Chapter 886: Mysteries of Blood!

Chapter 886: Mysteries of Blood!

One day in Boluo Realm was equivalent to twelve days in Spirit Realm which was extremely long.

Sun Palace, Sun Divine Hall in the north district.

Qin Lie had stayed there for a few hours as he read through the introductory books in his cultivation room.

North Region, Building Three, Fifth Floor, Room Seven, that was his present identity.

He knew that the original owner of this cultivation room was named Huang Xian, an early Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner.

Originally, he had been worried that he would be exposed and prepared a cover story.

When he entered, he found that the nearby cultivation rooms were empty.

This meant that the Sun Palace martial practitioners Huang Xian had been familiar with had all died in the battle against the Dark Shadow Race.

Many people had been killed by his Blazing Profound Bombs.

Through the books in Huang Xian's room, he knew that this floating continent had twelve Sun Divine Halls.

Each Sun Divine Hall here was built from "Sunflame Stones." Sunflame Stone was an Earth Grade Three spirit stone and was extremely valuable.

Sun Flame Stones could absorb and store the sun's flame power, and was akin to the Thunderblitz Tree and its ability to absorb lightning and thunder power. For the martial practitioners of Sun Palace, staying in the Sun Divine Halls built from Sun Flame Stones would multiply the speed of their cultivation.

Especially in Boluo Realm.

After all, there were three burnings suns releasing both sunlight and heat at the same time. Sun Flame Stones would absorb it all and fill the Sun Divine Halls with this energy.

Even the plaza amid the halls was covered with Sun Flame Stones. When martial practitioners sat there and cultivated, they were directly baked by the three suns. They could turn the sun's flame power into surging spirit power to store in the spirit sea.

Among the twelve Sun Divine Halls, there was one main hall, which was located at the end of the halls.

The main hall was unlike the other divine halls. Many spirit formations were carved onto the walls of this divine hall. Those spirit formations could increase the rate at which Sun Flame Stones absorbed the sun's power and enhanced the effect on martial practitioners cultivating there.

Due to this, the people in power of Sun Palace in Boluo Realm, those that were the strongest, cultivated in the main hall.

Other than this, the secret realm entrance that was so crucial to Boluo Realm was in the deepest part of the hall so the experts cultivating in the main hall could guard it.

"If I can destroy the secret realm entrance, injure or kill the Soul Altar martial practitioners guarding it, Sun Palace will not have any more energy to exterminate the Dark Shadow Race."

Qin Lie frowned. He put the Blazing Profound Bombs he made using lifeblood essences in a line in front of him as he began to inscribe ancient diagrams.

He knew it was difficult to enter the main hall. Even if he entered, he might not be able to go near the secret realm entrance.

Thus, these Blazing Profound Bombs could only explode outside the main hall.

The experts of Sun Palace had inscribed many spirit formations on the walls of the main hall, and there would be hidden wards. The secret realm entrance would be the most fortified place.

He was worried that the Blazing Profound Bombs' explosion would not be able to destroy the secret realm entrance or injure and kill the Soul Altar experts.

"Soul Altar ..."

The corner of his mouth twisted in bitterness.

"Forty-nine Blazing Profound Bombs inscribed with ancient Amplification diagrams should have great power when set off together. However… I am not a completely confident."

His finger spun around a Blazing Profound Bomb as his eyes flashed in serious thought.

A long time later. His mind moved, and he tried to communicate with the fire attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos.

A wisp of crimson fire shot out from between his brow.

The flame energy formed into the Fire Qilin-shaped Spirit of Void and Chaos. His ruby like eyes showed a joyful light. The spirit communicate mentally with Qin Lie.

"Do you have any way of making flames stronger?" Qin Lie pointed at the Blazing Profound Bombs in front of him.

The fire attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos jumped nimbly onto a Blazing Profound Bomb. Under Qin Lie’s gaze, the spirit's body went inside...

…as if it was water flowing into the ocean.

Qin Lie paled and almost couldn't stop himself from screaming. He feared that any sudden movement from him would set off this Blazing Profound Bomb.

All forty-nine Blazing Profound Bombs were in front of him. One explosion would set off the others.

These Blazing Profound Bombs might not be able to destroy the Sun Palace's secret realm entrance, and kill Soul Altar experts but to kill him... it would be easy.

His face paled in fear.

He stared at the Blazing Profound Bomb.

After a while, a wisp of fire came out. The Spirit of Void and Chaos walked out and motioned to Qin Lie, squeaking as it described what it thought.

Qin Lie became alert. "Need the cooperation of that thunder attribute fellow?"

The Fire Qilin nodded.

His mind moved, and Qin Lie communicated with the thunder attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos. Light flashed at his brow and the Spirit of Void and Chaos in the shape of a Thunder Crystal Beast appeared.

The Fire Qilin squeaked and chattered at the Thunder Crystal Beast.

Under Qin Lie's gaze, this miniature Thunder Crystal Beast turned into a bolt of lightning that flew into a Blazing Profound Bomb.

Qin Lie's heart was in the air again.

Fortunately, this little Thunder Crystal Beast did not linger for long inside the Blazing Profound Bomb. After several breaths, he also flew out.

Then, a mental message came into Qin Lie's mind.

The Fire Qilin added in as well

Qin Lie listened carefully and organized the message the two Spirits of Void and Chaos sent him.

"Need your blood?" Qin Lie asked.

The two little guys nodded.

"With your blood, inscribe Amplification spirit diagrams like the ones on the surface of the Blazing Profound Bomb. Use your blood as spirit lines, and put a Blazing Profound Bomb on the intersection?" Qin Lie asked.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos continued to nod, communicating mentally with Qin Lie and telling him how to unleash the power of the Blazing Profound Bombs to greatest effect.

Soon, a plan they thought was suitable was laid out in front of Qin Lie.

The materials inside the Blazing Profound Bomb were primarily fire and thunder attributes. As a result, the power the Blazing Profound Bomb released was thunder and flames.

Both thunder and flames were extremely wild. The moment they exploded, the power they released was destructive.

Of these two Spirits of Void and Chaos, one was thunder, the other fire, and they were the purest manifestation of their respective elements.

They did not have any impurities.

The blood of the Spirits of Void and Chaos seemed to hold wonders as well. When Hester of the Asura Race wanted to help Qin Lie raise the Spirits of Void and Chaos, his only request was their blood.

The two little guys told Qin Lie to use their blood to draw an amplification diagram like the one on the Blazing Profound Bomb. Then, Qin Lie would put a Blazing Profound Bomb at the intersection of the lines.

This way, after the Blazing Profound Bombs exploded, their power would rise exponentially.

"If we do this, the moment the Blazing Profound Bombs explode, how much greater will the power be?" Qin Lie asked.

The two little beings quickly responded.

“Three times? Five times? Seven times?” Qin Lie stilled and then grimaced. "You aren't sure how big the increase will be?"

They nodded in unison.

Qin Lie became silent.

The two little guys looked at him.

A long time later. Qin Lie nodded and said, "Let's try, give some blood to me."

Then, the two little guys squeezed out drops of blood from their hoofs with pain on their faces.

The blood of the Fire Qilin flickered like flame. It contained pure fire energy. When Qin Lie took a sniff, Qin Lie found the fire attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos was extremely tempting to him.

Qin Lie's bloodline couldn't help but boil.

Scattered blaze divine characters flashed out of the boiling blood. They seemed to urge Qin Lie to consume the Spirit of Void and Chaos' blood.

It seemed that the blood that came from the fire attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos would have incalculable benefits to the transformation of his bloodline.

This was an instinctive feeling.

The blood of the thunder attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos seemed to be made out of bolts of lighting. It was transparent, and had a strange transparent color. It was extremely strange.

However, this blood clearly was of no benefit to Qin Lie's bloodline.

His bloodline didn't react at all.


At this time, the fire attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos sent a joyful thought to Qin Lie.

"Oh? You say... my blood is good for you?" Qin Lie's eyes lit up. "In the future, we can exchange blood. It seems like it would be of benefit to both of us?"

The fire attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos nodded excitedly.

After Teng Yuan's torture, Qin Lie's bloodline reached rank five. The spirit smelt a delicious scent from Qin Lie's bloodline which could help him evolve.

The pure bloodline of the God Race’s Blaze Family contained countless mysteries. The imprints were enough to immerse him in the true essence of flame.

It could speed up its evolution and perfect itself through Qin Lie's bloodline.

At the same time, as a Spirit of Void and Chaos, its blood contained things that Qin Lie's bloodline needed.

If they traded blood, both sides could receive enormous benefits and improve together.

"Good! After this is done, when things settle down, we can try it!" Qin Lie's eyes lit up.

He had a feeling that the blood of the fire attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos had inestimable benefits to the breakthrough in his bloodline.

Even without moving, he could feel how much his bloodline desired to absorb the drops of the Spirit of Void and Chaos' blood.

"No, this isn't the time, now is not the time..."

Suppressing the urge to swallow the blood, Qin Lie breathed and focused, adjusting himself as he started to inscribe the ancient Amplification diagram for the Blazing Profound Bombs using the blood the two little guys donated.

In the next moment, he made another astounding discovery.

When the blood of the two Spirits of Void and Chaos was used to inscribe diagrams midair, they could disappear just like the spirits themselves.

He knew that every Spirit of Void and Chaos could change between tangible and intangible states. This was their core talent.

He hadn't expected their blood to be the same.

The blood lines had been drawn in the air, they existed.

However, he could not see them with his eyes.

"Wonderful!" He was overjoyed by this discovery.

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