Chapter 896: Rank Nine Vermillion Bird!

Chapter 896: rank nine Vermillion Bird!

The clansmen of many forces and races who had just calmed down and returned to their clans was stunned yet again by the earthshaking boom that had resounded from Lunar Temple.

Yu Lei of the Yu Family had returned to the Yu Family’s flying continent, but the explosion caused him to jump to his feet again before he could finish explaining what had happened at Sun Palace.

“Lunar Temple!”

Deep fear appeared in Yu Lei’s eyes. He rose to the sky once more without leaving behind any instruction.

Demon Dragon Race’s territory.

Yuan Wenzhi and the Yuan Family’s clansmen had just returned from Sun Palace and were reporting what had happened there.

All of a sudden, a new blazing sun rose dazzlingly from the direction of Lunar Temple.

Yuan Wenzhi and Barett exchanged a glance with each other.

“Let’s go!”

After Barett had let out a low growl, five rank eight demon dragons, Yuan Wenzhi, and his men immediately took to the sky.

At the same time.

Within the Serene Moon Race’s headquarters.

Three Serene Moon Race elders had just learned about the sudden change at Sun Palace from their information network.

The elderly and wrinkly trio couldn’t hold back the joy on their faces. Some of them were even openly rejoicing in Sun Palace’s misfortune.

Serene Moon Race and Lunar Temple shared a kin relationship with each other. Therefore, they would only take joy in any disaster that were to befall Sun Palace.

Now that this happened, the Flame Race branch of Boluo Realm would no longer get any reinforcements from Sun Palace. They wouldn’t be able to compete against the Serene Moon Race for anything from now on.

“Good! That is a good death!” You Pu laughed loudly.

However, a terrible tremor came from Lunar Temple before he was done laughing.

The Serene Moon Race lived beneath the thick forest of Boluo Realm. They hid in their forest to avoid the sun when it was daytime.

When it was nighttime, they would climb up to the canopy of ancient trees and bathed their body in moonlight to cultivate.

When You Pu heard the boom from Lunar Temple’s direction, he cut through the thick leaves of the forest, covered himself in an energy shield and burst up into the sky suddenly.

When he looked towards Lunar Temple, he saw a brilliant light ball that looked like the sun erupting from Lunar Temple.

You Pu screamed harshly while summoning an exquisite-looking war chariot into existence, flying towards the direction of Lunar Temple immediately.

The leaders of the Feng and Cui Family also went towards Lunar Temple after they had returned.

The Asura Race, Wood Race and Sea Race also moved one after another.

Even the Ancient Beast clansmen and the Black Jail clansmen who hadn’t shown up to check out the destruction of Sun Palace could no longer contain themselves.

After only two hours, the great human forces and the leaders of all ancient races arrived at the blast zone where Lunar Temple used to be.

“First it was Sun Palace, and now it is Lunar Temple. Both their secret realm entrances had been completely destroyed!” Yu Lei’s complexion was ashen, and his eyes were scarily gloomy, “The only two secret realm entrances in this realm have been completely destroyed. We are all trapped in this place!”

The person in charge of the Cui Family, Cui Qiang and the person in charge of the Feng Family, Feng Kui also wore ugly looks on their faces.

Yuan Wenzhi was also shocked by the sight after he arrived at this place. A trace of fear fleeted across his eyes.

Now that Sun Palace and Lunar Temple along with their secret realm entrances were no more, this meant that the four great families would no longer be able to summon experts from Spirit Realm over to Boluo Realm through the secret realm passageways.

Right now, none of the four great families was guarded by Void Realm experts.

The nine ancient races of Boluo Realm such as the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race, the Black Jail Race and so on might have chosen to suffer their offense and relent again and again over many years. They probably resented their treatment a lot.

When the secret realm entrances were still present, the three powerful races that hadn’t formed a bond of marriage with the human race acted with great restraint because they were wary of the human race’s endless reinforcements.

But now the secret realm entrances were destroyed. The human race’s reinforcements wouldn’t be able to show up on a short notice.

In this case, would the three great races who had allowed the human race to push them and endured their transgression again and again still choose to maintain their silence?

Yuan Wenzhi subconsciously looked at the Ancient Beast clansmen and the Black Jail clansmen who had come over.

The Ancient Beast Race had only sent one of its member to this place. After she took on a human form, she became a beautiful woman dressed in scarlet clothes with flame-like aura.

“A rank nine Vermillion Bird...” Yuan Wenzhi thought bitterly in his mind.

He then looked at the group of Black Jail clansmen who had shown up.

The six Black Jail clansmen had curved horns on their heads and a physique that was as tough as demons. Their deep pupils gleamed with intimidating demonic light.

When he looked at their group, one of the Black Jail clansmen suddenly grinned and looked at him as well.

Yuan Wenzhi’s heart abruptly chilled at the sight.

He noticed that the Black Jail clansmen and the rank nine Vermillion Bird who had taken on a human form had been whispering to each other all this time.

He saw the light of wild joy in the Black Jail clansmen’s eyes.

“This is probably going to be bad.” Yuan Wenzhi thought.

It was at this moment You Pu showed up hastily on a crescent-shaped war chariot.

The war chariot was covered in layers of black tents that blocked off all the sunlight.

Inside the war chariot, You Pu looked at ash-filled site that used to be Lunar Temple and screamed, “What’s going on?! Who did this?! Who the hell did this?!”

Lunar Temple practitioners were the Serene Moon Race’s kin. Thanks to Lunar Temple, the Serene Moon Race was able to increase its strength swiftly for the past years. The spirit materials their new born clansmen needed for their cultivation were also obtained from Lunar Temple.

That was why the Serene Moon Race had been continuously testing the limits of the Black Jail Race’s patience and consuming their territory bit by bit.

The Black Jail Race had been giving up their profits to the Serene Moon Race for many years.

“I don’t know why, but I feel that today’s air is especially fresh for some reason. I can’t believe how comfortable I’m feeling right now.” A Black Jail clansmen with curved horns and a brawny physique that made him looked like a black tower of steel suddenly laughed strangely.

The moment he started laughing, clouds of energy that looked as black as ink immediately started spreading towards the surroundings.

Violent, bloodthirsty and cruel auras emanated from those black, murky clouds. They grew stronger and stronger over time.

You Pu was the person flying closest to the Black Jail clansman. His expression turned chilly when he heard his laughter. “What are you trying to do, Tyler!?”

“I feel good and I want to laugh, that’s all. What? You don’t like it?” The Black Jail clansman said savagely and viciously like a crocodile with its mouth wide open. “You can try and stop me if you want!”

He actually started walking towards You Pu when he said this.

The pitch black clouds that looked like wriggling flesh grew thicker and closer towards You Pu.

You Pu’s expression changed drastically.

It was daytime, and the suns were hanging high on the sky. His powers would be suppressed.

However, Tyler of Black Jail Race wasn’t affected by the suns.

Moreover, he came alone because he had rushed over to check out Lunar Temple. Tyler however, had five companions beside him.

“Come to our clan at night if you dare!” You Pu threw down the threat and actually left the area. He was the last person to show up, yet the first to leave.

He was literally forced away by Tyler.

“Oh, we will! I will personally visit the Serene Moon Race in a very short time!” Tyler laughed madly in response.

The four great human forces and the remaining ancient experts grew thoughtful when they heard Tyler’s laughter.

For the longest time, Tyler of the Black Jail Race had shown restraint before You Pu.

Surprisingly, the infamously hot-tempered Tyler had never engaged the Serene Moon Race in a large-scale conflict in almost a thousand years.

It was literally a miracle.

But right after Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrances were destroyed, Tyler had immediately acted aggressive and tried to start a fight against You Pu, someone he hadn’t argued with for many years.

This occurrence alerted every great human force and the leaders of the powerful ancient races that a great change would soon visit Boluo Realm after the secret realm entrances were destroyed.

“Barett, there was a Dark Shadow Race branch that had escaped from our territory all the way to your place, wasn’t there?” The beautiful woman that was surrounded by fire walked out from Tyler’s side and looked at Barett. She said indifferently, “When it is night, you will deliver those people to the volcanic mountains I cultivate at.”

The incredibly fat Barett roared angrily as he said, “I have cut all ties with those Dark Shadow clansmen!”

“I don’t care.” The eyes of the rank nine Vermillion Bird spat intense flame. The surrounding temperature rose every time she spoke a sentence. “No matter what happens now, you cannot deny that the Demon Dragon Race did take them as your vassal force back then. Therefore, you must be the one to deliver them back to me.”

“What if I refuse?” Barett roared.

“In that case, be prepared to engage the Ancient Beast Race in an all-out war.” The rank nine Vermillion Bird threw down this threat before departing casually with Tyler of the Black Jail Race and the others.

Barett clenched his teeth. He was so angry his sanity threatened to fail him, but in the end he didn’t attack her.

He knew very well that his strength was equal to a rank nine Vermillion Bird only, and he was the only one in the Demon Dragon Race who could fight her. However, the Ancient Beast Race… had more than just one rank nine Vermillion Bird.

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