Chapter 894: Teng Yuan’s Helplessness

Chapter 894: Teng Yuan’s Helplessness

Deep inside a floating mountain range where a large, flat continent existed beneath six mountain peaks.

These six mountain peaks completely cut off the blazing sunlight so that the continent beneath it would not suffer even a ray of sunlight.

When it was night, the six cloud-like mountain peaks would shift away on their own so that moonlight could reach the continent.

Many exquisite palaces were built on the surface.

The walls of every palace were inscribed with various shapes of the moon such as full moon, crescent moon, half moon, gibbous moon and so on.

This was where Lunar Temple lay.

A crescent-shaped flying spirit artifact avoided the suns and descended on this place as a beam of silvery moonlight.

Lunar Temple’s person in charge of Boluo Realm, Jiang Yiyue, walked down from the flying spirit artifact and cried out immediately, “Summon all our palace envoys to the secret realm entrance for an important meeting!”

After a while, the supervisors who were cultivating in various palaces of Lunar Temple came out in succession.

Very soon, six Imperishable Realm palace envoys had answered Jiang Yiyue’s summons and gathered at Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrance at the main hall.

Jiang Yiyue could hardly conceal the delight on her expression. When everyone arrived, she said impatiently, “Sun Palace had been blasted into smithereens in but an instant, and every practitioner there, including Soul Altar experts such as Jun An had been burned to ash too! Besides that, their secret realm entrance had been completely destroyed!”

The six palace envoys looked so shocked they could faint. They hurriedly asked to know what happened with heavy expressions on their faces.

“We will set aside the matter of the terrorist for now. We need to inform the higher-ups about this great change in Boluo Realm immediately.”

“From this day onwards, our secret realm entrance has become the only portal that connects Boluo Realm to Spirit Realm. We need to increase our prices immediately! Anyone who wishes to utilize our secret realm entrance must now pay at least three times the current fee!”

“No! That’s not right. Five times! They must pay us at least five times the current fee!”

Jiang Yiyue was all smiles. “They do not have a choice. If they wish to traverse between Spirit Realm and Boluo Realm, they can only go through our secret realm entrance!”

“What if they decide to force their way in?” A palace envoy asked.

“I will return to Spirit Realm and request the higher-ups to send three Void Realm experts to Boluo Realm in a moment. They will be guarding this secret realm entrance at all times!” Jiang Yiyue’s expression turned chilly as she said, “Sun Palace is finished, and the greatest fighting power the four great families stationed here possessed are just three-level Soul Altar experts. For now, no Void Realm experts are present in Boluo Realm. As long as we protect the secret realm entrance closely and forbid the Void Realm martial practitioners of other forces from entering Boluo Realm, we will be able to seize the initiative. We have every force and powerful native race of Boluo Realm by their throats as long as we control the secret realm entrance!”

“If this keeps up, Boluo Realm… may one day become Lunar Temple’s private domain!” A palace envoy came to realization.

“That’s right! With the cards we’ve been dealt, I hope to gradually turn Boluo Realm into our private domain over time!” Jiang Yiyue’s eyes shone with the light of ambition.

She knew that Lunar Temple would be able to reap massive amounts of profits if she could utilize Sun Palace’s slip-up and control this secret realm entrance firmly.

As the person in charge of Boluo Realm, this feat would gain her unimaginable merits and turn her into one of the few people with real power in Lunar Temple.

The achievement of taking control over a domain for Lunar Temple alone was enough to push her reputation to untouchable heights.

In the future, when she was ready to build her Soul Altar, Lunar Temple would definitely prepare everything beforehand so that she wouldn’t need to worry about the lack of spirit materials.

“Everyone will get to share this achievement as long as we work together!” She encouraged.

The eyes of all six palace envoys lit up.


“Lunar Temple is down below.”

On top of a giant rock that had slowly floated over to this place, Teng Yuan pointed at an overcast spot beneath six mountain peaks and explained things to Qin Lie.

“When it is day time, the six mountain peaks will gather together and block off the sunlight for Lunar Temple. When night arrives, Lunar Temple will move the six mountain peaks out of the way with their power so that the moons’ light can reach them and aid them in refining their moon power.”

This giant rock that was floating slowly between these still mountains was covered in gray earth spirit energy. It prevented the duo from being detected.

Qin Lie grabbed a new ancient spirit diagram that looked like a fishing net.

This ancient spirit diagram was also made using the Spirits of Void and Chaos’ blood. A couple of Blazing Profound Bombs were hung at the intersecting points of the blood threads.

He had also inscribed an ancient Amplification spirit diagram on the surface of the Blazing Profound Bombs with his own blood.

However, unlike his previous works, the web-like spirit diagram before him was a size smaller. Moreover, there were only thirty six Blazing Profound Bombs on the net, not fourty nine.

That was how much Blazing Profound Bombs he had left on him.

This was not to mention that the fire Spirit of Void and Chaos and the thunder Spirit of Void and Chaos were obviously weakened after having their blood extracted twice in such a short time.

Therefore, the amount of blood he got from them was smaller as well.

“The explosive diagram I’ve made this time is weaker than the one I used to deal with Sun Palace. I cannot guarantee that these bombs are enough to destroy Lunar Temple instantly,” Qin Lie said.

“That’s fine. You don’t have to kill all Lunar Temple martial practitioners. All you need to do is to destroy the secret realm entrance,” Teng Yuan said smilingly.

“You’re trying to make it so that all human martial practitioners cannot enter or exit Boluo Realm easily, aren’t you?” asked Qin Lie suddenly.

Teng Yuan withdrew his smile and said solemnly with eyes that looked as deep as the sea, “It is true that I don’t wish to see another human force dipping their fingers in Boluo Realm. I don’t want them to damage the balance of our domain, and I don’t want them to develop their powers in our domain any further.”

“You mean they can’t enter Boluo Realm if all the secret realm entrances are destroyed?” Qin Lie asked again.

Teng Yuan looked at him and pondered for a moment. Then, he said, “If you can destroy Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrance, guard the final secret realm entrance at the Ancient Beast Race’s domain properly and prevent them from borrowing it, they won’t be able to enter Boluo Realm for at least another one hundred and fifty years.”

“A hundred and fifty years?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

“Void Realm martial practitioners can traverse between realms without a secret realm entrance, but Boluo Realm is extremely far away from Spirit Realm. Therefore, even if Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s Void Realm martial practitioners were to bring along master artificers who were proficient enough in the intricacies of space to build a secret realm entrances and travel all the way to our realm, it will take them at least a hundred and fifty years to reach us.”

“That is why Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s reinforcements can only arrive at Boluo Realm a hundred fifty years later, if you stop them from passing through that final secret realm entrance that is.”

“A hundred and fifty years’ time is a pretty good buffer for us.”

“With luck, we’ll be able to gather enough strength to free ourselves from the clutches of those incessant human forces in a hundred and fifty years!”

Teng Yuan said.

“We? Who exactly... do you mean by that?” Qin Lie asked with a serious expression on his face.

“The Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race, and the Black Jail Race.”

“These are the very first races to arrive at Boluo Realm, and the only races who did not form any marital ties with the human race. Before the humans arrived, they used to be the races who possessed the biggest amount of land in Boluo Realm,” Teng Yuan said with distant-looking eyes. A snort later, he continued, “The Flame Race, the Serene Moon Race, the Asura Race, the Demon Dragon Race, the Wood Race and the Sea Race were just small groups that came to Boluo Realm some time after the first three races. When they first showed up, they only had an extremely tiny amount of land to themselves, and they never used to take our share of profits.”

However, these six races grew closer and closer with the six great human forces after they became connected by marriage. By trading with the human race, they acquired many precious treasures and materials that Boluo Realm doesn’t have. Thanks to their kins’ aid, they gradually grew stronger over time.”

“For the past thousand years, after joining forces with the six great human forces, these six races continuously expanded their borders in Boluo Realm and pushed into the domains of the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race and the Black jail Race. They were only getting more and more daring by the day.”

“Our domains gradually shrank over time, and we’ve lost almost half of our lands in the last thousand years.”

“If this situation continues, our three races may be chased out of Boluo Realm in less than five hundred years.”

At this point, Teng Yuan’s eyes were burning with anger.

“Why didn’t you chase them away?” Qin Lie asked.

Teng Yuan looked very bitter when he answered, “The Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race and the Black Jail Race may be stronger than the six races, but none of their human kins are easy to deal with.”

“Since the human race found a way to steal the bloodline of powerful ancient races, they proved how strong they are to all races by beating back the God Race.”

“For the past ten thousand years or so, the human race rose to power swiftly and dominated not just Spirit Realm, but also many auxiliary worlds.”

“To this day, the God Race is still individually stronger than the humans, but their numbers were far, far inferior to the human race. Their total population didn’t reach even ten thousandth of the humans’ total population.

“Due to their inferior numbers and reproduction ability, the God Race suffered greatly every time one of their people perished while they were conquering other realms.”

“Because their numbers were so few, the God Race didn’t even have enough manpower to leave a garrison behind in the worlds they conquered.”

“The human race is different, however. Their base population is so massive that no race could ever hope to match them, even if all the races in the world were to combine their numbers.”

“They have the numbers to man every realm they conquer. That is why they are able to keep the realms they have conquered and dominate them firmly.”

“Due to their terrifying numbers and their ability to steal the bloodlines of powerful ancient races, more and more experts are born within their midst.”

Teng Yuan paused for a moment and shook his head. Then, he let out a sigh and said, “We’re not afraid of the six races of Boluo Realm. What we’re truly afraid of… is their locust-like human kin. As long as the secret realm entrances exist, they can send an endless amount of martial practitioners into this world. If the six great human forces were to set their sights fully on Boluo Realm and turn their weapons against the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race, and the Black Jail Race, we won’t be able to resist them at all.”

“Why don’t you destroy the secret realm entrance yourself? I can feel it… you have the power to do this!” Qin Lie’s eyes gleamed.

“They would know that I’m the one who destroyed the secret realm entrances if I tried. When they come to us a hundred and fifty years later, we will be just as hard-pressed as we are now,” Teng Yuan said helplessly.

“So you want me to carry this burden instead?” Qin Lie frowned.

“What are you afraid of? We are the ones who have always lived in Boluo Realm. We are the ones who can’t leave this place and have no choice but to accept things as they are. You are not a denizen of Boluo Realm, and who knows where you’ll disappear to a hundred and fifty years later? What can they do to you if they can’t find you in the first place?” Teng Yuan said, “The difference between you and me is that you can leave whenever you wish and without fear of repercussions. But we’re different. We cannot leave Boluo Realm, and we could only suffer their wrath passively if they were to blame us for their loss.”

“Plus, I did help you a lot, didn’t I? Sure, we’ll benefit a lot from the destruction of Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrance, but this is also a great way for you to ensure your own safety, isn’t it?” Teng Yuan started begging.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and weighed the pros and cons carefully. A long while later, he nodded strongly. “Alright! I will destroy this secret realm entrance for you!”

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