Chapter 891: The Path to Fragmentation!

Chapter 891: The Path to Fragmentation!

Spirit Realm, Sun Palace.

A mysterious oval secret realm entrance made out of crystal and glittering with starry divine characters gave off divine light.

More than five hundred Sun Palace martial practitioners gathered in front of the entrance, the majority in the Fulfillment, Fragmentation, Nirvana, and Imperishable Realms.

Jun Hongxuan had two men beside him with imposing presences and burning eyes.

These were Sun Palace's two Void Realm experts.

At this time, the group's gaze gathered on the mysterious entrance.

All of their expressions were twisted.

A mountainous figure twisted inside the vortex as though it was being pulled by spatial power and guided into unknown spaces.

The five colored rays of light flashed like meteors inside the door.

That was an unusually beautiful sight inside the space gap.


A long intermittent howl came out of the secret realm entrance.


That mountainous figure inside the door flashed and disappeared as though it was consumed by an unseen black hole.

The tall Void Realm expert next to Jun Hongxuan grabbed Jun Hongxuan's collar and lifted him.

Jun Hongxuan's legs kicked furiously as though he was drowning. He had trouble breathing.

"What happened? !" that person bellowed, his expression vicious. "Why had Lu Wen been consumed by a spatial crack, not able to reach Boluo Realm? !"

More martial practitioners would have followed in entering the secret realm entrance to reach Boluo Realm.

At this time, these people unconsciously retreated. They looked at the door with terror.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh ... ..." Jun Hongxuan trembled fiercely, his eyes filled with terror. "I don't know what is happening over there, I really don't know!"

"There is only one reason why Lu Wen had been consumed by a spatial crack. When he was crossing between realms, Boluo Realm's secret realm entrance suddenly exploded so he was consumed by a black hole and thrown through the space," the other Void Realm expert said.

"Boluo Realm's secret realm entrance exploded?" Jun Hongxuan was stunned.

"This is the only possibility!" That person was confident.

"It was all your fault!" The expert who grabbed Jun Hongxuan appeared to want to eat him. "If Lu Wen cannot return to Spirit Realm in a hundred years, I won't care if you’re a ‘fire seed’, I will kill you myself!" he bellowed angrily.

"The secret realm entrance we created in Boluo Realm must have exploded."The other Void Realm expert had a dark expression. "From now on, we will not be able to easily enter Boluo Realm!"

"Immediately report to your master!" The expert holding Jun Hongxuan threw him far away.

Jun Hongxuan spun in the air. His previously icy cold heart shivered in boundless fear.

He had been responsible for Boluo Realm's matters the entire time. Now, not only had the secret realm entrance been destroyed, an expert in the Void Realm had also been affected. This Void Realm practitioner may be lost forever in the chaotic streams of space. Sun Palace could not ignore this. They would investigate how much of it was his responsibility.

"Why is it like this? What happened in Boluo Realm? Why is it like this?" He wanted to cry.

Boluo Realm.

Yuan Wenzhi rode a large bronze chariot with the "Sun Divine Wheel" and ten members of the Yuan Family martial practitioners, headed for Sun Divine Hall.

When Barett decided not to interfere with the Dark Shadow Race, the Yuan Family followed suit. Yuan Wenzhi took the Sun Divine Wheel and came to Sun Palace to ease their relationship and prevent the grudge from becoming an irreconcilable one.

Just as he was about to reach Sun Palace, he suddenly heard a destructive explosion. In the next moment, the floating continent where Sun Palace was turned into a blinding ball of light.

It looked just like a sun.

The sight of the Soul Altars gradually crumbling in the ball of light heralded the deaths of Sun Palace's Soul Altar experts.

"Heavens! What happened to Sun Palace?"

"Did a sun fall here?"

"A Soul Altar expert has died!"

The Yuan Family experts next to Yuan Wenzhi looked at the blinding ball of light. Their bodies froze in shock.

Sun Palace was the strongest of the six human factions in Boluo Realm. They controlled the largest secret realm entrance and had a leverage on all the factions and ancient races.

Because of that, Sun Palace was extremely arrogant in Boluo Realm, treating it as their backyard and not having suffered any losses in many, many years.

This powerful Sun Palace disappeared in an instant!

"Sir, are we still going over?" A moment later, a member of the Yuan Family asked.

Yuan Wenzhi's expression was sluggish. He finally reacted from looking dazedly at the enormous sphere of flames.

"Let’s keep watching! We need to see how much of Sun Palace will remain!" he said.

"I think… nothing will," someone said in a hoarse voice.

"Sun Palace is over."

"At least, they are done in Boluo Realm."

"Why would such a thing suddenly occur?"

"Who did they offend?"

The Yuan Family discussed.

On another small floating continent.

This continent was more than three hundred miles away from Sun Palace's explosion. At this time, Hua Yuchi, that dispirited old man and the large man stood on the tallest mountain on the continent and looked into the distance.

"Young Master, Sun Palace has exploded, was it... that Yao Tian?" the man called Hong Zhong had a incredulous look. "To destroy such a large continent in an instant. Even Void Realm experts cannot do it."

Hua Yuchi was in a daze.

He was astounded as well.

Originally, after he fled, he had been worried that Sun Palace would pursue him and they would not be able to hide in the Boluo Realm.

Yet, just as they escaped this place, before they could adjust, they saw Sun Palace turn into a blinding ball of light.

The Soul Altars of Imperishable Realms clearly shattered in the light.

This meant that Sun Palace's base in Boluo Realm ceased to exist at this moment. All of the martial practitioners who had been there had died.

Including Jun An!

This meant they did not have to worry about being pursued by Sun Palace's martial practitioners. After the secret realm entrance's destruction, Sun Palace had no way of immediately sending reinforcements.

As he celebrated, he was also intimidated by the scene in front of him. A terror spread through his body.

"Motherf*cker! Lucky I moved at the agreed time. Luckily I teleported using Sky Mender Palace's secret art. Otherwise, there would be nothing left of me." He turned to look at the other two and said, "It would be the same for you!"

Hong Zhong and the old man paled.

They were only in the Imperishable Realm. If they had been in Sun Palace's cells a few seconds ago, they... would have also died.

"Young Master, who is that Yao Tian? Why did he help you? Also, what did he use to destroy Sun Palace in an instant?" Hong Zhong asked.

"You ask me, but who do I ask?" Hua Yuchi swore irritably.

He was also stunned.

He thought that Qin Lie had come to rescue him. He thought Qin Lie was sent by Sky Mender Palace.

What he didn't know was he was just an accidental detour to Qin Lie.

"No matter what, I will find him. I want to know why he saved me!"

On the other side hundreds of miles away.

Qin Lie watched as Sun Palace turned to ash in the burning light, looked at the Soul Altars disappearing and roared with laughter.

As he laughed, his body continued to fall. He dropped towards an enormous rock in the air.


His back hit the rock hard, the impact almost causing him to spit blood.

At the same time, he heard three crisp shattering sounds inside his spirit sea.

Then, wild spirit power fluctuations spread through his spirit sea.

With him as the center, the nearby world spirit energy was stirred and gathered towards him.

In this moment, his spirit sea gave off an attractive force that furiously sucked in all of the energies into his spirit sea.

He had a feeling his spirit sea needed the support of endless spirit energy, needed to be replenished by vast spirit power.

"Fr… Frag… Fragmentation Realm!"

He stilled, his eyes lit up. He knew that his breakthrough into the Fragmentation Realm had started.

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