Chapter 884: Fighting For a Glimmer of Hope!

Chapter 884: Fighting For a Glimmer of Hope!

“The Serene Moon Race is extremely averse to the blazing suns just like us, so there won’t be any Serene Moon clansmen watching outside.”

“Sun Palace wouldn’t dare stay behind after they’d been dealt a heavy blow either. They will return to their sky palace, return to Spirit Realm, and request for reinforcements there.”

“The humans of Lunar Temple are the only ones who can endure the suns’ blazing rays, and they are the ones who will be stationed nearby to look after this place.”

“Their task should only be to prevent you from escaping.”

“However, the human martial practitioners of Lunar Temple will be weaker because they fight using moon energy too. This is a very good opportunity for you!”

An old Dark Shadow man analyzed carefully. He believed that Qin Lie had a high chance of escaping this place if he acted a bit more careful after the three suns had risen.

“We’ll definitely be eliminated, but you shouldn’t die with us. So go.”

More people tried to persuade Qin Lie to leave.

Qin Lie stayed silent with a serious look on his face.

This Dark Shadow branch had lost the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race’s protection and utterly offended Sun Palace. The Serene Moon Race and Lunar Temple had also come to a tacit agreement with Sun Palace… he knew very well that this branch of the Dark Shadow Race no longer had any chance of survival.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Suddenly, a couple of whistles rang from deep within the caves.

Three immense power ripples erupted from deep inside the cave, but they weakened in an extremely short time.

The three powers belonged to Eddie and the others.

The group of Dark Shadow clansmen who was persuading Qin Lie to leave frowned and probed the interior of the cave. Then, their expressions turned even uglier than before.

“It seems like they’ve… failed.”

“I did say that it is too much. None of them have regained even seven tenths of their strength, but they still want to awaken the clan elder by force. The chance of rebound was pretty high.”

“This is a disaster on top of another.”

Their eyes were dim, and their sighs were deep. They lowered their heads bitterly in defeat.

As expected.

Eddie, Yuria and the other Dark Shadow Race elder returned from the cave, their faces very pale.

The energy, spirit, and resolve in their eyes seemed to have dissipated. They even staggered a little as they walked back to the group. It was as if they had expended far, far too much energy.

Blood seeped out of the corner of Eddie’s mouth and his nose from time to time. However, he simply wiped them away with his sleeve carelessly, not caring that they were slowly drenching his sleeves in blood.

“The heavens wants us dead, so we can do nothing but submit.” When Yuria returned, the wrinkles on her face seemed to brim with death and despair. “Not only did we fail to awaken the clan elder, we even suffered a rebound. We do not have even two tenths of our strength.”

“We’re done.” The person who returned with them sat down powerlessly while leaning against the wall.

“I’ve heard a little of what you guys said earlier.” Eddie sucked in a deep breath before turning to look at Qin Lie with pain and sadness. “There’s no way we’re returning to Spirit Realm, but you absolutely mustn’t die along with us, Qin Lie. You are the one person who has a real chance to live. Also, you are the Venerable One’s grandson, and the Venerable One had done far, far too much for us denizens of Nether Realm. If you are to die with us, we… will feel that we’ve let down the Venerable One even after we’ve descended to hell!”

“You must leave this place and find a chance to return to Spirit Realm, only so will we not die in discontent!” Yuria abruptly looked up and exclaimed in a somewhat low, hysterical tone.

“Everyone, please use an hour’s time to write down what you wish to tell your descendants. If possible… we would like you to pass on these letters to the Dark Shadow Race, Qin Lie.” A bit of hope suddenly appeared on Eddie’s face. “Back when we came to Boluo Realm, some of our descendants were left behind. Our descendants should’ve returned to Nether Realm by now. Qin Lie, if you are able to return to Spirit Realm alive, if you have a chance to meet the clan elder of Dark Shadow Race at the Nether Continent, please turn in our letters to him. He will arrange the rest.”

“That’s right. It is impossible for us to see them again, so we hope that you can realize this small wish of ours.” Yuria said.

“Alright.” Qin Lie nodded slightly.

Joy appeared in everyone’s eyes simultaneously.

Qin Lie’s nod didn’t only mean that he was convinced by the crowd to return to Spirit Realm in stealth, it also meant that he would bring their one hope back with him.

In the future, the powerful clansmen of the Dark Shadow Race might take revenge against Sun Palace and Lunar Temple after learning of their fate in Boluo Realm.

This revelation made them saw a hint of hope.

And so, the Dark Shadow elders inside the cave began to write their letters spiritedly, leaving behind caring words towards their descendants, and regrets for not being able to witness their growth.

“If possible, please pass this to the current clan elder of the Dark Shadow Race. Everyone here will be grateful for your aid.” Eddie collected everyone’s letters and put them solemnly in Qin Lie’s hands. Then, he held Qin Lie’s hand strongly and said with red eyes, “Take care! You must survive!”

“I’ll do my best.” Qin Lie smiled bitterly and walked out of the cave alone under their expectant gazes.

It was daytime since a while ago.

The second he stepped out of the cave entrance, he looked up and saw the three blazing suns unleashing their terrific light and heat.

Heat waves churned as the suns shone down their divine light onto the ground like they were trying to burn it alive.

His heart felt extraordinarily cold, however.

This Dark Shadow branch numbered around several thousand people, but they might not necessarily be able to live until the next night.

If there were no incidents, they would neither be able to witness the beautiful sceneries of nine full moons again, nor return to their homeland.

Meanwhile, they had put all their hopes on him.

His icy heart felt like it was filled with lead. It was indescribably oppressive and uncomfortable.

He raised his head beneath the three terrific suns and looked towards the many pieces of floating lands beneath them. Slowly, violence and blood thirst began to take over the anxiety and helplessness inside his pupils.

“The future isn’t necessarily hopeless!” He suddenly looked towards his spatial ring.

It was at this moment he made a decision. His icy heart turned as firm as steel too.

“I will fight for a glimmer of hope for you!”

Translucent lifeblood essences flew out of his pores. The blood beads that looked like red crystals then exploded before his chest.

A scarlet blood light wrapped around his entire body.

The blood light gradually blurred, faded and evaporated into nothingness under the suns’ heat.

Qin Lie vanished from the cave entrance.

Several hundred kilometers away.


A bloody silhouette abruptly winked into existence, and Qin Lie jumped head first into a clump of rocks, eyes sharp as blades.

He immediately unleashed his soul consciousness.

The second his soul detected another person’s soul, he released his lifeblood essences again and activated Blood Escape.

He shifted several hundred kilometers away yet again.

Four shifts later.

He appeared in a forest some thousand kilometers away from where he originally was.

There were a couple of broken Sun Palace war chariots in this forest. These war chariots looked like piles of junk, and they were covered in demon dragon claw marks. The stench of blood around the war chariots was strong, and there were large pools of blood around it.

Not a single corpse could be found within the area, however.

He understood that the Demon Dragon Race loved eating human flesh just like the evil dragon Gilbert. They normally wouldn’t leave food lying around in waste...

The reason he couldn’t find a corpse was probably because the Sun Palace martial practitioners were all eaten by the demon dragons.

“That saved me a lot of trouble at least.”

He muttered and gathered the broken war chariots together, examining them closely.

There were four war chariots in total, and three of them were so terribly damaged that there was almost no chance that their spirit stone core could be reactivated.

As for the last war chariot, literally every part of it except its energy core was shattered.

“Thank goodness I’m a half-baked artificer…”

He began burying himself in work.

Under the blazing suns, he sweated heavily as he dug out the intact energy core from the wreckage and moved it to another war chariot that didn’t look too terrible.

Two hours later.

A tattered war chariot slowly rose to the air under his control.

He pushed spirit stones into the energy core while he searched for Sun Palace’s location in the sky with his mind.

Several tiny light dots were blinking inside the spirit diagram that made up the energy core.

Soon enough, he locked onto a slightly larger light dot.

“This is it!” Qin Lie’s soul consciousness quickly grabbed onto the light dot.

The war chariot beneath him abruptly sped up, and while fighting against the gravity of Boluo Realm that was ten times stronger than the gravity of Spirit Realm, the war chariot flew up to the sky dazzlingly.

Rays of sunlight shone down onto this war chariot.

Surprisingly, the strong sunlight was actually absorbed by the war chariot like water entering the sea.

The core area of the war chariot was amplified by the strong sunlight, causing it to move faster and faster. Even the rate at which the spirit stone’s energy was being absorbed had improved massively.

“Amplify, enhance, erupt at one point in one instant…” Qin Lie’s mind consciousness swam inside the war chariot’s spirit diagram. When he connected this sight with the ancient spirit diagrams he controlled, he gradually learned something from it.

Meanwhile, he took off his clothes and put on a Sun Palace martial practitioner uniform put inside the war chariot.

He also changed his face with the fox skin mask.

When everything was done, he sat down inside the war chariot and took out many Blazing Profound Bombs from inside his spatial ring. He put them on the floor of the war chariot.

“Although I have a lot of Blazing Profound Bombs, they probably can’t truly destroy an Imperishable Realm expert even if they were to detonate at once, and there must be Imperishable Realm experts who are guarding Sun Palace’s main headquarters.”

“I must amplify the Blazing Profound Bombs’ strength.”

“Dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs… detonate… at the same time… if I amplify its strength by three times or so, it should be enough to destroy a Soul Altar expert.”

He calculated inside his mind while staring at the Blazing Profound Bombs before him. His mind suddenly shifted to the ancient spirit diagrams as he racked his brains to create a compound spirit diagram that could multiply these Blazing Profound Bombs’ strength just like the Profound Thunder Heart.

“I’ll inscribe this with my lifeblood essence.”

A long time later, a drop of red lifeblood essence dripped down the tip of his finger.

This lifeblood essence landed on a Blazing Profound Bomb.

It looked like a blood flower had bloomed when the blood landed on the metallic ball.

His mind consciousness began to spin madly!

Then, the blood of the flower on the Blazing Profound Bomb began to scatter, elongate, criss-cross and assemble swiftly...

The blood tendrils that were ten times thinner than hair swam magically across the Blazing Profound Bomb’s metallic surface and formed a complicated, marvelous diagram.

A long time later, bloody light glowed from the metallic ball as an ancient diagram appeared on its surface like it was born with it.

He sucked in a deep breath. Then, almost without any pause at all, he dripped his lifeblood essences on the remaining Blazing Profound Bombs in one go and began making diagrams on them.

His concentration was so deep that it looked like he was spellbound.

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