Chapter 881: Battle Beyond Realms!

Chapter 881: Battle Beyond Realms!


Jun Hongxuan laid down an order. The crowd of Sun Palace martial practitioners immediately turned around, transformed into fire-like beams and scattered across the sky.

“Uncle An, please keep an eye on those old fellows of the Dark Shadow Race for me for a moment. I’m going to give that guy at the bottom an unforgettable lesson!”

Jun Hongxuan’s eyes fell on Qin Lie.

“I can just kill him for you. Why bother going through so much trouble?” Jun An frowned.

He was the Jun Family’s general manager, and he was responsible for protecting Jun Hongxuan and advising him during critical moments. This was so that he wouldn’t commit a grave mistake.

“No, you can’t act. There’s no way You Yun of the Serene Moon Race would sit by and do nothing if you did. The reason they had been holding back all this time is because they were waiting for this person to show up. I heard that he possesses the Serene Moon Race’s holy artifact.” Jun Hongxuan shook his head with an icy look in his eyes. “The Serene Moon Race needs him alive, but he’ll die for sure if you attack him. If you act, You Yun will definitely not just watch from the sidelines.”

When Sun Palace attacked the Dark Shadow Race, Jun Hongxuan had already learned through various ways of Lunar Temple and the Serene Moon Race’s plans.

Lunar Temple hadn’t won the Dark Shadow Race’s acknowledgment or become allies with them. They clearly didn’t want to interfere with the Dark Shadow Race’s problems, but they also wanted to pressure the Dark Shadow Race and bait out Qin Lie. That was why they approved of their plan.

Jun Hongxuan knew what Lunar Temple’s bottom line was and what they wanted. The reason he wasn’t afraid of repercussions was because he knew that they would stay their hand.

He also knew that Lunar Temple wouldn’t allow Qin Lie to die for no good reason.

However, Qin Lie was absolutely dead if Jun An were to join the battle. You Yun would definitely be forced to act.

“Alright! I’ll keep an eye on those old fellows of the Dark Shadow Race.” Jun An nodded.

He believed in Jun Hongxuan’s strength.

And so, while all Sun Palace martial practitioners were flying outside like beams of fire, Jun Hongxuan suddenly charged at Qin Lie.

Like a fiery meteor or falling sun, Jun Hongxuan instantly shot towards Qin Lie’s location.

Fiery birds that looked like many Three-legged Golden Crows cried out oddly from inside the fiery sun Jun Hongxuan had created. They were made with the true fire of the sun.

Sunny flames that looked like they could burn the world to ashes flew towards Qin Lie.

“Crack! Crack!”

Dry, crackling explosion resounded through the air as if the void itself was being burned by fire. The explosive fire formed by that fiery energy was stifling.

While holding the Thunder Soul Blade, Qin Lie suddenly looked up and saw a fiery meteor falling towards him.

The terrible aura inside the fiery meteor made his instincts cry out in danger.

The pressure brought by the one dozen or so Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners and a couple of Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners earlier couldn’t even measure up to half of the pressure brought by this fiery meteor!

His True Soul actually began to tremble uncontrollably.

Then, every drop of blood inside his body began to burn of its own accord!

The lifeblood essences hidden inside his blood flew out at the first moment and transformed into many translucent red gemstones. Mysterious blaze divine characters sparkled and squeezed out all the power hidden inside the lifeblood essences madly. They transformed these energies into a purer and more destructive fire energy.


A fiery pillar rose up from Qin Lie’s head, and the red gemstones that were lifeblood essences merged into the light pillar while glowing brightly with magnificent light.

Inside the light pillar, thunder and lightning flashed and ice crystals exploded. There were also thick earth spirit energy and scarlet blood.

The light pillars contained the wonders of all the spirit arts he possessed.

It was an ultimate attack!

The magnificent fire pillar clashed against the fiery meteor in midair.

In an instant, glaring lightning, rampaging thunder, and piercingly sharp ice fragments exploded out of the light pillar and created a terrifying domain that looked like a meat grinder.

However, the fiery meteor also erupted into a world-ending energy tide that looked like an exploding sun.

The Three-legged Golden Crows—divine birds of legend—also flew out of the fiery ball while letting out a loud cry. There were nine of them in total.

The Three-legged Golden Crows had been created with the purest power of fire fused with a portion of Jun Hongxuan’s soul thought. While crying in a low tone, they clashed against the glaring lightning, thunder, and ice fragments and battled in a way that couldn’t be discerned through the naked eye.

A brilliant light burst out of the sky.

“Nine Suns Daylight!” You Yun’s expression changed. She abruptly stomped her foot once before cursing through gritted teeth. “Jun Hongxuan is trying to kill him!”

She abruptly charged forward.

Shock also appeared in Lin Jie and You Qianlan’s bright eyes.

“Nine Suns Daylight” was a secret technique wielded by all Sun Palace experts who possessed the bloodline of the Flame Race. It was a powerful killing technique created after generations of experimentation.

Once the secret technique was formed, nine Three-legged Golden Crows would come into existence. They would absorb the true fire of the sun and burn their enemies until they were nothing more but ashes.

Legend had it that Boluo Realm originally had nine suns just like the moons at the beginning.

Later on, the divine bird known as the Three-legged Golden Crow appeared in Boluo Realm. After it had appeared, it began eating the suns until only three were left.

The technique “Nine Suns Daylight” used one’s refined blood, soul, and power of fire to create an imitation of the Three-legged Golden Crow. It imitated the original’s divine will and dominance by absorbing the sun’s true fire continuously to create the most deadliest attack.

It was one of Sun Palace’s scariest technique.

“Thank goodness, thank goodness it is still night and the three suns haven’t appeared in the sky yet. Otherwise, the power of this secret technique would have increased threefold.” You Qianlan thanked their good fortune.

“But… I don’t think that Yao Tian can endure it even if it’s nighttime,” Lin Jie said worriedly.

“Oh no! He can’t die yet!” You Qianlan came to realization and grew anxious too.


Jun An let out a cold snort and blocked You Yun’s way at this precise moment.

Eddie, Yuria, and the rest of the Dark Shadow Race’s elders also charged toward the man angrily, wanting to kill him on the spot.

“Sun Divine Wheel!”

The light wheel Jun An tossed out was like a blazing sun. It created a sea of blazing light that surrounded Qin Lie and Jun Hongxuan.

You Yun and the Dark Shadow clansmen were all cut off from the duo for a moment.

They could only watch the light pillar above Qin Lie’s head clashing continuously against the fiery meteor created by Jun Hongxuan, unleashing its dazzling light and heat.

“Heavenly Thunder Eradication! Frost Arts! Records of Geocentric Magnetism Blood Spirit Art!”

Qin Lie chanted in his mind while switching his spirit arts continuously. Four different kinds of power surged out of his veins at once and poured into the light pillar above him.

The four streams of energy entered the light pillar like four long rivers and resisted the fiery meteor.

“Burn him to death!” Jun Hongxuan’s face was also full of ruthlessness.

He, a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner, was also pouring the fiery energy of the sun continuously into the fiery meteor dozens of meters above him. It merged together with the blazing power of the Flame Race’s bloodline to form the life flame essence of the Golden Crow, aiding the Three-legged Golden Crows to melt the light pillar and turn the thunder, frost, earth ball, and blood beads inside the light pillar to dust before killing Qin Lie.

Their first clash had actually turned into a war of attrition. It was a battle to see whose spirit energy was vaster, more refined and could last longer.

Qin Lie’s realm was obviously lower than Jun Hongxuan’s, so logically speaking he should’ve lost instantly in a straightforward battle of pure spirit energy like this.

However, Qin Lie possessed three great natal palaces inside his body. They all could provide him with a fierce amount of power.

Besides that, his Blood Spirit Art was also an additional source of great strength. His pores also contained the lightning pool liquid and many earth spirit whirlpools.

And above all, he possessed the power of his bloodline!

When all these powers combined as one and poured into the light pillar, they actually held back the attack of Jun Hongxuan, a genius who was an entire realm above Qin Lie.

Not only that, they didn’t show any signs of losing at all!

“This is…”

At his hiding spot, Teng Yuan stared blankly at the most dazzling area of that energy and light with a look of astonishment on his face.

He knew that Jun Hongxuan was a seed of fire Sun Palace spent countless resources to raise.

He also knew that Lin Jie was the only person out of the six great human forces of Boluo Realm who could truly clash against Jun Hongxuan. He knew that Jun Hongxuan could be called a genius even in the main world of Spirit Realm.

Moreover, this genius was in the Fragmentation Realm. He was an entire realm above Qin Lie.

He knew that Qin Lie himself was extremely special. Qin Lie was a hybrid between a human and a god, and the God Race’s bloodline was without a doubt the world’s strongest bloodline. It was a tad stronger than the Flame Race, the Serene Moon Race, the Demon Dragon Race, the Wood Race and all the other ancient bloodlines.

He also knew that Qin Lie’s mind was as strong as steel, his body was incredibly strong, and he possessed all kinds of powerful spirit arts.

However, Qin Lie was just in the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm.

He had estimated that Qin Lie would be able to fight the middle stage Fragmentation Realm Jun Hongxuan only when he achieved a breakthrough and reached the early stage of the Fragmentation Realm.

But even then, the outcome of the battle should’ve been difficult to predict.

But now, the late stage Fulfillment Realm Qin Lie was actually fighting Jun Hongxuan’s secret technique “Nine Suns Daylight” head on.

He knew that Jun Hongxuan had already gone all out.

“Rank five God Race bloodline, a super vast life magnetic field, an infinite wealth of talent and potential… what a terrifying fellow.” With reality being presented right in front of him, Teng Yuan had to admit that he had underestimated Qin Lie.


It was at this moment the roar of the demon dragon Barett suddenly rippled throughout the area.

The powerful sound wave caused by the roar was like a tidal wave that flooded over everyone fiercely.

Jun An who was holding back Yun You and the Dark Shadow clansmen using the “Sun Divine Wheel” trembled thrice when he heard that terrifying roar.

Two streams of blood flowed down the corners of Jun An’s mouth immediately after that happened.

“Young master! We need to go now!” Jun An said urgently.

“Just a bit more! It’s almost daytime! Dammit!”

Jun Hongxuan cursed loudly and irritatedly for a while, but he ultimately withdrew his power and threw a hateful glare at Qin Lie. In the end, he and Jun An left the place using an escape art before Barett could show up.

He had no other choice.

“Kill all Sun Palace martial practitioners within your sight!” Barett roared madly from outside.

The people noticed that many demon dragons at least several hundred meters long had descended from the night sky like giant spirit artifacts. They let out odd roars while chasing after the scattering beams of fire.

The blood-curdling screams of Sun Palace martial practitioners rang from every direction. It was obvious that some people failed to escape in time and were bitten or torn to death by the demon dragons.

Even the Sun Divine Wheel that Jun An failed to put away in time while he was escaping was entangled by dozens of rays of demonic light. No matter how Jun An shouted, he wasn’t able to withdraw it.

“Let’s escape first! I’ll ask the palace master to demand it from them once we get back!” Jun Hongxuan said hatefully.

Jun An and him weren’t attacked madly by the demon dragons while they were escaping because of their high status. In the end, they managed to break through the encirclement and escaped.

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