You Yun, You Qianlan, Lin Jie and many Serene Moon clansmen and Lunar Temple martial practitioners turned pale and jumped to their feet in shock.

“Who did it?!”

“How did it turn out like this?”

“Why was Lunar Temple destroyed too?”

Great fear and shock appeared on every Serene Moon clansman or Lunar Temple martial practitioner’s face. They all felt incredibly stifled.

They knew that the destruction of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace would cause a massive change in the situation of Boluo Realm.

“Tyler of the Black Jail Race had been restraining himself for the past thousand years. He always chose to give in even though we invaded his territory again and again.” You Pu’s eyes were incredibly serious. “But just now, he nearly attacked me at the site where Lunar Temple was destroyed!”

“How can that Tyler possibly do such a thing?” You Yun’s lips trembled slightly.

In her impression, Tyler of the Black Jail Race was a coward who didn’t dare answer their taunts for many years.

She didn’t think that he would turn so domineering all of a sudden.

“You’re only three hundred years old, so you have no idea how bad-tempered Tyler of Black Jail Race really had been before we became kins with Lunar Temple.” You Pu sighed. “In the past years, the reason Tyler controlled himself was not only because we were growing stronger, but also because we had Lunar Temple behind our backs.”

A pause later, You Pu said, “Now, we can no longer borrow Lunar Temple’s strength.”

You Yun immediately understood what he meant.

“If I remember correctly, you said that human boy named Yao Tian had a secret realm entrance of his own?” You Pu suddenly asked.

Lin Jie nodded slightly. “He had suddenly appeared in this world. There are no records on Sun Palace or Lunar Temple’s side that showed that he had used our secret realm entrances.”

“Then we must obtain the Serene Moon Race’s holy artifact and the secret realm entrance’s coordinates from him no matter what method we use!” You Pu inhaled deeply and added, “Sun Palace won’t be attacking the Dark Shadow Race because they’re all dead, so we have no choice but to do this ourselves.”

“Then we shall act after the sky has turned dark!” You Yun said decisively.

“I will return to the clan and gather our forces. Get ready. We will move after it turns dark.” You Pu hastily left the place.


“Go back and wait.”

While bringing Qin Lie with him, Teng Yuan avoided Lunar Temple and the Serene Moon Race’s scouts until they reached the Dark Shadow Race’s village.

The caves the Dark Shadow clansmen were hiding in were covered with thick leaves to prevent the sun from penetrating them.

Although Sun Palace and Lunar Temple were destroyed, and he had ascended to the Fragmentation Realm, a day still hadn’t passed in Boluo Realm.

One day in Boluo Realm was the equivalent of twelve days in Spirit Realm. It was a very long period of time.

“Are you sure that the Demon Dragon Race would deliver the Dark Shadow Race to the secret realm entrance?” Qin Lie asked doubtfully.

Teng Yuan had vanished once on their way back to the Dark Shadow Race’s village. After he returned, he said that the Dark Shadow Race would be sent to the secret realm entrance he used to come over by the Demon Dragon Race. Moreover, no Ancient Beast clansman would stop them from leaving.

This also meant that he didn’t need to worry about the Dark Shadow clansmen being killed by the Ancient Beast clansmen.

This was Teng Yuan’s promise to him.

“Don’t worry. Now that Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s secret realm entrances were destroyed, Boluo Realm is about to be met with a great change.” A cold gleam passed through Teng Yuan’s eyes. “For the next one hundred and fifty years, the races and forces in Boluo Realm will be undergoing a full shuffle. Great tremors will visit Boluo Realm before Sun Palace and Lunar Temple show up to rebuild their secret realm entrances.”

Qin Lie’s expression changed slightly.

“It has nothing to do with you. If everything goes well, you should be able to return to Spirit Realm with the Dark Shadow clansmen tonight.”

“Can I return in the future?” Qin Lie asked.

“Why do you want to come back still?” Teng Yuan asked in puzzlement.

“Boluo Realm’s cruel environment is very suitable for my cultivation. It is of massive help to my bloodline, spirit arts, and strength.” Qin Lie pondered for a moment before continuing, “If smooth passage through the secret realm passageway at the Ancient Beast Race’s territory can be maintained, I can build a trade channel with the Ancient Beast Race and deliver all kinds of ascension materials to you. I am aware that Boluo Realm has some rare spirit materials of its own, but I am very sure that Spirit Realm has a lot more spirit materials than this place. You must have spirit materials that you need to obtain from the outside world.”

By now, he had already figured out that Teng Yuan was an important character within the Ancient Beast Race. That was why he had planned for the future.

Right now, the secret realm entrance at the Ancient Beast Race’s territory was the last secret realm entrance in Boluo Realm. As long as this secret realm entrance wasn’t destroyed, and as long as it remained within his and the Ancient Beast Race’s control, they both would benefit from its existence.

“We will… talk about this later. I need to discuss this with the others first.” Teng Yuan was obviously moved by his request.

The Flame Race, the Serene Moon Race, the Asura Race, and the Demon Dragon Race were offshoots of races that came to Boluo Realm later. They used to live under the shadow of the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race and the Black Jail Race all the time.

The reason they managed to grow stronger bit by bit and emerge as a real powers was because they had formed a bond of marriage with various great forces of the human race and obtained many cultivation materials that didn’t exist in Boluo Realm from Spirit Realm.

Teng Yuan knew very well that the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race and the Black Jail Race needed just as many rare spirit materials to cultivate and ascend to higher realms.

Boluo Realm was ultimately a small realm, and it wasn’t able to provide them with all the spirit materials they needed. If they could connect to Spirit Realm and build a trade channel through Qin Lie, it would be very beneficial to the increase of their races’ strength.

This was especially necessary since Boluo Realm was fated for unrest after a hundred and fifty years were over.

“You should definitely discuss this with your friends. I only want to do business with you, and I have no intentions of stealing your bloodline. This trade is beneficial for both of us.” Qin Lie added, “Plus, my strength is pretty weak, so I am not a threat to your people. Finally, you have full control over this last secret realm entrance at Boluo Realm. If you think that this secret realm entrance may become a threat against you in the future, you may destroy it at any time you wish.”

“I will make sure to seriously talk to them about your proposal,” Teng Yuan said.

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