Chapter 880: Balanced Development

Chapter 880: Balanced Development

The members of the Serene Moon Race were panicking at this time. They were frightened by the bloody and cruel scenery and hurriedly spread apart.

Teng Yuan who was hiding in the shadows had a shocked expression as well.

Only the members of Dark Shadow Race became excited after a short daze.

"Nicely done!"


"Good kill!"

With the death of every Sun Palace member, their pressure would lessen, and they would not have to sacrifice one or two of their own.

In the moment Sun Palace decided to exterminate their branch, Sun Palace became their greatest enemy.

They naturally wanted more of their enemies to die.

"Zzt zzt zzt!"

Qin Lie's Thunder Soul Blade twisted like a lightning dragon. The wild lightning twisted as it harvested lives of more Sun Palace martial practitioners.

In but a moment, the area where Qin Lie landed had no more Sun Palace practitioners.

Qin Lie's presence was great. He couldn't help but howl, his face filled with brashness.

After killing a dozen Sun Palace martial practitioners in one go, he felt refreshed as though he had released a breath he had been holding.

Teng Yuan had tormented him for too long. He had been suppressed for too long and could finally vent.

As his thoughts moved, the three spirit arts—the Frost Arts, Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Records of Geocentric Magnetism—were unleashed without a delay, all three different powers manipulated by Qin Lie.

"In the past, I spent most of my time cultivating the Heavenly Thunder Eradication and the Frost Arts, and did not focus on the Records of Geocentric Magnetism. The three spirit arts were unbalanced so that was why I felt some kind of a barrier

"As my understanding of Records of Geocentric Magnetism improved, the spirit energy contained in the three natal palaces have become almost equal. Now, the three natal palaces have formed a delicate balance."

"Balance, balanced development, this has incalculable benefits to my own strength and the use of spirit arts."

Qin Lie savored the change in his spirit sea and reached this conclusion. He decided to not neglect any of the three spirit arts in the future and increase all three powers equally.

"Kill that boy!"

The disheveled Jun Hongxuan ordered with his face half-covered in blood as he saw the first wave of Sun Palace martial practitioners die.

The nearby late Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners and two Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners abandoned their opponents. Their bodies shone with the light of the sun.

As they released their power in the dark night, they looked like miniature suns.

"Outshine the Sun!"

Glittering red and gold sunlight with a burning aura spread like rolling waves of heat.

Ear-piercing howling accompanied the spirit artifacts within the sunlight.

"Icestone Twister!"

The arctic energy turned into white cold mist that formed an enormous ball of ice.

The iceball spun and suddenly exploded. Thousands of ice blades flew and spun into a twister.

The patches of bright sunlight were consumed by the twister of ice, and even the spirit artifacts disappeared.

A dragon's howl came from within the spraying ice. Then, a bloody dragon appeared, howling as it tore at the Sun Palace martial practitioners hiding behind the sunlight.

"Blood Dragon’s Roar!"

Qin Lie snorted, and his lifeblood essences entered the blood dragon. The already vicious blood dragon burned with flames after merging with his lifeblood essences.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The inextinguishable flames fell down in a rain as the blood dragon twisted.

The Sun Palace members caught on fire.


They used the Sun Palace spirit art to try to keep the imperishable flames away. However, they quickly found that it would be better if they did not do anything. When they used their spirit art, they seemed to detonate a volcano.

The fire grew stronger, but was uncontrolled. Even the natal palaces inside their spirit sea that should have been used to absorbing sun’s flame energy had been ignited.

They let out terrified screams, shouting in hopes of receiving help.

But no one helped them.

Therefore, in a short dozen seconds, they turned into charred bodies.

Scattered flames flashed and leapt inside their charcoaled bodies as they released the vestiges of their power.

When the blood dragon flew past them, the wind blew and scattered the bodies into pieces of charcoal on the ground.

Qin Lie's lifeblood essences didn't just contain the imperishable flames of the God Race, he had absorbed pure sun fire energy.

The spirit art that Sun Palace cultivated was to absorb fire energy of the sun, and slowly refine it into a natal palace in the spirit sea.

The reason they died so quickly was because Qin Lie's lifeblood essences ignited their natal palaces and burned them from the inside.

"This person cultivates flame power!"

Lin Jie, You Qianlan, and that middle-aged matron stood next to one another among the scattered Serene Moon clansmen. At this time, Lin Jie's expression was dark, her brows furrowed.

You Qianlan covered her mouth, her eyes shocked. "Lighting and thunder, ice, earth, flame, and a blood-like power. In just this short while, he has displayed five different kinds of power, how... did he reach the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm?"

The Serene Moon Race’s matron looked puzzledly at Lin Jie. "Isn't it that the more spirit arts one cultivates, the more heterogeneous it is and the more difficult future breakthroughs are?"

For both humans and other races, if they cultivated too many spirit arts, their future breakthroughs would become more and more difficult.

The martial practitioners of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple stole the bloodlines of the Flame Race and Serene Moon Race because the bloodlines of those two races did not conflict with the spirit arts they cultivated and they could complement each other.

The Flame Race bloodline could increase the power of the Sun Palace martial practitioners, and the bloodline of the Serene Moon Race could increase the cultivation speed of the Lunar Temple martial practitioners.

When they chose the bloodlines, they knew the power and bloodlines on both sides came from the same source.

This was to avoid the conflict between their powers and bloodlines.

Qin Lie had too many different kinds of power. Rationally, with every extra spirit art, one's cultivation would become twice as difficult as that of ordinary practitioners.

Qin Lie who was clearly very young and had many different spirit arts reached the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm. This was a miracle in itself, and was nearly impossible.

"Yes, the more spirit arts one cultivates, the more difficult future breakthroughs are." Lin Jie had a shocked expression. "But difficult does not mean impossible. He must be unusual in order to cultivate five different spirit arts at such a young age and reach the late Fulfillment Realm stage. Also, people like this usually have determined minds. With his five spirit arts, even if he doesn't have a powerful bloodline, he will be terrifying. We have to treat him with prudence."

"He has the silver moon mark. He should also be able to control moon power," You Qianlan said.

When the words were said, Lin Jie and the middle-aged matron were even more shocked.

They finally paid real attention to Qin Lie.

"The Demon Dragon Race and the Yuan Family will arrive soon. Even if Yao Tian had not come this time, Jun Hongxuan's plan was fated to fail." The middle-aged Serene Moon matron had a grave expression as she said, "No one expected that this branch of the Dark Shadow Race who should have been powerless is unexpectedly this powerful. Jun Hongxuan rarely fails, but this time he has. Yao Tian's arrival only made his failure more evident and faster.”

“We need to take away this Yao Tian before the Demon Dragon Race arrives!" Lin Jie said.

"No, we cannot use force." The middle-aged matron shook her head and said, "The Dark Shadow Race has not been exterminated. It will not be so easy to forcibly take him away. After this ends, the Demon Dragon Race will pursue this matter, and we will have trouble."

"Aunt Yun, what should we do?" You Qianlan asked.

You Yun thought, a frown on her face before saying in a helpless manner, "We cannot use force, so we must use persuasion."

"We tried, he could ask for anything. We even begged him, but it was useless." Lin Jie sighed.

"This time, I will personally talk to him," You Yun said.

You Qianlan and Lin Jie's eyes lit up when they heard her say this. They seemed to be confident in her.

"Young master, the Demon Dragon Race and the Yuan Family is about to arrive. Our mission... has failed. Since we cannot do anything, shouldn’t you send the order to withdraw?"

At this time, an expert of Sun Palace silently appeared next to Jun Hongxuan and urged sincerely.

"Many of our people died!" Jun Hongxuan's eyes burned with fury.

"There will always be sacrifices in battle, it cannot be avoided. If Young Master doesn't want more of our brothers to die here, give the order as soon as possible." That person sighed and continued to urge, "Otherwise, when the Demon Dragon Race arrives, our fatalities will be higher."

"I know." Jun Hongxuan resisted his anger as he sent the order to withdraw.

When he sent the order, it meant he admitted failure. This would affect on his state of mind.

That was because has never tasted defeat in the recent years.

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