Chapter 892: A Stone in the Water That Draws a Thousand Ripples!

Chapter 892: A Stone in the Water That Draws a Thousand Ripples!

On top of a suspended giant rock.

Qin Lie was sitting upright and probing his spirit sea. He immediately discovered that a tsunami was happening in there.

Right now, his spirit sea was absorbing external spirit energy madly like a giant demon. It was attempting to redirect the vast floods of energy into his three great natal palaces.

“Crackle! Crack crack crack!”

The thunder natal palace, frost natal palace and earth natal palace were emitting shockingly powerful energy beams inside his spirit sea. Dense, shattering noises were resounding from those intersecting lights.

The three great natal palaces looked like giant ice cubes that were being crushed to bits or like shattering mirrors.

It looked like the three great natal palaces required a tremendous amount of energy to be able to complete the fragmentation process.

He had studied all kinds of scriptures regarding Fragmentation Realm before, and he knew that the ascension process from the Fulfillment Realm to the Fragmentation Realm was also another refinement process for the natal palaces.

Normally speaking, the natal palaces of a martial practitioner who cultivated only one type of spirit art would remerge after they shattered and fragmented into bits.

In the end, all the natal palaces would merge together into one ultimate natal palace in their spirit sea.

He was obviously a different case.

The three great natal palaces in his body were split into frost, thunder and earth attribute. Obviously, these natal palaces of differing attributes couldn’t be easily merged into one.

This made his fragmentation a lot more dangerous than that of those martial practitioners who cultivated only one attribute spirit art. Moreover, the three natal palaces might clash against one another while he was ascending to a new realm.

A powerful feeling of hunger spread through his mind. He noticed that this hunger didn’t come from his stomach but from his spirit sea.

His spirit sea needed an endless source of spirit energy to be able to maintain its current state of evolution.

“This isn’t good! The world spirit energy in Boluo Realm isn’t sufficiently pure, so there is a chance that my breakthrough may end in failure if I am to rely on Boluo Realm’s world spirit energy alone!”

He noticed that his situation was bad.

Boluo Realm’s world spirit energy was already thinner than Spirit Realm’s to begin with, and to make things worse, it contained too much impurities.

This environment would affect his breakthrough to the Fragmentation Realm a lot.

“Spirit stones! I need to rely on the pure spirit energy inside spirit stones!”

While thinking, he took out the amplified spirit gathering boards he created a long time ago and placed them in a strange formation around him.

Then, he activated the ancient spirit diagrams inside those amplified spirit gathering boards.

Gentle light appeared from the spirit gathering boards and transformed the area around him into a more powerful spirit gathering formation.

The world spirit energy that was already surging madly towards this area gathered together with even greater ferocity thanks to the spirit gathering boards.

The place Qin Lie was sitting at turned into a deadly whirlpool that absorbed all the world spirit energy around him.

At the same time, he took out a lot of spirit stones from his spatial ring.

He placed these spirit stones at the center of those spirit gathering boards. After his spirit energy had entered the stones, thin smoke began to appear above them.

They were wisps of pure spirit energy.

The spirit gathering boards caused the worldly spirit energy of Boluo Realm and the spirit energy inside the spirit stones to circulate around him.

At first glance, it almost looked like his figure was covered in a thick white mist.

All pores in his body opened several times wider than usual in order to devour as much of this white mist as possible.


It was at this moment Teng Yuan’s figure slowly appeared on a stationary giant rock above Qin Lie.

He was staring at the ascending Qin Lie with a complicated expression on his face. The emotions behind his eyes were unfathomable.

“This place is only several hundred kilometers away from the great center of destruction where the Sun Palace’s headquarters used to be. It would take at most six to eight hours for the remaining five great human forces and native experts of Boluo Realm to reach this place. He wouldn’t be able to escape those people’s senses at all since he chose such a sensitive spot to achieve his breakthrough. Is this not foolish or what?” He muttered to himself before shaking his head with a sigh. He said, “Just my luck today…”

A heart-shaped gray yellow light glowed with geocentric shockwave and twisted the gravity around it constantly. Then, it abruptly entered the giant rock Qin Lie was sitting on.

The giant rock that was several thousand meters in diameter was originally hovering completely still in midair.

But after the heart-shaped light ball was injected into the giant rock by Teng Yuan, it was like a war chariot that gained an energy core.

It actually started to fly on its own.

This area was a rubble zone. The giant rocks suspended in midair were positioned very close to each other.

It was almost as if a giant, hovering continent had disintegrated in midair and transformed into many giant rocks.

Right now, the giant rock Qin Lie was at had begun flying of its own accord through the stationary rubble zone.

Qin Lie was completely focused on his cultivation, and so he had no idea about the changes happening around him. His mind was completely focused on his spirit sea.

The giant rock swiftly passed through the floating rubbles and left this dangerous place under the influence of a certain power.

Not long after the giant rock had left, the martial practitioners of Lunar Temple, the Yu Family, the Feng Family, and the Cui Family arrived one after another.

Soon, the natives who lived on the surface of Boluo Realm also rushed over after they heard the shocking explosion.

Very soon, the five great human forces and the powerful natives of Boluo Realm all gathered together in one place.

Their eyes were all centered at where Sun Palace should’ve been.

However, that place had already turned into nothingness in their eyes. The only thing left were dying embers and some remaining soul ripples.

No Sun Palace martial practitioner had survived the big explosion.

The leaders of every great human force and powerful ancient races were stunned by the sight before them.

“What happened here?” This was the question in everyone’s hearts.

They exchanged looks and questions with each other. They all wanted to know what kind of change had occurred to the flying continent the Sun Palace used to live on.

“Did Sun Palace offend anyone as of late?” The Yu Family’s person in charge in Boluo Realm, Yu Lei asked while staring at the crowd.

Jiang Yiyue of Lunar Temple was currently riding on a crescent-shaped war chariot. The war chariot was covered in thick veils of cloth that blocked the blazing sunlight completely.

She had learned of the conflict between Sun Palace and the Dark Shadow Race from Lin Jie. She also learned that Sun Palace had recently attacked the Dark Shadow Race.

She cast a glance at Yuan Wenzhi at a distance and frowned, saying, “Sun Palace had attacked the Dark Shadow Race’s settlement last night in attempt to wipe them out, but… their plan was foiled by the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race just as they were about to succeed. Jun Hongxuan had also retreated in a hurry after the moon had risen. If I have to guess, he had probably returned to request for reinforcements to attack the Demon Dragon Race and the Yuan Family.”

“Were you the ones who did it?” Yu Lei immediately asked.

More experts trained their gaze onto Yuan Wenzhi. Suspicion was present in every one of their eyes.

They had all more or less received the news about Sun Palace and the Dark Shadow Race’s conflict last night. After Jiang Yiyue had confirmed it today, they all thought that the Demon Dragon Race and the Yuan Family had eliminated Sun Palace’s headquarters and destroyed the secret realm entrance through some crazy method. This was so that Jun Hongxuan wouldn’t be able to bring in the reinforcements from Spirit Realm’s Sun Palace.

“We didn’t do it; we’ve already set ourselves apart from the Dark Shadow Race. The reason I came today is to return the Sun Divine Wheel to Jun Hongxuan so that we may repair our relationship,” Yuan Whenzhi hastily explained.

“You say you didn’t do it? But who else could it be?” Yu Lei’s tone was full of suspicion. “You are the only ones who had a grudge against Sun Palace as of late, and you have killed many Sun Palace martial practitioners last night. You are the most suspicious one out of us all!”

“Don’t forget Lunar Temple!” Yuan Wenzhi cast the blame on Jiang Yiyue. “Lunar Temple and Sun Palace had always been sworn enemies. If Sun Palace’s secret realm entrance was destroyed, their secret realm entrance would become the only portal that connects Boluo Realm and Spirit Realm. They’ll be able to grab everyone by their throats this way!”

“That is a possibility!” Yu Lei added.

“This has nothing to do with us!” Jiang Yiyue screamed.

She knew that Sun Palace wouldn’t stop until they had skinned them alive if the blame ultimately landed on Lunar Temple. Even if Sun Palace could no longer enter Boluo Realm, they still would take crazy revenge against them in Spirit Realm.

—They were not yet ready to engage Sun Palace in an all-out war.

“The Dark Shadow Race doesn’t have the power to do this, and you two are the only ones who had clashed against Sun Palace as of late. If it isn’t Lunar Temple, then it has to be the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race!” Yu Lei snorted coldly as he looked at Jiang Yiyue and Yuan Wenzhi. Suddenly, he added, “The six great human forces had always developed Boluo Realm together. You could even say that Boluo Realm is our private domain. Now… is someone planning to claim Boluo Realm all for themselves?”

The moment he said this, the Cui Family and Feng Family looked a little shaken by this. The natives who had rushed over also revealed pondering looks on their faces.

While these people were suspecting each other, the true culprit, Qin Lie, was already tens of thousands of kilometers away from this place. He was doing all he could to ascend to the Fragmentation Realm.

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