Chapter 889: Two Generations of Heroes!

Chapter 889: Two Generations of Heroes!

Outside the prison room, Qin Lie stood as stiff as a statue with a dark expression on his face.

Through Hua Yuchi’s story, he finally gained a clear picture of the Qin Family, Qin Shan, Qin Hao, and himself.

He learned about his past, the glory the Qin Family once had, the extraordinary skill and talent his grandfather possessed in the art of artifact forging, and his father’s, Qin Hao’s, great skill and strategy.

He also learned… just how mediocre and incompetent he truly was in the past.

The first generation of the Qin Family had the strongest artificer in the history. The second generation of the Qin Family had a top-class martial practitioner who had the highest chance of reaching the absolute peak of the martial way.

But he, the third generation of the Qin Family who bore much expectations… was actually the biggest joke in the entire world.

The third generation of the Qin Family was also the opening that ultimately triggered the Qin Family’s destruction. He was the key to the Qin Family’s astonishing collapse.

“Was the old me really so useless and disgraceful?” He couldn’t accept this truth for a time.

The Qin Family was a former first-rate Gold rank force who possessed a first generation hero and a second generation hero that won the reverence of all experts. So how could their third generation be so pathetic?

He refused to believe this.

“Young Master Hua, is it?” A while later, he sucked in a deep breath and looked at the handsome youngster in the prison room once more. “That Qin Lie… if he truly is such a useless man of many vices, why do you still call him your big brother?”

Hua Yuchi’s eyes turned dim as he let out a sigh. He said, “Big brother Qin may bear many vices, but he is also a man values his relationships greatly. He always treated us brothers well. But… but… he did hate his own identity. He thought of himself as a member of the God Race. From the moment I knew him, he already hated all the Gold rank forces that existed in the human race. He believed that the eight great Gold rank forces of the human race… are the reason why his mother and his grandfather are still drifting aimlessly in the outer realms. He believed that they were the reason his mother’s clansmen couldn’t return to Spirit Realm.”

“Moreover, big brother Qin himself seemed to be plagued by some kind of illness. It seemed to be a… personality disorder? I can’t say for sure myself. At any rate, there was definitely some sort of trouble that was plaguing him and preventing him from focusing on his cultivation.”

“I dare say that it must be that bitch Han Qian who framed big brother Qin and killed him!”

“It is true that big brother was arrogant and addicted to women, but he truly loved that bitch. He would never do what she claimed he had done to her!”

“Those old bastards must’ve ordered that bitch to frame and kill big brother Qin. They had started the conflict on purpose!”

Hua Yuchi said indignantly.

A bit of electricity ran within Qin Lie’s eyes.

It was obvious that his mother was a woman of the God Race, and his father had fallen in love with her when he was in the outer realms. That was how he came to be.

Perhaps the old him had even stayed for a time with the God Race for a time while they were still at the outer realms. That was why he came to hate all humans under the God Race’s influence

The God Race had dominated Spirit Realm for over ten thousand years before they were ultimately beaten back by the hundred races. The human race had played a critical part in this outcome.

That might be why he grew to hate the human race.

After his father returned to Spirit Realm, the notion that was deeply ingrained into his mind probably didn’t change. He continued to hate the Gold rank forces of the human race in the Central World.

Moreover, something was apparently wrong with himself, and he was plagued by some sort of trouble. As a result, he couldn’t focus on his cultivation.

Moreover, the Qin Family was already the strongest family in the Central World at the time. He didn’t feel any pressure at all as a result.

These factors all came together and resulted in him abandoning himself to despair and indulgence. He became an ignorant and incompetent person who only knew how to enjoy the pleasures of life, and not only did he become the biggest joke of the Central World, he was even the breaking point that the great forces targeted and used to destroy the Qin Family.

The old him was truly a tragedy. It was as if god had purposely sent him to toy around with the Qin Family.

“Is he… really dead?” Qin Lie asked again.

“Of course.” Hua Yuchi smiled bitterly. “That bitch was extremely vicious, and she had already destroyed big brother Qin’s True Soul when grandfather Qin Shan went over. Considering big brother Qin’s realm at the time, he was completely dead the moment his True Soul dispersed. Even if grandfather Qin Shan had the power to change the world, this was something he couldn’t change.”

“Dead…” Qin Lie frowned deeply and asked himself in his own mind, “If he truly is dead, then what am I?”

He fell into deep thought.

He believed that there had to be a reason behind his old self’s mediocrity despite having the God Race’s bloodline, a father like Qin Hao, and a grandfather like Qin Shan.

He also believed that something was off with his supposed “death”

He believed that Hua Yuchi’s deductions were correct. He believed that Han Qian of Ninth Heaven must have set up that trap to frame him.

They had chosen that timing to act because his father Qin Hao was trapped in Dark Shadow World.

Perhaps they thought that the Qin Family would erupt at first notice.

But his grandfather endured the pain and waited until Qin Hao returned before they launched their attack the same night.

The Gold rank forces obviously underestimated the Qin Family’s strength. Before they could react or negotiate the details of their alliance in full, Ninth Heaven suffered severe losses already.

They finally realized just how scary the Qin Family was, and they realized that the Qin Family would seek them out and destroy them one by one if they didn’t work together.

The Qin Family might be powerful, but they were ultimately not a match for six Gold rank forces at once. After Qin Hao’s Soul Altar was shattered by several old Genesis Realm experts, the giant that was the Qin Family naturally crumbled.

His grandfather, Qin Shan probably knew that he wasn’t a match for the six great Gold rank forces after Qin Hao’s Soul Altar was shattered as well. That was why he took him far, far away from the Central World.

He gradually sorted out his thoughts.

“What realm is that Han Qian of Ninth Heaven at? How powerful is she?” A while later, Qin Lie inhaled deeply before asking a question calmly.

“Han Qian?” Hua Yuchi’s shook his head bitterly and let out a sigh. “That bitch may be vicious and cruel, but she is extremely beautiful and talented in cultivation.”

“Right now, she is probably soon to complete the first level of her Soul Altar. Her Sea Race bloodline should also be at rank eight or so. I don’t even know how many latent abilities she had awakened as a result. She is one of the brightest pearls of the Central World’s new generation of martial practitioners, and she was regarded highly by Ninth Heaven. She was given an entire domain to do as she pleases, and it was even rumored that that domain was pretty well-developed.”

“I may hate her a lot, but even I have to admit that that bitch is born an able woman. She is outstanding, be it in terms of cultivation talent, bloodline, willpower or intelligence.”

“There are few men in the entire Central World who can compare to her.”

“And I… am even more inferior compared to her.”

Hua Yuchi lowered his head dejectedly. He actually felt a deep sense of defeat when he spoke of that woman in Ninth Heaven.

“Why are you imprisoned here?” Qin Lie calmed down eventually.

“Me?” Hua Yuchi’s smile grew even more bitter. “It’s… not safe to talk about me right now. If you really wish to know then please get me out of this place. Once I’m out, I’ll tell you why I was imprisoned in Boluo Realm by Sun Palace.”

“Who does Sun Palace belong to?” Qin Lie sudden asked.

“Sun Palace is a sub-first rate Gold rank force. They are allied with Ninth Heaven, but they are not their vassal force.” Hua Yuchi said.

“What about Lunar Temple?” Qin Lie asked again.

“Lunar Temple and Starry Hall are friends. They are also allied with one another.” Hua Yuchi answered again. A moment later, a sudden realization struck him as he looked at Qin Lie with great puzzlement. “You’re a martial practitioner of Sun Palace, so it’s natural if you don’t know anything about the Qin Family. But how could you not even know about the relationship between Sun Palace and Ninth Heaven; Lunar Temple and Starry Hall?”

“I will try and get you out of here.” Qin Lie didn’t answer him. Instead, he asked, “Do you happen to have any good ideas to share?”

Hua Yuchi abruptly grew excited.

Originally, he was sitting inside his room. Now, he had suddenly darted to the stone wall and closed the distance between him and Qin Lie instantly. With gleaming eyes, he asked, “Do you have spirit stones with you?”

“I do.” Qin Lie nodded.

“Do you see the two prison rooms next to mine?”


“Toss your spirit stones and pills that can quicken one’s spirit energy recovery through the windows into their rooms and mine. Then, we shall wait for ten or so Boluo Realm days. We will be able to come up with a plan by then.”

“Ten or so days? No, that is unacceptable. You have two hours.”

“How much power can we possibly recover in just two hours time? We can’t break open these prison rooms at all!”

Hua Yuchi grew anxious.

Qin Lie pondered for a moment and fished out another six Blazing Profound Bombs from his spatial ring, passing them to Hua Yuchi. He told him how to use the Blazing Profound Bombs. “These items should be able to help you all break out of your rooms. Once you get out, you all should leave this place immediately. This area is the weakest point of their defense; none of their experts will be around during that time. Also, Sun Palace had just suffered a number of heavy casualties, so the amount of resistance you all will face after you escape should be a lot lesser.”

He didn’t say that he would seize the opportunity to rush to the main hall after the prison room had exploded. He didn’t say that he would send the secret realm entrance at the main hall and the experts guarding that place all to kingdom come.

After the main hall had turned to dust, Hua Yuchi and the other convicts would face even lesser resistance.

This explosion was critical to Hua Yuchi’s escape. Even if Hua Yuchi was recaptured in the worst case scenario, he wouldn’t be killed by Sun Palace.

Sun Palace had obviously imprisoned him for a reason. They obviously wanted him alive, and they wouldn’t kill him without good reason.

Plus, he was a third generation descendant of Sky Mender Palace. Sun Palace had many reasons to make use of him in the future.

Since Hua Yuchi wouldn’t die no matter what, Qin Lie thought that it was worth making the gamble. If he succeeded, he could escape his predicament. Even if he failed, it wouldn’t be worse than what he faced now.

“This item sure is very interesting!” Hua Yuchi thought for a moment after listening to his explanation. Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, “Let’s give it a try. Even in the worst case scenario where I was recaptured, these Sun Palace bastards wouldn’t dare do anything to me.”


After conversing with Hua Yuchi, Qin Lie took out several hundred spirit stones and spirit pill bottles from his spatial ring and tossed it into Hua Yuchi’s hands.

Then, he arrived at the other two prison rooms and threw even more spirit stones and pills to the two convicts inside without a word.

“I hope to see you act once two hours have passed. I will help you escape from the outside once the operation begins.” Qin Lie left these final words to Hua Yuchi.

“Who are you? How can I repay you in the future?” Hua Yuchi hastily asked.

Qin Lie fell silent for a moment. Then, he said, “My name is Yao Tian.”

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