Chapter 885: Alone in the Tiger's Cave!

Chapter 885: Alone in the Tiger's Cave!

The ancient trees soared into the sky and covered the Demon Dragon Mountain Range. Only scattered bits of the blinding sunlight shone through.

Demon dragons hundreds of meters long lazily soaked in the dragon ponds, or hid in the caves as they napped.

In human form, Barett's bloated body was shoved on the enormous beast chair like a ball of meat .

"This Sun Divine Wheel is a Heaven Grade Six spirit artifact. Even in Sun Palace, it is extremely rare." Barett's fat fingers played with a glittering gold wheel and then threw it to Yuan Wenbin. "Go to Sun Palace and give this spirit artifact to them and... say that I will not take any more responsibility for the Dark Shadow Race and will leave them to their fate."

"The Dark Shadow Race dared to deceive us, they should die," Yuan Wenzhi said.

"Sun Palace is not easy to deal with, they also have the secret realm entrance. They have us in a chokehold. If there are not enough benefits, there is no need for us to burn ties with them," Yuan Wenliang said.

“Then let it be. In any case, the Dark Shadow Race and that daring boy is going to die,” Barett said impatiently.

He disliked people who lied to him.

In his eyes, the Dark Shadow Race had conspired with the force behind Qin Lie. They used him, and didn't have any intentions of allying with the Yuan Family.

He didn't have any more good feelings towards the Dark Shadow Race.

"The Dark Shadow Race and that boy will die," Yuan Wenzhi said with a nod.

Having offended Sun Palace and Lunar Temple, without the support of a powerful force, this branch of the Dark Shadow Race that had not recovered would not have any hope of survival.


In a cave one hundred fifty kilometers away from the Dark Shadow Race.

You Yun, You Qianlan, Lin Jie, and the other martial practitioners were gathered together.

Exquisite crescent spirit artifacts parked around the cave. The Serene Moon Race and Lunar Temple's martial practitioners burrowed into the cave to avoid the burning heat and light of the sun.

"Are your men patrolling the surroundings?" You Yun asked.

Lunar Temple nodded and said, "One hundred and twenty Lunar Temple martial practitioners have surrounded the Dark Shadow Race. That boy will not be able to leave without being noticed."

"If he uses an escape art?" You Yun still wasn't assured.

"Boluo Realm's gravity is ten times as strong as Spirit Realm. He came from Spirit Realm, so he cannot adjusted to ten times the gravity in such a short period of time. If he rashly uses an escape art, he will severely injure himself," Lin Jie explained. She said relaxedly, "After he tries, he will find his body in pain, as though he is torn apart. Also, he will not be able to move. There is no need to worry."

"That is true. The first time I went to Spirit Realm, I could not adjust to the gravity there. When I walked, I would float. If I moved, I felt as though I would fly. Many of our race's secret arts were affected,” commented You Qianlan.

"That's good." You Yun's worries were finally appeased and then her expression turned cold. She snorted, "He doesn't know what's good for him. When Sun Palace exterminates the Dark Shadow Race, and captures him alive and give him to me, I will let him have a taste of what I can do!"

Lin Jie and You Qianlan looked at the viciousness in her eyes and felt a wave of coldness.

They knew that You Yun had once fallen in love with a human man. The man had promised her to forever stay in Boluo Realm with her.

Yet the man changed his affections in the end, and left Boluo Realm secretly without telling her.

After that, her personality changed greatly. Many of the male martial practitioners in Lunar Temple who had the Serene Moon Race bloodline would be viciously punished by her if they offended her slightly.

Many of the Lunar Temple martial practitioners that came to the Serene Moon Race wanting to upgrade their bloodlines were left bloodied and bruised by her. They did not complete their breakthrough, and they returned to Lunar Temple with serious injuries.

Due to this, the elders of Serene Moon Race had severely punished her.

If not for her great talent, and that Serene Moon Race needed such an extreme figure, she most likely would have been imprisoned.

"When I get the holy artifact from him, this person must be given to me!" You Yun's mouth turned viciously. "He is similar to that person who failed me!"

Lin Jie and You Qianlan exchanged a look. They felt that Qin Lie's future was worse than death.


Under the flaming sun.

On a floating crimson red continent, vast palaces stood, covered with insignias of the sun.

Red chariots parked at the center of those flamelike palaces. Many human martial practitioners were currently cultivating under the sun.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Jun An and Jun Hongxuan suddenly landed with dozens of bloodied Sun Palace martial practitioners on crumbling chariots.

Many martial practitioners walked over from the plaza and also out of the palaces.

Other than these, there were some Flame Race members who had natural flame patterns on their skin and eyes that flashed with fire.

They looked in shock at Jun Hongxuan and Jun An.

"Uncle An! Sit and protect this place. I will immediately return to Spirit Realm and report this to my master!" Jun Hongxuan said.

"Alright." Jun An nodded.

Jun Hongxuan did not explain to anyone else, and flew into the biggest and most magnificent palace to leave through the secret realm entrance.

"Lord An, what happened? Did your mission fail?"

"Is that possible? With the numbers of the Dark Shadow Race, against such weak power, how could we have failed?"

"What happened?"

Many of Sun Palace's martial practitioners and the members of the Flame Race came over with questions.

Jun An's expression was ugly and impatiently said, "The Dark Shadow Race is much more troublesome than we imagined!" Then, he hurriedly returned to his own cultivation area.

The crowd of Sun Palace's martial practitioners were stunned.

Then, as more chariots with the insignia of the sun returned, those chariots were damaged and tattered. They clearly had received heavy attacks.

Also, of the returnees, some Sun Palace came back without any chariots, bloodied all over

Through the people that came later, the martial practitioners of Sun Palace gradually learned about the course of events.

They learned the mission had completely failed because of Jun Hongxuan's misjudgement. Also, a martial practitioner had come out with many moves, and explosive spirit artifacts. That had caused the failure of the mission.

They also knew that after the Demon Dragon Race and the Yuan family arrived, more Sun Palace martial practitioners were killed.

"The reason why Young Master Jun is in such a hurry to return is most likely because he is going to request stronger reinforcements. This time... the Demon Dragon Race and the Yuan Family have also joined. They killed many of our people. Even the "Sun Divine Wheel" was stolen. It seems that great waves will arise in the Boluo Realm.”

"When has our Sun Palace ever feared others?"

"It's been peaceful for far too long!"

The Sun Palace martial practitioners shouted, their fighting spirits high, excitement evident.

For many years, Sun Palace had always been the strongest of the six human forces in Boluo Realm. They were even stronger than Lunar Temple.

The Ancient Beast Race, Giant Race, Flame Race, Serene Moon Race, Asura Race, Demon Dragon Race, Wood Race, Sea Race, Black Jail Race, these nine ancient races that lived in Boluo Realm. Other than the Ancient Beast Race and the Giant Race which were unfathomable and did not interact with others, Sun Palace and Lunar Temple did not fear any Boluo Realm faction when allied together.

This was because they controlled the secret realm entrances. The members of the nine races sometimes needed them.

This caused them to become more prosperous.

In the last few decades, after Sun Palace allied with the Flame Race in Boluo Realm, they had almost never suffered a loss. Even the Serene Moon Race and Lunar Temple were subdued by them.

They looked down on the Demon Dragon Race and the Yuan Family.

"The Yuan Family appears to be tired of living, that old demon dragon has been comfortable for too long!"

"When Young Master Jun invites the true experts of Sun Palace from Spirit Realm, we will once again prove to the races of Boluo Realm who their true ruler is!"


The Sun Palace martial practitioners shouted into the air.

At this time, another crumbling chariot belonging to Sun Palace returned.

On the chariot was a slightly unfamiliar-looking human martial practitioner wearing the robes of Sun Palace. His face was covered in blood, soil, and grass. He seemed extremely disheveled.

His body gave off a clear aura of the scorching sun.

Everything was so familiar, so ordinary, that this person did not attract too much attention.

Because a few dozen of Sun Palace martial practitioners had returned like this.

The Sun Palace martial practitioners that cultivated in the surroundings had learned what occurred from the previous people so they did not have any curiosity.

Due to this, no one questioned him.


Qin Lie silently got off the chariot.

He kept his eyes lidded, and appeared as though he was exhausted.

He secretly observed the surroundings.

There were a few dozen martial practitioners cultivating on the enormous plaza. More Sun Palace martial practitioners were inside the vast palaces, cultivating or discussing matters.

Occasionally people would look at him. When they found his face was not a familiar one, their gazes would flash past.

He did not attract any attention.

"What are you standing there for? You are wounded like this, why aren't you returning to your cultivation room to recover?" A Sun Palace martial practitioner who looked like an instructor suddenly glared at Qin Lie and pointed in a direction. "What? You forgot where you live after being hit? North Region, Building Three, Fifth Floor, Room Seven!"

Qin Lie stilled and then looked at the sun insignia on his left shoulder. He found written on it in tiny characters were north, three, fifth floor and room seven.

He finally understood. He walked into the direction that person pointed without a sound.

"You look like a greenhorn that fought for the first time. Unfortunately, you lost in your first time. Hmph! To be frightened like this, you will most likely not be able to walk out of this shadow in your lifetime," that person said scornfully.

"Someone like this will have difficulty reaching higher realms. Maybe he wouldn't even have a chance to return to Spirit Realm," someone else mocked.

"Actually, his luck is good, how many people died this time? Even a dozen Nirvana Realms were killed, and their bodies separated in the explosion. Isn't he lucky to have returned alive?"

"In that case, his luck really is good. At least he's still alive."

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