Chapter 895: Dazzle

Chapter 895: Dazzle

Beneath the six mountain peaks, Lunar Temple was completely covered up by the mountains’ shadows.

Despite it being daytime, the land beneath the mountains seemed to be devoid of light, as if the mountain peaks have devoured all of the sunlight from above.

When Qin Lie sneaked closer towards his destination, he noticed that it was cold and filled with the chilly wind of cold moon.

“With my aid, you don’t need to sneak in like you did at Sun Palace. Once you’ve figured out where to go, you should just instantly appear at Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrance with your escape art, throw down the items and leave immediately.”

Teng Yuan said coolly.

The rock beneath the two floated slowly until it was just a few dozens kilometers away from Lunar Temple.

“Where’s the secret realm entrance?” Qin Lie looked at the exquisite palaces while searching for his destination.

“There.” Teng Yuan pointed at a tower-shaped pavilion about two hundred meters tall. “The secret realm entrance is right inside that pavilion. The surface of that building is protected by at least a dozen or so barriers and defensive formations, so even an early stage Void Realm martial practitioner may find it difficult to break through those defenses in one go.”

When he said this, Teng Yuan’s eyes gleamed intimidatingly. “The protection around Sun Palace’s main palace is even stronger than Lunar Temple’s. The fact that your tools were able to destroy all these defenses, the eleven other palaces around the main hall and even the land beneath them is just… scary.”

He was seriously afraid of Qin Lie’s trump card.

“Void Realm…”

Qin Lie rubbed his chin and pondered for a moment. Then, he asked, “Would the explosion at Sun Palace be able to harm a Void Realm expert?”

He wanted to know how destructive the amplified Blazing Profound Bombs were.

“Impossible. Absolutely impossible.” Teng Yuan shook his head.

Qin Lie’s eyes looked inquiring.

“A Void Realm martial practitioner would’ve torn open space itself and left the blast zone just before the explosion occurred.” Teng Yuan’s eyes looked solemn as he made his explanation. “All experts who had ascended to the Void Realm can physically travel anywhere in the world including the sea of stars. At this level, martial practitioners can travel to different realms even without relying on secret realm passageways.”

“In other words, a Void Realm expert can suddenly shift away from this realm if they wish it so. Although the explosion may catch an Imperishable Realm expert off guard and kill them instantly…”

“A Void Realm expert will have enough time to make a collected escape.”

Qin Lie’s expression was heavy. “Every Void Realm expert can travel through outer space, you say? They can do this even if they’re not well-versed in the mysteries of space?”

“That’s right.” Teng Yuan affirmed his suspicions.

“Does that mean that no explosion I can create will ever be able to grievously wound a Void Realm expert?” he asked again.

“The only way you may do so is to lock down the very sky around a Void Realm expert and prevent them from making their escape. That is the only way your explosion can harm a Void Realm expert. But even that it is but a mere possibility. Every Void Realm expert possesses miraculous powers that you cannot imagine. They are existences who have figured out the true essence of the law and can manipulate even the laws of the world in a critical moment. They are people who have broken free from the restrictions of the world,” Teng Yuan said seriously.

Qin Lie looked stunned.

“There’s no need to overthink it. What you need to do right now is to move to the palace where Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrance is and detonate your spirit artifacts,” Teng Yuan urged.

“Lunar Temple will notice my arrival at first notice.” Qin Lie frowned.

“Trust me. You won’t be harmed while I’m here.” Teng Yuan suddenly exuded a great amount of confidence. “No martial practitioner in the entire Lunar Temple can stop you while you do your thing!”

An infinite and vast amount of energy flowed out of Teng Yuan’s body. It caused Qin Lie’s expression to change suddenly.

At that moment, Teng Yuan looked almost like a gushing volcano of terrific power in his eyes.

He had only ever sensed such terrifying energy from Barett.

“Alright! I’ll trust you this once!”

Inhaling deeply, he summoned his lifeblood essences and activated them.

Blurry, bloody light wrapped around his whole body.

The light slowly faded.


A flash of bloody light later, he suddenly appeared above the palace where Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrance was.

Just as he was about to land on the palace’s roof, he noticed that a cold light had rippled out of the tip of the palace.

The entire palace dazzled brilliantly in an instant.

Every wall on the palace was engraved with the image of a crescent moon, and each was glowing with bewitching light. Many exquisite runes and mysterious patterns had also suddenly appeared on the walls.

Dozens of light barriers of milky white, faint blue, bright silver and other similar, cold colors appeared around the palace.

They surrounded the palace completely.

At the same time, Jiang Yiyue and the six palace envoys who were having a meeting around the secret realm entrance and many other Lunar Temple martial practitioners were alerted by this intrusion.

“Someone triggered the defensive formations!”

Every Lunar Temple martial practitioner charged outside as Jiang Yiyue let out a cold snort.

Above the palace, Qin Lie fell downwards in a straight line.

He hastily adjusted the energy pillar in his body and manipulated the magnetic force around him so that he could float in midair.

However, as he was taking out the ‘fishing net’ that held the thirty six Blazing Profound Bombs and getting ready to toss it at the palace beneath him, he noticed that countless gazes had landed on his figure.

“Over there!”

Ten or so Nirvana Realm martial practitioners flew into the sky like rainbows and attempted to catch him alive.

Two Imperishable Realm old women also walked out of the palaces where they had been silently cultivating, looked at him, saying, “Catch him alive!”

Qin Lie abruptly looked at Teng Yuan.

He saw a bright yellow light screen pouring into the six mountain peaks from Teng Yuan’s side.

When the six mountain peaks covering up the land beneath it were struck by the bright yellow light screen, they suddenly scattered.

In an instant, the divine light of the three blazing suns shone down at Lunar Temple from the sky.

Every Lunar Temple martial practitioner who walked out of their palaces was instantly blinded by the terrific sunlight.

Even the two Imperishable Realm martial practitioners and a few other Nirvana Realm martial practitioners were covering their eyes and swearing loudly.

At the same time, the gravitational field around Lunar Temple’s floating continent suddenly experienced a great change.

The Nirvana Realm martial practitioners who were charging towards Qin Lie like rainbows suddenly fell towards the ground even faster than when they took to air.

They hit the ground heavily like cannonballs and made man-shaped holes on the ground.

Even more Lunar Temple martial practitioners of weak cultivations were lying on the ground like frogs as if they couldn’t endure the powerful gravity pulling at them. Their faces were stuck firmly to the ground, and they couldn’t even lift their heads.

“What are you waiting for? Go!”

Teng Yuan’s voice suddenly rang beside Qin Lie’s ears out of nowhere.

Qin Lie was shocked.

On the ground, the two Imperishable Realm old women swore loudly in urgency and attempted to take flight again and again. However, they were pushed to the ground by an invisible hand.

Even Imperishable Realm experts would be immobilized after gravity had been multiplied thousands of times over!

“Not good!”

After exiting the palace in haste, Jiang Yiyue looked up and saw the Blazing Profound Bombs sparkling with lightning and fire landing on the top of the palace. She immediately made the connection between these spirit artifacts and the disaster of Sun Palace.

She realized that a great disaster had befallen them.

Her gaze was fixed on Qin Lie before letting out a scream, “Execute your escape arts and leave this place immediately!”

She immediately gathered her strength.

Unfortunately, just as she gathered every bit of power in her body and tried to detonate them into a shift, she noticed that an impossibly powerful gravitational force had nailed her body firmly to the ground.

She then noticed that all other Lunar Temple martial practitioners who attempted to escape the area with their secret arts were spitting blood, not budging an inch from where they were.

When she looked up, she only saw an unfamiliar human young man. He didn’t seem to be affected by the gravity that had suddenly grown thousands of times stronger. Then, he abruptly vanished from her view.

Next, she noticed that the metallic balls the young man had left behind exploding suddenly like little suns.

In the next moment, she and all Lunar Temple martial practitioners were devoured by that terrifying burst of thunder and light.

Another terrifying explosion that alarmed every expert in Boluo Realm erupted from Lunar Temple once more. Almost forty hours after the “fourth sun” had disappeared, a new sun had risen at another corner of Boluo Realm.

It was just as dazzling as the one before.

Now, the secret realm entrances guarded by Sun Palace and Lunar Temple—the portals that held every force and all ancient experts by their throats—were completely destroyed.

Besides that, the bases Sun Palace and Lunar Temple had set up in Boluo Realm and several thousand martial practitioners of varying strengths were all annihilated as well.

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