Chapter 887: Hua Yuchi

Chapter 887: Hua Yuchi

An hour later.

A complex spirit diagram drawn with the blood of the Spirits of Void and Chaos as ink appeared in the cultivation room.

The spirit diagram was composed of thousands of lines of blood. Forty-something most important intersections all had a Blazing Profound Bomb hung on it.

This spirit diagram looked like a net hanging in the air.

The Blazing Profound Bombs looked like the fish caught in the net. As the net moved, the Blazing Profound Bombs seemed to struggle and break free of the fish net.

Qin Lie exhaled. With clearly exhausted eyes he looked at the spirit diagram he had spent effort and mental strength to inscribe.

After the fire and thunder Spirits of Void and Chaos gave their blood, they started furiously eating the spirit materials he brought out in order to recover as quickly as possible.

Through the two Spirits of Void and Chaos, he learned that this ancient diagram with the Blazing Profound Bombs would be much more powerful than the Blazing Profound Bombs exploding simultaneously.

He believed that if this web-like diagram exploded in the main hall of the Sun Divine Halls, it would shake the world.

Maybe, that secret realm entrance Sun Palace used as a chokehold on the races would be destroyed as well.

However, a new dilemma appeared—how should he set off this web-like ancient diagram in the main hall?

The ancient diagram could hide as it was made with the blood of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

However, he could not hide the Blazing Profound Bombs.

If the web became intangible, and the ancient diagram disappeared, the forty-nine Blazing Profound Bombs would float in the air.

It was not realistic to move the forty-nine Blazing Profound Bombs to the main hall of Sun Palace.

Sun Palace's main hall would have martial practitioners on guard. They would not just idly watch as forty-nine metal balls drop down.

Even if he sneaked near the main hall, the Sun Palace martial practitioners had to be absent for him to paste this ancient diagram with the Blazing Profound Bombs onto the wall of the main hall.

There was one more thing... He had to leave before the detonation.

Otherwise, he would die.

"This is not easy at all..."

He frowned, thinking of what he could do to not attract attention, avoid the ears and eyes of everyone present and also move the diagram to the main hall. Then, he had to leave as well.

He thought hard.

A long time later.

"Room seven! Huang Xian!" A loud voice came from the outside hallway. "Come out!"

Qin Lie who was still working on approaching the main hall was in a daze and didn't react immediately.

Only when impatient knocking sounded on the door did he realize his present identity. He was "Huang Xian."

"Coming!" he hurriedly responded.

After adjusting his clothes slightly, he looked at himself and walked out after feeling there were no problems with his appearance.

"Liu Feng, Zhao Ye, Wang Hu..."

In the hall, a deacon of Sun Palace was shouting loudly with a roster in his hand.

However, other than Qin Lie, all the other doors were tightly closed.

That deacon shouted for a while, and sighed after finding no one else appearing. His gaze landed on Qin Lie as he said, "It seems you are the only one in this district to survive."

Qin Lie showed a grieving expression, his head low and didn't respond.

"Lord An has put down an order, we will gather our forces and attack the Dark Shadow Race before night time. Because of the previous losses, the brothers that guard the cells will be moved out to fight. And you... while you have survived, all of you have expended a great amount of power. You will not be able to fight so you will replace the brothers guarding the cells and look after the cells."

The deacon explained and said to Qin Lie, "Come with me."

Qin Lie followed closely.

Walking out of the North Region, he noticed that a dozen or so Sun Palace martial practitioners with pale complexions who had clearly not recovered came out of the other places.

The deacons from different palaces conversed and led them to a remote palace.

Qin Lie followed the group into the palace and walked down the stairs. After going down several hundred meters, they came to the place where Sun Palace kept its prisoners.

The Sun Palace martial practitioners that guarded this place passed by them and walked out when the group came down, rubbing their fists together.

They would be organized to attack the Dark Shadow Race when Jun Hongxuan received reinforcements from Spirit Realm.

"The criminals here are important, and their identities cannot be exposed to Spirit Realm, so they are kept in Boluo Realm. These people all have secrets. Sun Palace needs them alive in order to get the secrets we need so you need to take good care of them."

A deacon ordered, and arranged for different people to be responsible for different areas as he told them what they needed to do.

Qin Lie listened silently.

He quickly understood and knew he only needed to guard three cells. Every six hours, he just needed to send in food and drink.

"Boluo Realm's day is long. Even if it takes a while, Jun Hongxuan will still come with the experts of Sun Palace from Spirit Realm before night. It will be troublesome then." He panicked inwardly..

He had to reach the main hall as soon as possible, detonate the Blazing Profound Bombs, and destroy the secret realm entrance so that Sun Palace's reinforcements could not come over.

He could not linger at the cells for long.

However, his identity right now was Huang Xian. If he moved rashly, he would die a terrible death in Sun Palace's main base.

He could only wait and endure.

The deacons that led them there left right after explaining their duties.

Each person was arranged in front of the cells they were responsible for. They only had to look at the people inside, send in food and drink at the right time, stop them from killing themselves and prevent any other accidents.

The people imprisoned could have suicidal thoughts when faced with such a hopeless situation.

Their main duty was to notify the person in charge when the prisoners acted abnormally.

After understanding his duty, Qin Lie was led to the three cells he was responsible for.

When he walked towards the cell, he noticed that the world energy of Boluo Realm which was not pure to begin with started to thin, until it could no longer be felt.

Clearly, the martial practitioners of Sun Palace used a special method to prevent the spirit energies of the world from entering to stop the people in the cells from cultivating.

Consequently, the people in the cells could not cultivate or recover their strength.

"You are responsible for this area." The person that led Qin Lie here pointed at the three cells. He gave a few more orders before leaving indifferently.

The place Qin Lie was at was a cave. There were three doors in the cave, a cell behind each.

After the deacon left, Qin Lie observed the three doors curiously, and found each door had a hole large enough for food to be shoved in.

He observed the cells through the openings.

The first cell was dim and an old person with loose hair curled up in the corner. This person's eyes were dull and lifeless. He appeared to be in a daze.

Qin Lie did not feel any spirit energy ripples from him, nor any strong signs of life.

After watching for a while, Qin Lie understood that this person had already resigned himself to his fate and lost all hope, never to fight again.

Shaking his head, he came to the second cell and observed.

A similarly dim cell, a single-armed man with his eyes closed, leaning against the wall and snoring in his sleep.

His cave smelled, and things were thrown everywhere.

From his body, Qin Lie felt relatively strong signs of life. This meant that his physical strength was still present, even though he produced no spirit energy fluctuations.

Qin Lie moved his gaze away to look at the third stone room. Then, his expression turned shocked.

In the third cell, the interior wasn't dim at all. The ceiling was embedded with pearls and jewels that illuminated the cave.

The cell was extremely clean, clothing, books, and bowls all placed neatly.

A handsome man in blue robes sat on the stone bed, one hand holding a book he was reading with relish, and one hand holding a winecup he occasionally took sips out of.

Looking at his carefree state, he didn't seem to be kept in a cell, but visiting a friend's house.

Seeing Qin Lie look in, he smiled faintly. He put down the book and took another sip of wine. Then he looked over with laughter and started his three hundred and sixtieth try of persuasion. "Brother, if you can help me out, I guarantee you will possess endless wealth after returning to Spirit Realm. I promise you I can recommend you to join the Gold rank force, Sky Mender Palace, and I can also ask a Divine rank artificer to forge a Divine Grade spirit artifact suitable for you. I will take care of all the materials!"

"Also, I will become blood brothers will with, protect you in Spirit Realm, and you can do as you please in Sky Mender Palace!"

"Let me introduce myself, I am Hua Yuchi. The present palace master of Sky Mender Palace, Hua Tianqiong, is my grandfather."

Qin Lie looked dazedly at him.

"Sky Mender Palace..."

Sky Mender Palace had been the one to defeat the Horned Demon Race, the Dark Shadow Race, and the Ghost Eye Race. They killed the five Demon Gods, and almost caused all of the Gold rank factions of Nether Realm to die.

This faction was one that dominated the central world of Spirit Realm.

Sun Palace and Lunar Temple were only subpar Gold rank factions in Spirit Realm's Central World. They did not possess any Genesis Realm experts.

Sky Mender Palace didn't just have a Genesis Realm expert, they had several.

Sky Mender Palace hadn't killed the Nether Realm's races because of his grandfather's request, to give his grandfather face.

The people of Sky Mender Palace might know his grandfather!

Qin Lie took a deep breath and suddenly asked, "Do you know Qin Shan?"

"Grandpa Shan? Of course I do!" Hua Yuchi said excitedly.

"Then... do you know Qin Lie?"

Hua Yuchi's eyes dimmed as though a bucket of cold water had been poured down. He said, dispirited and with a lowered head, "So what if I do? Big brother is already dead."

Qin Lie shook.

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