Chapter 890: A Fourth Sun!

Chapter 890: A Fourth Sun!

Qin Lie silently retreated back into the cave.

Inside the cave, he could hear Hua Yuchi and the other two people in the three cells recovering their spirit energy using the spirit stones and spirit pills that he had thrown them.

The cells blocked the spirit energy of the world and the trio’s energy reserves were depleted.

The spirit stones and pills he gave them were not enough for them to recover in three hours.

But they could give them some power.

When the Blazing Profound Bombs detonated, and destroyed the cells, he would immediately leave and go to the main hall of the Sun Divine Hall to destroy the secret realm entrance.

He would prevent Sun Palace's reinforcements from coming.

That way, the Dark Shadow Race would peacefully overcome this obstacle. When Eddie, Yuria and the others recovered most of their power, when that Void Realm elder recovered, the Dark Shadow Race would have a higher probability of returning to Spirit Realm.

He calculated inwardly.

Boluo Realm's gravity was ten times that of Spirit Realm. Accidents would occur if people tried to use "escape arts" there.

And he had undergone Teng Yuan's torment, and been crushed under an exponential level of gravity. His Records of Geocentric Magnetism had advanced ferociously.

He had completely adjusted to Boluo Realm's gravity.

Other people could not cast escape arts, but he was almost unaffected. This was why he had avoided Lunar Temple's eyes as he moved from Dark Shadow Race and easily left.

At the same time, he had explored this cave with his perception. He was confident that he could use the Blood Escape Art to move in the direction of the main hall before the detonation.

He waited silently for that moment.

"Sun Palace, Ninth Heaven. Six Gold rank forces..." his eyes narrowed and shone with sharp light.

"What? You did not wipe out the Dark Shadow Race and suffered heavy losses?"

In a vast palace high in the clouds of Spirit Realm, Jun Hongxuan's master, Cao Kugong, furrowed deeply.

Jun Hongxuan knelt in front of him with a lowered head and explained the matter, not daring to conceal anything.

"This disciple was useless." Jun Hongxuan admitted his mistake with his head bowed.

"You are one of Sun Palace's ‘fire seeds,’ you are also my student. Your mistakes are my mistakes." Cao Kugong's expression was grave as he said, "I arranged for you to be in Boluo Realm with the hope that you can prove your abilities there and surpass the other two fire seeds!" If you dominate them, you will get more resources from Sun Palace. If you cannot let those old ones acknowledge your abilities with your stay in Boluo Realm, you will not have any hope in the future, you will even be replaced by others."

"This disciple understands." Jun Hongxuan bent his head even lower.

"Boluo Realm is extremely important, not just to Sun Palace, many other factions are involved. But you must tell everyone that Sun Palace is the true ruler of Boluo Realm!" Cao Kugong thought hard. He said, "With my orders, summon my three hall masters, return to Boluo Realm and completely exterminate the Dark Shadow Race! If Barett dares to interfere again, have the three main hall masters deal with him. The three hall masters together will be enough to subdue Barett."

"This time, I will not disappoint Master!" Jun Hongxuan swore.

"Remember, you are my face! Your defeat dishonors me!" Viciousness flashed through Cao Kugong's eyes.

"This disciple understands." Jun Hongxuan immediately acted and left.


In the cells.

Hua Yuchi's eyes gradually grew bright. After eating a large amount of spirit pills and absorbing the power within the spirit stones, he recovered a portion of his confidence.

"I'm prepared to act!" he suddenly said.

Inside the cave, Qin Lie stood up and said, "I'm going first."

"Alright!" Hua Yuchi said.

Qin Lie activated his lifeblood essences.

The drop of lifeblood essence rose out of his palms like beads of flame and blood.


Suddenly, a ball of bloody light erupted and wrapped around his body.

Within the bloody light, Qin Lie's body blurred and then disappeared in a while.

"Boluo Realm's gravity is ten times that of Spirit Realm. Someone who is able to cast escape arts in Boluo Realm must be skilled in the power of the earth." Hua Yuchi muttered. "I don't know why, I feel a familiar aura from this person."

As he said this, he took out the Blazing Profound Bomb and prepared.


Qin Lie's body suddenly appeared in the North Region of Sun Divine Hall. There were no Sun Palace martial practitioners around.

No one noticed him.

The Sun Palace martial practitioners from North Region had died in the previous battle, so not many were present.

He could not directly approach the main hall without attracting attention of the guards around the main hall. Therefore, he paused there.

He looked towards the plaza.

Chariots were coming out of the palaces and parked on the plaza.

Many restless Sun Palace martial practitioners boarded the chariots under the shouts of the deacons, eager and waiting for Jun Hongxuan to come with the experts from Spirit Realm.

He knew once Jun Hongxuan led the true experts of Sun Palace into Boluo Realm, the Dark Shadow Race would face the danger of extinction.

"Sun Palace, the friend of Ninth Heaven, very good!" he inhaled and started to count silently, "One, two, three, four ... ..."

When he counted to nine, the palace in the south where Hua Yuchi and the others were imprisoned suddenly gave off a ground-shaking explosion.

Along with the explosion came flames, lightning, and thunder.

Yet the palace did not fall and only lightly shook.

"As expected..." Qin Lie's expression didn't change.

He knew six Blazing Profound Bombs going off at once could not destroy the Sun Divine Hall. At most, it would destroy the cells underneath

He started to worry if Hua Yuchi and the others could flee out.


"The prisoners are going to escape!"

"Let's go look!"

Suddenly, all the Sun Palace martial practitioners on the plaza shouted.

Twelve Sun Divine Halls. Each divine hall suddenly shot out a flame-like figure.

Even in the main hall, Jun An and another elder was alarmed and rushed out.


Qin Lie's eyes flashed with light.

He felt that the gravity around the cave he had teleported from changed to that of Spirit Realm.

Someone had used a method to decrease the gravity there so that people could freely use escape arts.

"Martial practitioners from a peak Gold rank force like Sky Mender Palace sure are extraordinary. No wonder they dared to agree to act in an hour. I underestimated them," he murmured.

Sky Mender Palace was one of the strongest forces in Central World, their foundations much deeper than Sun Palace. Hua Yuchi was the grandson of the present palace master, Hua Tianqiong, and naturally had some extraordinary arts.

After receiving the six Blazing Profound Bombs and using them to destroy the underground cave, Hua Yuchi clearly found a way to break free.

Qin Lie was excited by this discovery.

He observed the surroundings and found that the guards stationed at the main hall were moving towards the cells. He once again used the Blood Escape Art to perform short-range teleportation.

He suddenly appeared at the main hall.

This Sun Palace's main hall was several hundred meters tall, and its walls were covered with exquisite patterns that increased the rate of the palace in absorbing sun power.

Appearing at the main hall, he hung the web covered in Blazing Profound Bombs on the main hall's wall.

"What are you doing?"

At this time, an elder of Sun Palace appeared in the main hall.

He originally intended to go in the direction of the cells to see what happened there. But his soul suddenly detected an abnormality.

He searched and found Qin Lie doing something suspicious.

He immediately shouted and attacked.

His body released a dazzling ocean of sunlight that seemed to drown Qin Lie.

Qin Lie paled.

Without a moment of hesitation and time to adjust, Qin Lie once again activated the Blood Escape Art.

This time, he set off ten drops of lifeblood essence.

In a flash, he was wrapped by bloody light and dissipated, teleporting hundreds of miles away.

This was a long-range teleportation.

After a burst of dizziness, he appeared midair, hundreds of miles away. Then he started falling at a rapid rate.

He saw the floating continent where Sun Palace was.


He activated the lifeblood essence he had left behind on each Blazing Profound Bomb.

Then he glared at the distant continent without making any adjustment and unwilling to miss any detail.

He didn't know if he would succeed, didn't know if that web with its forty-nine Blazing Profound Bombs could destroy the Sun Palace's main hall after being enhanced with Amplification diagrams.

Only if the main hall and secret realm entrance were destroyed would Sun Palace be unable to send in more experts, and only then would the Dark Shadow Race have a chance to overcome this calamity.

"It has to succeed," he prayed inwardly.

Suddenly, a roar that shook all of the peak existences in Boluo Realm came from the direction he was looking in.

In this moment, it seemed that a fourth sun appeared in the sky of Boluo Realm!

Sun Divine Hall's base in Boluo Realm, that continent where the twelve Sun Divine Halls were on, turned into a burning ball of light like a sun giving off fierce light and flame!

From several hundred miles away, the terrifying afterwaves, the destructive waves of heat rolled over.

The destructive aftershocks even caused Qin Lie to change expression from hundreds of miles away.

He saw some burning Soul Altar experts trying to escape the blazing ball of light, but their bodies just slowly shattered.

Those were Imperishable Realm experts!

His lips suddenly felt dry.

Looking at the “fourth burning sun” and the exploding Soul Altars, he knew he hadn't just destroyed the secret realm entrance, he also broke his own record.

—He used Blazing Profound Bombs to kill experts in the Imperishable Realm!

With the blood of two Spirits of Void and Chaos as ink, his own lifeblood essence as the brush and forty-nine Blazing Profound Bombs reinforced with forty-nine small Amplification diagrams arranged to form a huge ancient Amplification diagram, the power of this formation could annihilate the world.

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